New Video: How to design a kids room

I have a new awesome photo/video intern/assistant, Tessa, and so after David and I finished shooting Graham’s room, we did a little styling video for your viewing pleasure.  Still trying to figure out what these videos should ultimately feel like (fun, casual and loose? or polished, pulled together and professional? or both?), and watching this I of course wish I was way more scripted and not just so off the cuff, but it was friday and it is friday and sometimes you just want to make a fun video.

Let me know what you think and if any of you all have any brilliant video ideas, PLEASE request.  I’m starting to get stumped. Is a weekly webcast more fun? Is a mini-series making over  a space more fun? Are the behind the scenes videos fun to watch or is it just fun for me to have mini documentaries on our days? Or should I just show video of Bearcat holding her tail like an ice cream cone and licking it? Because I think we could all learn a little about our own personal grooming from the softest black cat on the planet.

Weigh in, folks.  I need a game changer over here.

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Check out the makeover, his sister Grace’s makeover, and more videos HERE.

  1. Mrs Meerkat

    I love you Emily Henderson. You are so incredibly awesome!

  2. Eileen

    Very informative. I like your video’s when they are more tutorial instead of behind the scenes at a photo shoot. I did not think your video was too scripted. You did a great job. And Orlando’s painting? I am in love. Keep it up!

  3. I love you videos. Overall they are informative and fun. If anything I like the style of your hgtv show if that helps.

  4. Maria

    I love your videos, they are always so informative. I would really love to see a mini series as you make over a room. Maybe like 4 videos; a before tour, shopping, styling and an after.

    Oh, and I love that they don’t feel overly scripted, makes me feel that we’re right there with you :)

    • Amy

      Yeah, I like Maria’s idea. Hearing you think as you plan and decide on elements of a room, actually go on the hunt for them, perhaps making changes in the process, and style in the room where it all comes together would be very helpful. Seeing that in action would be great… The “hearing you think” part might include why you DON’T choose pieces that you otherwise are drawn to. I.e., avoiding mistakes.

  5. Ana

    Hey Emily, I am from Brazil and I’ve just recently discovered your show, which is on here, and now your blog. I must say that I as well as my mom are both really enjoying them. I study architecture and although we do not particulary study interior designing I’m rather interested in it,Therefore, these videos tutorials about particular spoaces and nooks are fairly interesting and aproachable. Please keep up.

  6. Alexis

    LOVE the videos! All of them….um…that’s not helpful is it? But if I could make one request, I would love one on basic styling formulas (if there is such a thing) like how you did the nightstand but for other spaces like coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves etc.

  7. Lyndsey

    I LOVE the tutorials! I think a mini-series that breaks down the layers of styling a room would be really, really helpful (i say this as i look at the vast empty living room of the house my hubby and i just bought). Something like- Part 1: the base furniture (where to put it, what are essential pieces you need, etc.), Part 2: layering on texture (i.e., rugs, lamps, drapes, etc.), and then Part 3: adding stuff that is interesting/unique (pillows, tchotchkis, etc.). And, BTW, can’t get enough of the stuff you do and your humor :)

    • Emily

      Yep. Thats very helpful. I love that idea. Expect to see it!

  8. Kelly Jo Bahry

    Hi Emily,

    I really like how you speak in your videos. You look like you are confident in front of the camera with your eye contact but it doesn’t feel like you are talking to the camera, it feels like you are talking to me sitting across from you. I also like how steady the camera is so that you are framed the same way when you are talking to us, but you have more movement when an activity is happening, like when cutie Orlando is painting.

    You have a very loose but informative style, and I’d like you to keep that up in your videos. It’s also really helpful to see the reaction of the people you are working with/for.

    Thank you for providing really interesting content on your blog. I look at it several times a day while I’m working at my desk job, hoping you can surprise me… you never disappoint.

  9. Abby

    I love the tutorial videos (such as the one where you mixed patterned pillows)…I would be happy if you did more!

  10. I love your video just the way it was! It was good having some action in it (painting the canvas, placing the pillows), loved the music and your voice/speech was perfect/fun (don’t need more scripting). Tessa is a keeper!

    • Emily

      Yeah, i think next time more action and more laughing – just general silliness doesn’t hurt!

  11. I love these vids where you share tips on design. I’m getting ready to decorate my first home sans roommates and I’ve been glued to your blog for tips and inspirations. I think you’re fab!

