Holiday Gift Guide is LIVE, and to celebrate i’m having an extra tuesday and Wednesday giveaway.

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She’s alive folks
The massive Holiday Gift Guide is up and running for the next two months,
til January 1st.
Such a  big day for the blog today.  I mean, we (and by we i mean, Creative Director/blogger, Lana, Art Director/blogger, Lindsay, overall amazing dude/assistant and blogger, Orlando, and stellar new interns, Whitney and Bonnie) have all been working our little tooshes off on this thing the last two months.  Here’s what it is:  tons and tons of gift recommendations - for her, him, dad, mom, boss, tween, kid, pet, etc.  PLUS tons of original content from a bunch of extremely smart, witty, talented, funny, creative and diverse bloggers.  
Check out the list:
There is holiday DIY, entertaining tips and behind the scenes of the Holiday Special for HGTV that i filmed (i’ll announce the date as soon as they give it to me – you better watch it, i’m serious, that’s all i want for christmas).
But mostly its a gift guide. Over 400 gifts handpicked.  A lot of big companies you’ll know and a lot from etsy (these grab asap because they are all handmade so there are guaranteed to be 20 but maybe not that much more of them).
In case you aren’t familiar with this format, its basically a virtual magazine, and you can click on ANYTHING and have it link to the product or store that it came from – then purchase it.  Boom, holiday shopping dunzo.  
Of course i learned a ton and when we do this again it will already be massively improved on, but i kinda can’t believe how good it looks all together.  (This is thanks to mainly Lana and Lindsay – this is Lana’s baby and Lindsay designed the entire thing – extremely impressive).
Meanwhile to celebrate this holiday guide as well as just good wallpaper in general, Hygge and West is doing a special giveaway today on my blog, Oh Joy and Ally from From the Right Bank.  
Rules: Each person has three chances to win. To enter they just have to answer the question below in the comments of your post (and can answer the other 2 questions by Joy and Ally on and for 2 more chances.
The giveaway ends at midnight on Nov 3 when we’ll pick one random winner from each blog.  We will contact the winners, and they’ll be able to pick any three rolls of H&W wallpaper that they’d like. And stop by their blog blog, Picnics Under the Moon (www.picnicsunderthemoon,com), we’ll be giving away some of our favorite bird items from here, and launching some new colorways of our very first wallpaper design, Daydream, but Julia Rothman.

The question: The closest translation for the Danish word hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is cozy, but it means so much more than that.  It means surrounding yourself with people and things you love, deeply appreciating what you have in the present, and finding joy in the smallest of moments. We want to learn more about and be inspired by the hygge in other people’s life, so in the comments have your readers tell you/us about what makes their home joyful and cozy?

In case you need some convincing, here is a pic of Joy’s wallpaper i did for Secrets from Hygge and West:
It’s still seriously my favorite wallpaper i’ve ever used and i would kill for three free rolls.  And yes, i think there is a cat underneath the coffee table.  
SPEAKING OF GIVEAWAYS!!!! There are 5 giveaways listed at the end of the guide- so make sure to read all the way through and click the giveaway items to enter!  
  1. Sarah

    This is such a great giveaway! Pick me!

    I love to visit my father’s home in Northern Scotland. Sitting in front of the fire on his overstuffed sofa, looking out at the wild North Sea while sipping tea and toeing the old hard wood floors with my socks is the coziest spot in the whole wide world.

  2. For me it's the view out the windows in the back of the house. We overlook a large farm with rolling green pastures and grazing sheep, cows, llamas, and goats. Watching them wander across the field each day is like moving art that can be as amusing as it is peaceful. I love it.

  3. Lindsay

    What makes my home joyful and cozy are the little decor details and super comfy furniture. I love to pick up flowers at the Farmers Market and display them all through my kitchen and living room. My oversized furniture is easy to collapse in and view the panoramic views of the Fayetteville, AR foliage in the Fall. I love being at home.

  4. Lo

    woah, that guide is a beast! can't wait to look through it

    as for the giveaway – personal touches and style is definitely what makes a home cozy…nothing is colder than a room that looks straight out of a catalog!

  5. Keri

    My home is cozy because of warm colors, comfortable & welcoming furniture with plenty of blankets and pillows, pictures and art that represent people and places we love, natural fibers and materials, soft light–and then the creatures in it, my husband, myself, our kitty, and our baby on the way, all snuggled down together.

  6. Karen

    My favorite things in my home are the ones that have a family history. I have an old perpetual calendar that belonged to my grandfather. I keep it on the mantel and each month when I change it over I think about him and what it would have been like to know him. I have my mother's wedding silver displayed on a shelf. I have blown glass that I made right after my 40th birthday, when I checked "learn to blow glass" off my bucket list.

  7. Christine

    What makes my home joyful and cozy? Fun coloured furniture, hand picked furniture, slippers and blankets, and a felt moose head mounted over the mirror in the bathroom that makes me grin every single time I see it!

  8. kat

    LOVE this giveaway.

    IMO, what makes a home cozy are the ephemeral things you bring into it … fresh cut flowers, the smells of cooking (or take-out,) laughter and conversation … i know that sounds corny, but i really think that the best use of decorating is facilitating those things, to build a home that will truly allow you to have the most fun with your friends and family (or just curled up by yourself with some hot chocolate and a great book).

  9. I find comfort in the sentimental objects that I've incorporated into my home decor. I have a hand-painted canvas by my great-grandmother and a set of antlers from my grandfather. I have a stack of vintage art books displayed that were given to my by my great aunt. It's items with meaning that make a home feel like a home and surround you with memories of those you love even in the smallest places.

  10. Stephanie

    amazing giveaway!
    I'm a newlywed and a hygge moment was after a long day of moving and unpacking and cleaning, we sat on our new couch and felt like our home was finally to become our home.

  11. so fricking excited about the gift guide!

    the people (big and little) in my home are what make it hygge!

  12. My most recent joyful, cozy memory was just a little over a week ago. My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment 6 months ago, but had yet to christen our fireplace (a luxury in apartment living!) Not long ago, the weather was just cold enough to make a pot of hot chocolate and light a fire for the first time. It got me very excited for what's to come!

  13. Sarah

    Although my husband and I haven't fully moved into our first house yet, what makes our home joyful and cozy is the memories we make in it! Countless endless nights, gallons of paint, uncovering things we've never noticed before have made us fall even more in love with our home. Plus all the wonderful sentimental artwork we've collected over the years makes our home feel special!

  14. Aimee

    Hygge to me is snuggling on the couch with my husband and dog, knowing I don't have an obligation that will make me get up, and just relaxing, being in the moment.

