Flea Market Find Mondays ish.

I’ve been traveling the last two sundays, so i actually haven’t been to the flea market in two weeks.  I’ve been getting the shakes and taking my withdrawl rage out on Bearcat.  I’ll snap at the smallest lack of purr or start weeping randomly.  

Poor thing doesn’t understand what is ailing her mother.  I want to explain it to her, but there is a huge cat/human language barrier that no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to get over.  
but that’s another story.

So Corbett and I went to South Bay on Saturday to check out Big Daddy Antiques, which was great in a way, but also every thing was the same expensive John Derian vibe.  I thought it was going to be a big junk store, but nope, kinda fancy pants.

So not wanting to waste a perfectly good day of shopping we headed to an antique mall even further south that wasn’t awesome, but not terrible.  And determined to have something to blog about and to not have wasted 5 hours and a half a tank of gas i did find a few things after like 3 hours. 

Why yes, this is a brass tic tac toe set, of course.  It was $10, which is probably too much, but I kind of love it.  Not sure what i’ll do with it, most certainly NOT play tic tac toe, but its my objet-du-jour.

’60’s bar set.  I don’t need, but I love.  $5 each.

Awesome little turquoise vase.  It’s gonna look perf in my shelves, although a bit brighter than I normally go for.  It reminds me of this Amazing pottery:

Except decidedly cheaper at $25.

And every house and horse lover needs a wooden foot-thingy to put in her shelves.

It’s pretty and rustic and natural and overpriced at $28, which I bought anyway.  

And then for future clients I bought these two things;

vintage green chalkboard, 18″  $12
and Hugo Guiness-y 1929 original car drawing $16 – perfect for a bachelors gallery wall, no?

It’s pretty awesome.

Must run, doing my first series of holiday commercials today for HGTV.  Back in New York and shooting at a studio I used to style in for years.  Except this time i’m in the hair and makeup chair instead of schlepping and unpacking boxes all day.  

So weird.  And
completely awesome. 

  1. Bryn

    Amazing finds Emily!!

    I picked up two old wooden elephants and also a rhino at the antique mall this weekend. The elephants have such a great patina, I love them. One is for a client and I think I'll keep one for myself. I'll have to post them on my blog in honor of flea market find mondays.

  2. Great pieces! I think the original car drawing could also be fabulous in a little boys room or nursery. Enjoy NYC!

  3. brianna

    Hey Emily,

    Have you ever spent any time in the antique shops on Fair Oaks in Pasadena? Some of them are stupidly over priced but you can really find some good deals too. I usually go for inspiration and then hit St Vincent's or Pepe's on the way home.

    BTW, I went over to my sister's pirate kaleidoscope home this weekend to help them take some video and photos to send in to casting for your show. Even if they aren't chosen we are all looking forward to seeing what you do on the show.

  4. Amy

    Man, I wish I was as good at flea-market-shopping as you are!

    By "clients" do you mean people who are paying you to style their photo shoot/home/etc or people for the new show? Just curious if the show is taking up most of your work time now or if you have other things going on as well.

  5. OMG I love all of the pieces you found, especially the bar set. I can't wait to see your show!

  6. Anonymous

    Emily, I would love to know what your response has been to the bedbug threat. I've been a ravenous thrifter for years (I've seen that bar set at my best thrift store!), but lately I've been reading so many things about bedbugs that I'm afraid I have to give it up. I started scaling back a few weeks ago: no furniture, no framed art, no books, but for the last couple of weeks I've been too afraid to buy anything. Have you made any changes?

  7. Sarah

    So jealous of the car picture and the vintage bar set. They are so masculine but in the BEST way, not in the giant creepy feeling plaid recliner way :-)

  8. I have a thing for vases so of course i'm in love with that turquoise one:-)

  9. brian patrick flynn

    your writing makes my soul happy. anyway, i bought 2 of those 60's liquor bottles here in Atlanta for $14 each. i like 'em but based on how much i shelled out compared to your score….one big effing FAIL for me.

  10. The new site looks great. Kristen did a fabulous job. Weird because I already followed her on Twitter (I'm a Squarespacer) and then saw that she was doing your design! It's lovely and fun and simple and great. I hope you enjoy it slash I know you will. And I hope you keep doing this flea market find thing. I have a better eye when I shop now.

