Gunnin’ for style, first look


The togo knockoff sofa was rented from Blueprint, but i think it retails for around $2000, and its insanely comfortable and ugly in that way  that only the person on it thinks its beautiful.  It’s like wearing a muu muu, until you start wearing them you can’t really appreciate the comfort and beauty that they posess.   The burl side table was $100, the vinyl chair and ottomon (you only see the ottoman in this pic) was $60, the brass lamp $60, lucite lamp was from Practical Props in the valley for $100, the rug was $250 from Gypsy palace (i think thats the name) and the credenza was from Santiago’s on Lankershim for $300, or so…

The two little stools were from Amsterdam Modern (affiliated with the Mohawk General Store on Sunset in Silverlake – an awesome store) and were $100 each.  And then we have an anthropology zebra head and a few Jonathan Adler accessories. 


Sorry these pics are so bad, they were my iphone at 10pm.  There is never time for good pics of the first look, unfortunately.  

Sorry, the kitchen was a mess during this pic.  But that wicker set came from the Rose Bowl for $150 (and we have it in storage if anybody wants it for $100 – two chairs and the table).  I actually love them in a ‘Blanche and I will have coffee in the morning’ kinda way, but I want to spray them white or navy or hot pink….

And there we have it.  70′s Palm Springs.

Stay tuned for pretty pictures by Terilyn Fisher tomorrow of the final look.



  1. AR

    I gotta be honest; this just doesn't work for me. Looks like someone is trying hard to make them mesh.

  2. Ann

    I completely understand that couch now. Muumuus are so misunderstood. Sure, I may look like a Golden Girl, but I know I am way more comfortable than anyone in the room.

  3. SAI

    Personally, I love this….and I'm crazy about the show! Wondering….where did you find the brass cow head???? I know they weren't too fond of it, but I gotta have it!

  4. Sarah Moses

    Uhm, wow. I love that wicker set. Especially if I paint 'em navy like I've been dreaming… Alas, I'm in Nashville, TN and I think the shipping would cost more than the tables. SIGH.

  5. T

    I'm obsessed with that rug. You say it's from Gypsy Palace, but I think that's a drapery place in Los Feliz. Is that really where you got it?

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