Dorm Room Round Up: Brights

Dorm Room Decor Round Up

Future so bright you gotta wear shades, folks. While I loved the first ‘black and white’ dorm round up that Abby did, I think my 18-year-old self is more attracted to these crazy bright colors (as we all know I love me some bright colors). In fact, one of my most favorite comments from My Living Room post was someone who said, ‘It looks like SpongeBob SquarePants designed this room,’ which makes me laugh every time, although I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the commenters intention. It has since become a joke that we reference constantly around here with ‘that rug doesn’t quite feel SpongeBob enough for me’ or ‘that’s so much more RugRats than SpongeBob,’ etc. Although the joke is on me because I have slowly removed the yellow from my living room and that can’t be an accident.

ANYWAY. I love bright colors, so if I were a dorm room I would probably lean this way. Thanks, Abby, for pulling this post together.

Brights Dorm Room Round Up Part 2
1.  Tinted Jewelry Box $49, 2. Color Block hour Glasses $10-24, 3. Neon Cord Task Lamp $14.99, 4. Hot Pink Storage Bins $23.99, 5. Lime Green Push Pins $5, 6. Magical Thinking Prism Pillow $44


Brights Dorm Room Round Up

7. Velvet Tassel Pillows $68-78, 8. Ski Slopes by Kristen Endsley $127, 9. Neon Chord Lamp $17.95, 10.Wide Angle 35mm Camera $35, 11. Transparent Storage Containers $24, 12. Graphic Notebook $8, 13. Bright Metal Desk $39.95

Get your decorate on, friends. That dorm room ain’t going to decorate itself and how else are you going to throw your Juan Pablo ‘Bachelor’ parties? You best start preparing now, for January comes ’round real fast.


  1. Rebekah

    I cannot imagine a scenario in which my college roommates and I would have dropped $127 on a painting for our dorm. That said, I LOVE all that color. If only I had been this cool in college…

    • Emily

      Yeah, me to :) There are some things that are more ‘aspirational’ i suppose. :)

  2. Molly

    Re: the comment about Sponge Bob and you slowly removing the yellow from your living room… I know you’ve said that you are constantly restyling, so I’m sure it still looks incredibly enviable, but shame that comment subtly changed your perspective. I for one, really liked the cheery hits of yellow. There really weren’t that many, but what was there was very sunny.
    Always looking forward to your next reveal! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  3. We LOVE brights, and this is such a great round up! Rebekah’s comment above hits home with us – we have an entire line of Art Wall Decal Posters that are perfect for dorms. No wall damage, plus they start at $17. Artists like Misha Maynerick Blaise, Melissa Loop, Alexandre Soma, and Jessica Swift (just to name a few!) have bright collections that would fit perfectly with your round up:

  4. All I had in my dorm room back in the day were awful posters of bands I (thankfully) don’t listen to anymore! Love these colours – pillows are gorgeous & that artwork would be stunning in an office :)

  5. Suz

    Love this! Especially like it when you share resources & prices.

  6. I’m glad you could turn the Spongebob comment into a funny joke, but “boo” to mean people. Color haters are lame. :)

  7. I love those tasseled pillows! The link takes me to the prism pillows, though. Are they UO too?

  8. Emily I love these colour combos! And as a reader from Australia, I am always amazed at how reasonably priced items are in America. Ah….to be able to shop there and not pay the huge prices we pay here for the same things!

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