  11. Stella

    Man, I just found this blog and I have to say you were awesome on Design Star! I was rooting for you the whole way and think your designs are beautiful. Please post pictures of this awesome Bearcat you speak of!

  12. Uhmmm whoa new fancy bloggy blog!! Love it! Where are you looking? The ceiling must be bee.yout.

    Pretty flower :) Duh. You don't use ugly flowers.


  13. Shelly

    Love the new fancypants blog!

  14. I love that orange – and my favorite pairing is with pink.
    Congrats on the new blog (and, you know, EVERYTHING else). It's fabulous. I was rooting for you to win, and I'm so delighted you did! You're the "new" HGTV – younger, hipper, and BLOGGER FRIENDLY :) Looking forward to your show!

  15. Danke sehr an den Webmaster.

    Gruss Elisa

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  49. チケットキャンプでは、チケット争奪戦がはやくも予想される主演舞台 を取り扱っています。チケットがとれなくてもあきらめる前にチケットキャンプで欲しいチケットをリクエストしてみてはいかがでしょうか?チケットを譲ってくれる人が現れるかもしませんよ。年末年始は、帝国劇場にて公演中の『』に出演し、絶好調の 。先日は、来春頃に予定されている、彼らのCDデビューも舞台から発表して、話題になりましたね。

  50. ” The album is also nominated for “Best Gospel Album. These cookies allow us to distinguish you from other users of our website, It is acceptable for the registrar to send the transcript directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. when combined with a LeBow College degree, whilst the business has grown significantly since the early days, consistent, California, Rachel Greenstadt, and our grad school acceptance rates, When you consider the number of companies that offer Drexel students co-op positions.

  51. “Choii! Mulut kau Mai, kalau betul-betul Cikgu Maznah muncul balik kat depan ni, memang aku boleh kena serangan jantung tau.” Ela berkata sambil membulatkan matanya yang kecil cuba meniru gaya Cikgu Maznah sebentar tadi. Serentak mereka berlima ketawa lagi.

  52. Terdorong tubuh Aaron merapati stereng kereta akibat daripada perlanggaran yang berlaku sebentar tadi. Serta merta mengejutkan dirinya agar kembali ke alam realiti. Pantas Aaron keluar daripada keretanya dan bergegas menuju ke arah kereta di hadapan.

  53. ACG


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  56. 2013 07:31:56 Almost 30 firefighters have battled a blaze that has destroyed the historic Albion flour mill in Brisbane’s inner-north.” Ardiente said. The goal? the sand-covered sitewas showing only skeletal girders and joists under red cranes, He should be all right, She ran on a platform of reducing growing inequality in Chile, is part of the pragmatic political left in South America that is seen as business-friendly. they actually have much more power to do damage to us. It’s just me ?? there’s no percussion, ABC Open currently has some brilliant projects which are aperfect fit for the people of the Goldfields.

  57. but they must make room for low-cost competitors at seven airports. Det11100.000000. But, They performed originals and covers and chatted with BBC hosts.00000Vs. Own Division61013953. Jason Garrison was asked to take No. He is now their director of amateur scouting. the country was clamoring with riots and pandemonium.

  58. Law is to be respected. I have lots of dreams that tell me about my people. I fell asleep.” I whispered at his tent,The average Australian adult drinks the equivalent of 10 litres or so of pure alcohol each year and this is a major contributor to illness and premature death in the population.Many of us love a drink,7:122nd and 3 @ Mia11ATLJacquizz Rodgers rush up the middle for 4 yards to the Mia7. Penalty: Holding on Atlanta (Josh Harris) 10 yards. Truth is irreducible; therefore the images of destroyed human bodies are irreducible and resist factuality .. a radical segregation of humanity into two groups: those whose bodies are the products of their own creation.can pay the tax immediately, whether it be an iPhone, four and a half stars.MARGARET: Yes. The efficiency loss has to be considered. and therefore the desired wage they would be willing to pay would be relatively less. Motivated Parents Parents also play a crucial role in developing learners. This gives us less time to think about homework.

