Gold Etsy Finds

I troll on Craigslist and Etsy most nights while i watch TV, always gotta be multi-tasking.  I have the excuse of looking for pieces for clients or my new online vintage store that i’m opening, but mostly its due to the addiction – you know, all the ‘what if’s?’ that are associated with vintage shopping. 

So, here’s a roundup of my favorite vintage gold and white pieces on Etsy right now that one of you should buy.  I’m EXTREMELY tempted by all of them but only might splurge on a couple – unless you beat me to it.  

1. Gold and white doll head mug $75 for 2.  I’ve wanted these for a while, handmade and so beautiful.

2. Gold Vintage French Canisters $44 I have 3 sets of empty canisters so i don’t need these, just love.

3. Vintage gold Ice bucket $18 

4. Gold Swimmer, $65 It’s awesome, totally worth the splure.  

5. Gold and blue striped glasses $50

6. Gold pendants $148 If this wasn’t $75 to ship i would probably splurge on them.  But its still a good price.

7. Gold and white platter $18 On your nightstand, for your jewelry. Or in your bathroom.

 8. Gold hangers $25 Sure, expensive for hangers, but what if you put your pretty turkish towels on them in your bathroom?

9. Gold bird barware $42 So chic and playful. 

10. Gold tiger $21.99 I haven’t seen a brass tiger before, so i kinda want to jump on this. 

11. Custom brass letters $50 Just when i thought i was over letters this company makes really chic and modern ones.  Any letters any size.  

12. Gold Deco Bavarian Vase $25 You had me at ‘Deco’.

13. Gold and white striped painting $33.56 Very simple, but so pretty for a quiet wall that needs some bling.

14. Gold Porcelain Cloud $58 I’m obsessed with these as wall art.  

15. Gold heart Jewerly Box. Such a pretty sweet gift.  

What other roundups from Etsy or online do you want me to do? Sometimes i’m absolutely out of ideas and i just stare at the computer. I’ll ask Brian and he’ll say, like ‘Rockets or something’.  Not helpful, but cute, which is probably what he’s going for anyway.  

I’ve done pillows, art, lighting, leather furniture….what else can i use my tv time to obsessively troll?  What are those things that you are constantly looking for?

  1. I'll take 2, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 14, please and thank you.

    How about a roundup of things that add texture and/or a roundup of global-inspired finds.

  2. Tonia

    Gold does it for me each and every time. I can never get enough. Great roundup.

  3. Allison

    I have been on the hunt for a beautiful arc lamp. Know of some good sources? I am open to one that sits on a desk or a floor lamp that hangs over the desk.

  4. Jennie

    This may be out of your wheelhouse, but I would love a roundup of interesting jewelry!

  5. decorbuddy

    Start trolling for beautiful and interesting hand-thrown utilitarian and art pottery.

  6. Claire

    Lights! I am looking for an interesting hanging light for over my kitchen table. Can't find one in my price range anywhere! I'd love a series, hanging, flush, sconces. Thanks, you're the best!

  7. Jessi

    Damn I went to buy the tray and someone already got it! What a great price.

    I'm currently hunting for light fixtures…wouldn't mind seeing a roundup of those!

    What about clothes? Could break into categories, do mens and womens, kids etc.

  8. BetsyD

    Good finds! I'd like to see some mod organic stuff. Please.

  9. heather

    I'm redoing my bathroom, so fun things for a bathroom that aren't too bathroom-y. THANKS!

  10. Wendy

    How about Halloween items that are festive yet not too CVSy?

  11. Arlette

    Vintage looking/vintage table clothes and table runners

  12. simone

    Love your roundups! How about wire sculptures? Boho chic? Interesting planters?

  13. I have that little heart box!!! It has red velvet inside and was a gift from my dad when I was maybe 5. I passed it on the my older daughter when she turned 5–her golden birthday.

  14. Anne W

    I'm still waiting with baited breath for your window treatment hardware post :) I just picked up some Ikea drapes this past weekend (so bummed they are no longer carrying the navy blue velvet ones!) and now I need some hardware!

  15. Bridget

    Yay for today's post. I missed out on that jewelry tray! Excited for your launch of a vintage store. I trust your exquisite albeit a bit walking the line of crazy at times taste. You truly have a good eye. Thank you for sharing. And hopefully I'll be picking up some of your beauties Thursday night! Onto your question: what to search for. Loving the white and gold post- you should continue to deliver that. For something new, why not search rugs (though admittedly color and quality may vary in person); or children's or playroom decor whether vintage or handmade (I'm always looking for something unique and unbranded for my 5yr old daughter's room that is decorative and playful); or interesting mantel decor (would play off nicely on you mantel decorating tutorial); or vintage fabrics (not already made into something). Okay. . . . That should keep you busy for awhile. Good luck on Thursday!

