Design Star, Episode 7.

I dunno.  When i watched this episode i thought that some things were good,  but now as i’m looking at the pictures i have some worries, and i’m just generally…unexcited.  Yes, thats a good word for it. Here’s what i’m trying to constantly remind myself of:  a. their individual stregnths and b. the shopping constraints. 

So here we are:

Mark, Meg, Karl, Tanika, Kellie, Leslie and Kevin.

The challenge: a whole house, divided up by rooms – and they each get their own room.  They are all on their own, yes!

Karl got the master bedroom: (before)

And here is what he did:

Drastically better.   I love the West Elm bedding, and those side tables are cute, too.  The taupe/blue color palette is fine, and the chandy works.

I have never and will never be a ‘basket on the wall’ kind of girl, but its also very very hard to fill the wall space on TV, so i don’t hate them.

I like the stool but hate that chaise.  Ultimately without West Elm, this room would be way too ‘contemporary’ for me.  And by contemporary i mean stuff that is out on the shelves in stores right now that barely references any past styles or any global styles.  It’s the stuff that dudes love, dark woods, dark leathers with top-seams and sleek lines, just overall so personality-less.  Like the bench at the end of the bed. 

The headboard he made was good, the lamps work and the side tables are cute.  Overall, it feels very catalogue to me, BUT it is probably exactly what the homeowners want and its the most pulled together, with the fewest red flags.  I like Karl on camera.  He is very personal and engaging and just overall adorable.  I just think style-wise we speak different languages.  ‘Contemporary’ is the style i like the least. It’s the style that gets dated the fastest in my opinion.

Alright here is Kellie’s kids room before. She had the little boy who wanted a ‘locker room themed room with bunk beds’.  And here is the after:

I like her 10 million times more than i like this room.  Yes, i remember that these challenges are hard, but man that rug on the angle, the drapery thats hung short, and the fact that the kid is going to absolutely fall off his bed on night number one, all make me sad.  I see her thought process – she didn’t want to do anything too literal for the boy – nothing that would be too juvenile in a couple years, but this is no ‘locker room bunk bed’ room.

It’s totally underwhelming. 

This is a cute idea, though.

It’s kind of a disaster, even though she is pretty adorable.  It’s too bad because kids rooms can be super fun because you can go out there a little more than adult spaces. 

Below is Kevin’s ‘before’ living room:

And here is what he did:

And over here:

And he turned it into this:

The room does look pulled together.  I don’t mind that he painted the brick, but that mantle is totally Mr. McDinkersons.  So small, but i think he knew it..he was desperate.  The coffee table in front of the fireplace is weird, all the accessories, excpet the West Elm stuff, was meh.  On TV, it looked pulled together, but when you stare at the pictures i realize there is nothing I really want to take home with me. 

Instead, Kevin went home.  I’m sure he’s hilarious, but i was a little ready. 

Here is Leslie’s kids room, ‘before':

And here is waht she did:

Its pretty unfortunate.  It looks messy, accidental and the judges were right – not very ‘kid’.

The gigham drapery is cute, though.  The rest of it looks like every kid bedroom in america – just kinda messy and accidental.

I don’t want to rake this across the coals.  I just didn’t like it one bit and clearly she didn’t either, and that is the worst feeling, knowing that you are going to dissapoint not only yourself but the homeowner.  Ick.

I didn’t mind the closet doors, though.  There, i said something kinda positive.  Poor Leslie had to go home. It was her time.

Next Up? Mark.

Here is his ‘before’ dining room.   And here is the after:

Much, much better, but i’m pretty over him using so much reclaimed wood.  In fact i’m over everyone in the world using reclaimed wood so much.  BUT, i think that this room is more successful than a lot of others.  His slab table will be coveted.  i just don’t know why the wood starts and stops over there.  God, i’m being so negative, i just feel a little  ‘meh’ about the whole thing. I feel like we’ve seen the raw edge table three times in the kitchen challenge.

That wood partition that seperated the dining room from the living room was smart.  And I think a lot of people would totally want this.  I like him.  Here’s the rest of the before and afters:


I have no idea what is happening on the floor with those rugs.  I think i might like the leather ottomon, though.  Super simple, low and looks high quality.  I can’t believe they take the ‘before’ photos with more natural light than the ‘afters’. I’m sure its a timing thing, but my god, its not doing these rooms any favors.