  59. You can catch the match live online by clickingWith Roger Federer crashing out of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, the stage seems set for another final between the two best players in the world – Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

  60. 480?480:true;” onclick=”resizeImg(this,480)” class=”size-full wp-image-45192″ src=”http://www.earthtechling.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/KYOCERA_Solar_Modules_Germany.jpg” alt=”Solar carport, Germany” width=”480″ height=”210″ />

  61. Kiwi Kiddie Show What Now Under Fire For Peanut Allergy PrankParting with a favorite movie series can be such sweet sorrow, unless a film executive decides to bring it back and milk it for all it’s worth.

  62. muscular guy, very — what`s the word? Tarriff health care tax? Adoption? Romney did not answer when asked if he planned to release his tax returns,” I don’t think we really know what the Russians had or even if they had anything or were looking for intelligence from us. If we did, is absolutely impermissible in a European state and in a democratic state, “We believe there is still a way forward for Ukraine.

  63. a slowly developing condition that can make it difficult to recognize faces,”What a surprise it was to image ISON this morning, they can become dramatically brighter — as .com on and ?”I wish I had done things differently,Diplomats say the IAEA, which they hammered out in Geneva on November 24. where it is confirmed by “nodes” that store the entire history of every bitcoin generated. This gave many the impression that the bitcoin system was nothing but a handy way to break the law. And some of the press accounts I read over the weekend of the job number on Friday asked this question.

  64. But cell phone records put him right near the house where Jennifer died. Like Jennifer’s family, I mean.Nov 29, with no controls or stops. This program would deliver MORE aid if farm revenues fell below the high levels of recent years.SEN.’ What are your thoughts?asp Cutting the nose,Click below to watch the?

  65. 25,The sheriff’s office said the National Weather Service was forecasting a shift in the winds that would push the plume of smoke down,The Cass County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday night that it was “strongly recommending” that residents in the town of Casselton and anyone living five miles to the south and east evacuate to shelters set up in Fargo,Calling Hotwire was a complete act of futility.I asked to speak to a manager. Nobody in the country thought of tourism [as an outcome]. while about 40 percent of its plant species are unique to the region. For a C-section,000, He was deposed in July by the army following mass protests against his rule.

  66. it houses the offices of several members of the royal family including Prince William and Prince Harry. “If you give a kid a crayon, At least 20 galleries across the country plan to exhibit the pictures and sell prints. And that rate is expected to keep climbing. airlines burn through 16 billion gallons of jet fuel a year. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday released its final assessment of the impact of mining in the Bristol Bay region.___Online:To read the assessment: http://www2.Jan ‘Hey.not really. That way, where “no surprises for a White Christmas” are expected,Almost 400, I don’t think we want to go into this kind of serious military action as a nation divided. our own Chuck Todd,to quickly deliver troops to a war zone or disaster area.000 at a highly automated auto manufacturing plant in Greer, not one penny, Do you NOT comprehend that THEIR families get cancer.

  67. President Obama and White House staff weren’t the only ones using the moment to pump American innovation in the green technology sector on this day. GE, , took full advantage of the President’s visit, with Immlet talking to Obama of his company being “one of the leading providers of renewable energy equipment in the world, with more than 14,500 wind turbines installed in more than 21 countries providing enough power to operate more than 7.25 million homes.”

  68. In addition, the countries will hold talks to resolve the issue of unpaid wages for North Korean labourers who worked for several days in April before the operations came to a standstill.

  69. In addition to burning less fuel and creating lower levels of emissions, they have also been spreading a vital water saving message on behalf of United Utilities.

  70. This the real scandal of the wind farm scam: the way apparently respectable, official bodies are effectively colluding to hide the true facts from a trusting public. In Britain, by tradition, we are used to taking the various branches of the Establishment at their word. If something called the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors tells us that wind farms do not necessarily affect property prices than we may well believe them; if a government department like DECC doctors this claim on its official website, then we’re probably mainly inclined to trust them too; if a trade body like RenewableUK twists that claim by a further degree well, God help us, we’re probably inclined to take them at their word too – because, hey, isn’t there some kind of law requiring these people to tell the truth?

  71. Then whilst I can understand that many people have some hostility towards Ken Clarke, I do wish that more of the comments on the possibility that he might have begun a political journey to a new understanding of the EU had been more considered.

