Flea market finds … for Fig House

Sorry about the radio silence. My internet at home has been out and I’ve been shooting at a location where the internet is also out. Plus I’ve been prepping like a mother for this presentation tomorrow in Atlanta on tablescapes. AGAIN, if you are in Atlanta at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow (at the mart), come see me, PLEASE!!! And come say “Hi” before and introduce yourself. It is so nice to have blog readers in the audience because I feel like you guys know me, whereas people that just watched “DesignStar” don’t so much. Come!!!!

Meanwhile, check out these finds from thrift stores that I’ve bought for The Fig House … to be redone, obviously.
photo 2

Oh the detail on the bottom. Methinks there will be contrasting colors, for sure.

photo 3

I would totally put baby in this corner sectional.

Fig House Fig House

And I’m pretty sure it’s every person’s dream to lounge around while drinking in a round sectional.

The whole project is HUGE and obviously very expensive so we are honing in on our thrifting skills to find the amazing pieces that we can afford and that will make a huge impact.

And you can bet your money that at least one of these sofas will have fringe on the bottom.

  1. Susie

    Hi Emily,
    Could you say a bit about how your (upholstery and other) choices might differ for commercial vs residential application? Thanks!

    • Emily

      Good idea. I just ordered a bunch of swatch books of commercial fabrics so hopefully i’ll find that these are actually even better for residential as well. I’m looking for something as durable as my sofa (which has original reupholstery from the 60’s and still in perfect condition – its like 900% nylon or something). But i’ll definitely let you know. I’ll do a post on it! xx

  2. Mallory

    “prepping like a mother” & “totally put a baby in the corner sectional” ? guess we know what’s on your mind ;)

    • Emily

      That’s funny, i meant to reference ‘no one puts baby in a corner ….. sectional’ but yes, my baby must be on my mind .xx

  3. All of these pieces are amazing!
    Love the idea of fringe on them.
    Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    • Emily

      Thanks, Quinn. Long, feminine, girly fringe ….

  4. Naomi

    Wow. Just mother effing wow. Where do you find these thrift stores?? We live in Brooklny and anytime we go to a flea market/vintage place it is more than getting a brand new piece from a good store. Like the sellers figured out that people really value these things and the prices are crazy. We’re about to move to Israel in a few weeks and I really will miss how available and relatively cheap furniture is over here. Seriously, one of these pieces better be peacock!

    • Emily

      Some of these were $10. I’m not kidding. There are VERY few perks of living in LA over New York and vintage/thrifting/flea markets is number 1. Good luck in Isreal. That sounds like an incredible adventure.

    • Emily

      oh, a row of fringe hanging on the bottom, all boudoir marie antoinette style … its happening.

  5. May

    I love all the pieces and can’t wait to see the finished look!

    I wish I live in Atlanta to so that I can come to see you tommorow!

  6. Love the round sectional, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. Wendy

    Jealous. You find THE BEST stuff. Can’t wait to see your vision come to life on these pieces!

  8. I’m crazy about round sectionals! I live in Atlanta and will be drinking up your styling tips at the Mart tomorrow! Woot!

    • Emily

      Yeah!!! Come early and say hi. Then i can find you in the crowd while i’m talking and it totally calms my nerves seeing someone that i’ve at least met. See you tomorrow.

  9. Jen

    I usually go for straight lines in sofas, but these curved ones are great, and after some TLC I’m sure they will look fabulous. Great finds!

  10. Wow, you are awesome! I love the round one, would LOVE one of those for my home someday. Peacock that baby!!! WHEN are you coming to Austin?

  11. Kristin

    Love seeing your thrift store finds! Speaking of DesignStar (since when is it HGTV Star?!), will you be reviewing episodes like you have in the past? I love reading your opinions because you’ve been through it all.

    • Emily

      I know, they changed it because they think the audience isn’t interested in ‘design’. I decided not to review because honestly the first two episodes made me like so few of the people that giving an honest review seemed impossible without hurting peoples feelings. So i gave up. I’m rooting for Brooks, though. xx

      • Heather

        I had been wondering the same. And on that note, any updates on your show and when it will be back? You mentioned format changes but can we still expect to see you on-air in some fashion?? Silly that they changed the name. I prefer the design shows!

      • Heather

        I had been wondering the same. And on that note, any updates on your show and when it will be back? You mentioned format changes but can we still expect to see you on-air in some fashion?? Silly that they changed the name. I prefer the design shows!