I don’t mind this record wall.  Whatever.

I hate to rake Mark across the coals because i do like him, but that side table on an angle, the styling of the coffee table and the rug pushed up against the sofa are all three major problems for me.  I’m asssuming they didn’t have access to good rugs (although they did get to go to West Elm) because those two next to eachother aren’t exactly working for me.  BUT, maybe they took this picture before he finished.  Regardless, i still like him and this room made the home-owners really happy.  Just not me.

Lastly Meg.  She had the foyer area. Before:


All the furniture is tasteful, it just looks super unfinished.  And generally unexciting.

Here’s the sitting area upstairs before:

And after:

And the other side, before:

And after:

I mean, nothing happened. She must have spendt her time shopping and didn’t find what she needed.  I don’t mind her lantern wall, It’s very Pottery Barn, but its fine.  I like that ottomon, and her paint choice and huge pendant light was good.  But where did the time and money go?

I liked Meg on the camera challenge, though.  She’s comfortable and likeable and seems like she genuinely wants to win this thing. 

But overall, there was really nothing in this house that i wanted in my own except for the West Elm accessories.  I don’t know if they didn’t have the proper resources or what.  Mark and Karl definitely did the best and Leslie and Kevin failed on both the design and the camera challenges, so Kellie and Meg remained safe because i think ultimately the judges kinda like them.

Sorry this post is so boring.  I leave for New York in 6 hours on an early flight, my computer is broken (being fixed) and i can’t seem to blog from my ipad because squarespace is at times very user unfriendly, so i’m trying to squeeze some posts in, otherwise no bloggity blog for me and you the next few days. 

I know i’ve been phoning it in lately and i’m so sorry….the Holiday special totally killed me time-wise, then i went to Portland to see my family/get away where i didn’t have wi-fi at my brothers house, then i broke my computer the day before i came home.  Starting next week i will be back at it, full content, daily with pretty pics and some, oh i don’t know, maybe even some personality.  These designs bored me, my blog is boring me, even bearcat is just sitting here yawning, so i guess its all appropriate. 

Back to the post….who do you guys want to win right now? We are down to Mark, Kellie, Meg and Karl. 

Who do you think will be crowned DS 6?

  1. Susan

    Hey – Mark didn't win this challenge, Karl did. Details, details, details….

    I want Karl to win it, I like his work and I like him on camera. I really liked the bedroom. I agree, vintage accessories would have added so much, but I don't think they had that option, or the time to rework vintage the way you do on your show.

    Mark is very charming and self-assured on camera, but the wood wall in every room and one WOW project in every room is boring me. And I'm not sure that he has anything else going on. The homeowner wanted an elegant DR, and I don't think she got it, although the table is a WOW. I didn't understand the partial wood wall at the far end of the room, and the accessories were dreadful. The homeowners wanted a jazz club/lounge in their LR, but I think Mark took "lounge" literally, so he bought family room sink-into-it-and-lounge-dammit furniture instead of sophisticated pieces that would allow the homeowners to sit upright and carry on a conversation.

  2. BarbaraW

    I just so delighted to see honest-to-God wood after seeing so many designers hide it under layers of paint that I think I'd watch Mark make all wood, all the time rooms for year before I got tired of it. Then again, my favorite dorm room was faced in red brick inside with black floors. Everyone else thought it was too dark. I felt like I was living in a cozy hearth. I love natural textures. I became Jennifer's season 3 enemy the second she painted that gorgeous wood table. ;p I'd kill for that dining room. Of course, it's bigger than my entire apartment, but hey. ;p

    Kevin's camera challenge killed him. The room wasn't awful.

  3. Wow – this episode hurt my heart a little (a lot). I am by no means a designer like the talented Ms. Emily, but those room changes are underwhelming to put it nicely. I can imagine it is super hard to do in this situation…but wow. Mark's room is the only stand out to me….The kids rooms were really unfortunate.

    OK I am not a negative person AT ALL. So I will end this comment with the fact that I absolutely love Secrets from a Stylist. Happy thoughts :)

  4. Erin

    I think you summed up the episode correctly….BORING! I can not get into any of the designers still which is sad as we are down to just 4. I was kinda glad for the double elimination I must say. Kevin definitely needed to go and even though I semi liked Leslie it was time. Everyone's designs were boring and rushed. They all seemed confused most of the time. Oh well hopefully next weeks episode will be better.

