Graphic Novel Antique Geek Chic

This is one of my favorite rooms and my favorite weeks.  The couple was awesome (and only a few blocks from where i live) and you can kinda go crazy for a guest bedroom because its more of a temporary space.

First off, that wallpaper is insane and amazing and I think i have romantic feelings for it. I’m not going to leave Brian, its not that serious, but I just want to stare at it all day.  Its by Pottok Prints in LA,  I think you can buy it at Walnut Wallpaper, as well.  It’s really really really incredible because even though it is a pattern, it feels totally hand-drawn, endless and the characters in it are so entertaining.

The big soft rug is West Elm, 8×10 $649  buy here

Everything else in this shot is vintage.

Those sconces were from West Elm and you can purchase them HERE. 

The bedding is from West Elm, but again i can’t find it on their web-site.  That’s the great thing about West Elm  – they change their lines seasonally so you don’t have to worry about the world having all the same stuff as you.  But it also means you have to gobble things up quickly or they’ll be gone. Like these sconces and the eyelet bedding.

Vintage, all vintage, but thats a close up of the wallpaper.   I’m obsessed.  I want to do it in a kids play room and let them color it in with markers.

The bed is from Sanctuary Interior Design.    I think it was around $800.  But i got it within two weeks and the color and welting options are endless.  You can get it as a full bed, too, but i wanted to save a bit of money.  I love it.

Please notice the amazing black ball fringe on all the drapery/shades.  It was so adorable in person.  And the easiest DIY ever.

Dresser is vintage from Palm Springs, I think the lamp is new but i forget where from.  That O was from the Rose Bowl for $60, then painted white.

The green is Glidden, ‘Olive’.  The chair was already theirs and the lawyers cabinet is from Hernandez brothers on Santa Monica for $500.

All these pretty pictures are by the Awesome, talented, and handsome, Mark Champion

Sorry, i’m rushing. but all in all it is one of my favorite rooms.  One of my favorite couples.  One of my favorite weeks.  The wallpaper is a splurge, but the amount of impact in the room is serious.

So what did y’all think?

  1. I really loved this episode Emily. The wallpaper was amazing and I really liked it with the green paint below the chair rail.
    The mix of antique furniture and accessories with the other more graphic/modern touches was perfectly balanced.

    The lawyer's cabinet (?) made me drool.

    Your show always shows me something new. I can always bet on not seeing some room I've seen before, because you are always combining different style mash-ups together. Love the new tips this season too!!

  2. Leanne

    1. You're awesome. 2. Please do a DIY blog post on ball-fringe application (that just makes me laugh saying it in my head.) 3. Tell HGTV they need to post your new episodes online!!!! Please :) and of course, thanks!

  3. I watched and I loved the incredible mix that you are becoming famous for. This is great styling, fun design!!

    Have a great week Emily : )

  4. Lindsay

    Emily- My husband and I are huge fans of yours – loved this episode. We've been wanting to transform our guest room which is so pathetic. Maybe we'll do something fun along these lines…
    We live in Portland and think you need to return to your Oregonian roots and style our living/dining room and front sun porch area. :)
    You are truly inspiring! Keep it up!

  5. Piper

    Can you share info on the paint color? Diggin it.

  6. Caryn

    Loved this room! Seriously. Loved all the way. That wallpaper rocks and I've stashed the idea in my inspiration files for when we have a kiddo and I get to do a nursery. Would be crazy awesome. My husband and I cannot believe you found that "O" for $60! We collect unique letters and never find them for that great of a deal at that size. Killer find. I'm seriously in love with your styling abilities. We're very modern in our design, but I desperately long for the mix of vintage and modern and you do it so perfectly. Well done Emily, well done. We went to the Longest Yard Sale this weekend and I mentioned you so many times. Once was "oh Emily would buy these chairs and reupholster them and they would look stellar!"

