God’s Dollhouse

Most of you know that i have a thing for miniatures.  Miniature horses, furniture, food, whatever…as long as it makes me feel like a giant i love it.  And dollhouses? forget about it.  It’s like two of my favorite things combined – home design and minis. Not new ones from toys r us, no way, i love the old victorian dollhouses or mid-century dollhouses where the chandeliers work, where there is bedding on the bed, where its obvious that every single thing was handmade, down to the fly swatter, pans and books.  So you bet i was excited when i saw this bad boy in Salt Lake City last week:

Uh huh.  It’s a mini replica of the Salt Lake Mormon temple.  And its incredible.  I’ve never been in the temple so i wasn’t sure what was happening in there, so that was obviously fascinating on its own.  BUT, then you give me mini-murals, mini-vases, mini-wing-backs, mini-pulpits and i’m all yours.  Someday when ‘Secrets’ has more time and budget i want to do a mini version of the room to show the client before its actually done.  Instead of a super techy digital mockup that some shows do, i want to actually have mini-versions of all of the furniture, wallpaper, accessories built and installed in a mini room.  And then i can keep them all, and have one room full of all my favorite work.  

That won’t be weird at all. 

Back to god’s dollhouse:

So cute. and beautiful. and perfectly done. I am godzilla.  


I have no idea why my computer just did all those nnnjmmm’s, and for some reason i can’t erase them. so weird.

anyhoo.  Yes, this mini-temple was awesome and i stared at it for a while.  whilst eating  a baby corn on the cob.

Gotta run. This week’s house has a lot of hilarious technical setbacks that is making this little stylist brain very tired. in a major way. not mini. but its gonna look rad. hopefully. 

Oh and Friday is my first giveaway.  Come back and find out what you could win.  WINNING!!


  1. Stephanie

    What is this… a temple for ants? The temple is supposed to be at least…3 TIMES as big as this. (Zoolander obsession coming through) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ffj8SHrbk0 All jokes aside, that miniature is pretty awesome. Can't wait for the big giveaway!

  2. Jamie

    Emily, you are hysterical. Seriously. Where do you come up with this stuff? Godzilla?! Love it! Excited for your giveaways! I'm slated for August and I'm psyched!

  3. lorie

    Seriously loved this post! Srsly. I can totally see you crushing this thing godzilla-style in your sky high Seychelles–not that that's acceptable, but I'd still watch.

  4. How fun would it be to have all your furniture in minis! That could be a spinoff show for you! I would definitely play with all the furniture from your show and pretend I was Godzilla. You are hilarious!

  5. Jessi

    Very interesting…now we know what's in there!

  6. Haha God's Dollhouse. Funny.

  7. You made my night – I love this post – I am a Mormon and this is just plain awesome!!! I am a big fan of your show – thanks for all the great design help and ideas you generously (and enjoyably) share! Now, I am just trying to figure out what you were doing in SLC!

  8. Taletha

    What a fun post! And great to know you were in my hometown. I have been inside the SL temple, and that model is incredibly accurate. It is every bit as beautiful as it looks. :)

  9. robin

    i'm mormon! wahoo! i love that you were eating mini corn…

  10. Kim

    "God's dollhouse," — hahaha, as always, HILARIOUS!

  11. Travis

    Have you ever seen that MiniModern dollhouse blog? I know you would love it. Thanks for sharing this House of God.

  12. This is sooo cute! I'm the girl that spends an hour at the dollhouse section of F.A.O. Schwartz. Plus I'm mormon. So I really love this. Wish I could see it in person! And I really loved the Zoolander reference, Stephanie!

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