    Sucks about spilling something on your laptop. Hopefully Apple gets it up an running soon :) Have a blast in New York. Slightly jealous :)

  5. lemurlassy

    I am thinking it will be Karl and Meg. At least I hope so. Am not excited to watch a show with Kellie – AT ALL. Very sad about Leslie. I really wanted her to step up to the plate.

  6. Lucy

    Well thank goodness they were able to shop at West Elm but it looks like the rest of the furniture was purchased at Sears which contributed greatly to the ho hum look. I have to agree that Kevin and Leslie needed to go, it was actually painful to watch their camera challenges. I'm still thinking that the final two will be Mark and Kellie (in keeping with DS"s pattern of man-woman finalists) with Mark the ultimate winner. Remember how you said when this season started that the winner be be probably be someone not like you? Well, Mark's style is very much not like yours (but then again I don't think any of them are). Anyway, enjoy your time in NYC and don't apologize for being boring. It's hard to get excited about something that clearly is not that exciting.

  7. kate

    I'm hoping Kellie will turn it around here next week and show us something fun and amazing. I like her so much and would totally watch her show. I think the only one left who's show I wouldn't watch is Meg. She kind of annoys me, and I've been unimpressed with her design. I think Mark's show would be good, and probably different from anything else on HGTV, as long as he shows us that he can do other creative things besides all the wood stuff. And Karl, well, I like him, but I don't think he's gonna win. I don't know that he'll ever pull out the camera challenges, unfortunately.

  8. Emily,

    I LOVE your DS posts every week! They are quickly becoming a highlight for me each week. :)

    I totally agree with everything you said about each designer and room. I love watching the show, forming my own opinions during the show, then hearing what the judges say. Then, the best part is to hear what you say afterward! I love the judges, and was a Trading Spaces junkie for YEARS, but I am starting to value your opinion of this show far more than the judges opinions. I'll be cringing about a design, then the judges will give opposite feedback from what I'm thinking, but then you validate that I'm not crazy by disagreeing with the judges. You've got a great eye.

    Anyway, I don't comment much (this is my first one) but I want you to know that I love your blog and your style! Thanks for blogging!

    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  9. I don't know who will win…honestly all I keep thinking as I watch is that none of these people are even close to as good as you are and I don't know if I'd want to watch their shows if they do win… but maybe things will improve. It does seem hard what they have to do…but isn't it also hard what you have to do…week after week?

  10. I just can't seem to picture any of these people in their own show yet. Your season had several designers that I could see hosting his/her own show because of their personalities, but no one really jumps out at me so far.

    This season has been pretty underwhelming both through design and through host potential. Doesn't bode well for whoever wins I think, since the point of the show is to get you excited about the winner's series.

    Should be interesting to see the results! I definitely don't think you have anything to be worried about as far as competition, that's for sure…

  11. Victoria

    Sooooo boring…it's sad. Each of the remaining designers have had some decent moments, but overall, there has not been a single major WOW on this season. At this point I have NO idea who will win, I am not really voting for anyone at this point. I think Mark has got the most original ideas, plus he's cute, and comes across well on camera.

    I am curious as to what the criteria is for being accepted on the show. Previous episodes have had some truly FANTASTIC designs. Sadly, this current season does not contain an Emily, David or Antonio.

  12. Lauren

    After this episode, I honestly can't believe that one of these designers is going to have their own show. None of them are worthy. I like Karl, but he did not impress me at all this week. He was just the best of the worst.

  13. Debra

    Emily, you need to be crowned the winner for DS 6.

  14. ugh. they finally were able to design a room on their own and produce diddily squat. though their resources may have been limited, they got to go to west elm–they should have purchased almost everything there and things would have looked a lot better. sure, maybe a little catalog-y, but still better. those poor kids….

  15. Gail

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember during your season, every week they announced that the winner was going to get an "online show". Then closer to the end they started saying "TV show". I guess they decided that they had some designers that were TV worthy. This year they should start saying "online show" because I don't hear anyone saying that they want to watch any of them. It's really hard to believe that with all of the people who audition for this, these are the best.

  16. Erica

    I have also been less than thrilled with this year's contestants, but I also can't remember what I thought of last year's at this point. Will anyone shine like you did in the final episodes? When did you really start to stand out? I can't remember, but I hope we start to see some interesting and cohesive designs soon.