    Anyway, loved the episode. One beef though, and I know you probably don't have any control over this, but I hated the voiceover/narrator lady. I was so annoyed that it wasn't you. I would much rather hear you talking about the room and the clients and the decisions you made. She had the weird, perfectly toned, intercom at an airport kind of voice. But other than that, loved the show!

  7. nancyo

    Although it's not me, I love the room for their personality.

    My eyes are drawn to the door. Have you considered painting or staining the door a different color? Why or why not?

  8. That episode rocked! Definitely a favorite of mine!

  9. Teresa

    Emily – Love, love, love that wallpaper. Love you, too! This is my first comment on a blog. Can't tell you enough how much I have learned from watching your show. Thank you! I just ordered that wallpaper for the back wall in our powder room. Shhh! Don't tell my husband!

  10. akemi

    This room was delicious! I devour.
    nom nom nom

  11. Hi Emily :) I just wanted to let you know I thought the transformation of this room was absolutely fabulous. Watched the episode last night and fell in love with that wallpaper instantly. I agree completely that the wallpaper looks best with the green wainscot and chair rail white molding. You added wonderful styling (of course!) :) and just want to say I am completely impressed!

    Also, it was such a pleasure meeting and working with you last week. An opportunity I will be forever thankful for.

    Take Care!

  12. I could pick apart this room and tell you everything that I love about it, but that would take way too long and I only have a few minutes left of my lunch break so I will just say: GREEN! ILLUSTRATED WALLPAPER! POMPOMS! WHITE ACCESSORIES! SQUIRREL PRINT!!!!! AWESOMEEE!!!!

  13. My favorite room EVER! My husband and I are also into graphic novels, antiques, food, taxidermy and video games. So this rooms is so perfect! !It reminds me of my dream room from the movie GHOST WORLD (graphic novel), Seymour's living room is so good, but yours is better! It makes me smile…a big smile!

  14. Susan

    I love the wallpaper and had the same thought – how great would it be to let kids color this wall? Or even adults – when my daughter was Lego age, I was amazed at the number of adult visitors who would see the basket of Legos and start playing!

    Love how the wallpaper peeks thru the cut-out in the giant "O;" it makes my eyes & brain dance – first they think its a mirror, then they "get" that it's a cut-out and the wallpaper behind, then I glance away and look back at the "O" and the whole dance starts again.

    Seriously love the sconces and hope that West Elm re-issues them.

    You rock, and so does this room

  15. Kai

    I adore those sconces and need to find some immediately.

    Unfortunately, I've missed all of the new season because we got rid of cable and HGTV hasn't posted them online. I can't wait to catch up one day and have a complete Emily-fest!

  16. I want to marry that wallpaper! And the sconces are insanely good, too.

  17. LadyLara

    Best. Room. Everrr. Well, next to last season's open loft. This was close to my personal design style and I was loving every minute of it! Loved the tips on the welcome kit and how to decorate a bedside table. Now when are we going to kill this VO lady everyone keeps talking about??

  18. Jon

    Awesome job!!! Always something fresh and something inspiring. Loved the wall paper too, and also really loved the whole tutorial on the guest welcome basket thingy. Easily one of the coolest and most useful tips I've seen in the longest time!

  19. I think this was your best room yet. At first I didn't think I was going to like the wallpaper, but I absolutely loved it. That pattern is exactly what I would have loved in my bedroom as a kid or even now, because I was always staring at my floral wallpaper looking for different shapes and characters hiding in the pattern. But overall, I thought this was so original and interesting and quirky and charming all at once. Great job!

  20. I LOVED this room. I love how graphic it is, and I'm huge fan of green. So this room is all win. And I totally want to steal that lawyers cabinet for my own home, plzkthx. <3

    Also, I'm loving the new format where we get more tips from you. Really great. To echo Caryn who posted before me, not super keen on the new narrator lady, but that's because I prefer when YOU talk. I mean no offense to her or anything. It was just jarring, probably partially because I wasn't expecting it.