  16. hillary

    Those doll head mugs are awesome. And I would like to lick that gold cloud thing, and that pendant lamp.

    Stuff I always troll for:
    Kid/baby stuff that doesn't make my teeth ache.
    LIGHTING (why is this so hard?)
    Holiday decor that isn't gross.

  17. Holly

    "What are those things that you are constantly looking for?" Pots for houseplants that actually double as art please! (when I look at my old IKEA pots I… zzzzzzzz). Hanging, sitting, long, installed.. whatever. I need to de-bland my plants. Also, right now I'm looking for ottomans, but I'm not sold on the regular poofs and boxes, since I usually like my feet just a few inches above the floor… any suggestions Ms. Emily?

  18. Damn! Who bought the canisters? What a steal. I'd love a roundup of awesome hardware– knobs, drawer pulls, shelf brackets, all that addictive stuff!

  19. Miss Wendy

    I'm always looking for vintage yet affordable rugs. Someone else mentioned interesting pots for houseplants… I'll second that too. Thanks Emily!

  20. Noellen

    What about clocks for a mantle? My husband and I cannot agree on any clocks and most ones we like are for the wall…

  21. Kay-Loo

    Like some of the others have mentioned, lights! I've been on the hunt for a beautiful, affordable floor lamp, and so far no luck…..

  22. Sandra

    The birds on the barware are Roadrunners and very mid-century Palm Springs! Love your blog!

  23. Wendy

    i need a sectional that I can love as a long time friend! I want something L shaped and not overstuffed or recliner. i love midcentury modern but havent found the perfect sectional. Oh and it has to be kid friendly as in my kids will be eating and drinking on it(9, 6 and 2).

    Also, what about ceiling fans that aren't terrible? Does that even exist?? We live in a split level and the HVAC situation is not awesome so fans are a must but it is really hard to find a fashionable option.

    Love your blog!


  24. Kimberly (LolaLalaBean)

    Okay, you've converted me from a person who HATED brass and gold to a person who is now incorporating it into her home. That's crazy power that you're wielding.

  25. Sara

    LOVE all of these. So tempting…

    How about side chairs? I know you (so rightly) prefer vintage, reupholstered if necessary, but unfortunately many of us just don't have the wealth of cool vintage stuff that LA and other major cities have, and shipping can be prohibitive. I'd love to see some cool, unusual chairs. I'm always searching for them for clients and feel like I can't find anything different. Sigh.

    Honestly, whatever you do will be fantastic :)!

  26. Holly

    Oh, you know what else I'd like to read about here? Interior design you only see in certain parts of the U.S. or in other countries. Like in New Mexico, they have that low-lying seating/shelving area that circles the rooms in many adobe houses – not too mention those fireplaces. Or in North Africa, they have those amazing tile patios. And in some european countries where they siesta at lunch time, they have beautiful thick shutters to keep the sun out…. just sayin'

  27. Ellen

    Dressers please!! Need a new one for my bedroom. Also chandeliers, reading chairs, comfortable (not ugly) pull out sofas for guests, table cloths/runners, and desks. I also second other people's requests for non-cheesy holiday decorations. Your'e the best!!!

    When is the new online vintage store opening?? And is it different from your One Kings Lane sale? Can't wait! Such a brilliant idea for all those people on the interwebs who don't live in places with 1000 vintage stores and furniture options like LA and NYC.

  28. Michelle

    How about chandeliers and affordable original art

  29. BootsieLeigh

    I'd love a roundup of good clothes hamper options. Ones you can leave out that won't frump up your space.

  30. Tiffany

    These finds are great!

    I've been on the lookout for a small planter (for an herb plant in the kitchen) and it's surprising hard to find one that isn't a million dollars.

    Also, bookends. Why are so many of them tacky? I envision the perfect ones, but they do not exist. Do you ever use an alternative to bookends?

  31. Shell Li

    I love rockets! How bout masks or human sculptures?

  32. Leah K.

    I'm obsessed with finding cool nightstands for an affordable price. Like less than $350, but modern/vintage and not cheaply made. Been on the hunt for 3 years and counting….


  33. Julia R

    drawer pulls (mid-century, bakelite, deco, etc.)

  34. Jennipher

    I'd love a round up of table linens…placemats, runners, tablecloths, napkins, etc.

  35. Erin

    Hi Emily

    I LOVE this post, I am always on Etsy too :) in addition to the topics you have already done… I am always looking for throws and storage options.

    Love from Australia!

  36. Tami M

    Pendant or swag lighting. Big Globe or large statement pieces over a dining table or corner of a living room. Lighting is so important but hard to find unique pieces that don't cost a fortune. I especially love the feather pendant that the Novogratz have in their entry way. STUNNING!

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