Episode 5 sneak peek

This one is a wild departure from the last few.  

Here’s a sneak into the Osbornes episode.  

Before room:

i know. its such a pretty house.  Sure it needed help, but the architecture, the light and those huge windows were awesome. 

These were my inspiration shots for her (she picked them out, but i love them):

She wanted calming, traditional but modern, light and airy and kid-friendly but more for adults.  but with a slight edge. this lady’s got some snark, trust me.  they were awesome. 

He wanted rustic, country, old world..he’s from Scotland and wanted something familiar, but also modern.  

What are your predictions????


  1. Oh…can't wait to see this one. That room is fabulous already. I can just imagine how great it will be by just looking at the inspiration pics.

  2. naz

    Looking forward to the episode.

  3. My prediction: that it will be awesome, as usual. Don't let me down! ;)

    Their all-white furniture reminds me of the promotional pics for Design Star. Didn't you all pose with different all-white upholstered pieces? Or was it another color? Or am I losing my mind altogether? Well, anyway, the first pic reminded me of that, which may or my not be a figment of my imagination…

  4. jo

    My prediction is that this will be my favorite episode yet! You're amazing!

  5. anon

    PREDICTION: still airy, but some soft blues, greens with that white. Some vintage rustic wood, a basket or two, a weathered leather piece and maybe a dose of saturated ikat.

    And please tell me you painted that boring oak window frame black; it's begging for it.

    Love the show.

  6. ann

    i pick ' a debonair color scheme' because i have that exact same tear sheet in my file. i LOVE olive and blue (actually i think that the top one with the pale blue sofa is the best and should be picked).

  7. OOOOOH… Have fun with that beautiful fireplace! I LOVE the room's potential!

  8. Rosie

    Just watched it – I loved their reactions! This room looked awesome.

    Here's the question – what do you guys do with the lamp cords? I noticed nothing was plugged into the outlets for the first look. Do you just leave them unplugged for the photos and reveal? How do you handle cords when the lamp is not close to the outlet?

  9. Madonna

    Where can I get the credenza in the living room?

  10. TERRI

    Where did you get the white dining chairs?

  11. mimi

    Where can I find the chandelier? Love it!

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