Cover girl, HGTV magazine.

YES!!! I’m proud to announce that  I scored a spot on the front of the HGTV magazine this month:

They don’t really put people on the cover as the ‘cover shot’, so to get to be a person on the cover means they like me.  And i like them, so that works out to be a wonderful, nay PERFECT relationship.  Thank you thank you. thank you

Inside is my living room (before i moved….which makes me miss it…although i can’t wait to also share my new one).

I’m soooo thankful and grateful because they have a HUGE readership and to have your house in a magazine (not a clients, not just your writing, but a space that totally represents you) is priceless.


That’s me, folks, shot by Victoria Pearson.  A real live spread in a PRINTED magazine, which is of course more rare and more rare these days.  It’s a total honor and pleasure and i couldn’t wait for it to come out.

It’s VERY, VERY hard to look at your own space objectively, but every time I look at this space i’m all, ‘Yep, thats totally me’. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment to myself an insult or just a statement, but i gravitate towards that room (literally, physically and figuratively) and yes, i love it.  I just makes me happy. Its the perfect combination of styles (‘Crazy English Grandma meets 70’s Palm Springs).

So where is everything from?

1. The amazing vintage velvet sofa – From The good Mod in Portland Oregon for $700 (yes he gave me a deal, it was originally $900…still a total score). I love it dearly. Its so deep and comfortable (probably because its 40 years old). I was totally nauseous when i bought it because i’d never spent that much before on one thing in my life (including a car and wedding dress….combined) but i’m so glad i pulled the trigger.  It is exactly what my person wants to sit on and look at.  Me, being ‘my person’.

2. The Rug – from RUGS USA. It’s the Plymouth Marfil pattern in navy and ivory, 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ (closest to an 8×10). It’s originally $819 but 35% off right now.  I totally love it.  It’s super plush and soft. It did shed for about 6 months, though, so don’t be surprised. It’s stopped now.  Link HERE. 

3. The leather chair – i found a pair of these in Salt Lake this year for $900 for the pair and had them shipped out. They are perfection in a chair – comfortable, 70’s, beautiful caramel leather, amazing rosewood and a steal at $450 each.

4. The graphic blue pillow on the sofa – Lands’ End. I don’t think its still available but they have the most adorable nautical ones right now, link HERE.  

5. Brass coffee table – from one of my favorite vintage dealers on Lankershim blvd in the valley. I think i paid $450, but it might have been $400. I forget. Doesn’t matter because it belongs in my heart.

6. Vintage Red Cross flag.  I got this at a vintage store for $175 which i actually think is overpriced, but then i framed it myself (with pine furring strips and black carpet tacks).  I’ve got a lot of miles out of that flag and am seriously debating retiring it for a while. But its just so ‘me’ at this point…..

7. Cement dalmation. No household is complete without some sort of over-sized and overweight lawn animal.  I got her at Staci’s store, 45 Three Modern Vintage for, i think, $200.  I bought it for the show, but it never made it in. Whoops. Its at my house now and it is very, very, very, happy.


8. brass drum table – dunno, probably the flea market. probably $75.

9. peacock painting – flea market for $60, but then framed it for $250. But i loves it.

10. Leather pouf – flea market $40

11. Porcelain bird lamp - 45 Three Modern Vintage. Another ‘I bought it for the show and i fostered it for a while and then no client wanted it…..’. such a shame that it has to be mine.  (read:  sarcasm, this lamp belongs to me and the inner crazy lady inside me that loves porcelain tchoktches).

12. My slippers, From Lands End. These slippers come in a bunch of different colors (although i do love the hot pink) and are pretty much perfect, especially for $29.99 (on sale right now).  Like HERE.

13. That plant is a Maiden Hair Fern – you can get them almost everywhere (and keep them for a week – 10 days before they die….these are fragile little buggers, but also super cheap)

Go pick it up and/or subscribe.  Blog, tweet, pin away, i’ll love you forever for it.  Comment away, tell me/hgtv mag what you think.

Thanks HGTV Magazine.  You can come over anytime.

Everything was shot by the amazing Victoria Pearson.  She’s the real deal, folks, and such a pleasure to work with.


