Episode 1, Behind the Scenes

It’s like the first day of high school. You are super excited, slightly scared, but generally junior high went pretty well, you were popular enough, made good grades, stood out enough but not too much, so you feel like you are ready to handle the madness that is high school.  But you can’t help but be a bit trepidatious when it comes to your first day.  I mean, it’s high school  afterall.  Cut to ten episodes later and i’m like a sophmore, i have already learned so much, and looking back with nostalgia.

Metaphor much, Emily?

Well as you can imagine, shooting the Special with my friend was in a lot of ways much easier than starting the series of 26 in a row.  I only had to prep, think about, shop for, conceptualize and host one episode.  It lasted a wonderful 10 days and all went well.  But now we are playing ball with the big boys, and i’m the coach and star player, and while i have an effing awesome team, its a lot to do.  wait now i’m doing sports metaphors….whatever.  Just keep following.

So with a slightly new crew we started the series, and in general the first episode went well. The first week we were trying to figure everything out. I mean, how do you take a successful 1 hour special and turn it into a weekly show with structure and consistency, but without getting formulaic, while staying on top of the style diagnostic and making it different every week (but have it still make sense), hosting, doing shopping segments, doing diy segments, styling tips  and installing for TWO looks all in 6 days? It took me a while to figure out.  So along the way there are some mistakes, but thats a big buzz-kill.  I’ll talk about my regrets later on this week, right now i’m busy getting you into my  little brain.

I’ve watched the first episode 5 times now, way more than i’ve watched the special or any others.  And because of that i have a kinda different relationship with it.  I’ve successfully picked it apart.  I know, so annoying.  I’m terrified with what i’ll do to my first child.  And don’t y’all confuse self-criticism with self-doubt or bad self-esteem, i promise they are very very different things.  I’ve always been addicted to feedback and self-improvement.

But i always come back to loving the same things:  That effing sofa.  Which was this:

And is now this:


I wish i hadn’t styled so many pillows on it, but it was one of those sofas that is soooo long, like 8 1/2 feet and looked massive in the space. But those pillows cover up the amazing deco shape.  Argh.  i love.  I took that pic the day of, but Laure Joliet has been taking my after shots and she took these: decidedly better:

And that chandy:  favorite thing #2.  Let’s craiglist find for $450 i think.  Massive, looks like glass, early 70’s lucite and brass amazingness.  Yep, those are my two favorite things.  I really like the japanese screens in the hallway too and the bird sculpture that i think is someone famous…..

More beauties to come, more resources to come, more favorite moments and biggest regrets to come.  All next week will be ‘life in the first episode’.

Let me know your positive feedback, but please be gentle.  I already know all the negatives, i promise.  I’m already working on them and fixing them.  The episodes get better and better and better and better.  The last two i watched i’ve absolutely loved. At least until i watch them like 3 more times…..

Thanks for watching, i owe you all a lot.  And if you feel like commenting on the Hgtv facebook page to give them your feedback, please do.


  1. Loved the show Emily. You did so awesome and the room turned out beautiful. Your style is so refreshing. Can't wait to watch more.

  2. Shane O

    I was anticipating this episode for a while! The wait was so worth it and I alone equaled 200% of happiness ;) I would love to see more ways to hide a tv and how you got that thing to stretch out. Awesome, awesome job.

  3. Tonight's episode was so fun to watch. It felt slightly rushed to me, but I wish my all my fave hgtv shows were an hour instead of 30 minutes! There are so many touches to your show that are fresh and really, I mean really, fun to watch. The way you show the actual individual pieces in the room, the double reveal, and the style diagnostic to name a few. I say, forget the haters! Press on! And always shoot for 200% design happiness! (get yourself a house haha!)

  4. That was fun. Can't wait for the next one. I would have hit that homeowner with one of those Hollywood regency pillows after he said he only liked the room 25%! Men! A bit harsh I thought.

  5. Melissa K

    It was awesome. If I'm home and it's on TV, I will be watching. 'Nuff said.

  6. I'm in love with the sofa – its looks amazing. And as I blew off the Indie Spirit Awards tonight I'm excited to watch your first episode. Congratulations.

  7. danny

    very nice job. you're very charming. no negatives here. except i was kind of shocked she didn't like the blue walls. 2 great looks

  8. Chrissy

    Such a great 1st episode, Emily! Can't wait to see the rest. My husband and I really enjoy the show because it's so different from all of the other shows on HGTV. You're about styling, which most households need help with… not building custom pieces that most of the HGTV shows have/do with carpenters and whatnot. You rock, plain and simple. Have a great week!

