Episode 5, re-cap being written right now.

ooh.  I’m about to share so many secrets: sources, behind the scenes and exactly what my process is.  Come back on monday for a full tell-all. I’m composing as i speak.  er, write. 

  1. gina

    hi Emily!
    my husband and i (We LOVE you!) just finished watching the oh joy episode…AMAZING!
    do you know who made the planters that they had? are they Jonathan Adler?? i NEED them!
    thank you SO much! we are SO happy that there is FINALLY someone with a young, fresh, hip vibe on t.v.–so happy for you!

  2. mrsB

    great show again!
    Curious about vintage dining chairs (the chairs were vintage weren't they?) It looked like the brown ones you thought about for the second do-over were going to be too low for the table/what's the proper seat height? What do you do to "secure" vintage dining chairs–so they are strong, sturdy, and don't sway from overuse (can you tell I've tried this path before and have had problems??!)
    Thanks again and seems like everyone is jellin like a melon on the crew/in front of the camera/ etc…

  3. Jennifer

    Why is today's episode only 30 minutes?

  4. John M

    Why, oh, why? Why did you paint the original sconces in the room? They looked so cheap now and the original patina is ruined. Otherwise, my wife and I loved the room and loved the couple.

  5. This was my favorite episode so far Emily! I loved the powder blue color~what is it? Loved the furniture choices, and the carpet was modern but worked to my surprise. I am not a fan of the square tv console painted bright white…but other than that it was perfect for me to move right in. What fabric was the blue floral? Nice job!!

  6. I love the colors and the furniture, but have to ask why the focal point of the living room seems to be the tv? Isn't there a fireplace in the corner there? I haven't seen the episode – maybe you answer the question there. Just curious!

  7. I'm dying to know about the white lacquered credenza AND that little green velvet tufted chair. I can't wait to see the breakdown. Bravo on the room. Loving the show Emily!

  8. So enjoying this episode! Watching it now with breakfast – great way to start a Sunday!

  9. sayaka

    I remember the first the first episode you redid the whole house.

    The newer episodes only focus on living and dining. Is that a budget issue or time-constraint thing?

  10. ronnie

    Love this epsode 5 what was the name of the store and location where you bought the wood beaded light fixture .

  11. Megan

    Hey Emily! My husband and I love the show; you are so fresh, talented, and quirky! There's nobody else on hgtv that quite captures our decorating style, but we love your vintage looks!

    One thing though: Your love of blue has invaded all the rooms! We would love to see warmer colors to inspire us even more. Keep it up though, we love how real you are on camera and how natural and eclectic your style is.

    Thanks for rockin it!

  12. Lana

    Emily, once again I loved watching you pull beautiful things together and make two great rooms! I really did like the first room. Where do you get all that French inspired furniture and what happens to your cast offs? I'll keep watching.

  13. Shane O

    I always enjoy watching you, but didn't feel this room very much. The green velvet chair felt out of place along with the bench facing towards the tv – it was more like a movie theater. Looking forward to next week's though.

  14. Sonya

    Great project, it looked a million times better than the "before" !! You seem like a seasoned TV personality already, but only in the good ways.

  15. Damn, I loved this room the most out of all rooms so far – and I really loved Joy's and Bob's. But my most favouritest of all..is that you said BOOM. You said, BOOM! ha!

  16. I loved this room & have loved all of the others as well. You have an amazing ability to pull it all together in such a wonderfully eclectic way. I look forward to watching every week! I've also been keeping my eye out for you at the Rose Bowl swap meet – would love to tell you in person what a great job you're doing!

  17. Karen

    So many things to like about this room, but a couple of things just seemed off. I loved the little green chair, but I agree that it looks odd stuck in front of the window, and what was with the HUGE chair and the little bench with the curved end lined up in front of the TV. After hearing stylists on TV yammer on and on about never making a TV the focal point of a room when there's a perfectly good fireplace in there, I was surprised that was exactly what you seemed to do.

  18. coffee mug in hand

    For those who don't know why the focus was on the tv, that's what the homeowners wanted. TV was a top priority for this couple and I like how Emily provided that plus still made the room look fantastic.

  19. the couple was also trying to jam dining and living and tv viewing in there. fireplace s in center of room limiting the placement of furniture….add to that 3 huge windows and TV has no other place to go but there.
    not everyone hates the tv in living spaces. TVs are a reality of family living. :-)

  20. Loved this episode- the room was sort of southern, coastal, modern, and girly at the same time. Love love love!

  21. Just loved episode 5! You are just amazing, Emily!!! i loved the silhouettes, the ticking stripes, and the pale blue! can't wait for more!!!

  22. naz

    The living room having a tv is standard for most families. Who doesn't watch tv anyway? Beautifully done Emily.

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