  15. Liz

    The coziest place I’ve traveled the past few years has got to be my childhood home. Returning to hang with my parents for holidays or long weekends always means surrounding myself with people I love, and memories from earlier years. I’ll be sad to see it go when they eventually sell it, but until then plan on taking advantage of all the hygge possible!

  16. Kayt

    Oooooh I would love to paper the wall behind our bed. We can't decide what to do on that wall, and this would be perfect!

  17. Lia

    It's officially been fall for a few weeks now, my favorite season, but for the first time the other morning, it "smelled" like fall – fallen leaves, firewood burning, crisp air. Aaaah. I love moments like that. Cozy.

  18. Carol C.

    I recently adopted a puppy and it's been weeks of non-stop madness. However once he settles down and cuddles in my lap, I can't imagine anything better after the craziness!

  19. beth

    My grandmother's house has a cozy den with a fireplace and lots of mismatched hand-knitted afghans lying around. I love going there.

  20. Lots of sunlight, thick plush rugs and an amazing view of the Iowa farmland makes our home serene and cozy.

  21. The layered use of patterns in my house mixed with unique vintage pieces gives my home a chic but cozy feel. Plus, there's something about 1940s California cottage-like houses that are inherently cozy.

  22. beks

    We recently recarpeted the basement. It's still pretty cold, so we added a small space heater and voila, it's become our go to place for movies on rainy days, reading old and new books, napping with our daughter and just to cuddle.

  23. Alex C

    i love this giveaway! I love my home because it is unique, bright and cheerful – and that it has my two favorite people (well, err one is a dog, but he's almost like a person.. a persondog!) living in it. :)

  24. Mel S.

    One thing that makes our home so cozy is the art we have hanging on the walls. Most of it is my husband's landscape photography, my sons' crayon drawings and fingerpaintings, and my own handmade crafts. It makes our home feel so personal and meaningful.

  25. Ahh so many things make our home cozy: the fireplace, our mini goldendoodle Charlie, my hubby, our restoration hardware warm throw, and of course sitting on the couch with a fresh brewed cup of coffee!

  26. What makes my home feel cozy and joyful…
    Lit candles that smell really good, something baking in the oven, mason jars filled with fake tealights on the shelf/mantle, the family sitting around in PJs and thick socks, playing loud Bollywood music and our 3 year old son dancing to it. (My husband is from India) A hot drink in hand too.

  27. Fantastic giveaway!

    Having original artwork by me, dear friends, family & respected cohorts in my home is what makes my home cozy. Even when I was 18 & moved away from home, I had enough artwork to fill my space with wall-to-wall gallery displays. It's what makes my space mine. We have only ever lived in rentals, so I feel like it's even more important to have original-to-me artwork on my walls. It transforms the ho-hum standard spaces into something truly unique.

    It was a pleasure to be part of the Holiday gift guide! It was a blast looking through it all yesterday. Some serious talent is in those 'pages'.

  28. Suganya

    What makes our home cozy is coming home on a cold day and cuddling with our stinky doggy on our couch wrapped in my many blankets with a cup of hot chocolate from the hubby… BLISSS!

  29. Miriam

    Hygge is getting all snuggled up in a wool blanket with a dog next to you and a cup of something hot. (Preferably, chocolate)

  30. Rebecca

    My husband and puppy make my house joyful, snuggling together on soft couches with warm blankets makes it cozy!

  31. Caro

    I painted all the walls of our home white and wallpapered the insides of the closets. They are like little delightful jems when you open the door, and they are one of the things I truly love most in my home.

  32. I saw my parents last weekend and we had a simple brunch where we chatted like old friends. Then we walked around, taking in the scenery and appreciating the beauty in silence, with an implicit understanding between us as the wind whipped through our hair and the sun cast an orange light on the world below us. It was an unforgettable moment.

  33. The kitchen and the people cooking in it make my home cozy. We love to eat and we love to cook, the hours spent in the kitchen together are the best. Making messes and more dishes than we'd like to wash, but in the end we can share the wonderful meals and treats together.

  34. Katie G.

    My husband and I have a created a cozy home by mixing new items with ones that have age and a history behind them. These "lived-in" items automatically add a sense of comfort to our home.

  35. Sarah S

    What makes a space cozy for me is a big comfortable chair and/or sofa. The chair need to be the perfect size for me to sideways in, hang my legs over one arm and lean my back against the other with just enough space to rest a book on my legs and read. And of course, windows and wall color need to provide good lighting!

  36. Laura

    My coziest moments are at home with my BF, our cat, a pot of tea and the Sunday paper!

  37. julie s

    My apartment's small size and the family keepsakes I've displayed throughout is what makes it cozy and joyful!

  38. alexis

    my home is made cozy by my snuggly dog. he likes to play and take walks, but what he loves most is laying on the couch and snuggling.

  39. My home is most joyful and cozy late at night with a cup of tea and a good book.

  40. Lauren E. E.

    For me, it's a combination of having lots of color, cozy smells (whether it's breakfast cooking or candles burning), and being playful with my kids. This time of the year is the best for coziness, because all of those things get amped up with the holidays.

  41. demoree

    i'm only like 10 pages into the gift guide and it's amazing already. THANK YOU, EMILY (and bloggers!).

  42. Katie

    Great giveaway, REALLY want that wallpaper!

    I am cozy when I'm in flannel PJ's, reading and drinking tea by a glowing fire in the fireplace. It also helps when my family is sitting around with me. I also feel cozy when I'm wearing scarves and/or Uggs…I know, but I can't help it – they're COZY!!

  43. Rachael

    The coziest aspect of my home is every Sunday morning reading the paper with my family and a nice cup of coffee on our warm sofa! Nothing better. :)

  44. Amy

    I think that bringing your own personal style to your home is what makes it cozy. Not being afraid to use color, textures, or patterns.

  45. Varsha Vijay

    My boyfriend and I are in the midst of a very busy time…he's finishing his dissertation and will be defending his PhD soon. We're getting through this busy time by working together…literally. The coziness and luxury of both of us working at home together is what keeps me sane:)

  46. tle726

    WOW! Already with the holiday hype?

    I was thinking you are pretty awesome, but posting a holiday gift guide this early is just wrong!

    I realize that the retailers are eager to get the holiday shopping season going, but there used to be a time when it began the day after Thanksgiving. I know I am showing my age, which I hate to do, and I am guessing that your are too young and cool to remember that tradition, but I have to say I miss the "good ole" days"!


  47. Liza

    Every night before we go to sleep my husband and I lay down with our daughter and we all sing songs that she knows. It's just a simple beautiful moment.

