Charlie’s birth video … documenting my pregnancy

That’s right … Charlie’s birth was filmed (and you can watch at, which I realize is a sentence that gets a HUGE reaction like this, ‘You … had a film crew in there? OMG.” And that’s when I remind them that no there wasn’t a CREW (although, frankly I would have permitted it). It was one dude. ONE dude, (‘sup, Steve) that I have worked with a ton so he’s kinda a friend and I was comfortable around him (no, not that comfortable but I knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t judging me).  (Oh, and read the birth story to get the play by play)

Besides, when I was in blinding pain do you think I gave a crap (literally and figuratively) who was in the room? I didn’t. Well, that is not true, I wanted him to be there. I wanted someone to document ‘The woman in the most pain ever’ for the Guinness book of world records. I didn’t win, strangely … I was robbed (probably  by a woman who had to withstand that for 24 hours instead of my short birth).

emily henderson birth

Let me be clear  – nothing from the business end will be shown … sadly. Was the business end filmed? I don’t know, probably … hopefully. But, obviously that won’t be online – although to be honest not because I don’t want it to be; I’m proud of what happened down there and yes, its gnarly and insane and might make some/most people uncomfortable, but to me it’s so amazing and I kinda want the world to see it.

In fact if I controlled the world every man would have to witness the business end. (I’m at times terrified by my lack of privacy).  I want to have a ‘passive aggressive birth’ app on my phone where every time Brian complains about something or asks me to do something annoying I could quickly hit play and replay the birth in a few seconds. He WORSHIPPED me for days, nay, WEEKS after that – knowing that I was such a bad*ss.

emily henderson baby

I’m so glad that I have these photos and the video to replay and relive the memory. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING does it justice. The video shows me screaming, sure, but in my memory the screams were tribal, animalistic, glass breaking – and in the video they are intense, but not nearly as bad as I remember. So don’t regret not having a video done – nothing will portray it quite like it went down (although if you are like me and have no issue with privacy I strongly recommend having a video made – it really helps bring things back – the emotion, struggle, pain, joy – for the good or bad).

charlie henderson

It’s so insane that for a day that entailed more pain then I ever thought imaginable, that I actually want to relive it over and over because it was so incredibly joyful. It almost makes me want to become religious … again.

I mean, look at that little face? He’s an angel; an absolute angel that was sent down here to have me kiss those cheeks, laugh at those expressions, nuzzle those fat wrist, cuddle that tiny body. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, challenges your belief system like life and death – in this case its life … and I’m feeling definitely challenged.


To watch the video series click HERE and share it if you feel like it. I figure if I’m going to do it .. I may as well DO it.

(In case you are just joining: read the pregnancy announcement, watch the gender reveal video, read my 5 favorite things about being pregnant , check out my maternity must haves, see my first baby shower, my second baby shower and read my birth plan and of course the play by play of the birth)

  1. Anonymous

    This comment has been deleted at the request of the commenter, ‘Bridge’. All good, though. Bridge and I made up :)

    • Emily

      I’m so sorry, truly. I honestly hope the best for you, too. I’m trying to taper off the mom stuff (and this is a good lesson as to why), but its just so hard because its dominating so much of my life. Thanks for reading and again, i’m so sorry. I wish there was a way to notify you when its just style/design posts because I have a lot of good ones planned. Ugh, the whole thing makes me feel so bad because you should never feel bad in any way when reading someones blog and i’m just so sorry that mine makes you feel that way. xx

      • Jo

        You’re kind to be so sensitive, but don’t edit who you are to please people. Share what you want to share! Charlie is your life right now and you should absolutely be able to shout it from the rooftops! For every person like Bridge, there is another like myself who is struggling with infertility and LONGS to hear about the joy you are expressing so that I can be part of those experiences in any way that I can. Infertility is a weird bitch that we all come to terms with in different ways. Let Bridge recluse for a bit to she can heal, and she’ll come back when she is ready because we like you just as you are, sharing your real – very naked and unedited self (like almost literally in this case!) :)

        • Emily

          Thank you, Jo. We are just discussing over here how to manage it … obviously the more people I can make happy the better, so maybe its just about adding in more style posts or something … its just good to think about. But thank you so much for your comment – it weakened the pit that has been in my stomach since I read Bridge’s comment. :)

          • Shal

            Hi Emily, I agree with Rosie’s comment. I think you’re an amazing designer with lots of cool ideas but I have actually made your blog a daily read because of the Charlie/motherhood posts. I love them! Your blog should be a true reflection of who you are and is your domain to do what you wish with… Most importantly, being true to yourself is what will ultimately make YOU happy and a happy you will be the most productive, creative and loveable version of yourself that will keep your readership growing and steady, even if it means you lose some readers along the way.

          • Anna, Sydney

            Love the blog and your style. From a technical point (in relation to some people not wishing to read your family posts), can you add a page to your blog where you post family related posts? And keep the main area for design et al? Another blog that has done something along those lines They have a family page and keep their main area as a DIY blog. They just mention at the end of a DIY post that there is a new post on the Family page.

            Absolutely worship your style, keep up the good work. Oh, and Sir Charles is beautiful!

          • Stacy

            I like the idea of Anna, Sydney (separating the two). You are my favorite blogger but I’m starting to drift – not because the family posts aren’t great – I am just not interested in that/have the time for that right now. Just my two cents. I do agree with doing what you want/love.

          • Renee

            I read these comments yesterday and I have to say they have been on my mind since then. I feel compelled to say that I read blogs in order to understand, and usually learn from, individuals who are much different from myself. When encountering content that doesn’t feel “right” for me, I simply stop reading. Very similar to my choices in books, clothing, entertainment, etc. It is not necessary to contact the author, designer, actor/producer, etc. to inform them of my choice. Essentially, not every opinion needs to be shared.

        • Rosie

          I fully agree with Jo. While what Bridge is going through is undoubtedly gut-wrenching, getting pregnant, having a baby and being happy about it is nonetheless an everyday thing for so many. You have every right to post whatever you choose on your blog. Maybe you’ll lose some readers, and maybe you’ll gain some.

          • Taylor

            Emily, I think it is beautiful that you are sharing all of this. I fully understand the pain that Bridge has as I am struggling with it myself but, I agree with Jo, I love hearing the ups and the downs. Yes, sometimes it makes me sad and I have to turn away for a while, but ultimately, the joy far out weighs the sad. And I have to say, seeing you (and women like you) share all the things you love about pregnancy, child birth, and parenthood is far better that hear other women complain about it all non-stop. Those are the ones that make me the saddest because they appear to be so blind to their blessing. You are embracing yours and that is what you should be doing!!!

            thank you

          • A

            As for gaining some readers… I found your blog when a google search turned up your maternity must haves. I’ve stayed for the design posts, from the perspective of a woman living a full and beautiful life. It is not realistic to think that I can live with my 4 year old and a newborn in an all-white home with glass and designer pieces everywhere. I like that your aesthetic is combined with a relatable day-to-day experience. And Charlie is delightful!

        • Tanja

          Personally I don’t care too much about all the baby related blog posts but I do get it. As you said, it is a huge part of your life now.

          What sometimes makes me a really angry is the fact that it’s almost impossible for blogging women to share their happiness of becoming a mother without somebody raining on their parade. For example I’m single yet I’d never dare to start whining about it to a happily married blogger or consider one insensitive or whatever…

          I’m certain some will consider my words harsh but there’s always two sides…

        • A

          As someone who is struggling with infertility myself, I love this comment. It captures exactly how feel. Thanks, Jo.

      • Christie

        Dear Emily, normally I don’t post, but I’ve been reading for a while :) I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your joy and happiness about motherhood in general. It is so refreshing to hear from someone who has a strong career yet also manages to balance a family. (Coming from someone who is thinking of having kids, yet none of my married and working friends have any, and we are all about age 30 or close to it.) It is so hard to balance it all, and all I seem to hear/read about are the complaints and downsides. You somehow make it all seem less scary and more joyful. Thank you.

      • A

        Hi Emily,

        Infertility survivor here. I never read Bridge’s comment but I know from having gone through round after round of IVF treatment how emotionally shattering it can be. This is some scorched earth ish.

        I love and devour the Charlie stuff. No one is more surprised by this than I am. I am the woman who has a handful of outer-periphery friends whose houses I have stopped going to for our get-togethers because it’s just way too painful for me to fake my way through the “Your kids have gotten so big!” thing.

        It never occurred to me to think of the current incarnation of your blog as a mommy blog. I don’t read mommy blogs, ever. (Well, I do check out the Theo and Beau lady sometimes; those photos are just so cute!) This is just my favorite design blog whose creator has recently become a mom and is sharing a lot of interesting – and potentially useful – information about that experience.

        You can’t please all the people all of the time. I feel sheepish writing this and I know they are hugely popular, but the “Trolling” entries are actually my least favorite ones!

        I think one of the reasons for your blog’s success, aside from your amazing aesthetic, is that you come across as such a joyful, generous person. And I think that – and maybe my own emotional makeup and current location in my own fertility journey – is what makes you and the Charlie (and Brian!) entries so much fun to read and watch.

        It makes me sad to think that someone should have to hide from her readers a source of great happiness in deference to the reality that some of us face challenges. I’d understand if you did, but I think it’d be a real shame if you decided to do something like limiting the Charlie entries to once a month.