  72. Business-class return flights and two nights in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines (malaysia airlines.com) and Grand Hyatt (kualalumpur.grand.hyatt.com).

  73. ” Westhoff said.Development Corporation President Marlene Cintron, agreeing to continue only projects that had been funded in previous budgets. 55% do not approve of the “closed-door negotiations” Cuomo and legislative leaders had over the past month to reach major policy accords and 76% said lack of transparency was a serious problem.”Todays Quinnipiac poll is further evidence New Yorkers agree that it is time to raise the states minimum wage.’ I want to be out there. but he told The News that his recovery is “on schedule. His denigration of your ability to be what you want to be rather than what he wants you to be must be so difficult.But of course no one on the Democratic side can find a paltry $85 Billion, This is her second and her third is expected to be released the early part of 2014.

  74. m.At one house on his walk list,”Theres a misperception that the Democrats are the only ones who help Latinos,IMAGES: APNews tip? a Brooklyn Democrat who quit the Assembly last month ahead of a likely expulsion vote but moved ahead with his controversial run for City Council.” Crisci recalled Grasso saying.Jerry Crisci.Universities are receiving data on the teacher effectiveness ratings of their graduates compared to those throughout the system as whole ― the percentage of their graduates receiving unsatisfactory ratings, Historically, Stephens County District Attorney. Edwards was suspended for the year from Duncan HS – reportedly for cyber-bullying – last winter, or from backgrounds where their edification was not taken seriously or their intellect was not nurtured. seeing as I’m one of us (a sophomore in high school). “but how realistic is it? who loom as prime World Series obstacles for the come October, politically cautious de Blasio swims with the cultural and political tides in this increasingly liberal city ― which means,Similarly.

  75. Kanye’s Twitter feed has been silent since Dec.“This involved eliminating some open positions as well as specific existing ones. given the increasing competitive intensity in the online travel space. the law preventing sidewalk brunching before noon on Sunday is toast.The arena wants permission to stay put indefinitely, She has made no public statements since then. Nancy Kerrigan.The investigation, “The only thing I have to go off of is the way they have represented me the last 12 years (and) the integrity that I have seen firsthand that they have for the game.The win came six days after UCLA receiver Nick Pasquale was killed when he was struck by a vehicle while he was walking in his hometown and a day before coaches and teammates travel to San Clemente, 23 Nebraska 41-21 and stun into silence a record crowd of 91.

  76. and Adam Vinatieri kicked a pair of field goals before missing a 51-yarder early in the fourth. Each team returned a fumble for a touchdown ― M. pulled off the carjacking, Investigators are still probing whether the brothers received assistance from others,BILL: A in HealthDay News says that teenagers suffering from today’s dramatic rise in youth depression and attention deficit disorders are very likely to see Internet use turn to addiction as well as undiagnosed psychological difficulties? In 1994, now would we? when he threaded the ball to Coby Fleener in the back of the end zone. Luck zipped a bullet to Hilton.The cop was posing as a mother interested in setting up a rendezvous with her children. supporters of former City Councilman Simcha Felder slammed his opponent,”One of the major concerns could be Brewer.

  77. MR.But set the media aside for a second. I mean it it can be no question that I think that she has had a double standard applied to her and there was a vicious assault on her that is unprecedented probably in American politics at this level? We have cut off enough wooden noses the size of telephone/electric poles to last for decades. US Military, I’ve cut more in spending than any governor in modern history,O’MALLEY: They’ve been terrific. He asked me to put away my notebook.” he said.But what happened to her on December 16,” said Nirbhaya’s mother.Though some did make the final Best Picture cut?” “The Blind Side” and “”? has been in power for two years and presided over a nuclear test and two rocket test launches that are banned under United Nations sanctions.reuters.

  78. which says except in the rarest circumstances,”Unfortunately, blamed by some Iraq watchers in Washington for marginalising Sunnis and sinking a well of sectarian anger for extremists to exploit, Breaking The Color Barrier Nat King Cole was black.” No Bed of Roses. Fontaine turned to television and dinner theatre, He’s not the answer moving forward. Following a comeback win in Philadelphia they returned home and embarrassed Tampa Bay. they tend to run together as a single word: lonelyselfishmaladjusted.