  48. Laurie

    Our home is the setting for some of the best memories of my life. The parties for the kids birthdays, the treehouse out back, the hand-me-down Christmas decorations, and the family dinners…all of it. I know people who look forward to "the next house" for years and years. I know I'm home because I don't ever dream of the next house, I'm content with my full little house.

  49. Jo K

    Everything in our house is touchable, fixable and comfy. We're working on putting up more pictures of the family, but all of our art and mementos that are currently displayed are super personal. I think this is the key to any home…making it reflect you.

  50. Last february; The first night with my daughter and lover. Holding her tight, she was so soft and warm! I couldnt sleep :)

  51. Jessie

    My home feels most homey/cozy when I've cooked a special meal. All the trappings of said meal (a set table, some flowers, great scents in the air) combine to make a great evening…and full bellies.

  52. Meagan

    I entered a different Hygge on Joy's blog, but I am going to come up with a new one here. Every Friday night, my boyfriend makes Shabbat dinner. I come home from work by 8pm, we light candles, and just enjoy home cooked food while the sun sets. It's one of the best parts of my week.

  53. Carlotta

    We just moved into a new house. Our newly painted navy blue walls in the living room and our re-invisioned old sofas courtesy of new throw pillows make that room extremely cozy. The beautiful fireplace helps as well.

  54. sarah

    For me it would be color and light. I love having rooms flooded with natural light and lots of color. I think cozy is smelling something wonderful – fresh air, flowers, spice, delicious food.

  55. What an amazing giveaway!

    What makes my home cozy and joyful is the presence of the four softest, furriest animals ever — my two perfect cats, my pain-in-the-butt fluffy dog, and my super awesome heat-generating husband. :) Plus, an abundance of faux fur throws!

  56. Amber C

    My hygee place is definitely our bedroom on weekend mornings when our two little girls have climbed in bed with us. It seems to be our most creative play time, as my me and my husband come with ways to keep the girls in tucked in a little longer. An example: "Quick! I think I heard a bear. Crawl under the covers and pretend like we're sleeping."

  57. Jessica

    My house is cozy because I surround myself with things my friends and family have created! Pictures on my wall were painted by friends, nieces and nephews. Manyof my quilts/blankets and even stuffed animalswere made by my grandmother and aunts. I even have a lamp that was made by a friend! I love, love, love handmade item and they are truly what make my home crazy comfy.

  58. For my home it is a combination of the people (and dog!) I share it with and gradually being able to make changes that shapes our home to our needs.

  59. Kim

    I have that hygge feeling when my son is curled up asleep on my lap – the best feeling in the world!

  60. I love comfy pillows to lean on on my sofa- sometimes you don't want to prop yourself up, I see my comfy pillows as my shoulder to lean on

  61. C

    The link to your shopping guide isn't working… saying "Page Not Found: looks like you followed a bad link :( "

    Also, the photo at the top of your post is not showing up at all..

  62. My most recent hygge moment that I’ll never forget is sitting in my bed with my sister surrounded by lit candles, and covered in mountains of blankets because we still didn’t have power or heat from the snow storm that tore through NJ over the weekend. We were bundled up, trying to stay warm, and listening to the same wonderfully cheesy 70’s love song over and over again. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed so hard. It really is the little things in life that make everything worthwhile.

  63. Lisa F.

    I love Hygge & West wallpaper! Hygge to me is looking around and seeing objects and furnishings my husband and I have acquired over the years covered in toys and artwork by our children – we truly live and love in our home.

  64. Sumyra

    What makes my home cozy: my honey, my puppy and spiced cider!

  65. Sarah

    My daughter who's almost 2 caught a stomach bug this past weekend and spent the majority of it vomiting. By Sunday night I had caught it too and the both of us ended up home sick for Halloween. But despite being sick it was wonderful spending time away from work and school just being together cuddling on the sofa and eating soup. Needless to say last weekend was pretty cozy and joyful for us.

  66. L

    You can tell we're too deep into renovations from this answer, but being able to turn on the heat is an amazing way to make the house cozy! :-)

  67. My recent hygge moment was the first time this season that we had a fire in the fireplace. I don't have many things I look forward to about winter, but that feeling of warmth is untouched as #1 on my list.

  68. What makes my home cozy is the fact that from the get-go we've always tried to make it a family home. Every room is functional for every member, including our pets. We fill it with things we love that remind us of each other and we don't fret about the imperfections or the chaos that comes with having small children. Everything we have serves dual (if not more) purposes, and is inviting to friends and family alike. It also helps that our home is kind of small, so we have no choice but to be around each other most of the time — however, I wouldn't have it any other way.

  69. Ann Macdoanld

    I love it when the sunlight pours in through the bedroom window across the bed- where I then curl up with my sweet cat Oscar and let the world slip away.

  70. Sarah O

    Comfy couches, tea, candles, fuzzy fleece blankets :)

  71. As a young, new homeowner (okay, condo!) who is gone four days a week, all I really need at this point are my fireplace, cup of earl gray, ultra-soft whale blanket, and of course loving boyfriend!

  72. nole

    I love looking around our home and seeing layers of history and meaning in each corner. An antique sofa that we inherited from my great-grandmother, maps that my husband and I purchased together when we first started dating, souvenirs we brought home from our honeymoon. It's those things, big and small, that make our home cozy and joyful.

  73. Our home is much cozier thanks to you, Emily! The personal touches and people we have over to enjoy our space make our home the coziest.

  74. Julie richard

    My Hygge moment is when both my son and daughter come to wake me and my husband up in the morning. It just lovely to all cuddle up in bed together chatting about the day ahead and cuddling up and taking time for each other before the craziness of our busy day begins. xx

  75. SarahSee

    It's the history behind all the stuff in my place that makes it hygge – like the painting done by my sister and the tchotchkes from my mom.

  76. Lori L.

    My Hygge would be on a Saturday morning watching old cartoons with hubby and daughter drinking a big old mug of coffee!

  77. Rosie

    Yummy cooking smells are what make my home cozy

  78. Jessi

    I'm so obsessed with this gift guide! And I'm pleased to see I actually own a few of the things in there! I can't wait to get home and pour over every single word…alas I'm at work now and the giant digital magazine on my screen looks like a giant magazine on my screen! :) LOVE IT! Congrats it's brilliant!

  79. Clarissa Recato

    lazy sundays with my husband and snuggling with my 2 daughters carena + olive

  80. Andrea

    cozy, in the sense of the Scandinavian definition, is translated in my home with my 3 loves: my boyfriend, and my 2 puppies! It also is conveyed through my love of all things sentimental, trinkets and art picked up during travels, mementos collected from life milestones, and heirlooms given to me by the people in my family past and present. All of these things are daily reminders to remember the goodtimes when the present isn't so great, and to cherish what is truly important in life.