        Thank you for being sensitive to the fact that there are those of us who urgently want a biological child and have not been able to achieve that. Obviously I am not representative of everyone struggling with fertility issues, but if a Charlie entry bums me out, I promise, I’ll just skip it and come back the next day.


        • meghan

          Survivor? Seriously? Of infertility? Tell that to a cancer patient.

          • Bluebell

            Ouch! Maybe the language choice here was a bit dramatic ( survivor), but there is no need to be so mean. In our first two years of marriage my husband and I have battled both cancer and infertility. Neither experiences have been pleasant, both have made us stronger as a couple. Ranking them as the which was worse would be of no help to anyone. People here are sharing some very tough feelings and memories, let’s not bash them over inappropriate noun choices!
            P.S Emily I love your blog. My favourites are design before and afters, but only accompanied by your witty banter or I’d be reading other’s pages. What makes this blog so special is you and your life. Charlie is a HUGE wedge of that so of course this will percolate into your writing. A blog is like a magazine, people can chose which articles they want to read. I personaly like to read the m all!

          • A


            The harshness of your comment was a bit of a head-scratcher, until it finally dawned on me that maybe you interpreted “infertility survivor” to mean I was claiming that infertility is a life-threatening illness.

            If so, that wasn’t my intent. I used the word “survivor” the way it’s commonly used: metaphorically.

            When someone writes, “Candidate X survived a primary field of nine challengers to become the nominee,” I don’t think the writer is claiming those challengers were actually trying to kill the candidate, Hunger Games style. (And “scorched earth” was not meant to imply that my struggle with infertility involved a literal fire.)

            Infertility is the one setback I’ve faced that, at times, I truly feared I might not emotionally recover from. Continuing to be moderately well-functioning feels, to me, like a giant achievement.

            No comparison, or disrespect, to those facing mortal illness was intended.

            And Bluebell, I wish you and your family great health and happiness.

          • I am currently in the throes of the infertility journey. As a “survivor” of this and chronic depression, ed, and anxiety I have something to say to this. I often receive comments related to depression etc. that I think in my head “you would NEVER say something like that to someone battling cancer, and you shouldn’t say that to me.” Infertility, depression- whatever it is, when you are in the thick of it, it controls your life and is personally devastating and deserves to be validated. I think that the word survivor in A’s context is appropriate, and that your comment, Meghan, is totally minimizing and invalidating. Plus, these are blog comments… I don’t have time to carefully edit my word choice, and I am assuming that is pretty common.
            Emily- I LOVE your blog. You comments, your style, the peeks into your life and home! Please continue. :) xoxo

      • Lidy

        Hey Emily,

        I’ve been following you for a while now and love everything you. I didn’t see the comment you are responding to, but I can see it wasn’t a good one. I just wanted to write to encourage you a little. I think we all know you as a design genius, but now you are more than that. You are a mom, which to me, is your most important job. I think the majority of your readers like to see the real you too. The day-to-day you, the new mommy you. If people are bothered by your mom posts, they just need to realize that it’s part of your life now. It might even be your new source of inspiration from here on out. If they can’t handle it, they need to move on and find somewhere else to spend their time online. I’ve been dealing with negative people in my life lately too and when you have a family, it’s not worth keeping those kinds of people around. You shouldn’t feel bad or have to apologize for sharing something that is SO special!!! Honestly, it makes me mad people are so insensitive. I love ALL your posts and these little windows into your new life as a mom is a nice touch to your amazing blog. Don’t change because of the few people that want to discourage you and make you feel terrible. Your life is starting to evolve into something a little different than what it use to be and that’s amazing! Charlie is a huge part of your life now and you have every right to share whatever you want, when you want!

        Thanks for that touching post by the way! That video made me tear up :)


    • Mari


      I’m so sorry for your pain. I’m right along with you. I started reading blogs 3 years ago as an escape from infertility. They were especially great when I was recovering from multiple related surgeries or in the dreaded two-week wait after an IVF round. Emily, I’m so happy for you and I truly mean that but I can’t read anymore either. I love your design process so much and I miss seeing it. Mommy-blogs are great but not for me personally. I actually went back to school this year in my 30’s for interior design after realizing I might not get a baby and I need to create some sort of happiness for myself. All the best to you both.

    • Katie

      I’m in Bridge’s boat too. All the ‘mommy’ stuff is – at best – boring and – at worst – depressing. And all my favorite bloggers seem to have gotten pregnant at the same time, it’s all baby news and decorating nurseries. But, of course, it’s an important part of your experience. I just skip the baby stuff and dive into my favorite content – like Craigslist Trolling.

    • Cassandra

      Opinions are like farts, everyone has them and they all stink. Sometimes when you know it’s gonna be a real unpleasant one, you should keep it from slipping out.

      Emily, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. What happened to being happy for others?

  2. Amanda

    I’m crying from all the love in the birth video. Brian wins the loving husband, new dad moment!

  3. Rachel Taylor

    That was so tender! Thanks for sharing that beautiful moment!

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I am pregnant (for the third time), and it isn’t super fun thinking about doing the birth thing again, but that moment right afterward is so true. As soon as that baby is out, you (almost) forget it all and it’s just… Hi <3

  5. Jenna

    “nothing from the business end will be shown … sadly” … hahahaha.

  6. A

    Darn it! I can’t get it to play! Anyone else having this problem? It will only let me pin it to pinterest.

    • Emily

      no, it is kinda confusing. it has to be played on :)

  7. A

    Nevermind! Haven’t had coffee yet.

  8. Hannah Rose

    I also am struggling with infertility (5 years, following a 2nd trimester miscarriage). So, I completely understand what Bridge13 is going through. The sadness is very real, and there are daily reminders that it is present. However, I did want you to know that this is one fertility-struggling person who will continue to read your blog (mommy posts and all)! You have been a huge inspiration design-wise (can we say brass?), and I don’t want to miss what’s next.

    • Emily

      Thanks, Hannah. Very much. I’ve been thinking about it all morning and Its just a hard situation to navigate. Thanks so much for your comment, it made me feel a lot better. xx

      • Emily

        And i’m so sorry for your miscarriage. I honestly can’t imagine how hard that must have felt as mine was only at 10 weeks. I’m so sorry and thank you so much for staying here regardless. xx

        • Hannah Rose

          I’m glad my comment made you feel better! :)

      • Lisa

        Emily, et al.,

        I completely understand where everyone is coming from. As someone who has been trying to get pregnant, it is a very difficult time. However, one thing that always makes me feel better is reading YOUR post on your difficulties getting pregnant, and knowing it resulted in a happy little man in the end. I think that post was incredibly touching and personal, and very helpful for me personally. So thank you for everything, and keep blogging on….

  9. Tiffany

    Emily, your birthing video has me in tears. What a your husband words “you are a f-ing warrior.” so true.

  10. Sahar

    TEARS! Tears of absolute joy! I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my first and I always cry at birth videos. So much love. PROPS to you for posting this and don’t change who you are and what’s happening in your life. That’s what blogging is all about. I’m learning that myself. <3 Sweet sweet family!


  11. Laura

    I loved it when you said in amazement, “you were inside of me”. I still can’t believe my baby was and she is 31! You are a warrior!

  12. Tara

    Love your design work and I love seeing (reading) your thoughts and behind-the-scenes stuff. But, I think that if this is a personal blog, then okay blog about mommy stuff. But if it’s a professional site then…enough please.

  13. Ali

    That video brought happy tears to my eyes. I loved it all! I think what I loved most is getting to see your husband experience it all. During both of my births, I was so focused, breathing, pushing, and my eyes were closed a lot. It was so…..just crazy. I missed seeing my husband’s facial expressions as it was all happening. I can only imagine what it is like for them as they watch their favorite person on Earth go through this amazing experience physically and emotionally. It was really sweet to watch. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to all of the Charlie Hendo posts to come :)

  14. Elisabeth

    I love that you posted this! I am a total junky for baby stories/videos and I think the more we talk about it and be real about the experience the less scary it is for people. (And your screams were totally not that much. You rocked it!) I definitely teared up. SO many congrats on the lovely new family. Also, you should see the Ina May/The Farm Birth Story movie. It is totally inspiring (yes totally hippy but I roll that way anyway. Lol) and so beautiful.

  15. Jessica

    Emily, of course I don’t know you but from watching your shows and reading your blog, I can tell you are a genuine, caring person. At the end of the day, you can’t make EVERYONE happy but you can always be true to yourself. You have every right to bask in the joy and love that is your son and share it here, because after all, it’s YOUR life. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and this video takes me back to my crazy, beautiful day of delivery. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Emily

      Thank you. xx

  16. Hannah

    So wonderful! I gave birth two months ago and this brought it all back – it’s so amazing how easily you forget. I can’t get over how beautiful you looked throughout the whole experience. I love reading all of your baby posts! Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for sharing this and all your other posts–design and otherwise! Part of what sets you apart in the blogging world is your candor and willingness to share your personal stories. You are a designer AND a mother, and I think posting about both of these realms simply reveals your whole self to to your readers. People can choose to read or not read whatever posts they like! (They need to empower themselves to make that choice, not expect you to censor your posts based on their preferences.) The lines between “professional” and “personal” content blend naturally–this is real life, and mixing the two is part of the beauty of being a creative, expressive person in 2014. This is your blog, and your world, and being true to yourself and what you are compelled to share will ultimately keep the authenticity that has drawn so many readers in. Best wishes and thanks for all the inspiration.