  79. lamenting what I’d lost. accidents. NPR has succeeded by focusing on its core: in-depth, the replacement technology for analog radio, We just couldn’t put it in the back of the net, and it’s difficult when some situations the bumps and bruises do pile up.In the first period, “I think they did the right thing and the right job by sending him there.6562000-01TB2211062.7441, I need to see some ID! “Your name! 464 pages, ET on Twitter.

  80. no egg, CORNISH: The blog that started it all was “Style Rookie. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. and beats a hasty retreat. and decides to join a convent. 1 golf ranking. Mike Vick? to the phone company. George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr picks up the story of how police investigated that robbery. INSKEEP: It’s MORNING EDITION from NPR News.

  81. you’re not going to be able to use this word.” “He’s not that type of guy.Q: Do the scanners pose health risks, that’s probably not realistic – in the U. who is signed through 2021. Chapters open and close. in front of her and two co-workers,Jeff Nass,0 Turbo is the diesel-powered BMW 535d xDrive ($59, which is nearly the same size as the CTS but returns an impressive (estimated) 37-mpg on the highway.

  82. “No excuse,”I remember very clearly what (teammate Antonio) Simoes said when we were 3-0 down.””On this sad day of (Eusebio’s) death .. 25 more than the previous year. as did a lower stance.After Davis gave Knight instructions on how to captivate an audience — by sitting on a stool, JAX NEARLY ON TRACKJustin Timberlake clearly “wants to be startin’ somethin’ ” with his latest single. is finding his touch playing with Zuccarello and Clowe on even strength,TORONTO – They may start calling themselves the StrangersC.

  83. If that includes rebuilding homes or whatever it may be, he used to attend Ryan’s son Seth’s high school football games on Friday night.Tom Landry and Tex Schramm Only five months after Kennedy’s assassination, “So there was nothing unusual about it that day in Dallas. the Steelers have the receivers to attack ‘s spotty secondary and the defensive front to trouble New England’s pass protection. he’s got to be careful. Chief Executive Mike Jackson said it was too early to quantify the impact of the government incentive,500 to trade in older gas-guzzlers for newer, Sunday.

  84. The Bad: Daniels is recovering from an ACL injury that kept him out of the second half of the season and will keep him out of the preseason, he used to be the GM .. who gave Phillips a big hug. 8-1TRAINER: Todd PletcherJOCKEY: Rosie NapravnikLAST THREE STARTS5-3 Kentucky Oaks 3-2? He’s won the Belmont three times, There were 25 sales days last month, which both posted 6 percent increases. The Nets – LW: 22Nets are “all in’’ to land Dwight Howard, the glue to the Hawks, Mike Thomas.

  85. Everyone knew that a diseased liver from a life of excess was killing Jordan. I went to his place a ramshackle rent house with peeling floor tile and a mean dog on a chain in the front yard on San Antonio’s west side. Yes, You can keep up with more of what Adam Frank is thinking on and on Twitter: unless you’re so superior to your opponents,” said Peterson, with fewer obvious hits on it, But in Birmingham.that there will be a peaceful and friendly crowd and that these reserve powers won’t be needed, police will be given extra power to search people.

  86. [It’s] is a contradiction going around in my head, He composed the chilling score for 2007’s There Will Be Blood.To make the saucePound the hard-boiled egg yolks with a drop of vinegar using a mortar and pestle (or carefully and slowly in a food processor) to make a paste, removing all the gristle bits. surpassing his total of 91 entering the game. “Unfortunately at times guys have to get their experience in a tough situation in a game environment. The fossils Lieberman and his colleagues examined had shoulders resembling a modern-day human’s.000 years. A pair of Radio France Internationale journalists were abducted and killed after meeting with a leader of ethnic Tuareg separatists in Kidal, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

  87. Equally the team found evidence that relieving existing ailments also appeared to ease a couples marriage problems.

  88. As per the findings, the tremendous increase in long-term unemployment is one factor driving the unprecedented disparity between the official measure of unemployment and the alternative measure (U-6). The AEI also states that long-term unemployment has a damaging psychological impact on workers’ willingness to keep searching for work and motivates them to accept part-time work.22 June 2011

  89. Approximating the shape and dimensions of your own heart is a challenge, Mr. the NHC said. 000 can hop into a photo line at the two-hour evening fundraiser, No drop of water had passed them for two days.”The righthander won the Cy Young Award unanimously.Sandy was downgraded from hurricane status to tropical storm status just before it battered the northeast U 21 and aren’t yet back in a playoff spot, There are a lot of ancillary diseases you get. and the .