    I think Mark is my favorite thus far, but I wish he would quit it with the wood walls. I was actually considering a reclaimed wood wall in my bedroom before watching this season of the show. Now I feel like it will be too trendy and look silly in a few years.

    What are you going to be doing in NY? Will you be able to post shopping tips when you get back? And will you ever do a season of your show in the city?! I need help!

  17. Boy – I totally respect your skills and your amazing design abilities but you are definitely being harsh in your last few posts about Design Star. I agree with you that I don't think the rooms are great, but I feel like I am reading what the "prom queen" is saying about the her high school court. I was hoping since you have been through the experience, you might be able to provide some perspective on the situation and also what you think they could do to jazz up their designs. All I am hearing is that you don't like it — and you know — most of America doesn't like it either probably.

  18. LH

    I completely agree. The four designers who are left are very watchable personality-wise, but none of them are doing it for me design-wise. Kevin sometimes did interesting things and I really did enjoy seeing what Tyler would come up with, unfortunately, they had their issues with the camera. Leslie seems like such a crazy, funny person that I wish she would have pulled it together. Right now, there's no one who interests me enough to watch past the finale. To me, Karl & Mark have the most potential, simply because I think that if they had the time, they'd be doing more neat DIY & built elements. I like that both of them seem more hands on than Meg or Kelly, but they're not impressing me with their styling. Mark has some neat repurposed things in his portfolio, which excites me. However, all the remaining contestants are a bit too mainstream catalog for my taste. I like eclectic.

  19. LH

    @ CourtneyOutLoud – Are you reading the same commentaries that I am? Because I've seen Emily give quite a bit of perspective each week on how the competition is difficult, the constraints they have, excusing bad execution & choices due to those constraints, saying what she likes, as well as what she's not personally enjoying. The snarky analogy was uncalled for imo.

  20. I just get so tired of thing not being functional. Like the white chaise in the bedroom- can you imagine sitting on it in your jammies? It will either be super cold, or you'll stick to it and have to peel yourself off. If you ask me, mirrored side tables in a house with young kids is punishment, not good design. And the kid's rooms didn't even look safe or age appropriate (Leslie!) I couldn't believe she didn't get lockers, or have them built. It would have been SO EASY.

    Loved Karl's windows, though. Love how he hung the draperies and loved the paneling at the bottom.

    It was just SO MUCH potential- wasted.

  21. Megan

    I have to admit, I wasn't on the HGTV bandwagon until my sis told me about your show. So I didn't get to watch your season of DS. I have no background on the show so from my perspective the results of these challenges are so weak. I hate to say bad things because they all seem so nice (since Kathy was booted) but I expect the work to be getting better and better each week and it's not. I keep wishing they would just give them more time so the results will be more impressive – I'm sure they feel the same way!

    PS> I wish your show would repeat the way so many other do on HGTV – and I wish the current season was On Demand. If I miss it I want to kick myself and even if I catch it – I want to watch again! Can you tell the peeps over there to give us more?

  22. Wendy

    Kellie or Mark will win. Kids rooms were horrible. I couldnt believe the entry way. you are so right. How were Mark and Meg even on the same time frame?? Mark's walls in the living room are so blue and not good. I like the wood wall and the dining room part.

    Love love your show because it is your show. It has a formula but it is so not typical. Please tell them to get rid of the cheesy voice over girl though. We like you because you have a quirky quality. I want to hear you tell us what you did not Vana White! My daughters and I love your show. Makes us all want to grow up and be designers. you the bomb!

  23. Victoria

    Re: Meg…..The entire time I was watching, I was wondering what she had been doing with her time? It's like she got lost or something, because it literally looked as if she did next to nothing!

    Re: Emilys negative comments – I am with her! She has been giving great positive feedback, but I think we are all in the same boat at this point – just bored and tired of not seeing anything spectacular.

  24. Mary

    I don't think Emily is being too negative, just speaking her mind and coming from someone who has been through this, I for one, appreciate her insights – especially when her opinions mirror my own. As someone who has watched Design Start every season, and I've picked the winners in my mind each season correctly before they were named and I don't see any of these remaining four as being someone I want to watch each week. I'm not feeling their personalities, or seeing their "design starriness". I woud think by now, I would have a better feeling for each one and could see one of them on a show, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next shows.