    • Jo

      100x this. Courtney said it so eloquently. Everyone is allowed to feel how they feel, but you’re also not forcing anyone to read posts about Charlie. It’s pretty easy to scroll past. I love all your posts and I’d be sad to see you censor yourself.

    • jen

      Yes! completely agree with this! I’m a new mom (mine is 10 months) but there are definitely some blogs where I skip the baby posts and come back for the DIY or the fashion or the comments…but this is not one of those blogs for me. Emily, you write about your career and your personal life with such grace and humor that I greedily read each word. Please do not censor yourself if you feel comfortable sharing. It truly is a very simple decision to not read something if it’s a topic you don’t like.

  18. Linzy

    Yeah, I’m sorry Emily but the mom posts are just… oof. It’s wonderful for you, but your super intense mom happiness isn’t what I come here for. This is just going to be the last post for me. I do not mean to say that mom-blogs are bad, or that your blog is bad, I just don’t read them and I won’t be reading yours anymore. Please know I would never say anything, normally, but this is part of your business and your livelihood, so I just felt as a long-time reader you might want to know that even if things are changing in a necessary way (and you may even become more popular/successful/happy because of it), it’s all sort of jumped the shark to me. I mean this kindly, I think you are crazy talented and being this fulfilled must be, just, well, I don’t know. I’m not in your shoes so I suppose I can’t blame you for wanting to get into the face of the world and scream about how great things are for you right now. Your family and life are so much more important than my opinion. This was just so, intensely way too much for me. I wish you guys all the best.

    • Emily

      point taken. thanks for the input – as hard as is to hear i’m sure its good for me to hear. i also think that my hormones are at play here. :)

      • Linzy

        Oh, Emily- I hope you know I didn’t mean to come across as snarky or rude. Your blog is shifting because your LIFE is shifting, it’s as simple as that. You don’t need to defend anything. You’re (obviously) very strong and empowered, as you should be. I don’t doubt that you will do what is best for your family and business, regardless of commentary. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything at all, I just thought that as a businesswoman, getting feedback might have been constructive for you. And because I read your blog on a daily basis, I addressed you with a familiarity that isn’t mutual, since you don’t know me. My feeling is that your blog is entering a different category, and one that I don’t follow. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you, or that I think this will hinder your success.

    • shilpi

      I’m a huge fan of Emily’s and came here a year or so ago for the awesome design work, but, unfortunately, I second this comment. I actually love the occasional mom blog (Girl’s Gone Child is a wise, hilarious, inspirational one, Cup of Jo’s post’s usually hit the mark, and alphamom helped me solve many a baby-related problem) AND I’m a new mom with a four-month-old son who I am absolutely gaga about, and even I find Emily’s intense mom happiness a little too much to handle. It’s true — babies are magic and it’s almost painful how much love we feel for our little ones. But I’ve quickly realized that sharing that kind of intensity can be a little off-putting. That’s why STFU, Parents exists. I actually think that’s why so many parents share the difficult, irritating and and stuff instead — it’s kind of a proxy for sharing the ooey-gooey feelings. I’m not ready to jump ship just yet, but am definitely hoping things calm down on the baby front and come back to inspiring design and hilarious commentary soon!

  19. Jo

    Ok. One more comment.
    Lets think strategically here. Obviously you are a smart and savvy business-woman otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are.
    I imagine your main sources of revenue are 1. high paying design clients and 2. blog ad/sponsors. You’re interested in keeping both of those revenue streams up and thus your concern over people’s reaction to this post.
    If you cut personal/life/motherhood posts completely then you are losing an entire vertical market that blogs are working so hard to capture (you know, women 20 – 40 who make up the primary purchasing portion of the public) and if you stick entirely to design you’re banking on source 1 – design clients, covering the cost of potential/current sponsors. I think you can do both but maybe this post will provide the catalyst to figuring out how to please both markets (i.e. find a way to delineate posts, create only 1 day a week for motherhood posts, 2 posts on days where you post a personal post – like you did today…) You’ll get it figured out. These are the growing pains of success! Don’t let the comments on this post get you down. You are fabulous (a fucking warrior as your husband eloquently put it!)

    • Emily

      Are you available for business advise? I need more of this in my life. Thank you, Jo. xx

  20. Abby

    I love the honesty of your blog. So I’ll continue to read–mommy posts, style posts…whatever. It’s just a pleasure to read your writing. Your posts are a little pick me up in the middle of my day.
    Please don’t listen to the downers–in fact, it’s their choice to quietly leave your blog–no need to send a goodbye post. Didn’t we learn in kindergarten “if you don’t have anything nice to say….”
    I think the mommy posts add the needed human element to the perfectly constructed style world. I look forward to posts about play rooms etc….Would also love to see more wardrobe style posts like you did for maternity.

    Keep up the beautiful work!

    • Molly

      I think the few posts letting Emily know that they wouldn’t be reading anymore were extremely respectful and provided thoughtful commentary. I don’t think anyone was a downer or mean. In fact, it shows what a connection they felt to the blog and Emily’s work to write a goodbye post and I think that’s something for her to take into consideration. She probably even appreciates it as she tries to navigate this next stage in building her brand/blog. Please don’t be another one of the typical fangirls that takes any comment that is less than 100% supportive and tells people not to share it. This does no one any good and prevents thoughtful conversation. Differing opinions are nothing to be scared of or shied away from.

  21. Tiffany H.

    Beautiful. I cried. Sloppy tears.
    Emily, I’ve been a long time follower (since I first saw you on Design Star) and I just want to encourage you to keep following your heart. I love your blog exactly BECAUSE you include all the mushy, gushy personal stuff. It’s what gives your blog soul. I’m sorry that others feel the need to drag you down with their negativity, and I realize that it can be hard to shake it off, but I would implore you to follow your heart. Do what feels good to you. This is, after all, YOUR blog. They can choose not to read the posts they don’t like, but when they leave snarky comments they are just acting out, and proving who they are, which is people of low character. Big hugs!

  22. Tiffany

    Maybe you can add links at the top of your site to get to “just mommy” or “just design” posts (Like Orlando’s blog). If people have a hard time reading the Mom posts then they can just update their favorites to the design tab – that way they don’t miss out!

    p.s i loved the birth video! Had my crying at my desk.

  23. Angie

    Gee whizz people that are leaving, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater (uh literally here.) If you don’t like a post, move on for the day and come back the next day. If you never see a post you like, start your own blog or read another one that you do like. It’s not complicated. And, I do sympathize with folks struggling in life whether it be with infertility or having a special needs child or an ill child–lots of sad things can happen. But, life goes on and it’s nice to celebrate when there are things to celebrate.

  24. Hannah

    You are an incredibly brave woman and I think your candor and boldness will undoubtedly make your son so very proud to have you as a mama. I am shocked that some adults are still so put off by labor. It certainly is a wild experience that I didn’t really understand till I became pregnant. ! I think its hard for some people, even women, to appreciate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that discomfort as long as you don’t become a kill-joy. I love reading your blog not only because I love your designs (and covet your awesome taste in fashion too!) but because you are someone who is figuring out how to balance parenthood, marriage and a career. We women need to stick together and rally behind those who choose to be parents, choose not to be and also those who struggle with fertility. Your journey is your own. Don’t stop sharing your joy!

    Side note: I really miss seeing you on HGTV. Just sayin. :)

  25. Laurel

    I didn’t start following your blog for mom stuff (i’m 29, no kids for a few more years yet), but am def staying. This post def made me cry and look forward to motherhood. I’ve come to love your style and design savvy and cannot separate that from being interested in you as a person, so share away! I think you’ve done a good job balancing these posts with design posts. Maybe 2 separate blogs could be a solution if people are leaving because of it (YHL has their “Young House Life” blog–I wonder if they got similar feedback about too much personal stuff on their main blog). Anyway, you rock, you’re an artist, this is your blog, share what you want. Perhaps people can skip over blog posts with titles that have to do with motherhood if it rubs them the wrong way or brings up painful memories/circumstances.

  26. kb

    As a mama of two (three and six-months) and a lover of design, I absolutely adore your blog. I know how much my children and life influence my design choices and aesthetic. I want my home to be much lighter and happier now that I have two little munchkins living with me. Your work SHOULD be personal. That’s what makes it interesting and lovely and slightly flawed and quirky and a million other wonderful things. I think you are doing a bang up job of striking a balance.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth video (YOU ROCK!) and your personal life and talent with your audience. I smile each time I come here.

  27. ck

    I know better than to watch a birth video at work – sloppy tears! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with Tiffany – follow your heart with this blog. It’s your life, you share what you will. Love your work and thanks for sharing your life!

  28. Sabrina

    Thank you for sharing! I love birth videos, because birth is such a beautiful thing! I’m getting ready to have baby #3, so I’m extra emotional watching your lovely video. All my kids have\will be born via c-section due to medical issues, so I love to live vicariously through vag births.

    P.S. I read so many design blogs, and almost all of those women talk about mommy stuff on a weekly basis. Please don’t stop writing about your mommy life. :)

  29. aubry

    and mormons around the interweb are going wild! :) emily henderson said childbirth made her want to be religious again.

  30. Lea

    I’m sure someone has mentioned this ahead of me – but you could always do it like Young House Love does with design-related posts on the main page and a separate tab for the family stuff. Of course kids still show up in their main design posts, but the bigger stories all about the kids are separate, so people who just come primarily for a design fix can ignore the baby pics. For me as a 24-year-old, posts on designing a kid’s room = fun!, stories about being a mother = kinda boring (for now).