  9. I agree that I wished the show was an hour long! I just wanted to see more styling.

    Overall I loved it! I wasn't the biggest fan of the gold velvet chairs, but I think it's just my personal taste.

    This show it so different from all the other HGTV shows and I can't wait for the next episode!

  10. ChaosInBlue

    Loved it. And I was so worried because I get this stuff worked up in my head and then am thoroughly disappointed (yeah, I was always the Christmas killjoy), but not with your first episode!!
    And, like other posters, I so wish it was an hour long–I missed the definitive 2 layers coming together to create the 3rd and final product–but understand and think you did a Herculean job in getting everything placed in the less than 30 minutes you had.
    I'm already counting the hours until next week.
    Go, Emily!!!

  11. jacquelyn

    agree with most the comments above! so groovy! (:

  12. Arla

    Great job, Emily! Very good show. Enjoyed the transformation. The guy was rude saying he only liked it 25%. Glad he liked the last choices. Am anxiously waiting for next weeks show. Keep up the good work.


  13. Arti

    Loved the show Emily! Watched it while painting my living a rad cool grey color – with some orange and navy blue accents, this is gonna look dope!

    I agree with the others – too short – I was hoping to see more, but the room was amazing! You were funny, witty and brilliant with the design – I actually loved the first room better though – clean, sophisticated, but still a little funky. And I wanted to smack the guy too…25%? Really?? My husband, who's a total guy's guy loved the room! Anywhoo Emily – I can't wait until next Saturday!!!! Keep it up!!!!

  14. misa

    "your father's secretary. that sounds so dirty. let's keep her!"

    "the chuck it would be that little creepy doll." "for the record, this is mine."

    "and that's why god made acrylic."

    oh, emily, i heart you big time.

    okay, show-wise: first of all, you are miles beyond almost everything else on hgtv. your aesthetic feels so much more collected–i tend to feel like hgtv shows a lot of spaces that are overstyled in a hollow way, even (and maybe especially) those shows that are focused on luxury renovations. the fact that you use thrift store and flea market furniture is really appealing. the only things i wished could be changed were 1) somthing more was made of your assistant (i don't know if this is coming from a love of tommy smythe, but i love design assistants) and 2) more time was spent explaining styling. i think you gave great explanations for many things, i would just love to know how you choose objects when you are styling.

  15. Jane

    Yay, Emily, yay! We should all do so well straight out of the gate…congratulations!!

    Just one question: what did your assistant say to you in the segment where you were trying to decide between the one green chair and the two gold ones? He said something right before it went to commercial, and as many times as I've listened, I still can't make it out?

  16. such a cute show! can't wait to see the rest!!

    just wanted to throw in my two cents about the "rude" guy who said he only liked the room 25%. you guys, he wasn't being rude, he was being HONEST. that's so important to a designer/decorator..if he was like "oh yeah…I totally love it!" then he'd end up living with stuff he didn't actually love. and that's what we designer/decorator/stylists love to do: make spaces that people really, really love.

    I just used the word 'love' a lot.

  17. Leanne

    Congrats, Emily – Really enjoyed the show tonite. I like how you layer the rooms and styles – the rooms look 'curated' and put together over time – I really like that! I'm looking forward to more of your shows.

  18. Girl...

    I watched the Special over and over, to tide myself over while I waited for the premiere.
    You have serious talent and, like everyone else said, are a breath of fresh air on HGTV.

  19. Emily, I loved the show tonight! You have great style (obv), and your energy and quirkiness made it so fun to watch! I loved your jokes about acrylic, the secretary, and your overall enthusiasm was contagious ("200%!")

    Way to go. And keep it up. !!

  20. Jules

    You were amazing. I'm trying to say this in a way that doesn't sound like a backhanded compliment…here goes. You say that you are getting better and more polished, but I hope that doesn't mean that you won't drop things, or second guess yourself on air, or come back with witty, quirky one liners because you are ADORABLE. Seriously. You have such a charming, authentic, and approachable personality. My husband thought the same thing, and he's like Rudy from the first season of Survivor. (total curmudgeon)

    "It's not rocket surgery!…nor is it rocket science!"

    My goodness, you are such a breath of fresh air.

  21. Laura

    I loved the first episode, but I really wish you were given a one hour time slot. I'm more a 'stylist' than a designer. I don't build things, I don't draw plans or shop for stuff at high end stores. I thrift shop, flea market, freecycle and scavenge. I also IKEA. The main thing is I find and mix things I like and have fun doing it.