    Is this current season going to be available online at any point? I'd like to catch up on the episode I missed last week. :(

  21. Lauren

    The way you feel about the wallpaper is the way I feel about you and your show! It's not fair that Cali gets you all to themselves. I'm starting a campaign for you to take your studio on the road! …all the way east, to NJ please. :) I'm on a mission to find a lawyer's bookcase just like that. It will be the inspiration for our study that desperatley needs a makeover. And can I just say that LA has the most amazing furniture stores?! Last time I was there (visiting my brother), I couldn't get over it. I really wish we had half the selection here.

  22. Caroline

    I loved this episode. I felt inspired. I have been working on my family room for two months now but have been worried about making a bold move. I saw this wallpaper and said I should go for it. I have been busy all weekend and this is very exciting. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Love the show!

  23. Lissa

    Another great episode. I love all of the vintage. However, I'm not liking the new narrator (very bland). I prefer when you narrate. Also, please tell HGTV to put your shows "On Demand"! One of your first episodes is up and that's it! I'd like to re-watch them. (P.S. I'm curious about your choice of green and blue. Although I love the headboard, I'm not sure I'm liking it against the green. I love that shade of green too but it seems kind of dull behind the antiques.) I'm sorry that sounds critical. I really love your work. I would love for you to re-do my entire house!

  24. Loved this episode! I'd so love to have the bedhead, large letter O, dresser and lamp … awesome job!

  25. Emily! This was my favorite room so far. I died for that wallpaper ….. and that giant O ….. and the headboard and …… I could go on forever. GREAT job. I love the show so much. Keep up the great work! xo, Ally

  26. Kelly

    THIS IS AMAZING! I agree with the homeowner, you are magical =) I love your show…so inspiring!

  27. Teresa

    Please, please tell HGTV to lose that voiceover lady on your show! For a minute, I thought I'd accidently called my bank and was listening to the computer-generated voice response system. Bring Emily back!

  28. Jen B

    Oh man, this was such a great episode. I felt like your personality really shined and of course the room was amazing! Your tips were perfect and I'm going to do them the instant I have a guest bedroom. I'm already working on your coffee table tip from last week – I can't wait to get started on your bed side table tip!

    Just because I have to say it – please make the VO lady go away. It's weird having someone else talk for you. I've been really trying to get used to it, but I can't. Maybe just keep her for the intro if you have to? I really don't like it when she does the run down of what you're doing.

    Ok to end with a positive. This was my favorite episode so far layout and information-wise. I would never miss an episode before, but now I'll NEVER miss one!! (and probably watch them twice) fin

  29. Shannon

    I actually am putting that wallpaper in my kids playroom! Just a swatch though, otherwise I wouldn't have the budget to furnish the rest of the room :)

    I love the overall effect of this room, though the green's not my favorite (am I supposed to be over mustard yellow now? well I'm not! would look so good next to that deep blue headboard…)

    I miss seeing the show online too — c'mon HGTV, help us no tv people out!

  30. erlfisher

    My most favorite episode ever! I loved every single thing that went into this room – it was eclectic and fun and grown up without being stuffy.
    And sorry, but I agree with other posts that you should do the voice overs. I know you're a busy gal – but she's very airport terminal bland.

  31. Robyn

    I love this room. It's so fun and boutique-like. I think that's a word. The couple seems to be quirky like my husband's brother and his wife. It was truly a room that felt like the couple you designed it for. Love all the vintage pieces in the room.

    Can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  32. Erin

    Loved this episode so much I watched it a few times just to soak it all in! I'm usually not a fan of crazy wallpaper but I am obsessed with this wallpaper. Such an awesome find Emily!!!! This was definitely one of my fav episodes so far. It was a really fun episode to watch. Really liking that we are getting to see more of Orlando….the towel folding portion was cute! The gift basket you put together was so much fun as well! Still not a fan of the voice over lady but I'm learning to tune her out. All in all an AMAZING episode.

  33. Susan

    I LOVE the wallpaper. It would be so fun to have it in my guest room and have the guests color the image they think looks like them! …and sign below somehow! I'm going to see if it'll work!

