Happy Monday … From Las Vegas

how to style a table

I’m in Las Vegas, folks. I’m here to speak at World Market (10 a.m. today if you want to spread the word). To kill some time while the world is having fun drinking without me, I decided to organize my photos on my computer instead of reading how Kim Kardashian lost 50 pounds in 40 days as Star Magazine claims she did.

So I found some old photos that I styled that David Tsay shot. I think I’ve posted them, but it’s been years if I did.

dresser in foyer

weiss+3 Now, let me be clear: I didn’t design this house. I wish. I simply styled the hell out of it. They were all shot by David Tsay for Coastal Living (the first one for Domino).

Meanwhile being pregnant in Vegas is like being the biggest dog lover in the world, who all of a sudden was told that for nine months you are deathly allergic to dogs; if you dare pet one you will die, and then being stuck in a cage with 100 adorable puppies. My inner party girl is being tortured being here whilst pregnant.

Luckily the hotel room is super nice (The Cosmopolitan) and I’m reading The Fault in Our Stars which is keeping me fairly distracted from the fun that Sin City is offering 14 floors below me. Nothing like terminally ill teenagers falling in love to make me engrossed. If only they were also somehow vampires, supernatural, or post-apocalyptic …

Happy Monday.

  1. Molly

    I love that book! How can you not love Hazel. Plus it’s super well written. Oh also those photos are gorgeous, can I just have that patio table?

    Molly from Mint Atelier

  2. We were just in Vegas two weekends ago and LOVED the food at the Wicked Spoon – please tell me you are eating every meal there! We didn’t check it out until our last day but had I known better I would’ve skipped all the other (terrible IMO) buffets we went to at the other hotels. I think your readers deserve a pic of you in one of their giant shoes as well!

    Loved The Fault in our Stars – hope you enjoy it!

  3. Nicole M.

    Oh that book…such a GOOD ONE!
    Enjoy Vegas as much as you can…it will all be worth it :)

  4. Hope your talk goes well! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I haven’t read Fault in our Stars, but I’ve just added it to my reading list. :)

  5. Rebecca

    Oh my god… THAT BOOK! I really loved it, but laying in bed sobbing every night while reading it got a little exhausting.

  6. Kiara

    John Greene is fantastic – not only as an author but just in general. His youtube channel is brilliant if you’re looking to kill a little time.

  7. Anna B

    Gorgeous pics! Echoing all the Fault in Our Stars sentiments: that book made me sob like a baby. The first time through, I read it all in one night because I couldn’t bear to put it down. They start filming for the movie adaptation next month, so that’s happy. I also recommend Green’s Looking for Alaska if you need another book in a similar vein. I second Kiara’s suggestion to find John Green’s youtube channel (search “Vlogbrothers”). It’s nerdy and brilliant and thoughtful, like his books, and there’s YEARS of content to sort through.

  8. kara

    Woah! I think the KIPP conference is also happening at the Cosmopolitan RIGHT NOW! I used to work for KIPP and those are some super hard working teachers, so you should hi-five them if you see them in the elevators. Also, I am so jealous- have fun!

  9. stephieZ

    Just read the fault in our stars and really enjoyed it. Sad, but good.

  10. And to top it all off you’re in a hotel named after a drink. Just sooooo wrong! ;)

  11. Laura

    Hey Emily!
    Any chance you know who that picture is by of the girl in the skirt with the black shoes?

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  13. Lesley

    Hey Emily,

    I am going to Vegas for a wedding in November and am purposely holding off on getting pregnant until AFTER that!! Considering I will be coming from Australia, it may be my one and only visit to Vegas…so best do it right! Thank you for justifying that decision! My friends with kids think I am mad to wait 6 months for a 3 week holiday!! xo

  14. Kate

    Yes, I too would love to know who did the painting? of the girl in the yellow dress and black shoes.

    gorgeous styling, Emily.

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