  25. Linda

    Just thought to look for a blog by you. Love your style your wit. You are unique in a good way. I am not sure I like the new format of the show I guess it is too exhausting an costly to redo the same room twice. I have saved all you episodes and watch them over and over for the interesting combos with the accessories. I have loved design since I was able to move furniture by myself. It is good you took a leap and became a star.

    What is it with the cheesy narrator on your show. Is this a change or did I just notice. You are funny you should do your own intro. Just my opinion.

  26. Dear Emily,
    You broke your computer AGAIN!?! I think I'm going to start holding it for you every night and force you to check it out every time you want to use it. Also, stop going to New York and come back and hang out with me immediately.
    Your Assistant

  27. Wiggs

    Don't berate yourself for "phoning it in" РI'd rather hear your honest opinion about this stuff than have you faking excitement over a pretty blas̩ season, you know? It's strange, I'm just not getting a whole lotta style from any of the designers except for Mark. Maybe he would have a show about log cabins. In your season, there were a number of who with very easy-to-identify design perspectives, and it was fun to see how you adapted those perspectives in the challenges. Do you think they're giving the designers more time for their challenges this season? Maybe tougher time limits force people to focus only on what they do best.

    Either way, at least we can rely on SFAS for excitement, even if DS gets a little ho-hum.

  28. anon

    There were, and still are, a ton of spelling and grammar errors on this post.

  29. Candida

    Kevin clearly wasn't ready to host a design show, but despite his lackluster work his "kitsch" concept sounded the most watchable. None of these guys have strong TV personalities and I don't see any concept that will distinguish their shows from much of the network's more blah fare. Meh is right.

  30. Sunny

    I like Meg & Karl the most. Wish THEY could host a show together. Their two halves would make a nice whole.

    I think Mark is sorta one-note–not sure that he could bring it to his own show.

    Kevin was driving me insane.

    I prefer Leslie over Kellie, however. Kellie's crocodile tears really aren't workin' for me. She cries if she's *happy* or *sad*. Feels very manipulative. Thought she was arrogant to overrule what the kid wanted in his room. She supposed to be a designer, not his mother. The bed was downright dangerous. Ridiculous choice for someone who has her own children.

  31. Chana

    I havent made any comments on your blog before, but I am a very big follower of yours. I watch your show on hgtv every week and love it every week. I cant even delete the episodes I watch because I keep re watching them to I can copy what you do- after a couple of weeks my husband makes me delete them because we start running out of room on our dvr :) Im a student at the art institute majoring in interior design and I really admire you.
    I love your posts every week on design star… and sadly I do agree with you. The designers are uninspiring this season and its making me sad, I really look forward to this show when it starts in the summer.
    I loved your season last summer! and I will never forget your last challenge with the glass box challenge. IT WAS AMAZING. I love your style i love how you bring someones personality to a room.
    i dont think mark will win design star because no one wants to see a show called "how to design an interior with only the bark of a tree"
    karls designs are nice but there lacks a lot of warmth so i wouldnt want to see him win, for me its between kellie and meg. I think theyre good designers but are not good with the restraints and arent showing their best work.

    You make me smile Emily, cant wait to see your next episode

  32. perfidia

    First, I'm with Milehimama…I want to see something functional!!! I don't know why Kellie is even there anymore, and that kids' room screams "FEMA trailer." I'm on the fence about Mark now because he doesn't have an eye for pulling things together. He does a good vignette, but that does not a room make. Meg seems to have peaked too early, but she definitely has design skills (although this week she didn't bring them). I hope she rallies. I don't dislike Karl, and hope to see more from him as well.

  33. Liz

    Uggggghhhh, I'm frustrated with this season. I just feel sorry for the homeowners. Kellie not doing lockers OR bunk bed — not cool. By this time last season, I was on team Emily, but at this point, I don't think any of them are coming up with designs making them worthy of their own show. Mark's was ok, but I'm really sick of the wood thing. In general he's pretty creative and fairly tasteful. Karl's was nice, but contemporary is so un-designerly (new word, ha!) to me. At least Karl actually listened to what the homeowners wanted, and he has such a cute personality. I like that he's shy with the camera. Last but not least, since everyone designed their own room, the whole house looked really schizophrenic.

