Episode 4, teaser: OH JOY is in the hiznouse

Here’s the mood board for Joy’s episode.  Does it put you in the mood? I saw a rough cut of the episode a month ago, but i don’t remember if they kept me saying that the wallpaper is Joy’s wallpaper.  Now i know that you all know it is, but spread the word.  It looks so effing, awesome.  I liked the swatch a lot, but i didn’t realize how much i would love it til the whole room was done in it.  After doing her whole room in wallpaper i realized how much more i like an entire room done rather than one wall.

 It just feels like a big golden floral hug. 

A lot changed from the mood board to the show.  But the general idea is the same.  You can buy her wallpaper from Hygge and West Here.  I highly recommend it.  

I’m psyched to see it, and i know they are.  god i wish this episode (as i wish most) was an hour long because so much funny stuff happened and was said that gets cut due to time.  But don’t worry, next week will be a lot of behind the scenes.  

And i guess some people say that a new SFAS did not air last week at 9pm and instead it was the first one (which i wish didn’t because its so not my favorite) so make sure to check that its ‘NEW’.  I don’t totally understand it.  But it airs on my tv at 6pm and 9pm both new, but please check yours.  You can watch last weeks online here. 

  1. mrsB

    LOVE the wallpaper–GORGEOUS!!

  2. I love EVERY design you do…now fly out to SLC and come help me with my home. I'll be waiting.

  3. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! Can't wait! I've loved all the episodes so far! Keep up the great work!

  4. jacquelyn

    Just watched the last episode, so cute! You did amazing! Totally nailing their personalities!
    This new one looks groovy too (:
    Make sure and take time to breathe and enjoy rest!

  5. Sarah

    That wallpaper is fantastic- love everything on this inspiration board. Especially the surveyer lamp! I'm currently trying to get two of those for your bonus/man room!

  6. I've been following Joy's blog for a while now and I just simply can not wait to watch two of my favorite peeps {you and Joy, of course!} in the tv flesh!

    p.s. I'm trying to convince my husband that we should try out for your LA casting call. We have way too many neglected rooms in our home that could def use your magical oomph.

  7. Christiana

    Hooray! Can't wait for this episode and your behind the scenes insights! A "big golden floral hug" – I LOVE that. Am so feeling entirely wallpapered rooms, rather than just accent walls these days! Although, an accent wall is better than no wall at all, of course ;)

  8. That wallpaper — so gorgeous.

  9. I hope it actually airs since Episode 3 didn't last week, the board is crazy fab! Loved Joy's comment on the "casting call" post.

    You are awesome Emily!

  10. Cricket

    I love the LA cityscape photo on the board. Where is it from? I'll tell them you sent me.

  11. Waiting in anticipation of this episode!! I will be sure to have my DVR set!

  12. hayden

    a new one aired last week. i loved it. it was the cute family.

  13. hayden

    oh wait – no last week's was that couple that lived in the loft. she was all 50s retro and they got that orange map curtain thing. it was good.

  14. jen

    Awesome, let me shout it, AWESOME room! I loved the credenza! Can you post some shots of it? Did you do a white lacquer? Did you roll it on like the snippet showed, or was it sprayed on? It turned out great!

  15. Christina

    I've been following Joy's blog for a long time so it was fun to see you style up her pad. You did such a great job at combing two completely different styles. side note: I honestly feel like men are harder to please than women when it comes to interiors-they just don't tell you. Damn, I wish your show was an hour long so we could see to credenza makeover and more tips from you. HGTV, this show needs to be twice as long!

  16. Girl...

    Best episode so far!!!

    I NEED tips on how you transformed that credenza. I have a rocking – ROCKING I say – 70s credenza. I want everything BUT the gorgeous zebrawood doors a glossy white.

    I've been toying with doing this for a while, so when I saw your episode I screamed.
    Now, just tell me how you painted it. :)

  17. ummm….ya, where have you been all my home decorating life??? =)

    so lovin' all that you do, love all that you wear…you are just too cute, it's not even fair.

    girl crush maybe?


  18. naz

    How do you come up with the diagostic styling? That first pink and gold room was so over the top but I understood where you were going with it. I might be in the minority here but I like the half hour format.

  19. Jen R

    Emily! When do your new shows air? I'm so confused. The promos on HGTV say Saturdays at 9:00. My dvr is set, but I'm not getting new episodes. Explain?

  20. Lana

    Emily, I loved last nights episode, especially the first room. I loved that wallpaper and sofa and pink chairs. I even liked the dining room drapes. I guess my style is Art Neuveau times 100 or so. I also loved the second room. You did a good job of combining the two styles. Great work again!

  21. I so enjoyed this episode, Emily! I record all your shows on Saturday night and watch them on Sunday mornings with my breakfast and coffee. It's a highlight of my weekend. Thank you.

  22. Love the artwork on the wall. I know a lot of the artists were friends of the client. Can you post a list of all them and possibly links to where we can buy their work?

  23. tuto

    love your shows.
    they rebroadcast show 1 in san diego last nite?
    disappointed. maybe they will show 3 next sat.
    keep on trucking.

  24. Dana

    Loved the episode with the Chos. But I have to know where they got those porcelain bust planters (the man and woman). Could you give the source for those?

  25. pamb

    Time Warner in the OC also broadcast a rerun? What's up. Did a new episode play in some places. I'm confused too!

  26. EarthGypsy

    May I recommend always adding a link of your most recent show in your blog post around the time of airing? I was so disappointed when my Directv DVR didn't record your show from HGTV (it only does that when the show is a re-run). But, when I saw the link to the missed episode at the bottom of your post, I was delighted! (since it is sometime difficult to find the video I want on HGTV) Keep up the fantastic work!

  27. Ali

    I love this mood board. I just found you because a friend of mine watched your show and said it's totally my style – and she's right! I can't wait to tune in next time.

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