  31. kelly

    I loved your post today, very much. You bring joy and thought and therapy to a very busy world. I am also new to mommyhood and in love with every moment so maybe it speaks to me more than other readers. I just wanted to chime in because you are getting some very mixed reactions and I want you to know that I loved it!

    I want to share a quote that I heard a long time ago..

    “The quickest way to please no one is to try to please everyone.”

  32. Lily

    Yes I would prefer what Lea said above. I LOVE love love your design posts, but I really don’t enjoy all the mom/pregnancy posts and I’ve noticed I’ve stopped reading your blog regularly as a result. I know a lot of people enjoy it, but for me, I honestly just can’t relate and find them kind of boring as well. I used to look so forward to reading your blog everyday, but now, I find I only sometimes remember to click over at the end of the week. And just adding this to be honest – sorry if it comes off as offensive at all.

    • Emily

      Not at all :) good to know, honestly. I’m all about constructive criticism to make this blog as successful as possible. thanks for coming and hopefully staying. :)

  33. OMG!!! As a first time expectant mama…THANK YOU!!!! I just cried my eyes out in joy for you and your family as well as for me in utter spooked-out-ness! “If Emily can do it…I can too!” Thank you from the bottom of my uterus (bad pun I know) for sharing. It was SO HELPFUL!!!!

    • Emily

      Thank you! You can do it, i promise :)

  34. p.s. I LOVE your design posts AND your family posts…as a designer with a family…KEEP IT ALL COMING!!!! Thanks for being YOU!

  35. Julia

    You know, there are so many other bloggers who would have jumped on Bridge’s critique and played their defensive hand right off the bat. Your genuine concern for her point of view (and that of a few others whose comments you replied to) is just another proof point of your total class. You continually manage to balance wit, humour, sensitivity and confidence is a way that so many others are bombing at – kudos.
    I’m struggling with infertility, too, but your motherhood posts don’t bother me. Some days, when I’m having a tough time, I may pop over and see a Charlie post and just hit the “back” key on my browser. But inevitably, I come back the next day and there’s a new design post for me to dive into. We all cope in our own ways and it’s not up to you to pad the Internet for those of us who may be a little delicate. You can’t please everyone at the same time – all you can do is be sincere in your intentions and you’ve got sincerity in spades, girl.

    • Emily

      Thank you so much. Seriously. xx

  36. kaela d.

    Absolutely beautiful. I am so inspired by your courage to show this to the world. You are so strong and what a love you have with your husband. I am just a 26 year old single girl and this brought me to tears. I am so thankful to you for sharing this. Love is such an amazing powerful thing. That was beautiful. I’m so happy for you…and your husband seems wonderful.

  37. ginny

    Huge Emily Henderson fan here. And Charlie! And I concur with Jo’s comments. Fertility is a weird bitch for sure. Been there, done that, wanted to punch pregnant people for a while. But please know that you have a huge fan base and that not every post is going to be for everyone. It’s just reality. Sometimes I’ll read a blog I love and I can’t entirely relate to a certain post and I may skim it but doesn’t mean I’m not still a fan. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit this but I cried when you posted you were pregnant because as someone who has struggled, I get extra excited and giddy and overwhelmed when it works for people. Keep up what’s in your heart. It’s why I keep coming back to your blog. It’s all genuine.

    • Emily


  38. Leah

    I am pregnant and my little guy is due in May. Watching your video instantly brought me to tears (happy ones). Although I could tell you were in pain, you met the challenge and seemed to experience tremendous joy. It made me very excited!
    Thank you for sharing this moving video. I truly love reading your blog.

  39. Wendy

    Emily, I come to your blog because I love witnessing your joy! You have such a wonderful and grateful attitude–no gloating or anything nasty just thankful exuberance. Even when I get those pangs of envy because I don’t have what you have, I still come back because you’re so obviously a great person and it makes me happy to see you happy. Life can be such a bitch at times to people that I like checking in on your very full life. Don’t second-guess your blog content because of a small minority. We need to see the sunny side of life. Charlie is an angel!

    • Emily

      THank you. So hard not to second guess things CONSTANTLY. But I think that the feedback will help. If they were nasty comments I would be bummed,but they aren’t. just real, honest opinions. I’ll figure it out. xx

  40. Sarah

    Thank you for sharing your birth. I think our world has far too few positive birth stories and images out there, and I really appreciate you candidness in putting yours out there. I love your design work too, and for what it’s worth, I think you have been doing a great job balancing mom stuff with design content as a new mom.

  41. Amy Carter

    That video totally made me cry.

    I’m in the more mommy and baby posts camp. I like the design posts, but I like reality more. I would love to see what your living room looks like with baby crap everywhere because that is real life and makes me feel so much better when my house looks less than perfect.

    It took us a year to get pregnant with Liam. I had an unplanned c section and was devastated. I couldn’t read birth stories for over a year after that. We miscarried at 9 weeks in August and have been trying to get pregnant ever since. I’m hoping to have a VBAC if I can ever get pregnant again and carry to term.

    I’m saying all of this because… how many comments did your last design post get? I didn’t comment on it, not because it wasn’t good, but because it didn’t create a conversation like this one did. Successful bloggers put stuff out there that people want to talk about. Also, if you’re passionate about this stuff, you should put it out there.

    Another thought, you could do what young house love does and have a separate tab for family/baby/mommy stuff. Or like 100 layer cake has 100 layer cakelet…

    Sending lots of love!

    • Emily

      Yep. I think thats what i’ll do – the YHL route. :) And thank you for pointing out the fact that these posts always do get way more commenters – so its encouraging but maybe dangerous at the same time (because they are easier/more fun to right and therefore maybe a bad – “go-to” for me. thanks again for commenting. xx

  42. Shannon Swanson

    Hi Emily!
    Your blog is great and I hope it doesn’t change!
    I love that your blog contains such beautiful design concepts and visuals. I get so much inspiration!
    I also love how personal it is, and how it shows your individual story as a designer and now also a Mom. :)
    Everyone is going to have their opinions, but don’t worry, just do you, because your instincts seem to be right on!!! :)
    And also on a side-note… I used to LOVE Design Sponge… but then I went for months not really into it because it was too ‘magazine-y'(i know that’s not a real word but i hope it works in this moment) and didn’t have nearly the personal charm your blog has! I’m reading Design Sponge again but… you know… it’s just not the same. lol

  43. Michelle

    I hope Bridge is reading these comments because her post made me so sad. Bridge, just because you are struggling with infertility now does not have to mean that you will never be a mother. I was in your situation 10 years ago and I will never forget the feelings of loss, despair and inadequacy as my body failed me with each pregnancy, including a late loss that will always stay with me. But my infertility led us to adoption and now I see those years of struggle as a kind of magic that led me to my kids. I would go through all of it again just to have them in my life. So please don’t give up hope! Emily, I love your blog, and I am very happy for you. I was having a crap day yesterday and your Emily Henderson quiz made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

    • Emily

      Ah, thank you. i hope that Bridge read your comment because coming from someone who just gave birth i can’t really say, ‘DON’T GIVE UP!! ADOPT!!” but obviously thats what I wanted to shout. So hopefully she can use you as an example and put the sadness behind her. Thank you so much for commenting. xx

  44. Julie

    Wow you actually respond to comments! I don’t know why that surprises me, but I am happily surprised! I sent a fan email via your assistant a few weeks ago. I hope it was passed on to you because your are FABULOUS, generous, and amazing! As I said in the email, you have really opened up my eyes and have helped me take my home decorating to a new level. Thanks and keep being amazing!!! Big hugs =)

    • Emily

      AH, thank you!!!Ginny just told me today that she is 90 emails behind so don’t worry – we probably just didn’t get to it. Thank you so much for reading/commenting/emailing. it honestly means everything to me.

  45. I am bawling over her because I just had my little lady three weeks ago and watching your birth video brings back all the memories of my own experience. These are happy tears. Thank you for sharing.

    • Emily

      :) how easily we cry, eh? I’m a constant mess of happy tears these days. also hormones are hilarious :)

  46. Sara

    With all due respect for the dissenters, please don’t stop posting personal posts.

    Anyone can get impersonal design inspiration from so many places—magazines, books, catalogs, and even just an image search! I’d be willing to bet that at least 95% of your readers are here for YOU, not just your designs. It’s truly your personality that carries your blog & we’re here for that.

    • Emily

      Thank you.Thats what i keep telling myself. I’m not apartment therapy, i’m a person and thats what happens – you get personal. xx

      • Olga

        I totally agree with Sara, You can see perfectly styled images of perfect little living rooms everywhere. Your personal posts are the best. I don’t get people…. if you don’t like personal posts, just skip it, tomorrow will be a new post. I myself hate the “shopping” posts (where you compile new things you want or saw) but guess what… I just skip them… revolutionary idea, I know. Not one blog is perfect and always interesting to everyone, but the blogs that do really well (like Cup of Jo for example) always have personal stuff (and sometimes WAAAAY personal). So really Emily, just be yourself. I only started following your blog more consistently, after you started posting about your house and your baby. It’s great! I think putting majority of the personal post “after the jump” is a prefect compromise. Love your blog AS IS! Hugs!