  81. What makes my home cozy are these gigantic multitudes of windows that surround my house. Trees swaying, birds feeding, people watching, it's nice to have that outside part of life in.

  82. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  83. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  84. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  85. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  86. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  87. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  88. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  89. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  90. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  91. I'm a firm believer that artwork making a home feel cozy, so no matter where I've lived I've always focused on wall decor. Since I'm a renter I feel like it instantly makes my home more "mine." A soft duvet on the bed, a cozy couch, and a funny cat to share my apartment with are all pretty key as well… :)

  92. Heidi

    Sunday morning brunch, with the kids still in their jammies and my husband's home-made apple pancakes on the dining table.

  93. My home is made joyful and cozy by all of the little thoughtful arrangements of toys of 2yo daughter leaves around the house. I'll have no idea she was even there, yet I'll find two dolls snuggling on my pillow, tucked into the covers of my bed. It's adorable, and there's always a meaning behind everything she does.

  94. Candles!! Especially those awesome crackling ones with the wood wicks.

  95. lisa

    perfect cozy times at home: cold days in our warm home cooking pasta, watching jeopardy, playing board games on the floor. ignoring the outside world. candle light. records playing.

  96. dana

    our big comfy couch filled with 2 kids, 2 dogs and some great throws!

  97. I love that our house is tucked away at the end of the street and the dreamy colors in our living room :)

  98. Elisabeth

    So cool! I'm pumped to look through the guide :)

    I think that cozy is all about having the people that make you smile around you. and in terms of decor….a big quilt or afghan and a nice cup of tea!

  99. My husband and I moved far far away right after our wedding and have been moving a lot since. We have had to learn to rely on each other and make our house a home, together. What I've learned is that to feel cozy and to feel at home is to be together no matter where we are.

  100. My home is joyful and cozy because of the people who fill it. I like to think the pale backdrop gives them a special place to feel relaxed in too!

  101. Brooke R.

    I think there are two big contributors to making my home cozy. One, the smell of a home-cooked meal fills the house for hours and who doesn't love that? Two, older items. Call them antique, vintage, whatever, they give my home character and make it so that we don't live in a box.

  102. Crissy

    While my husband (with our 10 year old) and I (with our Senior in HS) live apart, we try to make BOTH of our homes joyful and cozy by sending things created by one household to the other. We also include A LOT of current pictures as both boys seem to be growing up so fast! The letters, crafts and pictures keep us all connected.

  103. AJ

    I'm working really hard to make my home cozy. (As it turns out, hygge basically sums up how I want my house to be.) I try to have everything look nice and stylish, but still be comfy and livable.

  104. Congrats Em on the fab holiday issue! Blew me away w the globe snowmen!!!

    So fun being a part of it all.


  105. K Lee

    The recent "hygge" was with my niece. I'd recently had an ectopic pregnancy and was recovering from surgery when my sister-in-law and niece stopped by to visit. This sweet nearly 3-year-old came and looked up at me and said "I'll make you feel better." and gave me a big hug. Then she sat with me on the couch, stroked my arm and said "Don't worry auntie, I won't ever leave you."
    Moments with her are always cozy.

  106. Cynthia

    What makes me feel cozy is being home with my family by the fireplace, reading books at night.

  107. i´ld say right now, in winter, it´s our fireplace, plus all the different pillows and blanketts and on top of all of them… our purring cats. which do the job all the time – no matter which season it is.

  108. Minna S.

    My family & I will be moving across the states in about 2 weeks. We have already finished packing, which includes our living room furniture. A cozy, joyful moment we've had lately is just sitting the middle of the room, with nothing around, playing board games.

  109. Hope

    Cozy for me = bookcases filled with books. Also, my microwavable pillows filled with cherry pits…so perfect for cuddling with on the sofa and snuggled under a handmade blanket.

  110. mika

    what makes my home the most cozy are the things that remind me of my family and friends. photos of my grandparents, my grandma's blanket, photos of happy days with friends, postcards from my brother, photos taken on days i felt inspired, a my little bunnies ring holder that holds my engagement ring at nighttime. :)

  111. Chelsea

    My cozy place is curled up under a blanket reading a book with my cat sitting on my lap.

  112. What a wonderful question…My Hygge moments are when the days get shorter and its cool and breezy outside, the house smells like warm apples and spices, dinner simmering away in the oven. Snuggly sweaters, cozy blankies and crackling fires warm the chills, while hubby and I sit on the loveseat reading and our daughter is at the coffee table doing her homework yelling at our puppy (a half pug & half chihuahua mashup) to stop biting her toes.

  113. Rachel

    Hand knitted blankets made by my grandma and great grandma are an absolutely essential comfy, cozy, joyful accessory in my home. They are colorful, warm, perfect for snuggling up in to watch movies, and a reminder of two wonderful, and hugely influential women in my life.

  114. Sina

    My boyfriend and I have been living together for 2 years now, and it is pretty typical to get into routines with things- but we try to keep thigs entertaining and do things for each other that make each other know that we are always thinking of them and how much we love them- for instance; just the other day, we had our first frost, and he left for work about 3 minutes before I did, but took the time to scrape off both of our vehicles do I wouldn't have to stand in the cold. It is the small things that I believe add up in relationships- friendships, intimate, family, etc.

  115. amy

    I love so many things about our home. We've put a lot of effort into making it comfy and personal. My favourite item of all time has to be a quilt that my grandmother made for us. Time-less, beautiful and a reminder of one of our favourite people!

  116. The Holiday Guide is better than I imagined! Stuffed full of holiday goodness on every page! I had so much fun!

    Please count me in on the giveaway! We do what we love in our home, surrounding ourselves with things we love and DIY-ing projects that fit our style.

  117. pangcha

    The warmest feeling is knowing that I am LOVED! Everyday my friends and family fill me with a love high! Its amazing!

  118. Candice

    My home is cozy because of all the great light. I spend weekend afternoons reading on the ground warmed by the sun spilling in from all of those windows. I eventually drag a pillow around a big semi circle in my living room or scoot along my bed as the sun moves through the day.

    What would be even more magical than that kind of relaxation is watching the sun move across some amazing wallpaper–instead of my now-bare white walls!

  119. pamb

    The Gift Guide is beyond fantastic. Great job!!!! I will share it with everyone I know.

  120. Emily

    What makes their home joyful and cozy… well, the Love that fills it, first and foremost… also the personal touches that simply make it home (be it decor, family, dogs, color…)

  121. Allison

    Our home is joyful and cozy because of the love and light in it.

  122. Sarah W. PDX

    Oh, Emily. The guide is beautiful. Well done, sister. Well done!