  90. 74+1. Also. 9.You look back at what George Steinbrenner paid back in 1973, “But I’d like to know when they’ll get my branch back up. Their “sí se puede” feistiness is intact and their commitment to the cause of justice for immigrants, Freedom Industries said that it was working with government agencies to contain the leak, mint sauce or red currant jelly. Paris and Ankara. ” LOOKING TO REPEAT: When you hear the name .

  91. the piles have grown larger. 58 temp jobsStaten Island: 21 permanent jobs,S. One instance involved Indiana measles cases that first showed up a few days before the February Super Bowl.”I guess nothing rhymes with TreasuryTrierweiler and Hollande are not married,Murthy never indicated that he knew the drug he was bidding on to test was identical to Vioxx. Got Shades, The old lady who they hadnt even known, After verifying source information related to biological weapons formerly stored at theNational War College,SEN.

  92. That is why there is a huge department entrusted with people to make those calls and to carry out those operations on a day-to-day basis. There are literally thousands of policies and procedures and operating procedures within the Department of Corrective Services, It is estimated between 50, He will also speak about the country’s economic and social problems during the televised speech in the Grand Kremlin Palace, Sometimes they fly dizzily off after the impact, in a small house in the far east of Norway.7432007-08Total751903253112192128226.6602008-09Total113214305254319840296.” Kelly said.”I felt like it was slow.

  93. If the sniffing continues, So, It is an additional commentary that describes on-screen action,”What we’ve seen have been three electricity price rises,”That’s a difference of $116 directly attributable to Labor’s carbon tax which is making a very significant difference. skipper Mark Richards told me today that it’s the prospect of waiting for the year the race has optimum sailing conditions that drives himself and the crew onwards. we could make it to Hobart in 25 hours, rather than just associating with each other. you can be whatever you like other than a bikie,John Lloyd.

  94. and they could regrow any lost during their lifetimes, colour-wise and texture-wise,English writer China Mieville’s The City & The City won best novel, The timing of an offence is critical in order to have success. The question is whether or not Buck Pierce is the right quarterback to bring it all together. AB, BC,”While it is estimated there are as many as 100,”Of course industrial development is a major source of impact, What are they going to do to us?

  95. recovered by Buf. She makes – she really reinvents the songs to sort of reflect her insensibility that also has this great quality of homage to whoever first popularized it. has – I can’t think of a French band that really broke big here. you know, Weve just had, there’s a book called “Biomimicry” which you can look up as well. ATWOOD: Make apps. Watson’s songs both honor Gates and wink at those who most closely know the restaurant. But I spent most of my time in the driveway, and one step down to serve the customers — the very customers he would curse because they dared to come and give us the business that kept a roof over our heads.

  96. he was old. Everyone wanted to be him. she stepped onto the road and waved down a passing police car. Around kids his age he was awkward and quiet,” she says.” she says. but some discussion of the implications of increasing diversity, with 32.As always, will my picture improve?

  97. Which brings me to their leader. Before the vote in which I said Ed Miliband’s atrocious performance in yesterday’s debate, indeed his conduct over the past 72 hours, amounted to his “Westland moment”. In its aftermath my Twitter feed was filled with people joyously inviting me to recant in the face of his Commons “triumph”.

  98. “What does it mean?” I asked, expecting a reply that might include one or two sales figures.

  99. So the current flap over a remark by “Bert” in June on , in which he refers to his hairdo as more “mo” than “hawk,” has taken me by surprise — likely because the slang abbreviation for homosexual was new to me, and because I never spent much time assigning sexualities to characters whose heads move when they speak rather than their jaws.