    • Emily

      Yeah! thanks so much. xxx

  12. love the videos! i like a variety of styles (tutorial, behind the scenes, etc.) and i like them casual and fun. the best ones are the ones where you laugh! keep up the great work, emily henderson!! you are the bees knees! :)

    • Emily

      I agree re the laughing. Its so hard to keep it in because normally i laugh because i say something really inappropriate or non-sensical so editing is hard. But laughing never hurts, right? Thank you so much.

  13. Hey Emily! I love the video! Your on camera presence was perfect, your lighting was beautiful & I like how it felt unscripted and natural. Your so good on camera, and all the b-roll shots were done so well. I critique videos almost daily, I work on a team of creatives who film videos just like this but are for educational purposes. So, since you asked, I’m going to give you my professional critique, as if this is a video that’s coming from a colleague of mine :) ..

    Did you try leaving the title of the video up for a little longer in the beginning? It cuts right as I finish reading it & is a little jarring. The same goes for the text on screen when you’re talking.
    Your VOC (voice on camera, that’s when your face is on screen) could have less headroom (the space from the top of your head to the top of the frame). Since you talk a lot with your hands it would be beneficial to have them more in the frame to make you even more engaging. Try shooting from the waist up & see how you like it. You can always crop the video later.
    For a video like this, a Lav Mic or even a boom mic will improve your audio quality.
    A recap at the end would be really helpful. You could just put a bulleted list of the points you cover in the video. This way we can either take a screen shot or jot that all down for reference.
    I love your videos, they are still awesome and very effective the way they are now. I think anything you throw our way we’ll all just eat it up. Rather it be a video like this, a silly behind the scenes, or a how-to, everyone enjoys them. Thank you for all that you do and for sharing with us!

    • Emily

      THIS IS SOOOO HELPFUL. Thank you so much. Honestly. Such good feedback and i totally agree with you. Expect to see those changes. Nice job, Kaycee and thank you so much. xx

  14. BridgetG

    I like behind the scenes and off-the-cuff. But that doesn’t mean you come off as unprofessional. Good decorating “rules” for us decorating novices. I like kaycee’s comments/critique — good points all.

  15. Eliza

    I too love the videos. I especially love when the videos show some sort of progression, i.e. from empty room to decorated, or from decorated to fully styled.

    I’d also love if you would include more about how you tweak the styling to get to the final look of the room in the behind the scenes. For example, in the video, you leave room for the penguin when you place that final pillow. Was the penguin a quick decision, or did you try other arrangements of pillows and toys first, and then stage the video to look like you got it right the first try? I always find it interesting to see which things you swap around!

  16. Gwendolyn

    I love all your videos! I love how informative yet relaxed they feel. You rock.

  17. Sarah

    I bet DIYs are hard because of the tendency to look like you did it yourself…:). But I’d love to watch videos of things we can make that you’ve done-DIY inspiration.
    Last night I finished my gold and white spray painted frames to display my kids’ art a la the Patel family’s playroom.

    • Emily

      I think we are doing a DIY column soon, just trying to find the right help. And i LOVE that you did the white/gold frames from the Patels. That makes me feel VERY good inside. :)

  18. Sarah

    I’m also dying to learn more about making my house look more accidentally chic…as you do!
    Whenever my brass animals are on my book stacks etc, it looks like a (badly) staged home. I know about grouping in odd numbers and not having equally spaces between elements…but your work gives a magically accidental imperfect perfection.
    Please teach me!

    • Emily

      It sounds like you have such a good start. I wonder if you need to buy some stuff to throw it ‘off’. Also i just got some big shelves and i’ve been leaning a ton of art in them and putting them on lucite plate stands so they stand up, maybe try that. But thanks so much for the ideas, its down on my list.

      • Sarah

        Wow! Thank you so much for the reply (and all the replies!). I’m going to do it!!!
        If this begger can be a chooser, I’m going to ask another follow-up question:
        Are you using like West Elm clean shelves or live edge wood or something else?
        Thanks for sharing so much of your time and talent on your blog!