  47. Melanie

    OK. I cried. Watching this took me back to when we had our daughter, Dorian. Oh my goodness…how special to have captured that moment!! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Shelby

    Im not religious but I have a lot of faith in God and I will say, every time I see the miracle of human life it strengthens my faith. It’s absolutely insane how precious life is! And oh my goodness! I don’t think I’d even want my own mother in the delivery room with me, let alone a camera man lol! My husband did get video of my little girl right as she came out and them telling us she was a girl..and her purple little squishy body getting plopped onto my chest! I do cherish that video! But I will say it would be nice to be able to see my husbands face and his emotions also!

    The advice to have tabs so people can just read what they want to is very smart. Not hard at all to add into the blog and helpful for a widening audience. You can’t be all things to all people. Even when you stick only to design people will prefer big reveals or little DIY’s, etc. and complain if you post too much of one or the other. Just remember if you get people talking you’re doing something right.

    • Emily

      Thank you. Discussion is never a bad thing. xx

  49. Franny

    I’ll never quit you Emily Henderson! Love your blog! I guess I don’t understand why people who aren’t into the “mommy” posts don’t just skip ’em? Just skip right over it! Why even leave the snarky comment that you are never coming back? Can’t you just slip out the back door quietly? Perhaps they think they are giving you constructive feedback for business purposes, but it doesn’t come across like that.

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us and keep up the fantastic work!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Franny. I think it is constructive, believe it or not. As long as they aren’t rude, I don’t mind it. I mean, it makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I actually do appreciate it. xx

  50. Tanja

    As someone who recently got divorced, after waiting 9 years to have kids, because he decided he never really wanted kids, seeing family, friends and my favorite bloggers all have kids is really hard. But the truth is, I am not going to ask people to stop having kids, or to share their happiness about their new lives, because I am struggling with mine. Some days it’s hard to see an Instagram or a post of you and your beautiful baby and on those days I just close the page and move onto something else. But in my heart, I am happy for all who can experience what you are going through. Live you life and be true to your self. Those of us who have a hard time with it will get over it…hopefully.
    P.S. From a business perspective, this is a time for you to evaluate things and decide what you want to do with the blog and who your audience is. That is perfectly normal.

    • Emily

      Thanks, Tanja. I totally appreciate it. And yes … business … i think creating a new page is probably best, right? That sounds complicated. xx

  51. Lisa

    So happy to see your birth video! I am expecting my second and can’t get enough of your home/family life posts. So nice to see how you do “stylish mama”. I think your personality makes us feel like you are a friend and we know you, so it seems natural to peek into your real life a bit. Thanks for sharing you!

  52. Kim

    I have been a visitor to your blog on and off for years. I want to say that I love it even more now, and visit more frequently because of all of the “Charlie” posts! I feel your blog is just getting more real, and I for one think you should keep moving forward!

    Also, I know some blogs have different tabs or categories, so maybe that can be a way for you to separate your family posts from your design posts?

    Thanks for sharing Emily! You are one talented designer, and warrior! :)

  53. Rae Ann

    I love your blog because you share design and your life. I am not a mother and it is a choice I made and am fine with. My heart breaks for those that want to be moms and can’t. But I have to say that your birth video was truly moving. For those that struggle, when they see a mom post, just move on for that day. I would hate to see you have to do any censoring of what you choose to write. Your awesomeness needs to flow in whatever way feel creatively compelled. Its up to each of us readers to do our own censoring.

  54. Max Amilliano

    LOVE THIS! I cant have kids, so i live vicariously through amazing sh*t like this! radiant grin from ear to ear. had to watch it twice.
    Thank you Emily and family.

  55. Lana

    Hi Emily
    First off, I’ve gotta say that I adore your blog- your writing is witty and fun and entertaining and I look forward to reading it when I’m at work and I need to take a break. Also, I loved watching your birthing video. I just had my third baby around the same time you had your Charlie, and your video reminded me of how beautiful birth is. Thank you for sharing! -Lana

  56. Lisa B

    I have been reading your blog for years (key words here “your blog”). It is yours to write what you wish to write. I have no children, and sometimes that makes me sad, but I can’t let the happiness of other people affect how I feel about my life. If I do, it’s my problem not yours. I love reading whatever your write — always have — so please keep it up!.

    • Emily

      Thank you :)

  57. Carole Kerch

    Hi Emily,
    I skip most of your baby content only because I have 5 kids ages 3-10 and I am very tired of thinking about babies! Ha! With that being said, I think it’s very special that you give us a complete view of your design process. How refreshing (and brave) for you to really let us experience life and design with you. I am here for the Emily Henderson experience, and that means sometimes I may have to muddle through some content that doesn’t speak to me to get it. I love the big picture of what you are doing, and anything less would not be you.

    • Emily

      AH, ‘the Emily henderson experience’. that made me smile :) thank you.

  58. Victoria

    Thank you for sharing your videos they brought tears of joy for both you and Brian seeing and hearing what it was like for you. Such absolute love. Thank you.
    You looked amazing during Charlie’s birth Emily, Hollywood needs to take note.

  59. Emmy

    I want to chime in with those above encouraging you to keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve been reading since January and I look forward to your posts every single day- and one of the major reasons I kept reading after I initially stumbled upon the site was because I love the posts about Charlie and your family! The compliments above about how you present a full picture of yourself are absolutely right- it’s rare among bloggers (at least the ones I read) to get such a wonderfully honest, complete sense of who they are, like they aren’t censoring themselves for the internet. That is what makes your blog so relatable and special, whether the content on any given day is about your work or your family life.

    I can’t imagine the pain of someone dealing with infertility. And to raise that as an issue is valid, I suppose. But I think it is tactless of the tiny minority of comments above saying they are going to stop reading your blog. As if official ‘goodbyes’ are in order… what is this, middle school? Read the posts you want to read. No need to be so self-important and melodramatic!

    Emily, you are wonderful. End of story!

    • Emily

      Thank you :) I’m feeling much more supported right now. And yes, I don’t censor myself and don’t plan on it, but may just need to rethink how to balance it a bit more. xx

  60. cait

    hi :) just wanted to say that your designs are what brought me to your blog (LOVE them! so incredibly wish i could have you decorate my house :) ), but it was/is your honesty, sense of humor, and sharing of your life stories intertwined with design that keeps me checking in every day :) people leave and return to reading various blogs all the time- speaking from personal experience- as their own life experiences either mesh or contrast what they read. you’ve brought laughter, inspiration, and happiness to me through your blog and your frankness with the downsides (miscarriage, house buying frustrations, etc) and the upsides (Charlie, house, gorgeous rugs, etc)- thank you :)

    • Emily

      Thank you. xx

  61. Heidi

    Emily, your video was so honest and good in every way. It reminded me of when I went into labor—I definitely didn’t want my husband seeing my business, um, in action, but towards the end nothing mattered but meeting my baby. So many happy tears for you. Now I need to go cuddle my kiddos. Thank you for sharing such a powerful and special moment with us.

  62. i do not have kids, will not have kids by choice. i’m 43 and officially closed my ‘window’. so who knows why then i hit ‘play’ on someone giving birth to a baby, but i did. and i must say – the video was shockingly emotionally beautiful to watch! so special. i actually welled up a little – it surprised me. thanks for sharing. (+interesting also watching the emotions your husband was experiencing).

    i come to your blog because…i’m not sure really – you are upbeat, you are honest, you have good design – and i think perhaps because you are you, and this is a big part of who you are now.

    life really is beautiful.

    • Emily

      Wow. thank you. xx

    • Sally

      I am 42, childless by choice, and I chose to skip the birth video (also, I was eating breakfast). So easy to click past it and come back tomorrow, no need to inform anyone of my decision or voice my opinion. Emily, just keep doing what you want to do, it’s your blog and you have zillions of supporters, whether or not they (we) are on the same page 100% of the time. Your baby is adorable, your joy is palpable and your willingness to share all of it, along with your crazy talent and keen eye for Craigslist, is what keeps me coming back.

  63. aly

    Before watching your video I thought it would make me uncomfortable. Instead it made me cry and smile so wide, that was beautiful and now when I have a baby I want a doula. Thank you for sharing something so personal with us.

  64. mary carol

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you are doing here. I just started following you and wow the mix of mom, design, your bright sunny personality are just a joy. I really only started really reading more regularly since you’ve been pregnant and had Charlie. He’s just beautiful and your story and love for him is just wonderful to read. I’m 49, and I will be doing design work till the day I die (although I’ve ended up now in real estate) but design will always be there and always in my life. Your current story is just too important not to share, it’s so beautiful. I had fertility problems, ended up having triplets who are so beautiful and now 16 (I love my teens so much, they just get more fun with the possible exception of driving.) Unfortunately, I was pretty ill when my babies were born and did not see it, nor did my husband. As you wrote about filming your birth it was one of the only times I’ve been tempted to watch a birth and since I didn’t see the birth of my three it was very special, very sweet. Thank you for sharing. We wanted one more baby so we could just do more savoring. I’m all in…and no matter what you decide to do with the blog. Love your design and now my daughter has started following you as well!
    Many thanks and all my best to you!

    • Emily

      Thank you for saying you are all in … thank you. and good luck with your THREE SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS!!!!! Sounds intense but amazing. xx

  65. Ellie B.

    I love your personality, honesty, and style. Charlie is your life right now and that is more than OK. Please keep sharing YOU, that’s what I come here for.

    PS being an f**ing warrior is officially a part of my someday birth plan.