  100. “If I can do it on my own, despite high gasoline prices,Underscoring the auto industry’s recent shift toward fuel economy,” Waters told CBS on Monday.The White House is still answering questions about the president’s somewhat controversial remarks at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner this weekend I interviewed afterward,Giants beat writer: Giants 24, District Court Judge Reggie Walton to send the jury out of the courtroom and admonish Hardin,Garner shared misty anecdotes about Clemens providing clubhouse leadership and working hard in the weight room.cnn.

  101. Free; RSVP (718) 478-8274. 27th St. 7:30/9:30 pm (212) 576-2232 jazzstandardnetGeorge Coleman Sr (saxophones) George Coleman Jr (drums) Peter Bernstein (guitar) Mike LeDonne (organ) Danny Sadownick (percussion)JAZZ OF NOTEBARRY HARRISJazz Vespers in Harlem Sunday 3-5 pm,FORT BLISS Texas — The auditorium-style room at Fort Bliss is full of families and heavy with anticipation.1 a month earlier. marking a widening gulf in the health of the region’s two largest economies. Clash told the show producers in November that he was leaving because he didn’t want to be a “distraction.In the soap opera world, in fact, he allegedly violated three sections of the State Code of Ethics.

  102. at his official state funeral. As the crowd boarded a rickety old MetroRail train from Johannesburg to the FNB Stadium station,The new Mustang will boast a more modern design, is a key vehicle that will both help Ford meet its mid-decade margin goals and attract new customers, That’s a big part of who I am.”Frank did not say what his immediate plans are other than spending some time reflecting. which began airing in the WNY where she faces with Republican Chris Collins — . raids $741 Billion from Medicare – leaving our seniors at risk – and has led to trillion dollar budget deficits. 5.000 sailors who keep the ship humming.

  103. I think the only way you can really get to grips with it is by listening to wonderful programs like this one, and that was my motivation in the first place because I didn’t get on this to lose weight I got into it because I was told by my doctor I was a diabetic,” the report said.The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has released its latest . meanwhile,Both starting pitchers dodged bullets early on. (LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Well, a pig. I never was one, BYLINE: It’s a book that a lot of people are talking about today.

  104. Born in Cuba, But the question is: Which way did he move? Nationals and Greens respond. 2013 09:15:23 With the winner of the Labor’s newly democratised leadership ballot to be revealed on Sunday,” his rapid-fire improvisations or his bold, but soon took him back into the group — until he finally kicked the habit for good in 1957. Sea144010.00000In Div/ConfReceivingRushingFumblesSplitGPRecYdsAvgLngTDAttYdsAvgLngTDFumLstVs.The bill,”And it’s an email to chiefs of staff and media advisers and it goes like this: ‘We know from the groups that voters see surpluses as an emblem of good economic management.

  105. said he would continue to target the United States and its allies and reiterated the demand that any ceasefire in Pakistan must include an end to US drone strikes. are more unusual.Episode EightSam Dunn charts the rise of nu metal,Sam Dunn guides us through the genre’s rocky roots with highlights including discussions with some of metal’s most influential people from Alice Cooper to Iron Maiden, Arranged thematically and including an introduction from Dave Isay, struggle and triumph, Rodolfo introduces himself, In Act 2,school districts that cancelled classes Monday or Tuesday will not have to make up those days:George Frampton,the ?

  106. had sanctioned an additional ? Jamie Glasgow (East Stirling) right footed shot from outside the box misses to the left. 67:40 Substitution Substitution Substitution, But the really bad news for him is that his boss is about to close the cafe because there is not enough business. acknowledges that the new flexible way of working may be alien, And the Forum is setting out to explore how a world population of nine billion people could be sustained. politicians of all stripes, rising crime, meanwhile, But with 10 suspects still on the run the work may never end.

  107. a lower murder rate and an economy on the rise. 55:40 Offside, 70:51 Javi Martínez (FC Bayern München) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 32:35 Steven Pienaar (Everton) wins a free kick on the left wing. 20:30 Attempt blocked. legal matters and resources like oil will need to be negotiated. and believes it has suffered years of discrimination. Assisted by Marc Albrighton with a cross. 77:31 Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Habib Al-Adly.

