Give me 5 hours

….til a new post. I had a whirlwind trip last week, 30 hours in nyc full of like 31 meetings and a really fun HGTV party, (pics to follow, including me and Dina from RHONJ and the Novagratz’s).  Then straight to Salt Lake City where i got a behind the scenes question and answer session from a church leader that blew my mind.  And then to Evanston Wyoming for a family reunion that included 139 of my closest relatives and lots of beef, stories and hay.  

All without internet connection (except at my hotels which i was barely ever there, so i know i owe like a million emails).

I got back late last night and now i’m rushing to work (episode 20), but rest assured a style post will be up today, and my last weeks trips with pics will follow hopefully tomorrow.  

Oh an meanwhile some dude totaled my car.  FUN!  

But the good news is that Bentley is returning on the Ashlorette tonight, its gonna be goooooooooooooood.  

  1. Sarah

    Can't wait! I love beef!

  2. Ahhhhh….Evanston. Must have been the Barker reunion? I am headed to "Fresh Air, Freedom, and Fun" in Evanston this weekend. I am happy for all your success, Emily. Have a great one. Amber

  3. Jessi

    I love that you love the Bachelorette!

  4. jenn

    HA! I love how you called it Ashlorette.. I'll be watching Bently's return as well!

  5. Teri

    I went to high school in Evanston, Wyoming!!! YEARS ago…oof, so many years ago.

  6. Lynnly

    No more info on the Q & A? That's the part I want to know more about. :) I'd have a few questions of my own if given the chance.

  7. Wow! Emily, you've been super busy… can't wait for more "dets" and funny… just as I'm reading this, I'm turning on the "Ashlorette." Can't wait. I wish I had known you were in SLC! Next time you come, let's do lunch, or something. Good luck catching up!

  8. Stephanie

    Bentley might just be the most hated man in America. dot dot dot. oh ok, now it's a period. enough with the punctuation references! sheesh! Anyways, can't wait for the new SFAS season exclamation point

  9. Cassie

    Originally from Utah and would love to hear your "questions and answers" that blew your mind.
    Very interesting.

  10. Ha! I knew it was you I saw at Anthro in Salt Lake. I really wish I'd said hello.

    Did you know that Bentley is also from here? Did you kind of wonder if maybe you'd run into him while in Utah?

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