  123. Vivian Lopez Ramirez

    I feel the coziest reading in bed in the morning, while my husband is still sleeping by my side.

  124. Grace

    I think small rooms, with interesting details, soft colours, and lots of warm textiles make it cozy and welcoming.

  125. love going to my family's cabin. its isolated in the trees, love snuggling in front of the fire w/ a suspensful movie

  126. emily rose

    having a break between some classes and sitting in the warm afternoon sun at my favorite coffee shop… with a gorgeous delicious pumpkin latte in a deep white mug.. made my day sparkle …

  127. SeeKarenFollow

    Curling up on the couch with my honey and the puppies is what makes my home warm and cozy.

  128. molly

    such a great giveaway! and i love your show so much.

    i love waking up in the morning to what we call a "triple spoon" in our house…my husband spooning me and me spooning our cuddly fat cat, milo.

  129. emilie

    My rescue dog and my cat. Love them! I'm renovating so my house doesn't scream cozy right now, but wallpaper will sure help!

  130. Kristina

    I have a lot of warm paint colors and lots of chocolate wood tones that give my house a cozy feeling.

  131. Irene

    What makes my home cozy and full of "hygge" are the great colors splashing the walls of each room. I would love to include some of the beautiful prints and patterns of the hygge+west wallpaper to the mix!!

  132. My house is cozy because it has memories from all the important events in our life incorporated in different ways. It's very "us" and just makes us happy.

  133. Maria

    the things that make my home feel cozy are textured rugs and curtains – i live in an industrial loft so the linens are so important to make it feel softer. fresh flowers at home make me joyful (i'm a floral designer, so i try to bring them home as much as possible!), and of course, sharing it with my sweet husband and little dog.

  134. Amanda

    I live in a California contemporary, in the crazy DC area. Floor to ceiling windows (great to watch the snow fall), mahogany walls, and a long brick wall w/fire place makes my home the perfect "cabin". The Hubby, dog, and I pile up on the sofa & snuggle- I would do it every day if I could!

  135. Sheila Cody

    To me – what makes my modest home cozy is the attention I give to space and making it inviting and comfortable to guests – the colors are peaceful and give a feel of spaciousness and light. Attractive wall decor, pretty pillows and cuddly throws help create the warmth. But above and beyond the physical setting that helps set the stage for coziness I believe it is the priority that hospitality has as a core value in my life. My happiness expressed as I invite people into my home and my life creates the joyful atmosphere that they enter into. Attention to the details of hospitality and welcome in the preparations are important to me and always – people are more important than things.

  136. kayla

    i think handmade items make my home cozy: quilts, art, furniture. while i love clean lines, i feel like these touches make it cozy and not so sterile.

  137. Erica

    beautiful wallpaper. my home is joyful and cozy when my husband and I are cooking with your toddler. Nothing better than that!

  138. Molly L

    We are in a new home that needs more joyful and cozy, but my favorite spot so far is my sofa that looks straight out a big picture window, full of natural light, right at a gorgeous tree full of fall leaves. Happy.

  139. Wallpaper! Hooray!!!

    Our cozy home is made more so by lots & lots (perhaps too many) houseplants. Can't get enough! But it's the kind of clutter I think feels homey.

  140. Love the giveaway! My tricks to being cozy are candles, personal artwork and photos, and blankets with sentimental stories behind them :)

  141. Becky

    Baking with my two boys makes my home joyful and cozy. And messy…but their excitement and the smell of [chocolate chip] banana muffins is so worth it.

  142. Bridgette

    I tend to think of our home as a cozy little haven. We live in Seattle and "Warm & Cozy" is key here! Maybe it's all the textures or the different layers in our home… I don't imagine there's a perfect formula; instead, I think a cozy spot is one that is a little undone and not too perfect. That's our home for sure. Rain boots sit by the front door and chilly little ones are snuggly wrapped in mismatched blankets. Gracie Jane Pickle, our cat, usually stakes her claim early on; either she's kneeding someone's tummy or perched right in front of the fireplace hogging all the heat! In our cozy lil' home, we believe in hot cocoa for the kids and spiced hot apple cider for the grown ups and if you stopped by on any given night, you'd likely find us in the midst of a bananagram championship! Come on by… :)

  143. Melody H.

    The obvious reasons why our home is joyful and cozy is because of the people who live in it! When talking about design it is joyful and cozy because it has character, color, and texture and one of a kind items. It has style but its functional. We love a mix of old and the new. We have a collection of vintage pottery that we display with beautiful vintage colors (we are not afraid of color). We have a vintage dining set but a modern couch that is cozy. Lighting is also a must-it creates warmth. We love lamps and love the chandelier over our dining room table. Personal photos also mark our home and create a sense of family, life, and belonging. Everything in our home has a story behind it.

  144. kimberly

    I guess it would be ;
    Fireplace, red wine, comfy blanket, husband, dog, me, on sofa,a cat on either chair, and a good movie. We would be surrounded by colors that we love, art work, some books, magazines, records, and pillows. And did I mention the house would have to be clean? Because I cant relax if the house is messy and there's pet hair everywhere……

  145. Clare

    1. This was simply amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work on this. A job well done. Happy Holidays!
    2. My hygge are pictures of my loved ones spread out throughout my apartment and knowing that even though I live so far from them, I am loved and I am blessed!

  146. Marite

    Wonderful giveaway! Currently the coziness in our place is at level 9, thanks to our sleeping nook: a built-in platform bed enclosed in an alcove in our apartment. We've even framed it with curtains, which we can close to shut out out the rest of the world.

  147. Sky

    We have 2 small children and live in a small apartment. The thing that makes my home cosy is actually, the children's clutter. Their toys exhibit their imagination – and even though I clean up after them, I love the smell they leave behind in their softies and I love that they get still get plenty to play with in this small little abode of ours.

  148. Kati

    To me it means authenticity; so surrounding myself with things that my family and I actually use, enjoy, and love. Nothing for 'show' and, since I'm as much of a minimalist as I can get away with as the mother of two little girls, I like objects to be both beautiful AND functional. Nothing too precious, too jarring, or too fussy. Clean, comfortable, functional, beautiful and as full of natural light as humanly possible.

  149. Liz E.

    I'm finishing college soon (scary!) and am in the midst of final projects. After working on my computer for a while, I looked up to see all 5 of my rescue cats snuggled on the bed with me. I know it's hard to say I have that many without sounding crazy, but they're my babies and I love them! They are the best to snuggle with in the winter.

  150. Would lOVE to win!!
    my first thought is that my home's hygge could be found in our kitchen. Cooking together, music, artwork picked up on travels and an inspiration board jam-packed with ideas for future vacations together or parties we want to throw. It's a very special and happening room. Thanks for the opportunity to win such gorgeous wallpaper!