  1. I heart your style so very much. My husband and I just bought our first home and I have a little dream of having you come and help me figure out our unfinished basement. Both of my parents are carpenters, so I have millions of DIY ideas. But alas, our little home is in San Francisco and not LA.

    That couch is amazing!!! My person could sink into that very happily and very regularly.
    Congrats on your cover issue!

  2. sara

    You do look like your room!!! The entire room is nice, but I LOVE the chairs. I do a daily online search for that kind of chair.

  3. Crystal

    First let me say I am a huge fan and watch your show every week. Your living room looks fantastic. It would be a dream of you came to style our living room (we are in the LA area) :) and adore your personality and style.

  4. That is awesome – what a huge accomplishment! Your living room is fabulous and fun, and is obviously a reflection of YOU (which is always the most soulful kind of room!). Congrats on the HGTV mag cover and keep it up!

  5. CONGRATS! this is major emily!

  6. yuko

    how very special . i want to have this magazine but i live in japan. i watch your television show online, you have a beautiful style i just love. i want for you to do your next show in japan!!!!

  7. boomer

    Congrats on the cover. Love your unique style and the creative way you pull a room together using an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. I miss your show.
    When are we going to see you again on HGTV?

  8. Cece

    I'm so glad you are in this issue! i bought a subscription when i saw you mention your blurb last time. Your living room looks FABULOUS! I hope they will show more of your house in future issues! Cheers to you!

  9. FamFriend

    What a coup! Congratulations on your magazine spread and cover photo. Any idea when you will be returning to HGTV? We love your show!

  10. rachel withers

    HGTV magazine just got SO MUCH COOLER!! holler!!!

  11. norma

    Emily – I love your style and your show. I can't wait until the new season is back on to get more ideas from you. You are awesome!

  12. Courtney

    Your are so adorable!!! My husband and I are in love with your show, we are NOT in LA but would love you to visit Albuquerque for a re-do!!! Aside from having the most awesome taste and design ideas you seem so down to earth and grounded. when do we get more Secrets????

  13. Dandi

    I LOVE that rug so much – price ain't bad either! Thanks for sharing! you mix things I would never put together but i love it every time i see one of your rooms. I always play it too safe in my house but now I always to to add a little unexpected …thanks to you. Thanks for sharing your cover and family room.

  14. gregg

    i need that flag, your rock!

  15. jenn

    i havent received my HGTV yet, did you get an advanced copy? i dying to see this in person!! those blues look super dreamy – is that the same blue your painted your study on the top? they should have put your living room on the cover!!! can't wait to see more, lovn'it!

  16. britt

    Where do you find all these things at such affordable prices??? I am always on the look out but never find them! I totally want everything in that room! You need to do a shopping show on HGTV, ha! Secrets From a SHOPPING Stylist!

  17. Such a sweet spot. Love seeing the things you couldn't let go of – I have a few of my own. Make sure to let us all know the next time you are (inevitably) published!

  18. That is amazing! Congrats!

  19. shannon

    you are the vintage whisperer!!!!!

  20. Sarah

    Emily! I absolutely adore you and your style, and so appreciate your grounded "real world" approach to styling! I love seeing the creative things you do with the great thrift store and flea market finds! I can't wait to see what your show has in store for us this next season!

  21. Christal

    Love the blue couch and all the blue color. I am afraid to add much color because I don't know how to do it so it looks good. Can't wait to see your show again and gets some tips. Good job on the cover picture.

  22. So happy for your success! Your style is amazaballs- for sure- you are so inspirng!

  23. Sharon W

    When can I see you again on your show? Loved the fun and funky ideas you always showed us. Get back at it!!!!! Sharon

  24. Arla

    I love your show and am wondering when we will see it on HGTV again? I totally love
    you ideas and style. Thanks from South Dakota.

  25. Joy Fischer

    Emily, when is your show coming back? I love your style & your show. You have so many ideas for decorating & I like that it's afforable. I have so little money to spend on remodeling & your ideas are great!!!! I can hardly wait until your new season begins.