  19. Sarah

    I feel like I’m writing the fairy godmother of my design wish list….but there’s another thing is LOVE:
    It seems like you used to do ETSY Round- ups, where you’d link items for sale that you liked very much, but weren’t going to buy for whatever reason. I’d love to have a chance to buy from a selection of pre-approved EH selections.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Emily

      OH yeah, maybe i’ll work on one of those right now. They just take so much time, but its kinda my favorite thing to do – just troll Etsy so i’ll bring that back. xx

  20. Maggie

    Less scripted feels fresh–like it really is. What about “redoing” a room by restyling most of what they already have, if not in that room then in the rest of the house. New position=new room/energy. Also, the editor in me must comment: A Kid’s Room (not Kids Room) and Boy’s Room (not Boys Room) … I like to think from my corner of the world that grammar matters :)

    • Emily

      Hi!. Strangely those apostrophes don’t make it into the title. Its very weird. I must have a weird setting. So yes, i’ll try to fix that because that is annoying.
      Meanwhile i agree about the restyling. I think i have a client right now that i can do that with. Their living room is good, but not great because it doesn’t have a lot of soul. So i’ll try to use that as a video project. xxx

  21. Jessi

    always love the videos! How about a series on solving design problems? common problems people face in home design and how to address them (not enough storage, inadequate light, stuck in a style rut, how to do your own style diagnostic, etc)

  22. Jane

    Well, I just started coming to your blog regularly and as a The Designer of my first home, seeing more of your casual process, the realness behind making it into the finished perfection, is the most fun and relatable part. Your website already showcases lots of inspirational Emily-Awesomeness, so don’t feel like every day you have to pump out another perfect project, photograph it and then blog about it. That will be impossible to sustain. Include “us” in the real you behind the scenes no matter what you’re working on. “You” are the product as much as the stuff you create. OMG, I’m supposed to be working on my own stuff but I couldn’t RESIST commenting . . .

    Anyhoo- my 2 cents!

    • Emily

      Yep. Thats really good advice. I totally agree. I think its easy to obsess over perfection and be overly precious, but sometimes the most popular posts are just instagrams of my house. xx

  23. Joanne

    You are very relaxed, inviting, and totally adorable on camera. That being said, I think you should start taking some risks. Your content is great – all of it – how-to’s, behind-the-scenes, everything. But, there is this irreverent and cooky humor that shines through in your writing and has me so hooked on your blog! I want to see more of that in your videos – so more of the real you and less of the “professional stylist” you. I get it. I am a writer and a performer as well, and it is so much easier for my pen to be the total, real me, than it is for my face. :-) Do something wacky! You are FUNNY!

    • Emily

      Will do. its so hard when you have 2 minutes to get something across, but i agree that there could be more funny moments and just more personality.

  24. I would love to see a mini-series dedicated to making over a particular space. Show me everything! Mapping it out, choosing colors, shopping, especially re-finishing furniture.

    I’d even like to see mistakes and re-do’s. Sometimes tackling a space can be so intimidating. I’d love for you to teach us how to do it bit by bit through these videos.

    P.S. I’m obsessed with your style and taste and love everything you do!

  25. MicheleLouise

    I LOVE the videos. The idea Lyndsey had above great!

    I would really love more about:
    -how you shop and what draws you to certain items?
    -how to work with things you already have and figure out what gaps you need to fill with new items. How do you pick the items to go with those existing things?
    -more minimal styling. I personally struggle with this as I tend to like a little less stuff, but I know I need a bit more than I have. It would be good to see some “too little, too much, just enough” types of examples to know how to see where to end up.
    -I think either a video or a blog post on styling for photos/magazines vs real life.
    -one of my favorite posts is your 12 styling essentials. I would love more of those!

  26. tata

    Can you please please do a video on choosing the right rug and the rug size?? rugs are so hard and i could definitely use some help. maybe show one room and just changign the rugs and the sizes and see how different they all turn out? looks interesting to me!~

  27. Eagle Eye

    Hi! So, I’m really struggling with that ‘final layer’ so to speak – I really think that’s the most difficult part of getting a house together! I have a sense for my style, I have all of the big stuff and while I lover your smaller videos like how to style a nightstand or a mantle, sometimes I have problems with doing the whole bedroom or the whole living room – maybe a longer video focusing on that?

    Also, Art! Ahhhh! I’m an art historian (photo specifically) so while I’m broke (see art historian) I’m having a tough time getting good interesting work to work in my space. I guess I always feel this competition between my design desires and my art desires – so a video describing how to balance those two? Making art work for you but also you working for your art? Because I have great stuff and they’re all in boxes right now because I don’t know what to do with them!

    Also, this is great even though I have no children and probably won’t for a while!

    • Eagle Eye

      *I don’t have any children – too much paper writing!

      Also, I love the jealous curator – keep those posts coming!