    And that's what I get when I watch you at work. From the Design Star challenges through the first Secrets From A Stylist special to the first show of your series, I see how much fun you have doing your job. It's contagious and it inspires me.

    Keep up the good work and feel free to critique yourself…that just proves you're human!

  22. I thought it was fan-freaking-tastic! So happy that you're bringing such fresh ideas to HGTV. Loved the final look…I think it was perfection. I want that sofa!!! And your one liners…hilarious! I agree with the others…would've loved to have another half hour with you, but I'm just being greedy. Congrats on a great show and can't wait until next week!

  23. I thought tonight's episode was GREAT! I'd love to come up with some constructive criticism but I don't have any complaints…except what you already pointed out that the pillows covered up the fabulous lines of the sofa. I really liked how you did it all in Hollywood Regency and then changed it up..kept some stuff and added some stuff and turned it into a fabulous space. Gosh…loved that house to begin with…that is my kind of house. I can't wait to see more stills of it…like I'd like to see the fireplace redo. I built a tile fireplace in my house to be in a 1931 style to match my home. I would hate for original tile to have been destroyed in the makeover but it didn't look to be original….at lease I hope it wasn't. I loved the crazy gold chairs with the sofa. That was absolutely the perfect choice.

    I do wish the show was an hour long…same content…just longer so we can learn more about everything.

    Anyway…cannot wait for next week…..

  24. Krishann

    Chris and I just watched the show and loved it – that couch was amazing,style tips rocked, and love that you are sharing your sense of humor with the rest of the world :) !!! Looking forward to next Saturday night :)

  25. Dena

    Loved it, absolutely loved it! Hard to believe that was your first show after the special. You are just fun, easy to watch. I'm so excited there are so many more episodes to come, got the DVR set! I like the way you explain your thinking behind certain choices, and you seem so confident even when they are not totally digging the first look. Love your design style, and you are an awesome host!
    Sit back and enjoy this….for at least a few minutes. You did it!

  26. coffee mug in hand

    Enjoyed the show and I feel 30 minutes is perfect and if it were an hour long it would be overkill. You seem natural and comfortable in front of the camera. The only flaw I found was that you start too many sentences with the word "so".

    The sofa redo was brilliant. Didn't love the gold chairs but that's my personal taste. So glad you rid the fireplace of those awful tiles.

  27. Emily- No cable TV at my house, so I had a design-loving friend record the show and we will watch it Wednesday afternoon and make it a party. Can't wait!

    I will be sure to comment on the hgtv site, too!


  28. The room looked amazing!! You are brilliant. I love both looks. The chandelier is amazing. I can't wait to see the next episode. And I regret even more now that you can't do shows in Pennsylvania because my dining room needs your help! :)

  29. Kate

    I also thought it felt a little rushed; they definitely need to give you a full hour next season!

    Honestly the thing that struck me the most at first was how different your voice sounded than when you were on Design Star. I couldn't figure out if it was just better sound recording or if you were just already in the process of losing your voice really early in that season.

  30. Jamie

    Should have been an hour! That's my only complaint though. I thought you were great, Emily. I love that it's about styling and not building a bunch of custom pieces. That's more relatable for the masses. Good job!

  31. arootdiggergmail.com

    You are amazing. a personal designed room and we get to learn style at the same time. Unless I google for examples I have no idea what hollywood regency is or some of those other styles. and I can't complain how I get to learn. I look forward to your next show. That night I will get to watch it twice. Last night only once.
    You all find the prettiest rooms to do also. I would have guessed she loved warm colors too, and he probably manly cave dark. After seeing a orange bedspread, you have to double check I imagine to see if your presumption is right.
    and isn't it funny what guys see as womanly or manly.
    Great start, I'll be here for the insider view too.

  32. joy

    loved it. loved you. bob and i were saying you're meant for this..and you SO are! more celebration to come soon!! xo, joy

  33. erin d

    Hi, this is my first time commenting though I've followed since you won design star! I've been so excited for the show to start, and i Loved It! I can't wait for next week, it's just really fun and inspirational. Great Job!

    I love how you show the process and the layering of styles is just brilliant, and super helpful when I think about how I want to decorate my own home. And that couch? Oh my goodness, so great.