  26. Laura T

    OMG, your place is adorable! (not sure why I would think anything else). I'm not sure what I'm more in love with you or your style. My favorite part is that your style is a reflection of yourself. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE start the next season of your show, I think I might be going into withdrawls. :-)

  27. Raya

    Love this! I have that rug in our living room as well and it's great. Also, I'm buying those slippers.

  28. Andrew

    Way to go Emily! Congrats on making the cover of HGTV mag. As a specialty contractor with a design oriented wife who is a constant flee market/thrift store shopper, we really like what you do with the treasures you find. The living room is great and it's given us some ideas for one of our spaces. We are very much hoping to see some new epodes of "Secrets" soon. Cheers.

  29. It's a beautiful room and absolutely you. I adore your couch. Congrats on the article. I'll have to pick it up.

  30. Congrats on making the cover! Your living room is pretty awesome. Love the rug, blue sofa, and that bad ass leather chair in particular. Oh, and the Maiden Hair Fern – they're my favorites, too, but it never ceases to piss me off when they die within 2 weeks (even though I'm expecting it).

    Anyway, do you have another HGTV show in the works?? Your show was hands down my favorite, and I'd love to see you on their again!

  31. Bridget

    Sweet! Congratulations! Everything you touch seems to sell out like crazy! I was going to purchase the rug, had it in my cart and came back a couple hours later and it has sold out in both sizes! Talk about power over people. Nice to see your smiling face on the magazine rack tonight at B and N. Hgtv is fortunate to have you on board.

  32. omg…if you ever add email consultations to your bag of tricks, i'm totally buying!

  33. Karen in Dallas

    Emily – I have watched you from the beginning and have enjoyed all of your shows. I saw an old show last weekend and have been wondering when your new season will start. Loved your new Living Room and think your style is fun. Congratulations on making the cover of the new HGTV Magazine – can't wait for my issue to arrive. Keep up the good work – love your show and look forward to new episodes.

  34. pamb

    Congrats Emily on your cover and article…..I'm running out today to find the magazine. I check your blog daily and I'm always excited to see what new treats await me! I've been waiting to hear any news about your show starting again….I need my Emily TV fix!

  35. We are so thrilled for you Emily!

  36. Sandy

    Hi Emily, My daughter and I love your show. You have such great ideas, and thrifty is always GOOD. Can't wait to watch your next episode. Sandy

  37. Arthella

    Can't wait till your show is back on. It is the best and I love watching it. The magazine must be new. How do I subscribe? It looks like a hit. Your article was great and very appropriate for our economy right now. Way to go.

  38. Bob

    Great article. Love your design style and your creative ideas. You have a great imagination and its fun to see how things that look terrible independently are made over into a unified design.

  39. Flora

    I need lots of help and your ideas are always fantastic. Simple things can be made to look so elegant. By the way, I grew up when the glass grapes were on almost every coffee table. It was fun to see another old thing recycled into something beautiful and unique.

  40. Flora

    I need lots of help and your ideas are always fantastic. Simple things can be made to look so elegant. By the way, I grew up when the glass grapes were on almost every coffee table. It was fun to see another old thing recycled into something beautiful and unique.

  41. Katy

    Great room! I can't wait to see how everything works in your new living room. I think I might actually go buy a real-life paper copy of this issue and learn something.

  42. Katy Marie

    Love love love the blue sofa and rug! and who doesn't want a huge dog statue in their living room? You're so cute and I can't wait for more seasons :)

  43. Ali M

    I saw this article so I googled you because I like the room, and how you put different elements together, so much. For some reason I'd stopped watching styling shows, I think I thought I was all decorated, but I feel like I finally have a reason to be excited again, so thanks!

  44. Jamie

    Dear Emily Henderson:

    Please write a book because I cannot cram all the things in your brain about style in my head. And that magazine spread is only a few pages of brilliance.

    Thank you,
    The World

  45. beth

    I LOVE your design, and that flag is awesome. I was a nurse in the military for awhile, so if you ever do want to retire it for good, there's a place for it on my wall!



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  48. If you still want to retire the vintage Red Cross flag, I'd be happy to buy it from ya! I can guarantee it'll be going to a good home. :)

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