  151. Dana

    What makes my home warm and cozy is the fact that it's my first home with my husband as newlyweds!

  152. cvjn

    I feel coziest in my home when I'm snuggling my girls, reading books. I'm in the middle of remodeling and have already picked out Joy's Lovely Leaves for our master bathroom. Hope I win!

  153. Katie

    I just bought a new comforter to layer on the bed since winter is upon us. My husband and I love how comfy our bed is now and we spent a few sweet moments snuggling this morning, enjoying the cozy, warm bed!

  154. Beth

    Hygge for me is getting cozied up in my favorite chair with a soft blanket and a tray of hot tea on the ottoman.

  155. Paula

    I always love having a really soft and warm blanket on the couch to keep toasty and warm during the winter.

  156. Bridget P

    Blankets – plenty of blankets!

  157. Nara

    The coziest thing about my home: my bookshelf filled with books! (Except when I'm moving—then I'm not so fond of all the books.)

  158. Amber

    My hygge moment is recently finding out that I am pregnant, seeing my little growing baby in the ultrasound!!

  159. Nancy S

    My husband and I just moved into a furnished rental apartment in Amsterdam, so it's not as cozy as we'd like it to be, yet… but the things that help are the things we have displayed on our fireplace: fresh flowers from the market, the vintage letters we found at the antique store, postcards from back home, and oddly enough my mason jar full of sewing supplies. A random collection of knick-knacks.

  160. tamara

    What gorgeous wallpaper! Just a few hours ago, in the wee hours, my 3yr old got out of bed, came into our room, stretched out his arms, gave me a great big hug & climbed into bed beside me without a word & was asleep in seconds. Cuddly bliss

  161. We may not have the most expensive or trendy furniture in our house, but what we lack in trends, we gain in family photos. I have blown up many wacky family photos and have placed them throughout the house of my son, as well as my husband and I. These are what make my home cozy – being surrounded by the important things and being able to share those memories with guests to our home.

  162. Beatriz R.

    I'm in the process of moving house, and I keep thinking of my grandparents' home, the coziest place in the world to me as a kid. There was nothing special about the house or the decoration – it was all about the company. I used to spend hours with grandma in the kitchen or in her sewing room, playing and talking. I've inherited a few items which I'm taking to my own place, like her dressing table. These meaningful objects will always remind me of them.

  163. Karen

    My bed, with it's fluffy pillows, bright colors (and my husband and pup tucked inside) make for a very cozy home.

  164. i love snuggling up with the latest decor magazines and my cats!

  165. Hmmm my most recent cozy moment included my two daughters, my husband and I in front of the first fire of season (in our fireplace of course) on Halloween night. I just kept thinking my little family is complete:)

  166. Brian V.

    My wife makes my home snuggly. Probably our pup too!

  167. Sunnie

    My home is filled with an inherited collection of my dad’s odds and ends. A metal toy car from his childhood, a starfish from his scuba diving adventures, a painting that stopped him in his tracks at a flea market. It’s a piece of him there with me to touch, remember and make me smile.

  168. Personal photographs and pops of patterns and colors throughout my apartment have made it a joyful place for me.
    My favorite cozy moments happen on a lazy Saturday, late in the morning cuddled up under my down comforter with my boyfriend and cat on either side of me. It's the best way to start off the weekend.

  169. min

    i think its the little touches – a trinket from a trip, a picture tucked away in a book, the vase that was passed down – that bring comfort and make the home a home.

  170. M.C. Sommers

    I feel like making our house cozy means having good friends and good food! (Wallpapering is the next project on our list so this would be fabulous!)

  171. HelpSavePluto

    My home is cozy because it is where my husband and one year old daughter are. Each moment of life is absolutely precious, and I live for today. The Hygge wallpaper would compliment my cozy home, because it would represent my style and forever be tied to family memories. When I am gone one day and my daughter sees the print, she will be reminded of our family, our unconditional love, and the whimsy and creativity that I hope to inspire in her life.

  172. Jessie

    coziness makes a house a HOME. filled with not only things that represent your life, where you've been and where you're going, but the people who inspire your life. a door always open to visitors is cozy. a well lived in home filled with special things and the love of friends and family is cozy.

  173. JRen

    My personal hygge is curling up by the tv with my two sisters and drinking some hot earl grey tea while watching Little Women.

  174. I am obsessed with this wallpaper. My cozy, feels like home moment – snuggling my 9 month old son in the middle of the night after having a bad dream. Rocking him, listening to his breathing is the best thing in the whole world.

  175. Agnes

    I graduated university in June 2010 with a $30,000 OSAP debt.
    I have been trying to pay it back as fast as I can, but its hard.
    My mom sold her house and gave me $15,000. With that enormous help I made my last OSAP payment last week.
    I am now totally debt free. And I owe all to my amazing mom.

  176. C

    I am so ridiculously blown away, it's crazy. Emily, your gift guide is the most awesome holiday publication to come along in years, by far. I was excited when you said you were doing it, but man oh man, this thing blows me away. (Did I say that already?) Soooo impressive. Kudos to you for all the hard work that went into it, and best wishes that it'll be a huge sucess (I know I'll be using it!). Any place we can get it in hard copy form?

  177. Rebecca W.

    What makes our home cozy and joyful- our two precious rescue puppies! There is nothing like being snuggled up at home, being content with just being together. Love the times when my husband and I lay blankets out in the living room and fall asleep cuddled up with our sweet babies. Also, love the smell of our favorite French Roast coffee brewing in the kitchen every morning! Thank you for the chance to win! Help us bring more personality to our bare living room walls!

  178. kara sue

    Pillows, throw blankets, a red rug, and a cup of tea make me feel extra cozy in my home. Currently adding a wall of beetle-kill pine built-ins to add to the cozy.

  179. MelissaW

    I live in a tiny apartment, and although I live on the West Coast, I just convince myself I live in an NYC apt, and it's ok if it's small then. I'm fine with NYC cozy.

    I just made the cutest shag pillow I found on the v and co. blog for my niece. It just happens to go perfectly on my bed and is so fluffy and comfy. So, I may need to make another for her before Christmas :)

  180. JP

    My cozy nest = sleep number bed + heated mattress pad + flannel sheets + 2(siamese cats) + son stopping in for a snuggle!

  181. Amy

    My home is made cozy by the people and creatures in it. Crumbs on the table means people have sat around that table and enjoyed a meal together. Shoes and socks strewn all over, kitty cat sitting on the clean clothes, chickens sneaking onto the porch to have a bite of dog food, all make my house a home.