  34. Amazingly, with Cathy gone, the show has turned… rather boring.

    I agree that this week's designs were just kind of uninspiring. As much as I would love to have Mark's dining room, I've had enough of seeing wood everywhere in his designs. Meg can do so much better but this week she just fell apart. Karl's room is kind of pretty but it looks too cool for me – but I like my bedrooms to have warm colors, so that's just me. Leslie… I don't know what to say about her room. It was just not age-appropriate for that two year old boy. Kevin just needed to go. His room was kind of okay, but his personality just keeps annoying me – and I really hated how he just talked over the homeowners during his camera challenge. I mean, it's exactly what David told all of them not to do! As for Kellie, I understand where she was going with not interpreting 'locker room' too literally – but her designs were really too far out for the boy to appreciate. I agree with the judges when they said that her job is to make sure that the design doesn't look dated, not to decide that the design will be dated.

    Interestingly enough, when they scanned through Kellie's room, the first thing I thought of was: Rug on an angle!! Emily is going to HATE that so much.

    One more thing that I remember thinking… when the homeowner said something about having records, I was hoping SO MUCH that there wasn't going to be a record wall, because while that's pretty, it's so overdone. I guess as a homeowner you might hope that the designer puts that in, but I would also like to be surprised by something unique and refreshing. And we know Mark can do that since he does spotlight moments all the time (like the skateboard rigging he did last week, and the ropes a few weeks ago). When Mark mentioned the record wall, my heart sank.

    This time last year the designs were starting to get really good and edgy and all the competitors' personalities were evident. This year… the remaining designers are pleasant, but that's all. Just pleasant. I hope they surprise me next week!

  35. Kara

    I wasn't overly excited when DS began this season and now I'm even less impressed.

    HGTV – give me more of Emily's show. :)

  36. elz

    Why are all these designers afraid of color? With the exception of the blue living room (the wrong color for that room, in my opinion). All of these rooms are comepletely Blah. Nothing exciting, even in the kids' room. I don't have a favorite like I did your season (you!) or David's (him). If I were the homeowners, I'd demand that you, David, and Antonio come back and show these kids how it's done. That said, I think Karl and Mark have the most possibility as design hosts, so I pick one of them to win it.

  37. Stuart

    I believe the chandelier that Karl put in the Master bedroom is from a company called Uttermost. Not one of my favorites from that company, but still a nice light.

  38. Maggie O

    I'm relieved Kevin is done.

    Karl was the only one who really listened to the homeowners – that was a relief too. I think it was a successful room – maybe not my taste, but so what – it's for those homeowners, not me.

    There was nothing loungey, dark jazz club to Mark's design to me. One of those wood coffee tables with metal wheels? What? Why didn't he use the album covers instead of the records? Too much wood, not enough reflective surfaces (look at all the glass the homeowner had in her original dining room glass case – she didn't have wood in there, she had glass). I love wood. But all this wood did not make sense. Dark. Jazz. Lounge. Hello.

    Meg was on the right track. Too bad it was unfinished. But there was an adequate base. She is still intriguing to me.

    I'm sad Leslie is done. I really liked her. She wasn't really on the right track though.

    I was so horrified at what Kellie did in that boy's room. He asked for a bunk bed and lockers. If she wanted to be creative, do the literal bunk bed and locker and THEN change it up. She was handed the foundation, she could have built it any way she wanted to. Instead there were those sad wooden crates on the wall. So so so sad. I used to like her, but her choices were weird. And the space under the bed was a cute idea, but I think it was almost too small for the kid. I just pictured him hunched over under there, looking at the latern, thinking "where is my locker? Why can't I have a real bed?" I'm still cringing. Make it stop.

    Also, Dear Orlando,

    I love your blog – god, you are funny. And stylish. I loved that the pompadour post had the guy from "A SIngle Man", Janelle Monae AND La Roux. And I loved that your post on bookshelves showed shelves with real books and only books, spine out even! Plus everything looks pretty. Thank you for writing.

  39. kj

    I have zero design experience and could have done better than nearly every one of the designers on this challenge. The rooms were just awful. i would have been one disappointed homeowner. I have to go with Karl, I guess, even though his style is too contemporary for me, too.