  28. Mindy

    Super specific question: How do I style an aquarium? I realize this might have to wait until you have a client with an aquarium question. My daughter wants one and my husband is on board to help her care for it. The aquarium will probably end up in a common area and I am just curious if you have seen some great, easy to achieve spaces that had an aquarium. Our home is not modern or contemporary at all. Custom is out of our reach… Thanks!

  29. I’d love a video where you tour your own home. (And maybe even show things that you don’t like and how you deal with it. I’m renting a 1981 modular home right now, and my kitchen is awful and sometimes I lament over it. That’s just life, I suppose.)

    • Emily

      Oh good idea. I’ll totally do that. My inner voyeur would love to see inside anybody’s house. xx

  30. I definitely love seeing behind the scenes. A lot. But my very favorites are the instructional ones. I have lots of ideas:
    decorating/styling in a rented space that you can’t renovate
    how to have a nice, place if you have crazy pets (esp. dogs!)
    studio spaces (I mean apartments there)
    I love Whitney’s idea and Heather’s too. Like a…so you’re about to move and you have a blank slate…now what? kind of mini series.

  31. OK this is seriously the cutest room ever! I love how a styled kids room can still be fun and playful, without having cartoon pattern barf all over everything! I’m taking notes for when I eventually have kids…THANKS EMILY!

  32. Holly

    I really like the “less-scripted” feel – watching you have fun is fun for us too :) Besides talking right to the camera (which you are good at), I’d enjoy seeing you interact with people “behind-the-scenes” as well. You have great rapport with your crew and clients and it translates really well to video.

    My ideas are… One, what to do with a two-story-high wall. How to maximize the area without disconnecting it from the rest of the space.

    Two, I always fight wanting to push all the furniture to the edges of the room. Some dos and don’ts of arranging furniture would be great. I need to stop treating my walls like furniture security blankets… (and maybe explore room dividers and floor coverings with that too?)

    Three, what to do with a DARK room (and what NOT to do). I really appreciate you and your site – thanks for sharing it with us :)!!

    • Emily

      Awesome. All really really really good ideas. xx

  33. Sandy

    Please continue the behind the scenes videos! You are NOT the only one who enjoys and views them. For the designally-challenge person, the step-by-step videos are a huge help, as a supplement to the photos and ramblings.

  34. Cindy

    Hi Emily-

    I really like Lyndsey’s idea at the top: layer 1, layer 2, layer 3, etc.

    I also found it really helpful in your “how to style a mantle” video when you showed not only what did work but also what didn’t work, and why. So like, maybe you could start with a great, well-styled space, and then say something like, “Watch what happens when I remove this lamp: do you see how the balance is thrown off?” Or, “See how much better this picture looks when it is at this height and not this height?” Something like that.

    • Emily

      Yep, Good idea. Why it doesn’t work is always so helpful. I think about it with fashion, how i would love to know why something doesn’t work and how that helps me figure out why it does. Will do.

  35. Tiffany

    Emily! Since you asked about video ideas… a few issues I’m having in my own house and I’d love to see a video solution:
    1) How to style a humungous, loooong living room wall (like 20′) with artwork, around a hanging flat screen tv. It’s damn near impossible, I’m telling you.
    2) My 4yo (girl) and 2yo (boy) share a room. How does one design with both gender aesthetics in mind?
    3) Orlando created that gorgeous painting for the 5yo’s boy’s room. Perhaps you, or Orlando, can do a quick tutorial on how you/he goes about creating artwork for a specific space? Touch on color palettes, canvas sizes, and brush stroke techniques (esp. on this most recent painting — just fantastic).

    Thanks, Emily!

    • Emily

      I love the ‘both genders’ question. I’ll try to find a house that would work for that. And yes Orlando is doing a DIY how-to on the blog next week, but too late for a video since its already made. But stay tuned!

  36. I think the mini series following a makeover is a good way to go. I think your readers of your blog love, and miss, you doing secrets from a stylist. I think it would be fun to see you go through the processes of making over a room. Shopping trips, inspiration boards, things you pull together, how you style the room for photographs, working with a photographer, how you change it for the clients after the photos are over, ect. I think that would be fun watching the whole process in a weekly series.

    Love how these kids rooms turned out!

  37. pri. scilla

    emily i have nothing to add, vis a vis your videos, that hasn’t already been said.
    i will only add that i find you charming, the videos equally charming, and i will continue to watch them and you… charmalarmadingdong.
    hey, here’s a video i need: how to get rid of all the (fab) stuff you have tucked away in the basement.