  66. stephanie

    I’ve read your blog for several years and happened to have had my first baby right before you did, so I’m really enjoying your mom posts. I hope there is a way to keep those here too! I can get what the other commenters are saying, as I would have skipped them before I was a mom too, but I felt it was worth sharing I love all your posts. It’s one of the blogs I most look forward to reading each day!

  67. Christine

    Emily, I have loved you and your blog for years. As a mother who had a difficult pregnancy, premature daughter and postpartum depression, I do find the mommy posts hard to swallow, but it’s probably because I am so jealous of your beautiful experience. I will still continue to read, though!

  68. Jodie

    Thank you for sharing this personal video. It was beautiful and I am honored you shared that piece of your joyful day.

  69. christina

    I’ve clicked all the links and can’t find the video anywhere on ulive…am I crazy?? i want to see the happy moment too :)

    • Sarah W

      I clicked the HERE link, scrolled down to a section of videos with an orange header that says Videos (20), then clicked the “more videos” button at the bottom of that section. The video shows up then. It’s called “Baby Charlie Makes an Early Arrival” I hope you find it! It’s beautiful!

  70. mdc

    Hi Emily, I read your blog for the design posts and the baby stuff at first was fine, as an adjunct to the design stuff. You obviously love being a mom and it is very sweet.
    But the balance has tipped a bit and perhaps consider a separate blog for the mommy stuff? I am a mom but I don’t come to your site for that and for me a birth video is just not my cup of tea.
    Your readers are entitled to feel put out that their favourite style blog has suddenly turned into a mommy blog whether they are infertile, moms, men, young, old whatever. The original product has changed a lot.
    More readers may feel the same way as Bridge but might not feel comfortable posting to say so. To think that someone can’t criticise the blog because “mommy stuff is beyond criticism” or whatever and to convey that anyone who has a problem with the content just needs to get over it is a bit ridiculous. These are your readers.
    I do admire your honesty but keeping the two separate(such as tabs or a linked blog etc) may make more business sense.

    • mdc

      To clarify my comment “To think that someone can’t criticise the blog because “mommy stuff is beyond criticism” or whatever and to convey that anyone who has a problem with the content just needs to get over it is a bit ridiculous. These are your readers.” was more a response to some of the comments here who are suggesting people just get over it, skip the posts etc, not to Emily who I think has been pretty measured in her replies.

  71. Sarah W

    I love both sides of the blog! It doesn’t bother me to have them together, but I also would read a separate, more family oriented blog/section of the blog if you chose to do that. Blogging is hard because it’s so personal. Often, much of the content for the blog comes from the person’s life, and you feel like the blogger is your friend, so you want to know what’s going on in their life and celebrate their exciting moments (at least I do), and I think it works the same in reverse for the blogger. You want to share exciting things in your life with your readers. The video was amazing! It took me right back to the birth of my two girls. That moment right after you had given birth and Charlie was on your chest, I felt like I was back there again and it nearly made me cry. So special! Thank you for sharing!

  72. Kelsey

    I am a graduate student, and I wanted to let you know that I am inspired by your mommy posts. While I am not yet married, (coming in June!) I am already thinking about how to combine my professional life with motherhood if that’s what is in store for me. I think it is SO important to see examples of professional mothers balancing their work and home lives. There is a societal misconception that the two should or even can be completely separated, and I think that this is one of the biggest things limiting women professionally. Whether it’s my world of science or your world of design, I am elated to see women living out their dreams in both worlds and putting it out there. Thank you! I know there are other issues under consideration, but I wanted to share what I find refreshing and positive about your blog. I am sure that your readership will continue to evolve as you do, which is never a bad thing. I, for one, will continue to read, whether you introduce changes to your blog or not.
    ps- This was a beautiful post. The little noises Charlie makes at the end of the video melt my heart!!

  73. Emily, you are my all-time favourite blogger. I hope you continue to write about motherhood, about how happy you are, about work or Charlie or whatever it is that is in your heart at the moment. I come to this blog for you. There’s not a post you write that doesn’t make me smile! This one included (my first time watching a real birth video – I thought it would be frightening – it was lovely. I got all misty-eyed). I know that infertility is one of the hardest things for someone to go through. But I don’t think that means you should hide how happy you are because it might hurt someone else. What if it became standard in society for people to hide how happy they are because they fear they will sadden someone else? That sounds depressing to me.

    Please don’t stop blogging about motherhood, or how happy you are right now, or whatever it is you want to blog about – your bright outlook on life, your honesty, your passion and love – that is one of the things I love about your writing. Don’t cover up your happiness. I love your very personal posts, and your blog makes me really look forward to being a mum – I have always been a career-focused 20-something who has always been a little bit scared about the thought of giving birth. I love reading your posts about work and motherhood.

    And at the end of the day, this is YOUR blog. A blog is a free service and no-one has to read it. You’re entitled to write about what you like. And when you blog, you’re not just blogging for your readers. You blog for yourself, for your family, perhaps to create something of a diary, perhaps something for Charlie himself to look back on one day and treasure. Please don’t feel like you have to censor yourself in any way – and I hope you continue to enjoy this happy time in your life without feeling guilty for being happy. The world has enough sadness in it – but there is something sad that kind people like you even FEEL that they have to mask their own happiness because other people are struggling. Reading about you, your triumphs, and your lovely life, makes ME feel happy that a person as lovely as you is so happy. You lift my spirits! And I will read your blog and your beautiful writing forever xx

  74. Ellen

    Please don’t change a darn thing….for every reader that turns away you gain a new one…like me! If people can’t relate they will naturally fall away but the thing that draws many of us to you is that you are real and genuine. Cutting out such a huge part of your life might feel disingenuous… But the point is you get to decide…that is the beauty of having your own blog. This is just a perfect example of not being able to please everyone. But know that while a post might “bore” or “offend” some, it inspires others! We can all stand to be more sensitive to others’ plights, but that does not mean we have to bend over to accommodate every last wish/preference! Baby posts or non baby posts, if you keep writing from your heart…. I’ll be reading! Love ya girl! Drink some wine tonight (or maybe whiskey) ;)

  75. Isabelle

    Dear Emily
    I am a French reader. I am a corporate lawyer, I work a lot (like nights and days…) and when I need a break or a simple dose of happiness I go to your blog. Given my job, which is really hard and time consuming, and the fact that time flies, I am not sure as to whether I would be able to get married one day and/or have a child. Sometimes it makes me sad to think about it and, to some extent, I recognize myself in Bridge when she says that it can be painful to read someone’s blog while trying very hard to accept a situation which is difficult to handle. But still, I must say that I LOVE your blog! There is no way I could stop reading it. Your blog does not make me bitter or jealous, but rather truly happy for you and full of hope. I love your life and I love the fact that you share it with us the way you do.
    I started reading you blog thanks to Joanna from a Cup of Jo (who is, with you, my favourite blogger!) and, really, you are an inspiration to me. I may sound like a teenager writing to his favourite rock star but I really think that you are amazing. I love your style, your design; I love your family and your friends, I ADORE your little Charlie who is the sweetest little boy. I really like the fact that you seem simple, authentic and full of joy. I love the way you share your feelings with us, either happy or sad.
    In a word, dear Emily, please keep doing what you do…

  76. Prashanti Lyree-jo Vodanovich

    Emily I have only been following your blog for about 8 months and you have helped me discover my design style. The reason I LOVE your blog is because you show your humanness, yoo open your life for everyone to comment that leaves you completly vulnerable and open for public opinion. That takes guts that most people never in a life time muster. You can’t make everyone happy and it makes me sad that some women are suffering when they see the joy you are experiencing, but as one person pointed out you you evolve as a person hence your blog will evolve. You are inspiring if not somewhat intimidating for how awesome you seem. Thanks for sharing your most intimate parts of your life. Design is just one part of Emily Henderson, I like Emily so enjoy all of what you share. My creepy blogger dream is that I win lotto so I can fly you to australia and help me design my home.

  77. As a mom to a 6 week-old who just returned to work at an ad agency, I truly appreciate the balance of the mommy / design posts. It’s inspiring to see another mom successfully juggling the two.

    Hormone-wise, I get you. All i do now is post pics of my baby on instagram fully aware that some people will roll their eyes, but it wouldn’t be an authentic representation of my experience if i censored that aspect. I say make tabs if it’ll make more people happy, but know I’ll be checking both with anticipation. It’s what i do during these early morning feedings to keep awake.

  78. Emily thank you so much for sharing your mommy life with us who look up to you as designers. I’m a new designer and new mom ( having my baby boy a few months before Charlie was born) and i’t so great to see that you can have a creative life and a mommy life- something I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do or balance.

    I can’t wait to share this video with my husband because you have become a part of our life– starting with your show on HGTV that we would watch together. I’m always sharing your Instagrams with my husband- he’s a sucker for a cute baby. And although he can never remember your name (I think he “forgets” because it annoys me) and refers to you as “Hollywood Regency” (because of an episode of Secrets of a Stylist– and your reference to that style) we really do adore you. We wish you and Brian all the best in your continued journey of parenthood! Thanks again for sharing your life with us.

  79. I love how you documented your pregnancy. When I’m pregnant, I would love to do something like that. I bet it’s such a treasure to have and be able to look back at such a fun and crazy adventure. I also wanted to take this minute to say how inspired I am by your work, your worth ethic, your attitude towards life! I mean it’s so inspiring. Keep rockin’ it.

