Feedback, yo.

Quick question:  Do you guys want more design star posts or not?  I don’t want to alienate/bore non-watchers (anymore than they already are), but the comments/emails explode when its about design star and are kinda ‘wah wah’ about the rest of the stuff.  What if i did 3 DS posts a week and 3 regular?  is that weird?

Let me know what you are feeling. If you have questions you have about DS leave them in the comments and I can answer them.
I really can’t thank all of you enough for the support – i’m so not kidding.  It makes watching myself on TV a little less painful if I know people are out there rooting for me and not thinking that i’m totally lame.  Which i can be.
Circa right now.  I might be still in my PJ’s, checkin’ the blogs, and have NO intention of getting out of them soon.  In fact, i might have every intention of watching ‘Love Happens’ later today, also in my pjs.  Maybe.

  1. MM

    I love reading your DS posts! Keep it up. I'm not getting enough design content on the show so following you through your blog is fun and holding my interest. I'm pulling for you – you're a fun personality! mm

  2. Thanks MM. i'll break some more things down tomorrow.

  3. Laura

    Tell it all!

  4. Emily

    While I also love your other design posts, your Design Star posts are great! I think 3 DS posts and 3 regular would be awesome.

    p.s. you're totally my fav on DS.

  5. I'm a fan of the Design Star posts as well! :) I'm so with you on your response to Nina. There's no winning via argument with her :)

  6. Do whatever makes you happy!

    I'm completely fascinated by the posts about prop styling and photo shoots, though. When I was little, I used to tell people that I wanted to be a "food artist", which was my way of saying I wanted to make food look great in magazine photos shoots. I actually forgot about those aspirations completely until I stumbled upon your blog. I'm now in academia!

    Of course, I'm also watching Design Star, so I think it's fun to read your thoughts on the episodes, too.

  7. The Design Star posts are great! I love the behind the scenes info you intermingle with your down-to-earth and unbiased perspective. I wonder if Nina could be so impartial? (That last part was rhetorical)

  8. Sarah

    I love both kinds of posts, so a mix of 3 DS and 3 design related sounds groovy. Love to hear the behind the scenes gossip that you give, and also love the design/styling posts as well!

  9. i'm a big fan of your behind-the-scenes tales. with your sense of humor, they make for some highly entertaining reads.

  10. I enjoy the mix of posts. I'd imagine that the DS posts are a bit cathartic given that you have no control over how the producers edit each episode. I think the behind the scenes info is interesting — further design info on each challenge, production secrets, and little gossip are all a fun read for me. I don't care what you decide, because I'll be sticking around long after DS is over — I enjoy your voice and design aesthetic :)

  11. Please do post 3&3 (or 4&2 :))). We LUV to hear it all!

  12. Yes, please do post….love reading the different point of views that is not shown to us!

    Oh and thanks for stopping by my page, that means a lot to me! I am going add your blog to my blog roll too :o)

    The swap meet you asked about in my blog, Roseville CA. We are located just 25 minutes North East of Sacramento.

  13. Anonymous

    Please, I like your Design Star posts. Your regular posts are charming too, but I really like reading your take on the show and your thoughts behind the scenes…thanks for asking

  14. Anonymous

    Love hearing about DS ! I am pulling for you and I think your calm demeanor is refreshing in this mean old world. Jean

  15. I love getting the behind-the-scenes scoop on DS! I enjoy your "regular" posts too, but I'm not a designer so I don't feel qualified to comment (in general – not just on your blog). I think your 3 & 3 idea is the perfect solution, yo.

  16. Betsy

    I just started reading your blog because of Design Star, and so far I love it! Keep the DS posts coming, especially ones that tell us what we didn't see, or what you wish you would have said. So far, your posts are so funny and adorable, love having all the insight!

  17. I found your blog several weeks ago and I love it!
    Since then I have read every post to catch myself up on you and have come to the conclusion that we are imaginary best friends!

    I was so excited to hear that you were going to be on Design Star. I am seriously rooting for you and I love all your hilarious posts afterward to tell us behind the scene gossip. My co-workers also enjoy your anecdotes.
    I love every post, DS related or not.

    Do what makes you happy because I will laugh at whatever you write!