    • Emily

      charmalarmadingdong. my new favorite thing to say. thank you very much. xx

  38. LaineyR

    Hey Emily,
    To return to your trip to London: you asked about the best places to find vintage pieces and so I thought you might be interested in this article, should you ever return to the UK (please do!) I was going to send it to you anyway, but then I saw that bath tub and I knew I had to do it right now! So here it is:

  39. OMG! I did not know you had a blog until approximately five minutes ago. I found it via the Home Depot Style Challenge Pinterest board, which I found via the Home Depot blog, which I found via Emily A. Clark’s Saturday 6. Seven degrees of…who cares?

    I love all of your rooms, and I only wish I could pull off your effortless, eclectic style. (I do okay most days with said style fashion-wise, but I am at a loss when it comes to my home.) I am planning to decorate my four-year-old son’s room this summer, and I know this post will be great inspiration!

    • Emily

      Welcome, Lisa. So glad you found me. xxx

  40. Duyen

    Hey Emily! I just first wanted to say I absolutely adore you and your style and, well, pretty much everything about you. Awesome, great job!

    Also, I haven’t seen anyone mention this idea yet but I thought I would throw it out, and I don’t think I have seen you do this on your blog, yet. (or maybe I overlooked something!)

    A dorm makeover! I’m in college right now and although I don’t live in a dorm anymore, I know there are tons of collegiates out there that are dying for some dorm room decorating inspiration. It’s also quite a challenge since they have limited space, and you can’t really paint the walls. Also, everything has to be hung up with 3M Commands… :(

    • Emily

      Thats an awesome idea. I love the idea of doing a dorm room or a teeny room makeover on like a $500 budget. I’m going to pitch that out and see if i can get it sponsored for an intern of mine. GREAT idea. Thank you so much. xx

  41. Love the room and the decor. The videos are super fun and informative, so keep up the good work. I so want to know where you got then hanging globes from? I searched the Land of Nod and no luck there.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Emily

      They are from Authentic models, google ‘hanging solar system’ and they come up. Thanks for your nice comments.xxxxx :)

  42. I love tutorial videos in general, mainly because I hate reading directions, but yours are edited so hip. I love your music and not choices. But most of all I love how you pronounce “Orlando”. All this time I thought it was Or-Land-Oh, but then again I’m from Missouri and we like to pronounce things that way.

  43. I just want to say this, even though you probably already know: your blog is off the chain lately. Stupendous. Beautiful. Funny. You’re awesome. Adopt me.

  44. Nothing to add that’s not already been said but just wanted to say you have a massive massive fan in the UK (ok, realise I’m not the only one but STILL.). I just got two nightstands and have been playing around with styling, thinking “WWED?” (What would Emily do – yes, you are par with Jesus at the moment in my decorating head). Your tips are invaluable and I watched every second of this video in earnest despite not having children just because I know there are going to be pearls of wisdom no matter what you’re doing. xxx

  45. Cathy

    I enjoy all aspects of your blog. My 10 year old daughter will often read it with me. The posts and videos detailing the boy’s and girl’s room were an especially big hit. Multiple efforts on my part to explain timeless with personality to her as opposed to constant redecorating her room never hit the mark. Your posts could not have been a bigger help. We are both inspired.

    Love all the ideas in other comments. Only thing I can think to add relates to Brian’s realtor work. Do you ever style or tweak his listings? If so can you share the before and after with commentary?

  46. Kristin

    I love your tutorial video’s. They are not only informative but fun to watch. You have such a good sense of humor! I actually laugh out loud at the posts on your blog…like the one where you talk about your bangs. You are amazing! Keep up the great work and I will keep look forward to checking your blog daily!

  47. Robin B.

    Love the tutorial videos! Please keep ‘em coming. I would be especially interested in a video on how to hang art. Not just how to arrange it, but the actual hanging of each piece. Do you get out a ruler and level? Do you use the butcher paper method? Do you just wing it? Nothing is more stressful to me than putting that first nail in the wall. Would love to get your professional advice!

  48. Nikki

    What a fun space for a lucky boy! I love this room and am in the process of creating a big boy room for my 2 year old. Is the bed also from Land of Nod?

  49. Heather

    No script necessary with your talent, charisma and smile. Real, simple and off the cuff…keep it up! I appreciate the shorter, more tip driven videos, but a three or four part series every once in a while would be stellar too.

  50. Marie H.

    I love your videos! I think it would be great if you were to make some really breaking down your design process in a room. How did you select the furniture? What made you choose that color of curtains? What is your method for arranging accessories? Etc.

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