      • Kristin

        I completely understand that. I haven’t been blown away this season either. Brooks is my favorite too! He’s done some very interesting things.

  12. Great finds!!!!!!!

    I love the that second sectional!


  13. Nice work, Em! I’ll have you know that I missed out on these amazing chairs because I hesitated after getting upholstery quotes that were crazy pricey. But then I bought some similarly comfy ones for half the price that look to be much cheaper; I might even try to DIY them. You were the inspiration on actually pulling the trigger and buying vintage seating!

    • Emily

      OH thats awesome. I want to see pics, please …

  14. Always so so so good! Question: How do you know if these pieces you are buying have bed bugs or other nasty creatures living in them? Would love to know how you deal with that aspect of buying vintage upholstery.



    • Emily

      They all get totally stripped to the wood/springs. New fabric, foam, everything. I’m not sure what you can do beyond that but since bed bugs isn’t a thing here i’m not worried. If it were in New York, that might be different. Thank god.

  15. erin

    great finds! Can’t wait to see them finished!

  16. Tara Denison

    Hi Emily,
    Great finds! Can’t wait to see the end results and where “they” find new homes!

    I followed you on Design Star, Secrets of a Stylist and now on your blog. I absolutely love your style and you’re such an inspiration! I’m a thrift-store and flea market junkie! I go during my lunch hour and on the weekends. I live in the Bay Area (Oakland, to be exact). If you’ve ever visited the East Bay or Northern CA, are there any stores or markets that you could recommend?


  17. I SO wish I could make it to Atlanta from Birmingham this weekend! You will be great!

  18. Couches 2 & 4 are absolutely fab! You have to keep us updated on the redos. So many amazing possibilities!

  19. Leah

    ohhh, i love seeing your vintage finds! fringe is so underappreciated.

  20. these are all so beautiful! that second and last couch…holy cow!

  21. Vy La

    Great finds! I love the second and last one. Can’t wait to see the awesomeness you turn them into.

  22. smash

    Wow. I absolutely die for that last sofa! Where is the flea market that you used?? Xx

  23. Ali

    WOW! All of these pieces are awesome! Can’t wait to watch them get “Emily-ified.”

  24. Haley

    Oh my gosh, YAY!!! I can’t believe you’re speaking here tomorrow, I’m SO dang excited, this is sort of nurse Betty-ish, but I totally feel like I know you (haha). What building/ floor will you be in? I haven’t left my booth for more than 20 minutes this whole show, but I will for sure make it over to see your presentation!

  25. Kim

    I can’t WAIT to see the finished products! Especially that last one. Love it.

  26. Great pieces! I am very curious to know how will the final result be. I`m sure that your work and ideas will be amazing and hope than soon we will see the masterpieces :) The last photo show us a really impressive item, make sure that at the end it will be stunning

  27. Sheri Lin

    The tufted round sectional is delicious! Such a great piece and invites people/conversations!

  28. hillary

    Okay, after seeing all these pieces I am thinking that Fig House may be your best space ever. These are just beyond.

  29. tammyCA

    Those are some great pieces of vintage furniture…the unusual lines, tufting, fabric detailing…a lot of time and thought went into the old pieces…they were built better and made to last, unlike the flimsy built (and still expensive!) crapola of today.

  30. andee

    I thought of you as my inspiration this weekend when I bought an 8 X 10 100% wool rug for $10! It’s gorgeous, and I found it originally cost $1700. I was thinking about buying it and I thought “what would Emily do?” Thanks for the push!

  31. kim from atlanta


  32. Jessica

    wow. that first couch, just, WOW. The fabric on it is insane. And it’s so HUGE! I cannot wait to see what sort of surgery you do on it.

    I DO want to hang out on that couch. Esp if its peacock. gaaaaah.

  33. Heather

    Hi Emily – I’m a pretty new reader to your blog and love it. Wondering if, every once in awhile, you could reveal how much you pay for your flea market furniture. I’m looking around for vintage chairs and don’t know what’s a good deal and what’s not. I’m in NYC and it seems like I can’t find anything for what I consider to be a fair price. thanks.

  34. Jody

    I LOVED reading every word of this! I have really been wanting to have a baby the last two years but think I waited too long and that it’s too late due to my age. I can totally relate to your amazing adventure sort of approach to all of the changes. I can’t wait to enjoy the ride with you as you share about becoming a mommy. It makes me want to do it too. Ha ha! Seriously stresses me out and scares me yet would be so amazing and fun. Oh boy, that is a lot to share on a blog. All in all, YOU inspire me! the end.

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