Flea Market Finds Monday

Oh my it was such a good Rose Bowl.  I went late with the rif raf, no offense, at like 9:30 am and I was all, ‘oh snap everything is gonna be gone’.  But you know what?  it wasn’t.  And here are my beauties:

Hi little old french wood beat up table, aren’t you going to be a warm little addition to a special home.


uh huh.  upholstery is perfect.  and for $250 its worth every penny.  Pretty stained carved wood, cream linen.  little frenchy chair for my little frenchy behind.  er oregon behind.

Barthelona chairs.  los dos.  And for $150 for the pair i can afford to reupholster, which is badly needed.  I’m pretty sure they are vintage knockoffs, but at that price, what do you expect me to do?

and yes please.  worn grey leather, rosewood frame and THE MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIR IN THE WORLD.

When i saw this I was like, oh glorious glorious flea market god, what did i do so right to deserve this chair.  And later i found out that i bought it from a vendor who already had bought it from a vendor earlier that morning, so i did get kinda screwed for going late, but it was $360, which i know is a lot, but it is a show stopper.  er, a show go-er in this case.



  1. Tonia

    I am in love w/ the barcelona chairs, and upholstery should be that much for them either. Fabulous finds

  2. Sarah

    The cream chair is amazing!!!

    <3 Sarah

  3. Ooh la la! Love the Frenchy chair!

  4. That table is amazing! I'm sure it's not your favorite of the pieces, but it's my favorite! I just love it. You have such an eye for hidden treasures. :)

  5. amy@maisondecor

    Love that little frenchy chair and the frenchy farmhouse table. You scored!

  6. Loving the chairs!! I dream of shopping at the Rose Bowl, sadly I live on the east coast. Love seeing what you find!

  7. Kim

    We must go shopping sometime. How long will it take me to get there from Tennessee? :-) Great great finds. Jealous of that sexy little settee!

  8. Love the Barcelona chairs and your lisp! Or lithp.

  9. SHUT YOUR FACEHOLE. This is a collection makes me, 1) need to remind myself that I love portland so stop complaining. and 2) REALLY CRAZY WISH I LIVED SOMEWHERE WITH INTENSELY GREAT FLEA MARKETS. Rats. Seriously so effin good. The frenchie is my fave, which is wierd because I'm sooo not frenchie with my style.
    (ps love seeing your shopping scores, even though I tingle with jealousy haha)

  10. arronrod

    Ok so last night I was stalking you by reading your early blog entries (stalking in the least threatening and creepy sense of the word BTW) looking for flower ideas for my wedding.

    Is it just me, or does the grey leather chair look familiar? Like maybe it had a slightly less awesome brother who appeared in a 1975 Better Holmes and Gardens decorating book that appeared in your blog back in February? Yep. There he is.

  11. Emily,
    Great finds! I loved your first show. Are you scheduled on HGTV now? I cannot locate the show!!
    Thanks and Happy Holidays! Connie

  12. amazing finds! the barcelona chairs alone would be worth the trip for me. hope you had a great holiday!

  13. I LOVE the french desk and the french, white chair. French heaven!

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  15. Pls ship the white chair to Charleston to moi asap. Thanks now.

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