Hey y’all, I’m going to Round Top antique fair tomorrow, COME!!

So i hate it when people brag about their lives online. I do.  I get slightly annoyed with the ‘i’m so lucky i have the best husband’ posts.  It’s not that i’m anti being grateful, quite the opposite, actually. I just know that a lot of people out there don’t have the same fortune so it can potentially bum people out, which bums me out.  

HOWEVER, i’m going to brag for one second about my job in the guise of inviting you to join me:

HGTV is sending me to the Round Top Antique Fair for the weekend….you know ‘work’.  In case you all wonder whether or not HGTV is good to me, know this:  YES.  THEY.  ARE.  Straight up:  YES.  And not just because they fly me to Texas to shop and meet antique dealers, but it certainly doesn’t EXACTLY hurt.


If you are planning on going, PLEASE say ‘hi’.  I actually love talking to people who love the show or blog or my boots or what i do in general. It makes me feel really good on my insides.  Its a new show, i’m a new host so hearing that people feel positively about either or both makes me sleep better at night.

 I get so many emails from people who almost said ‘hi’ but didn’t want to ‘bug’ me, and i’m telling you right now, YOU WILL NEVER BUG ME, BECAUSE ITS A TOTAL PLEASURE TO TALK TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NICE AND WHO APPRECIATE THAT I WORK 70 HOURS A WEEK ON SOMETHING I’M OBSESSED WITH.  woah, didn’t mean to yell, just want to get the point across.  

BUT, If you come up to me and tell me that you think i should get my snaggletooth fixed, then i will cut you. I have miniature scissors in my miniature purse at all times.

So if you were planning on going, or if you live nearby and needed some enticement, come to Round Top and say ‘hi’. I’ll be there with HGTV as well as the stars of a new show coming out that is going to be dope called ‘Junk Sisters’.

Lets hang out.  But don’t steal my miniatures, i’m going to get some serious loot this weekend.  I need a worn leather club chair for my man cave.  Cup holder not included.



  1. Jessi

    Woo hoo! So pumped! I got an invite to a meet and greet with you Saturday, so I'll see you then! Seriously, of all the people in the world I could meet, you are probably the biggest rockstar on my list, so I'll do plenty of gushing! :) You will love the Junk Gypsies, super sweet and rad girls! If you find a dollhouse for less than $50, snag it for me cause that's my budget! :) Oh yeah and this is like the biggest flea market in the country, you'll freak! It's amazing! Can't wait!!!

  2. I can tell you that I loved chatting with you at Plucky Maidens show here in Portland. You were very approachable and friendly and I would do it again in a heartbeat…now if I could only give you a hello while you are in Round Top. On my bucket list…have an awesome time!

  3. THAT IS 20ish MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE! Have you ever been?! Round Top/Warrenton is one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my year, and it only happens twice! Please tell me you will be there all weekend! I can't go until Saturday and I may or may not want a picture with you! If not, you will have an AMAZING time. It's fantastic!

  4. Crissy

    This is a sign! I have always entertained the idea of Roundtop and also Brimfield. Just never pulled the trigger, but if you'll be there, it seals the deal! I would love to be there and gush to you! I truly love your style and your personality! (And how does one get a Meet and Greet invite?) Will you be there the whole show or just the weekend dates?

  5. Mimi

    Um, your snaggle situation is is pretty much 37% of why I think you're the cutest thing ever. Please don't ever "fix" it. :(

    Also, it's pretty lame that I live only 85 miles away from where you're going to be, and of course, I can't make it! It sounds pretty amazing though; please be sure to share all of your awesome/ugly/creepy finds!

  6. I barely even noticed your snaggletooth when I met you at Plucky Maidens in Portland.

    JUST KIDDING. You were awesome!

    If I were paid to shop at antique shows, I'd be a wealthy, wealthy woman.

  7. C

    And what I wouldn't give to accost you at a flea market and shamelessly gush over how talented you are like I'm a rockstar-stalker! I would, I would! Please post if you ever come to DC and I promise I will hunt you down! Would love nothing more than to meet you in person some day. Have a great time shopping — and post all your treasure finds immediately!!!