    Thanks so much for making this your New Year's Resolution!

  18. Okay, SO, I fiiiinally just got through TiVo. Seriously, being a reality TV whore is a full-time job. (Hmmm, maybe I should quit my full-full-time job to focus on it. Whatevs.) Let's get down to business:

    A.) You know I've loved you shiznit, your taste and your posts from the jump so keep 'em coming.
    B.) That being said, I'd also like a continuation of dirt and background from the show. A good balance of the two would be ideal, me thinks. Unless that means you'll be working on the weekends and well, that's no good for anyone.
    C.) I haven't read through your mural posting yet, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say I almost stuck a fork in my eye when I saw a butterfly on that wall. Sorry, Nina, it had to be said.
    D.) Ditto on the basket. Though more of an appetizer fork than a full-fledged entree.
    E.) I totally support your efforts to remain in your PJs today. Not that I'm still in mine. Er, something.

    Keep on truckin' sister, you're doing great! Oh and the blue looks rad on camera. Word.

  19. I like the posts! It's fun b/c by the time I get around to watching it online, I come here to read your take on it!

  20. I like them too. It won't be forever so enjoy the blog fodder while you have the chance.

  21. More Design Star!!! Keep 'em coming!!

  22. Anonymous

    Yes!! 3 and 3 would be awesome…insight into these shows is always fun + I love that you have managed to stay on. Sometimes it is so painful to watch as the most talented ppl get eliminated while the bigger personalities linger…

  23. Linda

    keep the posts of DS coming!! We fans want to get your perspective on it all!! I f you want to post a mix, I think we all would be happy!!
    Good Luck this coming episode!!!!

  24. rach

    Love to hear the behind the scenes aspects of a reality show. And I love seeing you on the show! I'm definitely not a reality TV person but having some sort of connection to one of the contestants gives me a reason to keep watching it!
    All your posts are super interesting. Different than the many other design blogs out there :)

  25. Anonymous

    Yes, yes, please continue! I'm new to your blog & will continue reading regardless, but I do love the inside perspective you are giving!
    Thanks – shellyamom

  26. Please continue the Design Star blogs….makes the show that much better.
    I really enjoyed your "life in the day of a stylist" blog recently….very interesting.
    I also like you writing style… the honest, real perspective.

  27. OK so I am bucking the trend and I personally enjoy your voice as a writer much, much more in the non-DS posts. I've tried enjoying them but your "day job" is way more interesting than reality show recaps and insider gossip. That said, I will continue to read the blog either way :)

  28. The show is great!(you look stunning wearing blue) It's also quite fun getting your design sense and the YOU away from the lights & cameras(and stress).Early going i think your Tv presence is tops. I wouldnt fret about coming off as a dork or wierd or emotional. IMO you have the "it" for TV. I say Keep focus on your design and everything will fall into place. Hopefully, with your own show. Good luck.

  29. Please don't stop the DS posts! Have only just found you and your blog and would hate to not be able to continue to live vicariously through you!

    As a matter of fact, Emily, would you be willing to be interviewed for my blog, Ohmigosh? I'd love to feature you and let my readers really get to know you and some behind the scenes info from DS. You can find my blog at and all my info there. Hope to hear from you!

  30. I love the posts! Keep them coming! I also love your blog. It's a little ridiculous how devoted I am.

  31. Keep it up! Love it all!

  32. We like the DS posts, keep dishin it up! Like the regular stuff too, but you're really putting yourself in the background info on the show.

  33. Anonymous

    like nearly everyone. i like both type of posts and most of all just like your writing voice. it sounds like you're in the room talking to me.

  34. Ivan

    Ive been watching the show since the first season, but you are the only person that I've actually liked watching on the show. I cringed when I thought they were going to send you packing, I actually closed my eyes! I love your taste, style, and your personality is the best. Oh and you're smokin hot too!

    Did you know dolphins can defend themselves very well?

  35. Kerry

    I can't see the show here in Australia but I really do enjoy reading about it so I hope you keep doing that! And a day in pj's sounds perfect.

  36. Yes, please keep the DS posts coming! They're hilarious, and we're rooting for you, "bloggeremily"

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