  34. angela@bonita-interiors.com

    I think you had a great first episode but like all things you were finding your way, I am sure there is that certain ease that comes along from feeling like you kinda of know what to expect so you feel more relaxed and that always shows. Hate to sound super "hippy" but you are goin with the flow and the first episode was a terrific foundation, now I look forward to you building upon it. Keep up the great work!!!

  35. hwar

    Oh I thought it was great! I really enjoyed all the different aspects of it. I love shopping/flea market segments so I wished for more of them but I would hate to give up anything else. You were really funny and charming and the couple was so cute! And yes, that couch is totally sick. Someone is going to break in and steal that couch out of their living room after seeing the show. Nobody I can think of. Just, you know, someone. Not me or anything.

  36. tish

    cobalt blue is the hot ish :) love how relevant your designs are…yet i still feel as if the home you designed for could rock the designs for a long time. i'm cheap and normal. this kind of thing is important for us folk :)

  37. Ali

    I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is my first post. I was rooting for you on DS and I really enjoyed the show. I loved both looks, but you had me at the Hollywood Regency. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  38. Allison

    I really liked your first episode. It was my first time being exposed to your work – I don't watch much on HGTV because I think most of the "makeovers" look tacky, cheap, and uninspired. So I am surprised that the network gave your a show, LOL. That house was AMAZING architecturally to begin with, but I really loved the chandelier and the Japanese screens with the gold leaf frames (that hallway screamed for something and I am glad that you addressed it). The couch was awesome, but I wish that the fabric looked a little bit richer. I liked the white piece under the TV, but I didn't love color of it in that room. All in all, I will definitely DVR your show! I am inspired, and I definitely like your clothes too! ;D Congratulations, you won a fan with me.

  39. I loved last night's episode and you are total rockstar! I've already tivo'd the rest of the season. Can't wait! x

  40. diana

    The show was great last night! I'm excited toy find your blog, show, and look forward to more episodes. PS- the 4H stuff you did was badass.

  41. Karla

    Loved the episode. Such a difference with the ochre walls.
    Are you still collecting ideas for styles? You said that so many women want Moroccan. How about Matisse in Morocco. I love the painting View from the window, Tangier by Matisse. North African exotic, but gorgeous blues instead of muted reds. If you do a google image search on Matisse in Morocco you get some great paintings that give a different view of Morocco.

  42. bekah

    You did a great job, but seemed a tad nervous (and I'm sure as we see your 'sophmore' episodes it will fade!) your off camera moments were pretty funny, but you were crazy tapping your feet as you gave your style diagnostic, it was darling!

    Congrats, Cheers!

  43. only thing is that your show needs to be longer! haha
    i love seeing all the combos, and seriously, you need a whole half hour for your shopping trips…ahem, the rose bowl especially! i l o v e how you stop to say hey, guess what- you may think this is tacky but look again! i watched this with my boyfriend and it's really going to help me out to win some vintage scores in the future (though really, what has ever stopped me?)! haha ..and your diys are really great too!
    congratulations! i know you must be feelin' so good today and ready to do more..i know what you mean by self-critiques..i think your show was..is awesome, and i'm excited by your enthusiasm to constantly make it the best yet! hooray, emily!

  44. I died when I saw the chandelier. Ah-mazing.

    You did a wonderful job and it felt like you weren't trying to be anyone else–just you making the client happy. I too wish the show was an hour long. Can't wait for next week!!

  45. Congratulations! The show was wonderful and I can't wait for episode 2.

  46. jd

    finally, a design show on tv that i can relate to, but wait… i don't have a tv.

    are the episodes going to be viewable online?

  47. I'm so excited that the show is actually ON now! That couch was straight awesome. Can't wait to see more!

  48. Emily the show was wonderful! I've been waiting and watching ever since Design Star ended and we got to see the very first show you taped. You are set to record every episode on my DVR. I love to see how you combine styles, which is what I'm currently struggling with in my home-blending my husband's ideas of "style" with mine.

    I literally love everything I've seen you do so far, and your personality is fun, energetic and you seem like you would be one of my own friends. You are my absolute FAVORITE HGTV show and I can't wait to see more!

  49. I recorded the episode and started watching it around 1am last night (which is way past my bedtime), so I've not seen the whole thing yet, but I did get REALLY excited when I saw the (hipster engagement photo) couch getting its new life. Can't wait to finish this episode and see more and more and more. Thanks for not over-filling the room with shiny things and fresh from the box furniture (I'm looking at you, Candace Olsen…)!

