Episode four, recap

Yes.  The world has now gotten to see the hilariousness that is Bob and the adorableness that is Joy.  It was such a fun episode and style-wise i think that its one of my favorites.  (second look, not first) 

photo by Laure Joliet

Here’s how it all went down.  I met them a month or two before shooting, we’ve known about eachother for a long time, but we had never officially met until the show (no nepotism here, people, trust me).  I was super excited but a little wary – i mean i knew that she has good taste, and that Bob has LOTS of opinions which really does make your job harder.  Designing for a designer is tricky.  And joy’s style is nuanced – its clearly not just ‘look one’ and that was the problem. She loves vintage inspired but more modern, graphic and she is girly but not in the over the top frenchy kinda way that it turned out to be.  But being complicated isn’t necessary good for the show because it needs to be 2 clearly distinct looks.  The first style can’t be a combination of styles already because it will be a bit confusing (and people are already confused about the two looks) to the viewers.

 At this point I hadn’t done a super over the top girly room, so while it wasn’t totally Joy, it was kinda necessary for the show and fun to do and see.  Keeping the episodes fresh and each style different for 26 shows is really really hard. I knew i could take her wallpaper and use it as the inspiration to girl the heck out of it.  (and yes, i’ll get to the wallpaper situation later).  I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again and again, it is so hard to make look 1 really good, but not so good that there isn’t a reason to do look 2.  So going over the top with it is super fun, but then people are happy to see it taken back and made more liveable.  


Look one: total princess palace.  Not really joy in retrospect, its pretty hard to properly diagnose people that are nuanced, so now i realize how not joy that sofa is.  It was a last minute rental to make the room go over the top.   

Ok lets’ talk favorites of look one:  those hot pink mother effing chairs.  I LOVE them. I rented them from Pasadena Antique mall, from the booth upstairs called ‘Bonita Interiors’.  They were $900 for the pair which isn’t nothing, but they were in PERFECT condition. We rented them for 25% and i’ve since really regretted not buying them. They were huge and super comfy.  

The hot pink and the second look indigo rug are both Madeleine Weinrib The pricetag said $1000 but that was with my discount, i think they retail for $1200.  They let us borrow the first one, and then we shipped it back to them.  

Shoot. i gotta run, sorry.  much more tomorrow!!!

  1. Jackson

    this was my favorite episode so far, i love the extreme you took it to for the first look to prove the point (she looked mortified, pissed, and afraid) it was amazing! i kept rewinding the first reveal just to re-watch that

    great make over as always!

    u are my favorite hgtv show!

    keep up the great work

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow!
    Don't forget to share tips about that credenza! :)

  3. A funny thing- People were commenting that last weeks episode was a re-run. I'm not sure what the pattern is but, this past week if you watched HGTV on the HD channel it was a re-run (the MadMen episode) but the regular channel had the new episode. Weird. You might want to post a schedule of when and where to find the most current episodes, I almost turned the TV off and ratings are a good thing :)

  4. I have to say that I loved the first look. That sofa was too much and I have a pink sofa myself and I say that one was too much. I wasn't crazy about those pink chairs but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the yellow chair. And I really loved the dining room in this look. I'm a single girl though…and my place is very girlie. I would never expect a man to live in all that. But I did like it.

  5. I was all set to watch the episode twice but then the second showing was the mad men episode….so if you wish to see the new episode you have to catch it at the earlier time slot each week.

  6. i gotta say, before reading this – i loved that crazy sofa and thought WOW. maybe not livable, but most certainly fun and fabulous. i can't wait for the episode to be online so i can watch!

  7. Melissa K

    I was SO bummed out! We were out for dinner and drinks on Saturday, so I planned on catching the episode at 12:00, like I did last week, but it was the Manesh and Sage episode instead! Any clue when it will air again?

  8. You're right, this couple was adorable!! and I loved the second room….could move right in..can't wait to see what is next!

  9. I've really been enjoying your show. My boyfriend and I have similar styles but it's a good reminder that we dont have to feel pigeon holed to one.

    In the Bob and Joy episode you mentioned that using a low pile rug on a low pile carpet was ok, but that it can look to forced if you have higher piles. I live in an apartment and have wanted to use some rugs to add some interest and detract from the beige synthetic carpet that's standard in so many apartments. Any suggestions? Or maybe it's something you could address in your blog or show sometime.

  10. angela@bonita-interiors.com

    Thanks Emily for the shout out, listen I have you tivo'd but it didn't tape this last episode, do you know when I can catch it online perhaps? Anyway looks like a great show, got some new stuff in like peacock blue leather 70's thing happening. Hope to see you soon. Congrats if I haven't told you before, you rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I can't figure out the schedule either! My dvr missed this episode completely, I guess I'll have to look for it again this week, can't wait though – I love reading Joy's blog!

  12. I still can't get over how awesome the second look was. So. Good.

    I asked my husband to watch with me, and he did so begrudgingly, but you've totally won him over. He loved the second took too. (Speaking of husbands, Bob was also quite lovable. I think he's my favorite client so far.)

    And I realize that this was probably an HGTV decision, not an Emily decision, but could you explain why there was no mention of the wallpaper being Joy's design? I know you mentioned it here, but it just seemed awkward to not acknowledge it on TV. It made me very curious about the rationale.

  13. Debra

    Definitely the best episode yet. This couple was so adorable and I loved both looks and their reaction to the first look. It was great!!!

  14. Brooke

    loved this episode! can't wait to see what you do next. I just love how you layer everything together.

  15. Laurel

    I can't wait for this episode to come online!
    I saw you on Design Star and instantly fell in love with you and your style… As a fellow Oregonian (I'm live in Corvallis!) I'm so glad that you have your own show now because you were my favorite from episode one of the show :)
    Anyways, just thought you should know you have a fan from Oregon, and since I don't have HGTV I will have to wait until Wednesday to see the episode online… Can't wait!
    Keep up the amazing work!

  16. Those two chairs were my favorite elements in option 1, too! Gorgeous, and they really did look comfy.

  17. You were right. Her wallpaper is AMAZING!! I just have one complaint… I live overseas and I am completely BUMMED OUT that I do not get to see your show!!!! We were in the States when you won and I danced around like a fool when you won because I could not WAIT to see your show… but now I can't. I still think you are awesome and I pretty much love everything you do! Best from Copenhagen!

  18. amyks

    I have to say…I loved that couch in the first one, it was so unexpected and over the top. It definitely wouldn't work in my house and I honestly don't think I know of anyone who could pull that look off, but it was such a happy room. I do also think the second room was fabulous!!!

    PS It cracks me up how you say "style diagnostic", it sounds almost as though you can't wrap your head around that phrase yet!

  19. dianebee

    I just had to tell you my mother has that gold velvet chair and ottoman! It was such a gas to see it on TV!! She had it reupholstered back in the 80's, which means it is now in a pastel-y southwest style fabric – ooh it was cool at the time. Oh and this is in Montreal, Canada.
    Great show – loved that you chose a class table for the dining room to show off those great chairs.

  20. I LOVE the yellow chair and ottoman in the second photo! Great color & tufting!

  21. Lindsey

    The first look so much like a room that should be in the Madonna Inn!

  22. Yep…not really a pink person myself, but those mother effing chairs were spectacular! I was screaming at my t.v., "where are the mother effing pink chairs?"when you didn't use them in the second look. But the second look was super fab, and after a glass of wine I chilled, but man, those chairs, those chairs…

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