  182. The smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven, the hubs on guitar, and reading to our unborn kiddo about little mice and big cities. Totes hygge.

  183. Ola

    For me its color. Pops of color everywhere. That and special treasures and artwork collected over the years.

  184. Heidi

    A pile of pillows and super soft blankets for snuggling with my family make my home feel cozy all winter long.

  185. DE-VINE!! My cozy moment is when my hubby, our 17 month daughter Liv, our cat Lola and I snuggle under our electric blanket. If someone were smart, they would make an electric Snuggie because I love being warm!! Oh and electric socks too, those can be wireless!

    Joy's was my favorite SOS episode!!

  186. Noel

    What makes my home joyful and cozy is definitely the smell of something delicious being made in the kitchen. But some unexpected, striking wallpaper also does the job :)

  187. Thank you so, so much for the feature of our Jess LC Lake Shore Pouch! I was flipping through the magazine and suddenly came upon it and was so speechless! I love what you do and thank you so much for your support : ).

  188. Judi W

    Well my home is not cozy at present time, under renovation by husband may take another ten years. But I sure would welcome some lovely wallpaper to stare at in the meantime.
    : )

  189. Ok, I loved every single bit of your holiday guide! Like LOVED!

    What makes my home cozy are the peeps I share it with – hub, 2 small ones,and 2 pound pups.

  190. Billy

    My hygge moment is finally sinking into the couch with my cats and a cup of hot tea after an intense dance class.

  191. Kelsey

    Having sweet and intimate conversation with my husband in our tiny little newlywed apartment. I love him.

  192. Jamie

    My home is cozy because not only do you get a great hostess who makes you feel at home, you get an overly friendly cat or two to sit in your lap whether you wanted it or not, but then later you realize that you are so glad they did.

  193. Melissa

    What makes our home comfy and warm is pictures of my kids and their art work that i love to display. These details tell a story that a family lives, laughs, and shares love in our space called home.

  194. tiffany

    i find the coziest times are when my whole family is home. the kitchen is definitely the center of our house. when we were little everyone would gather around the kitchen table for meals, no books, phones etc were allowed.

  195. Sarah

    My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment and it's FREEZING. We didn't used to snuggle so much as we were waking up in the morning, but now we do it almost every day! I'm kinda happy about the cold :)

  196. Viv

    Things that make our home cozy: deep sofa (feels like a daybed), hardwood floors, and most importantly my husband.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. What makes my home joyful and cozy are my husband, our three dogs, and our cat. We got back from vacation last night and didn't get the dogs from the kennel until this afternoon. The house was quiet and a little sad without them. (Although I think the cat liked it!)

  198. Rayna

    What makes my home cozy is family. It doesnt; really matter what everything looks like, or what style it is in, as long as I have a burning fire, hotchocolate, a cozy throw, and lots of love.

  199. Laura Beth

    Something that makes my home cozy is the carpet made by Odegard that I designed. It is something I am very proud of, and it is so soft!

    See a close-up shot on pinterest here:

  200. Ashley

    My home is cozy because of the sunshine coming through the windows, soft blankets, and dinners together.

  201. Nicole

    What makes my home cozy is the teak sofa I remember from my childhood that my mom was going to throw out. I reupholstered it in a Knoll boucle fabric, and got a cool grey Mongolian lamb throw for it.

  202. Nate

    I like the large windows that let lots of natural light in. I also like the walls we took out to give it a more open floor plan, it seems counter intuitive that openness= cozy but for me it does.

  203. Erin

    Family makes my home joyful and cozy…we love hanging out around the coffee table, eating dinner, and having meaningful conversations to relax and unwind.

  204. Betsy

    What makes my home cozy is the people who live there…my husband, myself, and our precious baby girl.

  205. What makes my home joyful and cozy? Well, my children. And making our home THEIR home. A magnet wall for their art creations. A tree house in the basement. A swing chair in their room. Poufs on every floor to roll around with and on. Anything I can put in my house to make them laugh, and comfort them, and encourage them to create, makes this a cozy, joyful place.

    And I am SURE they would love some Hygge & West wallpaper in their bathroom!

    Great giveaway.

  206. Stacey M

    What makes our home joyful and cozy are the sentimental items on display from my grandparents and great grandparents, the home cooked meals my children help me make, and my kids' artwork all over the kitchen walls.

  207. Lauren

    First of all, the gift guide is A-mazing! I'm in heaven looking through it. THANK YOU! FYI though… on page 157 (I think) there is a watercolor world map, which says it's from etsy for $25. When I click on it, it takes me to e-junkie and says it's $84.

    Second, the thing that gives me a hygge feeling at home is my photos! That may be too obvious of an answer, but whenever I move, it's the first thing I need to do when I unpack – hang and place my photos of family and friends. It makes any space feel like home to me.

  208. Shaina

    What makes my home joyful and cozy is my three-legged cat and my boyfriend! Also the small touches around my apartment, like my squirrel lamp and faux fur throw. Thanks for the great giveaway! Joy's living room is seriously perfection and I would hyperventilate to see that gorgeous stuff on my walls.

  209. Adriana

    Me and some of my friends are olding together and that is kind of funny and cosy: the "party girl" now melts down in tears of joy when holding a baby girl in her arms and the "rock and roll boy" now eats his vegetables every day!

  210. Spring (or early Summer!) hit us early here in Australia this year, and I still haven't managed to use up all our frozen jam fruit from a massive bumper crop year. So a few weekends ago I spent a day in the kitchen chopping, simmering, stirring and bottling up the last of the beautiful ruby-red plums, thinking what lovely Christmas presents they would make in the upcoming season. After a hot and tiring afternoon in the kitchen my partner came up behind me and I leaned against him, and we stood there simply unwinding and loving each other while the jars cooled. In that moment it really hit me how happy I am to be at a point in our lives where we have each other, we have our home, and we can spend our time doing things like preserving the fruit that we grew and picked with our own hands to share with our friends and family throughout the year.
    I don't know if my idea of what hygge means is right, but in that one small everyday moment I felt incredibly grateful for our lives together.

  211. Olivia C.

    A cozy home is where you wake up in the morning to a three year old's pitter-patter footsteps to grandpa's room to wake grandpa up to start the day. A joyful home is where you find them both curled up in a blanket watching Man vs. Wild.

  212. Madge

    my hubby and my son make our home so cozy! they're just unbelievable beyond words….. they inspire me to be a better wife, mom, and a better person at that!

  213. When my grandpa was still alive, I would watch him and my grandma chatting and laughing together. I always admired the way they could make each other laugh and look at each other with so much love, even after over 55 years of marriage.