  50. Lana

    I loved your show! That sofa was great. I loved the way the fireplace blended so well with the wall color and the carpet. I loved the ceiling to floor drapes, really made that side of the room. I was a little hesitant on the chairs, but when I saw the final room, wow. everything gelled. The guy's 25% is just honesty. Men do live in these spaces too. You showed true editing skill including his style and combining the two. I'll be watching next week!

  51. Denise

    Your show is such a breath of fresh air. I truly enjoy watching the process you use to style a room. I also wish your show was an hour…there is so much to learn by watching. More Emily and less House Hunters reruns!!

  52. amyks

    Thought the show was great, "quirky" is a good word for you. I, wasn't originally a fan of the gold chairs, but they work really well with the wall color and the rug. I loved that first rug, too. And the chandelier was gorgeous, it totally fir the space. Can't wait for the next episode.

  53. Shelly

    Finally watched my dvr'd episode & am going to watch it 17 more times before next week's show!! Loved it, loved it! Hooray for you, for HGTV for putting you on, and for me for getting to enjoy a fresh show!

  54. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but I am LOVING that sofa in the room! And the chairs. And the chandy. And pretty much everything. Can not wait to see it!!

  55. EvelynB

    Great first show! I thought you did a good job condensing your one hour special into just 30 minutes. I liked how you presented the prices on a few items just for reference and to give the audience an idea of how much something might cost. And the explanation of how you chose the fireplace tiles was really helpful. And that having low furniture makes things more casual and comfortable. It's these explanations that really help the styling challenged know what to look for when filling our own house. I liked that the owners were able to express to you that they felt the first look was not 'tv friendly' enough because I felt the same way, and you totally changed it around in the next look and fit what they were looking for. You really took their opinions into consideration like a true professional. I can't wait for the rest of the season!

  56. Molly

    FABULOUS episode! I was all pins and needles waiting for your show to air, and you didn't disappoint! Keep up the good work!

  57. DenisC

    Watched your first episode and LOVED every minute of it! Your really great at what you do and have such a comedic presence on screen, keep it up! I can't wait for the episodes to unfold! Bravo!

  58. Simone

    I love your design and wished (like so many others) that you had an hour time slot i get tired of the same old, same old designs from those Scandinavian and Norwegian heifers they are old news and your so vivacious and fresh i truly LOVVVVE YAA! Keep up the awesome designs !

  59. Marcy

    Loved this first episode! It was great fun to see the room develop and the changes you made with each layer. I look forward to seeing more shows!

  60. Sunny

    Want you to know I was SUPER stoked when I turned on my tivo and remembered your show was awaiting me on my recorded list. Chinese take-out + napping kids + your show = YAY! Can't wait to see what's to come.

  61. Lisa

    Emily, your show was completely fantastic! I have been so excited waiting for it to start and it did NOT disappoint! You have amazing style and as far as I'm concerned, the Genevieves and Candaces and Verns of the HGTV world had better WATCH OUT! :-) I agree that an hour would have been delightful – maybe you can show all the comments to the producers and convince them to extend! Although you're probably thinking, "an hour, are you kidding me??" Keep up the great work and I'll be rooting for you…All! The! Way! :-)

  62. jo

    i loved the show. i feel like there's finally something on hgtv that really represents the kind of style that i like and also the kind of design philosophy that i aspire to: a mix of old and new, and using things with history and character. loved it!

  63. dianebee

    I am a huge fan of yours and was anxiously awaiting the first show. I thought it was fab, but i have a couple of suggestions. Please please please do NOT show a picture of the finished rooms at the beginning of the show. i HATE when decorating shows do that. It totally spoils the surprise and all the shopping and "what if we do this" segments. Since we already SAW the finished product, we know what you pick.
    I also think that if you wear a shirt tucked into jeans you should be wearing a cute belt!

  64. Arin

    I really enjoyed the show, especially seeing you take the room from Hollywood Regency to Hollywood Country Club. It was amazing how making a few changes really personalized the room. It made me want to change things up at my home.

  65. EvelynB

    (follow up to my comment earlier) I would love to know how you may have considered using the one wingback chair that you didn't have a match for. It's more straightforward when you have two of the same chair, but how do you work in a chair that doesn't have a match but needs a mate?

  66. sonya

    Loved the first episode! really fun to watch…looking to forward to more!

  67. Lindsey

    Great show Emily. I do agree it should be a longer show. 30 minutes is just not long enough. I loved, loved, loved the look of the blue walls. It made that big beautiful window with the dark wood around them stand out. I so wasn't loving the new color, sorry. I also wish (of course if it was a hour show your could do this) talk more about how your styling and where you got everything and maybe how much you payed. Since I know your a flea market type of girl and get awesome deals. All in all can't wait to see more episodes because I love the idea of mixing different styles. Bravo!