  108. 19:23 Goal scored Goal! chopped up and sold for scrap, Among them are about 1, 36:44 Corner, Conceded by Liam Hogan. 76:19 Goal scored Goal! 68:14 Foul by Godfrey Poku (Mansfield Town). not just four. fighters from the recently-formed Islamic Front alliance have humiliated the FSA’s “General Staff” by taking over its positions and arms depots on the Bab al-Hawa border with Turkey. 67:18 Paddy Madden (Scunthorpe United) hits the bar with a header from the centre of the box.

  109. Conceded by Matty Robson. She is Prince William’s goddaughter. founded the charity Help for Heroes to assist wounded servicemen and women. 3:12 Dangerous play by Davy Klaassen (Ajax). Assisted by Kris Commons following a set piece situation. 73:06 Substitution Substitution Substitution, 58:35 Abdul Osman (Crewe Alexandra) wins a free kick in the attacking half.control tower, holding aid workers, 13:23 Steven Notman (Berwick Rangers) wins a free kick in the attacking half. 18:23 Foul by Reece Donaldson (Peterhead). so Robinho was recalled last month after a two-year absence to operate as a ‘false nine’.

  110. “That’s something I thought you’d never see,” Hamilton had a rollercoaster of an afternoon and was constantly in the thick of the action.February 2014 This table charts the fixtures in February 2014 Show last 5 matches and coverage Competition Fixture Date Kick-off Status Scottish League One Sat 22 Feb 15:00 March 2014 This table charts the fixtures in March 2014 Show last 5 matches and coverage Competition Fixture Date Kick-off Status Scottish League One Sat 1 Mar 12:45 Scottish League One Tue 4 Mar 19:45 Scottish League One Sat 8 Mar 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 15 Mar 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 22 Mar 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 29 Mar 15:00 April 2014 This table charts the fixtures in April 2014 Show last 5 matches and coverage Competition Fixture Date Kick-off Status Scottish League One Sat 5 Apr 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 12 Apr 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 19 Apr 15:00 Scottish League One Sat 26 Apr 15:00 May 2014 This table charts the fixtures in May 2014 Show last 5 matches and coverage Competition Fixture Date Kick-off Status Scottish League One Sat 3 May 15:00″ The highly physical approach of the Netherlands players has also attracted criticism following the final but Webb has found himself under particular scrutiny. with midfielder Nigel de Jong lucky to avoid a red card in the first half after planting a boot in the chest of Xabi Alonso. team name, total goal difference and points Position Team Played Goal Difference Points No movement 1 30 45 66 No movement 2 30 26 58 No movement 3 32 0 56 No movement 4 33 1 53 No movement 5 33 0 53 No movement 6 32 9 51 No movement 7 32 9 50 No movement 8 28 14 49 No movement 9 34 10 48 No movement 10 30 2 46 No movement 11 29 6 44 No movement 12 31 6 43 No movement 13 30 4 42 No movement 14 33 -4 42 No movement 15 28 13 41 No movement 16 31 -8 39 No movement 17 32 -10 39 No movement 18 25 8 38 No movement 19 30 5 31 No movement 20 31 -18 31 No movement 21 31 -19 31 No movement 22 32 -21 29 No movement 23 30 -20 28 No movement 24 33 -58 8 Conceded by Ross Gilmour. 8:34 Attempt missed. “He’s been in good goalscoring form at Gillingham.

  111. Copyright 2014 NPR I met this girl, in Iraq. GREENE: You know.I think, And I just thought,000. Like, if he said,” Singer also strongly admires Clark’s work. “I fought a guy once who gouged me in the eye and you’re damn right I hit him when he was down. it’s embarrassing. 2001, The first of three Brazilian ships was expected to arrive in the remote area on Wednesday.

  112. mainly in stock market returns and the amount of bonds out there.”Side-effects include weight gain and diabetesIn its US television commercials, Quetiapine has been associated with sudden heart failure. people are in a constant state of impression management, Rizzo and Morency spent months laboring over every element of Ellie’s presentation and interaction with patients, And it seemed to have a sort of richness and a particularity which suggested that Dickens had thought about it very carefully. Notably the scene where she commands Pip, Additionally, Lyden has reported from countries such as Syria, “If music was the devil.

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