  214. tracy

    Hygge- We just redid our sunroom. It is all enclosed with windows along the back wall. during the power outage last week my family -husband, daughter & I plus 2 dogs & 3 cats all snuggled together by candlelight & blankets, playing board games and reading storys to each other- Thats Hygge to me…. Cant wait to check out the e-mag.

  215. Dorothy

    What makes my home cozy is my coffee table and sofa, both picked up at the Salvation Army, and my fuzzy fleece throw. They've travelled with me to my last 4 homes and it's only when I finally sit down on the sofa, curled up in the blanket with a cup of tea and a book, that I feel hygge and fully at home.

  216. what makes our home warm and cozy and full of love is the warm sunlight that streams through the living room in the late afternoon, fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen, cuddling under fleece blankets with my new hubby, and enjoying our love and new life together. oh, and saturday afternoon naps on the couch with him are a must. :)

  217. Nadine

    Snuggling on the couch with my boyfriend & a movie!

  218. The thing that makes our home joyful and cozy is our original art collection scattered throughout our home. Many of the artists are personal friends of mine, and It makes me smile everyday!

  219. angelina

    My dog Moose on the porch, daughter Lucy sitting on the counter watching my husband Eric cooking dinner. Looking through fresh cut flowers in my $2 vase from the flea market, while I read design blogs from my Mac. Dinner is served, every day, on my Noritake china, that is then put in the dish washer. This is my version of a romance novel: my home. Cheesy but delicious.

  220. Katie

    For me it's tiny rooms, dim light, fall weather, and a down comforter. Simple.

  221. Maddy

    I was planning in using Joy's h&w wall paper for our nursery, which is perfect because my cozy moments of late have been lying still, feeling our little girl kick. It's one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, and I'm soaking up every minute of being pregnant!

  222. emily

    This is a pretty awesome giveaway!!! For me — There's nothing cozier than hanging out in the kitchen with my honey. After work we like to hang out in there while we cook dinner, snack, talk about our day, have a drink and listen to music. It's honestly what I look forward to to most, while I'm at work!

  223. Caroline

    Having all the treasures I have collected through the years as a reminder of the places and people I love! scattered throughout the space.

  224. Emmie

    My home is cozy because of the artwork. I have a picture wall behind the sofa that displays 15 prints. Some are purchased, some were free printables, and some were created by me. The sofa itself is also quite cozy. It has enough room for me and my husband to lounge with our cat and our dog.

  225. Our home is great, but it is small, so we can all be together even if we aren't doing the same thing. I love it that I know what my girls are doing even if they aren't in the same room with me. The artwork and accessories in our home have either been made by our children, acquired through our travels, or given to us by family and friends. Our furniture contains stories for us of where we have lived or when we acquired it, when the girls have bumped into something with their toys, a friend has dropped or spilled something, or when the dogs are sacked out on the sofa…nothing is too precious to be used. All of those memories, when being in our home and being together as a family, is what makes it warm and cozy for us.

  226. Crislynne

    It's the sun that pours through my windows on a crisp fall or winter day that makes my home so cozy. Filling it with sunshine and warmth.

  227. Our little apartment is cozy not only because it's tiny, but also because of all the art, books, objects, and fabrics that we have collected over time filling the space, making it feel personal just for us.

  228. Devon

    Our home is cozy because it's been so loved for such a long time in its original midcentury look and has a lot of great history. We're the third owners, but the first owners were 50+ year owners who build it by themselves over weekends and holidays over a two year span, and the second owners didn't do any remodeling, so it looks almost identical to the way it looked when it ran in Better Homes & Gardens in 1958. We love how authentic it is and bought it a year ago because we loved the "bones" of the place.

  229. Ann

    Although I spend most of my leisure time reading about or working on our interior design, I believe that the coziness comes more from how we live in our home, than from what's in it or how it looks. I feel the coziest when I go downstairs to the breakfast that my husband prepares every morning. We talk about our plans for the day, as we eat cereal and sip coffee. Also, I feel cozy when we settle in for the evening. My husband and I sit side-by-side on a comfortable couch with our feet up, while our two dogs recline on the carpet, each with a chew bone. Lately, as the weather has cooled just a bit, we have sipped tea or wine, and warmed up ginger cookies in the toaster. They smell as good as they taste.

  230. Robin

    What makes my home cozy? My plush rug, snuggling with the hubby under a great blanket…and hot chocolate during the holidays.

  231. Beau

    Cozy at my house is the garage. The cold and dirty space would seem to be the opposite of cozy, but the smell of gas, oil, and exhaust brings me back to being a kid and being in the garage, hanging out for hours at a time with my Dad. This is the cozy I need. Still, when I visit his house, I'm amazed at how close I've come to replicating the smell in my own garage; this truly makes me happy in life.

  232. The open windows to our living room that allow the light through and make everything more welcoming is what makes our house more of a home. Love spending time with family and friends in a warm living room.

  233. Dana

    All of the personal details that I hand selected and all of the photographs of the people I love make my home cozy! Plus my collection of piggy banks always brings a smile to my face! But the real thing that makes my home cozy is my boyfriend and my kitties! It's always one big cuddlefest on the couch!


  234. I got caught in the NJ snowstorm over the weekend.. staying up late with family to sit and chat in the dark with just a few flickering candles makes a home cozy, even if the power is out. :)

  235. Robin

    For me, it's my big, fluffy cat. We've moved through three apartments and he's made them all feel like home.

  236. Corina Pace

    My new favorite cozy is sitting on our over sized chair, snuggling in a soft blanket with my 9 mo old baby boy when he wakes up in the morning. We just moved to Seattle. The rain can get us down. We choose to enjoy it and get cozy and find the beauty all around us.

  237. Kicking the "long-distance" part out of my relationship after living in London for a year without the BF!

  238. Thank you sooo much for featuring my Hanukkah garland! What an honor to be included in such a fabulous guide :)
    Have a great day, and I wish you continued success!
    The Clever Life

  239. Ashleigh

    Seriously amazing Giveaway. I am obsessed with H & W. What makes my home cozy is the smell of something bubbling on the stove (I love to cook – especially slow cooking in the cooler months) and the sound of our son's delighted shrieks as he crawls around our house looking for mischief. Of course, there's our art and throw pillows and layers of blankets and souvenirs collected from travels, but it's the smell and the sound that make our home ULTIMATELY cozy!

  240. Because snuggling in the cold is not typical in San Diego, smiling with my husband and 3 little munchkins with some iced cocoa and biscuits is my idea of something cozy. Just being with happy people who stay focused on the sweetness in life and not the sour parts, warms me to my innermost parts. Free wallpaper would make me pretty cozy too…I have to say.

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