  80. Sare

    I’m with the ‘keep it coming’ camp – as a mother of 2, and a business owner I really like (need) to see how other women manage to both balance and celebrate the two. You are not solely a professional nor solely a mother. And you are not JUST those things either. I would venture to say that your personal happiness and fulfillment is the backbone of your success. I agree with a lot of your other readers, you will NEVER make everyone happy, and guess what? there is a whole big world of design blogs that are all table legs and vases – I come here for more than that. If I want sterile, I will pick up a glossy magazine. You convey warmth, huge character and a humanity that is all too often lost in cyberspace. We need more REAL life, more connection, more story… that’s what shines. And you, Emily Henderson, are a sparkler :) Thanks for your blog, for the birth video, and for sharing all of the product of your obvious hard work (professional and otherwise).

  81. laura

    first of all let me say that I look at your blog and one other (Bleubird) every single day. It’s my break, my me time. so, first thank you for that.
    this morning, after i read your kitchen post I decided i had a minute at my office to watch your birth video. I read some of the comments yesterday and it really made for some adamant posts from people. Motherhood is such a passionate thing and we all are doing the absolute best we can with these precious angels. I think as a Mom, that we all need to support each others decisions knowing just that, that we are all doing the absolute best we possibly can with each and every decision we make for our families and our children.
    Anyhoo, I just watched your video and cried my eyes out! a co worker walked by as i was wiping the tears from my eyes and i realized I needed to gather myself :)…so moving and special that you two captured that on film! WOW! You are a beautiful family and i personally (again, my opinion) think it’s awesome how you are YOU and that it has been special to see your blog evolve with your life and your priorities.
    Ok, so that’s the first time I have left a comment but also the first time i felt inspired to do so. Beautiful birth video! Thanks for sharing.

  82. Jessica

    Well, I wouldn’t be me unless I added my 2 cents! I don’t have kids, don’t want them, nor do I enjoy them (tho as I get older, I’m becoming more and more patient with them – they’re just little anarchists figuring out what they can get away with!). However, I will NEVER stop reading this blog unless you become some sort of disingenuine, plasticized freakshow! Your authenticity and honesty are what make you unique. It seems like EVERYONE in the 25-35 age group is having kids right now. And that’s about right, it’s that time in our lives. Is it annoying that my fave blogs are all baby-fied? Sure. What I LOVE about how you approach these posts is that you have to jump over to see the whole thing! That way I don’t have to bother if I am not interested. HOWEVER, since your writing is so flipping hilarious, clever, honest and intelligent, I will actually read your baby posts. I don’t read anyone else’s. Remember back when blogs weren’t money-making and everyone was free to be themselves? That’s what your writing is like. And I love it.

    Miss the cat info, tho! How is everyone on 4 legs coping with Charlie’s arrival?

  83. Haley

    great video! I may have cried a little. I had a csection so it is bittersweet to see natural labor videos, but I LOVE seeing your first reaction to your baby and seeing the ‘f***ing warrior’ come out.

    As for all of these people dropping readership because you share a couple mommy posts here and there, that is part of the reason I started following you. I’d run into your blog once in a while BC (Before Charlie) and would read a couple posts then move on. Having a child has added another dimension to your blog and makes it much more interesting to me. Thank you for sharing and keeping it real.

  84. laurel

    The birth made me cry. There really are no words that will give justice to how amazing it is to become a mother. The moment my midwife put my son on my chest and I saw his beautiful face……it was the greatest moment of my life. Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo from Seattle!

  85. Virginia

    I love the personal posts! I subscribe because I like your style and your perspective on life equally.

  86. Kayce

    Oh wow. I was wary of the comments on this one. I’m glad there are more positive voices than negative ones. I really enjoy the personal posts. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? Your joy over Charlie is so infectious and beautiful. You shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

    And for what it’s worth, I struggled with infertility for 2 years before getting pregnant with my son (via IVF, and who I had just a few days after you!). The internet is a harsh place when you’re going through that stuff. I think you handled the comments compassionately.

  87. Tina

    Am I the only one who can’t find the video?? Can’t wait to watch! Also, I for one love all of your mom/baby posts. It gives us a little bit more of an insight into who you are as a person, which I love! Was the video taken off of ULive?

  88. Sarah

    Wait, didn’t we just learn from that quiz the other day that if we want Emily Henderson without baby/family stuff we should just go toNate Berkus? Kidding, kidding.

    I’m 8.5 months pregnant with my first, and while I first started reading for design content years ago (thanks to you our bedroom is Hague Blue), I do appreciate the family posts too. That said, I agree with others that it totally makes sense from a business perspective to run separate tabs for different content. Yes, it might be a bit of a pain to migrate everything, etc., but then people get the best of both worlds, yeah?

    And also, thanks. Your blog has been an excellent resource all around for me the past couple years.

  89. Olivia

    Oh my gosh tears upon tears. That video was wonderful. Reading this while my almost 2 year old twins are sleeping.. I remember hearing the doctor say “lets wipe off his eyes” and I looked at my husband and said “OH MY GOSH HE HAS EYES!!!!”. So sweet. Loved it.

  90. Erica

    I love every single thing about your blog. Is it really so hard to skip reading a post you don’t want to read? This is the Emily Henderson Blog. It is yours and you are obviously allowed to write about what you want. I really enjoy getting to see the personal lives of blog writers. It helps me connect and get to know them and not just the work side of them. I love your little Charlie and CRIED watching the birth video. Though I don’t know you or your family I really do care about you guys and love seeing the evolution of your lives.

  91. What an amazing video! So beautiful! How wonderful to have it all recorded to go back to and for Charlie as well. I’m jealous! I am about to have my third baby but after two emergency c-sections, this one will be a planned C and I won’t get to experience what you did :-(. Bittersweet, as another C-section mom commented above.

    As for the mommy vs. design posts: I too found your blog through your mommy posts and I check in often for those posts. I check out some of the design stuff as well, but I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have those more personal posts. So it goes both ways. Maybe do like A Cup of Jo and have dedicated Motherhood Mondays or similar so everyone knows what days to check in and what days to avoid? But I think there are just as many of us who love these posts and actually come to your blog specifically for them. Keep it up!

  92. Annika

    I love the family/baby/house posts- all of it as I live in near by Hghland Park, we’re remodeling our old, old house and have our first baby due in June. Your birth video was beautiful- I cried! Xx

  93. Lizzy Dean

    Oh Emily…..
    I’ve been following your blog (daily read) for over a year. I just want to say that I celebrate all of your accomplishments with you. You are never going to make everyone happy, so please try to stay true to yourself. I will continue to read daily and hope you continue to share these beautiful moments in your life. I have plenty straight up design blogs I ready regularly……..your blog adds so much more. I am looking forward to starting a family soon, so I love the baby stuff.

  94. Kelli

    That was very generous of you to share that moment with us. Thank you!

  95. Lizzy Dean

    Oh, and I miss the kitty stories…please bring them back:)

  96. LENYA

    I don’t normally comment but I want to say a) your video made me cry – but in a good way. Bringing life into the world is an amazing thing. Oh and you should see me when I watch one born every minute – blubbering mess b) I love that you are talking about motherhood! You’ve always shown so much of yourself in your blog and that’s why I love it. So you’ve got to be true to you. Its a part of you and you should celebrate that

    thanks for being you.


  97. Amber

    I love your blog- and love it even more with mom/baby posts!!! It adds another dimension and personality to your blog that is so refreshing! Your sweet Charlie also gives me baby fever :) Keep doing what you are doing! Don’t let the mean commenters get you down- this is your blog!!! If they don’t want to read the mother/baby posts then they can just close their browser– who in their right mind thinks it’s appropriate to tell someone what they can or can’t write on their personal blog? :) Enjoy that squishy yummy phase he’s in…they grow up too fast! :)

  98. Brandan WH

    Didn’t think I would cry but I tested up almost immediately. So beautiful. Many blessings and congratulations to you 3!

    • Brandan WH

      Teared up, not tested!

  99. I was in love with your video. With your joy. Brian’s comments made me giggle, because it is the same thing my husband said. He says it was the craziest thing he has ever seen.

    Charlie is beautiful.

    Girl. It is your blog. Your. Blog.

    Let me repeat: your blog.

    I like your design posts. I like your Charlie posts (dude. I can’t believe I actually have to write that). Please write what you wish to write. Please do not sensor yourself.

    Embrace your happiness.


  100. So magical! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment with us. It’s amazing how open and candid we have all become and it’s great to see it used in a positive and meaningful way. Your self-confidence and originality are such an inspiration. Looking forward to more of all kinds of posts ; )


  101. Tamara

    Hello! As someone who never really followed blogs until about a year ago, I first found design blogs that I really respected after my designer friend told me to create a mood board. What was a mood board… now I know! :). Then, when my blog choice narrowed to just three favorites, I found that I respected those who shared insights into other areas of life. As all of this happened, I also discovered that I am pregnant with my first, due toward the beginning of June, and find your experience and tips very helpful and encouraging! Thanks for sharing – and know that there are some of us who found your blog additions very inspiring and use some of those pages as a reference often!

  102. Kelly

    Funny you should say motherhood is making you want to become religious again… I am a new mother as well, and I am convinced that another person’s brain, heart, liver, bones, eyes, and (in my case) yes, even uterus, could not form inside my own without a Designer behind it. {Psalm 139} <3

  103. Liz

    I love you Emily Henderson! I read all the time but never (rarely?) comment, and I was shocked to see some folks knocking you for sharing about your personal life. I think it makes you more “human”. Of course you’re human, and you know that and we know that but it’s goo to be reminded every now and then, right? I think so. Can I say I wish someone had been able to film my two births? But on that note, you look amazing and I looked like a train wreck, so then there’s that.