  34. Katy B

    You are crazy talented! Every room you do I sit and stare at…pathetic, buy hey, it is oh so true. I like when I look at room and wonder how they came up with that. Sometimes it is a statement piece, or an awesome DIY, and for you it is always the way you mix things up. It really blows my mind in a design geek sort of way.
    I have a question for you…I think it is a pretty valid one. Why doesn't HGTV give some of these makeovers to some good old fashioned poor folk? Whenever I watch their shows I always think this to myself. Even on "Design Star" they seem to gravitate towards middle to upper middle class homes. Lets seem someone in need get a $10,000 makeover. Sure, they won't have fabulous spaces, but won't that add to the interest?
    I know you can't speak for the network, but maybe you could throw a Post-It in the suggestion box.

  35. Maggie O

    cool room – I was going to say your rooms keep getting better and better, but then I remembered some of the older ones I loved, so I think you are just really good at creating cool rooms.

  36. Emily- This was totally my favorite room you have done – although I say that every week. I want my last name to start with an 'O' now. Do you subscribe to Joss and Main? Today's sale totally has your person riding a Kangaroo!!! I laughed so hard when I saw it. If they well out – it will be thanks to you. They also have a camel and a armadillo! So fun :)


  37. laura

    What a truly successful room! One of my favorites from you ever. And really love the idea of using the bottom shelves of the barristers book case for those linens every guest needs but usually end up taking up valuable counter space or dumped on the floor.

  38. parkertastic

    Hey Emily, gotta say…..I've been watching your show from the very beginning and this is by far my favorite room. I've been trying to think of a good way to incorporate green into my bedroom and I think this is it. Having said that, I would like to mention that the new voice over lady on your show is CREEPY! I miss when you described everything, it just seemed more personal and real. You gotta put the anvil down and get rid of that lady!

  39. Bethany

    you rock. this room is so awesome, I think everything in it was seriously perfect for the couple and I would love that room in my home! this show just keeps getting better : )

  40. My favorite episode yet. LOVED that wallpaper.

  41. Heather S

    Great room!! What was the name of the antique/thrift store where you totally "scored?" Annette's? Where is it? Thanks!!

  42. lauren

    nonoooo ways.
    how on earth did you get to be such a freaking good designer? it's like you do it for a living or something.

    but seriuosly though. now i'm all obsessed with the idea of using bright kelly green and black and white graphics thanks to you. black and white has always been a must for me, but the green is like magic. bra.vo.
    (the blue headboard looks delish as a pop of colour by the way. oh! and the fact the you chose the same green towels i have in my bathroom make me feel really good about myself. haha)
    the white bedding! you are a girl after my own designer heart, emily! i loved the little bit of texture on it too. sogood.

    if you haven't gotten the vibe already….i LOVED this room.
    if i knew this couple. and we were good friends. they'd constantly be trying to kick me out.
    a round of applause for this one!

    if i couldn't wait to graduate and start designing before…now i'm dying to.

  43. Lacey

    Yay! HGTV finally posted this season's episodes! Absolutely love the rooms you've done so far this season. I do really hate the voice over lady and I kind of liked the two complete looks, but understand that its more practical to do one. Your show is definitely one of my favorite shows, and that is saying a lot because I'm not a huge fan of design shows. That said, I have been following Design Star and agree totally with your comments. I don't want to be mean, but I really hope they kick Kathy off soon, she's driving me crazy and I'm only watching the show…

  44. Doreen

    Just wanted to say i LOVE your show! I've watched you since design star and FINALLY HGTV has found a designer who's not only relatable, but who has such a unique style. You are beyond talented & make mixing modern with antique pieces look to easy & brillant ( thank you for that)! I really like the new show format because you have more time to share design tips & tricks. You make designing fun and relatable. Amazing job as always!!

  45. Definitely amongst my favorite rooms you've styled!!!

  46. I like the look of the room, but being a big graphic novel fan, I love that wallpaper!

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