Happy Friday……

I can really dwell on my first world problems.  I’m not a negative nancy in general, hell the descriptor that i get more than anything is ‘bubbly’ which is annoying to hear, but undeniable at the same time. But i can dwell on my version of ‘bad stuff’ a lot when i want to. And lately i’ve really wanted to.  

This week kinda sucked and i’ve been sad for many annoying reasons that i won’t bore you with. They are all first world problems and none of them involve major health issues or death, so they are really just the stuff that you complain about when your life isn’t totally perfect, not the stuff you can actually complain about.  But i do. Oh, we all do.

As Californians we felt none of hurricane Sandy and i don’t think i really understood how devastating it was until i sat down to really read the news. That bitch, Sandy, really screwed everything up and ruined a lot of people’s homes and financial security.  

Hurricane Sandy: Live Storm Reports

I’m just so sorry for everyone and ashamed of myself for complaining about stupid shit.  

So say hello to super grateful and happy Emily who truly has very little to compalin about.  She’s back, folks. Emily 2.0.  Oh and she’s better than ever. 

And she is going to start putting out quality posts again and working really hard at improving herself.  

Also she is going to stop referring to herself in the third person because that truly is worth complaining about.  

Meanwhile when i was kinda sad this week this rabbit (which i previously thought was a cat) cheered me up: 

God, i needed this today.

Have an excellent weekend. I will be crafting and writing and being SUPER productive while Brian is having a boys weekend with all the men in his family.  Look out, mod podge, i’m coming for you……

I might even go on a juice fast, who knows.   Because i can and only in a 1st world country are we able to opt for a fast full of organic fruits and vegetables.  

Take care, east coasters.  I’m officially thinking about you a lot.  





  1. Rachael

    we all complain about stupid shit, so don't get too down on yourself. also, I think that is an angora rabbit!

  2. I have in-laws on the east coast, and I feel the same way. Incredibly grateful, but also guilty about having so much to be grateful for.

  3. Thanks, Emily. My dad lives in Brigantine, NJ (a couple blocks from where Obama had a press conference with Chris Christie). His house was flooded and his car totaled. My three sisters and I are trying to be optimistic, and think of this as an opportunity to re-decorate his house (he has horrible taste). And when I look at that photo in this blog post, I am reminded that we should be grateful that it wasn't worse for him.

  4. L. Kirby

    Hello Emily – I really enjoy your blog and your writing. I also try to catch your show. This post spoke to me though, as you displayed true heart. I am a DC gal and have family in NYC. It is grueling for many right now up and down the coast. West coasters kinda get a rap for being in their own world so you reaching out to the other coast belies that falsehood! Thanks for doing so. Best of luck with your work.

  5. Erin

    It's human nature for us to complain but it's what we actually do about the things we complain about that matters. It's always good to take time to foucs on you. I live in FL so I know the impact of hurricanes all too well and Sandy was definitely a real bitch! NYC is one of my favorite cities so it breaks my heart each time I see the news about up there. They are strong though. Always enjoy your writing Emily and watching you on tv. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. kendra

    emily that was a great post. as a nj gir currently livung in md I truly appreicate what you wrote. i think we all get negative about the little things sometimes until something major knocks us back into reality. i love reading your posts everyday they make me laugh, inspire me and even teach me a thing or two…so please keep being you for all of us:)

  7. Lauren

    Man, after last week did I EVER need this post and to be reminded that we all have bad weeks – not just me and my "upstairs neighbors clearly adopted a nocturnal barking shetland-pony-sumo-wrestler hybrid" problems.

    And from this southerner's heart to all y'all east-coasters, my thoughts are with you <3