  68. cally

    I just watched the teaser on youtube…we just cancelled cable and I'm dying! Where and when will I be able to watch your full episodes online?! please.

  69. I'm with you…that effing sofa!!! Rocks my world. (c: Keep up the kicking a$$ and taking names…(c:

  70. Michelle

    You did an amazing job. I was blown away by both looks! You are so talented!

  71. Andee

    I loved the show! I already watched it twice. Your on screen personality is completely genuine. I learned a lot from the first show and can't wait to see the next. Congratulations! (Would love to hear about the side tables/lamps in the final room.)

  72. Rosie

    I've been looking forward to this show ever since I saw the first episode of Design Star. After I saw your white box challenge I thought, "This girl could totally be my friend" (I hope that doesn't come across as creepy, I just mean you're relate-able and personable) and second "She has a really cool style" – you were my favorite from day one. So I was so happy when you won and was even more excited when your first episode aired!

    - Your style is awesome! I loved both versions of the room.
    - I love that you use vintage and used items. I feel more like, "Hey, I could do that!" Because I can afford a $50 chair, but not a $1,000 one.
    - I'm a graphic designer, and I have to say I really liked the way the reveal pictures were layered (sort of stop motion-y) with the little "tags" on the different pieces in the room. I think it helps set your show apart from other shows.
    - I liked the way the show was structured. With 10 minutes left in the show and the room looking complete, my husband and I were both wondering "What else can there be in the show?" But with having the second style, it's almost like having 2 shows in one. Gives me a lot more ideas than just one reveal would.

    Positive Criticism:
    - You seemed nervous and seemed to rush through what you were saying! To build upon what everyone else has said though, it's hard to do that show in 30 minutes it seems, and it was your first show so it's ok to be nervous.
    - I like the style diagnostic, but I wish there were maybe more graphics/visuals going on? It just seemed a bit lacking somehow? Maybe, for example, I think it would be nice to show some examples of rooms that style, instead of furniture. On the flip side to that point, that might be hard to find for some styles if they're a mish-mash of other styles.
    - I wish the layering was explained or defined a bit more. Like here are the layer 1 pieces, here are the layer 2 pieces. I know the different pieces are mentioned, but maybe for the final reveal it could be cool to highlight the two different layers, so we can see the key pieces that move the room toward one style or another. I know it was said, I just wish it was pushed to the forefront a bit more.

    Awesome episode though, can't wait for the next!

  73. Wow! Love your style and work…I miss Domino magazine dearly and your fresh mixes satisfy that niche needing to be filled BUT we don't have television in our house. Normally I don't miss it and honestly HGTV starting being so many real estate based shows I was losing interest. Seeing your style makes me miss TV though…and I still miss Sarah Richardson's shows too.
    We built our house, Birch Hill, in the country over a year ago now. It was on a $500 000 budget with goals of being as eco and family friendly as possible. We did it and I am working on an ebook of tips and tales called "Building Birch Hill" but the budget didn't allow for any decorating besides the basics and some thrifty finds combined with the pieces we had collected over the years. Anyways if you are ever looking for a project I think you'd like the fresh open palatte our house allows. http://snickerdoodles.typepad.com/snickerdoodle_life/2010/06/big-action-in-my-bedroom.html
    This post shows our horrible bedroom and the main family space downstairs.

    Good luck, you are doing so well and should be proud to offer some new style to HGTV.



  74. I loved the episode, Emily! You are a natural in front of the camera and so funny! Can't wait to see what's coming in future episodes.

  75. JJ

    i don't have hgtv on my cable anymore but i just watched the show online. great show and awesome room. can't wait to see more.

  76. TN

    Where did you get your aqua blue blouse (with magenta flowers) from? I'm in love with it!!

  77. vb

    Great job Emily love the chandlier where can i get one?

  78. Nicki

    I haven't watched any of your shows yet, I saw you on design star but don't remember it much now. I keep seeing the commercial for your show, one in particular, the one where you mistakenly said it's not rocket surgery, nor is it rocket science. It's brain surgery…or rocket science. I am wondering why they are still using that commercial, it doesn't make you appear very professional. Some of these responses seem light-hearted about this and maybe other quirky one-liners but I'm one to always take myself and everything too serious. Just one person's perception.

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