  8. Rachael

    I live nowhere near Texas, so I will have to settle for telling you here rather than in person that your show (and your humor and general warmth and awesomeness) make me feel really good on my insides. I hope SFAS becomes a runaway success, because you deserve it. I also hope HGTV gets your new episodes online soon, because I'm not one of those fancy-pants people with cable, and I need a good style fix!

  9. Jamie

    OMG!!!! I live so close!!! Dude I am coming by now!

  10. Oh, Emily! You're just too cute. I've never noticed that you have a snaggle tooth. I really dislike the constant need for perfection, especially in teeth. I have a gap in the front, and I've learned to love it.

    Anyway, if I ever saw you in person, I would be the weirdo hiding in the corner because I'd be totally shocked that you were there because you're so awsome.

  11. Leah

    My mom lives like 10 minutes from Round Top! I wish I could come say hello & hope you find some goodies! So happy you said your adoring fans don't bug you. I recently emailed you about a sofa & so appreciate that you got back to me. I actually ordered one locally & got my english roll arm dream!

  12. lemurlassy

    Oh I am so glad you are never going to get chicklet teeth. You have a beautiful smile!

  13. Amy

    Round Top is just a hop, skip and a jump away from me. What day(s) will you be there?

  14. Emily

    I will be going to Round Top for the first time next week and I am so excited! I live in Dallas and have always wanted to go but just never could work it out with my schedule. Do you know what days you will be there? I would definitely love to stop by and say hi!

  15. Jenny

    Round top's next weekend, not this weekend, right? That's what my calendar and the website both say. Planning to go and don't want to miss it!

  16. Jennifer M

    I wish I were going to Round Top tomorrow! I've been dreaming about going to the antique fair for a couple of years since I'm in DFW…but I have too many things to do. Maybe I'll bump into you next year!

  17. Libby

    I'm have heart palpitations. I'm obsessed with Round Top and I'm obsessed with you! I thought it was 9/28-10/1? Are you there this weekend or next weekend? If so, how could one completely average and not at all VIP person bump into you?

  18. Wait – has that actually happened to you? Slash how long did you hesitate before punching them in the face?

  19. cvjn

    De-lurking just to say: I Love Snaggle Teeth! Those kind of things take people from "pretty" to "beautiful". I have always loved Kirsten Dunst for not fixing her teeth, and I think that's what makes her so much more beautiful than say, Megan Fox.

    Don't change anything about yourself, or your show. Both Rock!

  20. It's this weekend??? I thought it was next weekend?? I am planning on going and bring my pregnant belly with me!

  21. Ooh it's preview weekend… i'll go next week. Hope you find lots of great deals, but leave some for us who will be going next weekend :)

  22. Sadie

    Have you ever thought about doing a show in the Detroit area with Cari Cucksey of "Cash and Cari?"

    I love your snaggle tooth. I hate the look of mouths full of glow in the dark teeth that look like they were made in a machine.

  23. Sarah

    Ohhhhh! I will be there all day on Tuesday! Driving over from Austin. Where will you be? Will you still be there Tuesday???BEST Flea market in the country. Although, it seems to be getting heavier on antiques. But sooooo fun! It is literally 8 miles of markets.

  24. Brian

    Saw your HGTV show tonight.. Kudos!
    Haha.. I was wondering what was neat about your smile! The tooth! .. . Must remember to stay clear of the tiny scissors…

  25. Aaron Lee Warren

    I think your tooth is cute. So…yeah. That is all

  26. Linda Gilmore

    will you be there on Thursday, and if so, where? It's a big space!

  27. Hope you had a great time shopping over the weekend! I need to find a good flea market around the Louisville, KY, area … and somebody to drag along, as I don't think The Mr. will go for it. In the mean time, I must know more about the chair from this week's episode. Please tell me it's not from a flea market and that I can actually purchase it from a real store. The chair/ottoman combo are stylistically great for my living room, and I need something comfortable to sink into besides the sofa. Looking forward to your episode recap!

  28. Charlene

    Emily. Darling. I love your show. I always watch it. THe last three episodes have just been exceptional and last week's show nearly reduced me to tears. I mean just wow. I can't even tell you…xo

  29. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed Texas and two steppin'. What did you end up buying at Round Top? Did you have time to shop after your meet-and-greet?



  30. Why would anyone think it's okay to give unsolicited dental advice?? I think it's perfectly reasonable to cut someone for a stupid comment.

    In other news, I love you and your show. Just sayin'.

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