  40. Maggie O

    I just looked up Kellie's blog. Evidently, there were no lockers available and just 80s style bunk beds. She realizes she should have had the carpenter make lockers. Evidently, she apologized to the owners, and Mason now has a bunk bed and lockers. I realize this was a classic-edited-reality TV show.

    I kind of wish Design Star could be more just design show and less reality TV – I don't know if reality TV mixes with creativity. Could there be a competition without reality TV?

  41. Kathy G.

    I usually love Design Star but this season is a "turn off for me", literally, I turn the TV off before the show ends.
    Meg, Mark and Kevin, I think will be the final three. Remember the past winner, Kim Myles? She was cute but her talent was limited and that's how I feel about this season. I hope they step it up!

  42. Liz

    @Maggie O: I could not agree with you more about the reality TV aspect!

  43. kwankwun

    oh~ I feel bad for the owner of this house…. If I finally got a chance to get on HGTV, and my house become like this, I will feel really SAD…….

  44. Andee

    Kelly and Mark would make such a cute design team. I think they should do a show together.

  45. Bill

    It was Kellie's time to go. She whole design idea was "how do I not give them what they want". Designer fail.

  46. Almost everything you've said here, I said to my husband– except I was way harsher on Mark– I hated that room. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought Karl's room wasn't that great and that the wood thing with Mark is so overdone. How come they got all over contestants last season for being "One trick ponies" and haven't mentioned that with Mark? Are they playing favorites or what?

  47. Bethany P.

    The season itself is boring me. I don't feel like there's anyone who is the whole package… Likeable, will teach me something I'll actually use, and wows me… Yeah, nope. No one is there. What a bummer. I look my forward to my DVR'ed Secrets and Home by Novogratz for my wows of the week.

  48. I was SUPER underwhelmed with this challenge, and I am finding myself questioning week-to-week where the talent of the designers is hiding. I think it's Kelli's time to go. Kellie is good at buying things, not designing things. Meg is great and I would watch a show hosted by her. But I am glad to see Kevin and Leslie go. I think Kevin was was, way too much for TV and I think his time was up several episodes ago.

  49. LincyChaseFan

    I totally loved Kellie's reaction when the HGTV'd truck pulled up! I guess I probably would've jumped up and down, excitedly, too. I'm really glad both Kellie and Mark are safe this week! I hope they're the last two, but if that happens I'm not sure which one I'd be cheering for… Oh, I feel SO bad, I missed this last Saturday's Secrets from a Stylist episode! I bet it was good… I can't believe I missed it! Oh, man… Sorry, Emily! I promise to watch the next one though! ~Lincy ;)

  50. LincyChaseFan

    (@Andee) I'm TOTALLY with you! Yes, absolutely! Kellie and Mark should do a show together! I would SO watch if HGTV did that! ~Lincy :D

  51. BarbaraW

    The problem with Kellie saying on her blog that she couldn't get suitable bunkbeds is that she's on camera walking in front of a row of perfectly suitable bunk beds. Does she really think the kid, who was born after the turn of the Millennium, is going to, "Oh, dear, those are so passé!" (When I was a kid, most of our furniture had been kicking around various parts of the families for several generations, and what was left was the absolute cheapest stuff available… I don't ever recall saying, "Oh, mummy dear, our furniture is so very OLD!" And of course, I grew up with taste for old furniture. Which may be why I like Mark best–we always had a lot of wooden stuff in the house, and my mom still has the old wooden leaf table that her grandfather's grandmother had owned for the boarding house she ran…) She could always jazz them up once they got there.

  52. skip

    I am so so sorry that this is what you have to work with…..
    no coherency no class no way they are squandering their budgets

  53. cindy

    I just popped over to your blog for the first time from Pinterest. I have never seen this show and don't think I ever will based on these examples!. Holy cow, I cannot believe that any of these people consider themselves designers! Every room lacked interest, symmetry and style. The house they were given was tacky as well so it made it worse.

    Can't wait for the next Million Dollar Decorators, that was fun to watch and hopefully next time we will see even more design. All these "designers" would do well to study up on each of the very talented "million dollar"ones!

  54. I've also been totally bored with this season. I watched it, but its not memorable. I don't think I would watch any of their shows.

  55. Most parent want their children together, as a solution they prefer bunk beds for their kids. Bunk beds are just right for small room, and it is attractive to kids. But, there are things to remember in using bunk beds to avoid injuries.

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