Episode 12, actual breakdown. Not emotional.

First of all you can’t believe how truly grateful i am for all your amazing comments the last few days.  I read all of them, and let me tell you, you all make me feel really special and that i’m not alone, its ok to cry, etc. Sometimes I feel so sorry for any ‘public’ figure who doesn’t have a direct relationship with their audience. With all the criticism that is out there, to know that i have such support makes me never really doubt my future – career-wise.  Everyone should start a blog,  I mean, if Obama had a blog about how hard it is to balance world domination and a hot wife, i would totally read it and love him even more.  

Being human is insanely interesting. 

Back to the show.  


Woah there wonky pic.  So that sofa was my favorite thing in this look. It’s from Grot in Long Beach, we rented it, but it had already sold for $1800.  The coffee table was a floor sample from BluePrint, the eames chair was from Angels, on Lankershim, the big media unit was from Amsterdam Modern in the valley (by appointment only, but its AWESOME, and they have stuff that sells at Mohawk General store in Silverlake that is great great, too – great clothes, accessories, etc.

That carpet was from ugly hell.  I wouldn’t recommend going there.  They mainly have ugly, dated, 80′s commercial badness.

That pair of lamps was $150 from Practical props, but i sprayed them red.  And i actually really like them.  The shape/shade are retro goodness.

I’m over this look, lets move on to the final look which was much much cuter:

 The coffee table:  Santiago’s, $225 but then painted and i used a ‘ferm living’ stencil on it, which i think turned out super playful and fun.

The sofa is from 

Look how adorable those little slipper chairs are.  I got them at the rose bowl, they looked like this:

 They were $100 each, then I recovered them in red denim.  On top of those cute chair are these aesome pillows from Modern Palm,

That awesome table is from Brothers of Industry – these cool dudes in LA that reclaim stuff and turn it into other rad stuff.  THis table was an old bowling lane, and i think it was around $700-$800.

Shoot, i gotta go.  But i’ll try to finish resources tomorrow. 

Also season finale is this saturday so don’t forget to watch.  2nd season starts in 6 weeks (july 2nd, hopefully) so don’t worry, we’ll be back in action quickly.


  1. Six weeks with no SFAS?? Now it is MY turn to have breakdown!!

  2. I loved the first look. You actually made the carpet look good!

  3. Petra

    "Everyone should start a blog"?! To tell you the truth, you have inspired me to start one since reading The Brass Petal, only it took me until a few weeks ago to actual get it going. I've really enjoyed following you on your adventures, and although mine don't seem quite as exciting, maybe they will be to some people and I'll make some new friends from it. My last post was really deticated to you (along with my other fav HGTV designer-Sarah) and I'd be so humbled if you read it.
    So happy the Ep 12 room came together and I loved the coffee table transformation! Anxiously awaiting what season 2 will have in store. :-)

  4. diane

    I love your show, but i did not like the second look. Maybe on tv it just didn't translate. it seemed way too busy and disjointed to me. I especially despised that artwork over the table/desk. I felt the room needed something brighter to echo the drapes and other bright colours. The first look (even with the hideous carpet) looked so much more cohesive to me. and that sofa was stunning!

  5. erin

    I really enjoy all the plants you use in your rooms in interesting pots. I love the bells of ireland in the red Anthropologie vase, and the cherry blossom-ish branches in the blue vase…are they real, and where do you get them from? Can't wait for next season :)

  6. It's funny, I was surprised by the carpet in the first look, but then I had one of those "Wait… does this really look good and I just don't get it?" moments like when skinny jeans first became trendy. I decided I didn't hate it, though I couldn't imagine choosing it for myself. Definitely preferred the second.

    Are you still looking for diagnostic questions? I'm wondering if you can take some cues from this – http://youtu.be/pxg113O_SRI
    I promise it isn't a virus.

  7. Big fan of your work since Design Star, and I've enjoyed every episode so far! One of the things I loved about the 2nd look here was the Berber carpet and the light walls…it felt like the blank slate that many of us start with, and then what you built from there was beautiful. Interesting, whimsical, LIVEABLE.

    I had one complaint about this episode that I've never noticed on another episode…the background music seemed to be in the foreground and I had real difficulty hearing the dialogue. I liked the music, but not at the expense of hearing what you were saying!

  8. Katie

    Emily!! Where did those insanely cute blue Bear and Penguin sculptures come from?!? love them (and your show!).

  9. Monica

    Hey, on the comments from the last episode's post (the final look "sources" post), a bunch of folks asked what the final look's paint color was – and I'm still interested in the answer! Can you tell us what you used, please? Thanks!

  10. whitney

    Emily I love the bright curtains you used. Can you please share where they're from?

  11. I might be a freak, because I actually kind of liked the first carpet, and I HATE wall to wall carpet. I don't know what it was but I liked it haha.

    Anyway, first time commenter here, and I LOVE the show.

  12. Emily the room looked great, we had been waiting to see what you would do with our table for weeks now and it was great to see it all set up. Hope to see you at the next flea market.

  13. Fran

    Love the show–it's great and the ratings will come. I make my hubby watch while I keep hitting him in the arm, "ooooh look, Honey–don't you just love that?" I also agree with one of the other commenters–you made that carpet look good. Can't wait for the 2nd season, even though I did enjoy seeing the 2 looks. Your style is fresh and interesting, and your rooms are completely livable. HGTV needs more of you!

  14. Olivia

    Loved this episode! Where did you find the wonderful Danish pendant for the living room (is it Danish?)? And, if you don't mind me asking, where did your fantastic leaf-print blouse come from? So cheerful and fun!

  15. OH

    LIke U

  16. Lo

    I love the show! Your style and aesthetic is unlike anything or anyone on HGTV…. And I think that is a great thing! I think your show really fills a hole in HGTV's programming. I hope the network appreciates the different audience you can bring. That audience just need to find you! I for one feel like my design interests are finally being addressed by HGTV. Hang in there!

  17. designerklk

    Relative to you mini meltdown, glad to see you are human like the rest of us. You do great job and I am looking forward to seeing next season.

  18. Love the red slipper chairs. They are totally fab!!!

  19. Gwen

    Emily, Loved this episode. both looks were so groovy! The first carpet was odd I agree… but so many interesting and beautiful things in it!
    Can't wait until the second season!!

  20. Hazy Day Studio

    For what it is worth, reading all this a little late…You are utterly adorable! And more importantly your energy is fresh and fun to watch. I tell my husband over and over again, throughout the show, that you are the cutest! And I mean that in the "cutest vintage top ever" way and not the "cutesy" way! You cannot please everyone all the time, you can only be your amazing, clever, adorable self. The show is great! I'll keep watching!!!

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