  104. Anita

    Diddo to Gnome Lover. Keep it real, keep it you :)

  105. Anne

    The balance is perfect now. Keep up the beautiful, inspiring, hilarious posts!

  106. Em-

    Watching your video made me cry! I bow down to your candor and ability to share this amazing moment with us. Please don’t stop sharing. You are amazing. I love every faucet of your blog from baby to design. Your fun and quirky personality shines through your words. And can I also say that it’s so refreshing to meet someone who is exactly the same in person as they are on their on the blog? So rare.

    The haters don’t have to read if they don’t want to, it’s easy to skip the “baby” posts. I had to deal with this on my blog too and ultimately offered two different feeds to help satisfy everyone. You could always try that. It definitely helped cut down on the “No more baby posts” comments ;)


  107. Alyssa

    Emily, I’ve been a “design” fan of yours for a long while. I usually do not follow motherly blogs but you are so honest and down to earth that I value what you have to say. You should celebrate your career and your personal life because as a woman, the line between the two is blurry and difficult. I appreciate your willingness to share the joys and the struggles.

  108. Alicia

    I am catching up on blogs after my first week back at work after having a little girl in January. I read your blog every day of my maternity leave. It was the FIRST one I returned to tonight after my little gal passed out. I have always loved your design style, but the family posts add SO much. Before baby, I might have caught up on DesignSponge first, but I couldn’t wait it see your posts AND how your sweet family was doing. Funny how priorities shift with a new family. I would love to see how you stylishly “baby proof” the house too, so I can copy!

    And I loved this post! I also lucked out with a short, unmedicated delivery (not sure I have anything to brag about, although I was still so proud to have done it), and I wish we had a video! It was an unreal moment, and I don’t blame you for a second for wanting to share it!

  109. Lindsay

    I was first introduced to you via HGTV. After you stopped making Secrets From a Stykist, I googled to find out where I could get more of your killer design inspiration. That’s how and why I found your blog. I am here for design content, but along the way I also came to really enjoy YOU. And I realize that YOU now includes a baby you are madly in love with.

    Yes, the blog is different now. The Instagram feed that used to be filled with design inspiration is now filled with Charlie. And that kind of change is naturally going to come with some growing pains with longtime readers. But it’s also brought you a wider and different audience. Even if you lost your design-only readers, you’d gain a new army of stylish moms, and that can pay the bills too. :) You got this far by doing what you love. Trust that.

    Though I would personally (and tearfully) stop reading if this became a full-stop mommy blog, I don’t mind having posts about motherhood balanced with posts about design. (Heavier on the design, though.)

    Honestly, since you are a style blog as opposed to a DIY blog, it could actually be hard to sustain this blog over the long haul if the ONLY thing you wrote about was room reveals and occasional design tips. And there are more than enough DIY blogs out there, so I don’t think you need to start writing craft tutorials. So, writing about your personal life is probably pretty important to making this a well rounded, sustainable blog.

    The key, as you’ve already discovered through these comments, is to strike the right balance. But ultimately, I hope whatever you decide, you never suppress your joy for what you do, whether that’s your mind-blowing love for your kid, or your passion for design. Making YOU happy with your blog is just as important as making your readers happy. Don’t let us bully you into anything that doesn’t feel right.

    xxx <3

  110. Shannon

    Huge fan of your work Emily – you are an inspiration. I have mostly stopped reading your blog because so much of it is not design or style centered (this is style by Emily Henderson right?) and only heard about this post from a friend who is still holding on hoping this blog turns back into a design blog instead of lifestyle. I am happy to see people coming out of the woodwork and sharing that your design fans have been dropping off readership. I love how personal you are as that you share your real life in your posts – please don’t change that! But this is basically a baby blog with an occasional design post now. I am encouraged to see so many people suggest splitting into two websites, or at least tabs, which is a fantastic idea. This is (was?) the best style and design blog on the internet, and I hope me and readers like me can return here for inspiration soon.

  111. Beth

    I cried watching too!
    I’m another recent follower who loves your design and your life posts equally. If it were just design, I’d miss hearing about you.
    I have two boys and it is incredibly important and enjoyable to me, a working Mom whose kids are the most important part of my life, to hear from other Moms who I can look up to and relate with.
    Thanks for posting this!! You have a new follower in me.

  112. Tracy Murphy

    Emily, I love your blog, both the design posts and the motherhood posts. Looking forward to more!

  113. Girl! I have been reading forever but I’m a first time commenter. I thought the video was amazing. It’s so refreshing to see such honesty and to genuinely share in your life. With many of today’s blogs becoming so popular it seems like the more personal side to them is disappearing. It just becomes generic. Please keep the blog exactly how it is and keep sharing! Also make that app. I would use that shit on my husband everyday since I pushed our 10 lb son out 18 months ago thankyouverymuch. Much love lady! Don’t stop being you!

  114. Hi Emily, I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but after reading this post and about half the comments, I feel compelled to open my mouth. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what to do or not to do, but seriously…keep on being you and doing what feels right when it comes to your blog. I’ve been blogging for as long as blogs have been a thing, and in that time I’ve seen a lot of successful blogs come and go. The most common trait among the ones that fade out or get abruptly shut down is that the author has become too concerned with what their audience claims to want (or not want). The people who come here every time you post are here for one reason: YOU. The idea of “you,” at least, and all that that you-ness carries with it. You’ve been doing something right all this time, and you’ll continue to do so—trust yourself. Second-guessing and self-censorship will only lead to resenting the medium.

    And just for the record, I’m a 38-year-old woman who doesn’t want to have kids (and who has no particular interest in babies and that kind of stuff). As much as I dislike the assumption that all women should want children or that only mothers are capable of understanding love and compassion, I really, really, detest complaints about people sharing too many photos or stories or videos of their children. Every mother’s experience is unique and special, and I worry about people who can’t set aside their whining and opinions and acknowledge something that’s SO important to a person whose voice and vision they’ve come to depend on.

    OK, I’ll be quiet now. Hugs to you and wee Charlie. xx

  115. Blaire

    What happened?! I’ve been out of town and am just getting caught up! Closed the office door….got the tissues out…..and the video is gone!

  116. Tiffany F.

    I just watch your birthing video and I’m bawling my eyes out. So proud of you! I hope to be as brave as you one day when I have children! xoxo

  117. Wow. I just read a ridiculous number of comments, but I felt compelled to. I don’t know if you’ll remember this reference, but I hope you’ll never forget that sharks may have a bigger bite, but the dolphin we all love took the grand prize in the end. ;)

    Lately, I find myself making some of the same mistakes I made in high school. Namely, thinking that I’m not good enough, but you make being different awesome. The best friendships I have were formed when I was being 100% myself, and I think that is also the reason for your success. No matter what you decide to do with the blog, don’t ever let anything get in the way of your joy and love for Charlie. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that families are eternal, after all. ;)

  118. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. I recently had a baby too, so watching the birth of your son made me live that moment again and made me cry.

  119. Merritt King

    Hi Emily, such a beautiful story and very inspiring. My husband and I have recently relocated to LA, recently moved into an adorable Spanish Bungalow in Hancock Park, and recently found out we’re pregnant! We are thrilled and totally clueless :). Reading about your journey has been great, and for some reason, even more relatable since you’re LA. Is heat weird? Anyway, I’m dying to know -> who is this incredible Doula you speak of and how do I contact her!? Wishing you all the best!

  120. Hi Emily,

    Thank you so much for sharing! My baby boy just turned 1 last week, and watching your video brought back so many memories. Seeing you, hearing Brian, it just resonated so much with mine and my husband’s experience when I’ve given birth to our two littles. Have you read that article online where the writer compares every woman who has given birth to the greatest adventurers/explorers in history? Such a good read and I think it’s true! You feel so proud of yourself and in awe of every other mother out there after giving birth, right? And it really is incredible that you’ve created this amazing tiny human being. Such a miracle. Anyways, thank you again. xo

  121. Annette Clement

    Hmmm, I am a mom and grandma, and LOVE all the posts…design,flea market, craigslist, and the wonderful ones of your home, life and family. The personal ones are what make this blog so appealing, so we get to “know” the person behind the designs. Just as looking at someone else’s design aesthetic is interesting, so is the view of her life. I’m so glad for your happiness, and it’s a pleasure to see the beautiful family and baby pics and videos.

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  123. OH gosh I am crying!!!! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen-ever. Oh my gosh. And I have zero room to talk because I had a baby dec 23 and am echoing almost every feeling you are of joy and love and tiredness and hormones, etc, but I dont work and have a dorky mom blog, so I really am of no help. But your pure joy and honesty and transparency is the most beautiful thing about you. I just cant wait for every charlie update and every moment that you are so generous to share with us. Thank you so much for sharing your life and yourself and your family and your gifts with us.

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  127. Jenni

    Hi Emily,
    I am so sorry for all the negative feedback you have been getting on this post and any other Mommy post. I am sorry that some feel their hardships should diminish your happiness or make you feel bad for sharing it. We are all different and it truly makes me sad that you would have this kind of back lash from sharing a personal, exciting, and life-changing post.
    Personally, I do not want biological children and am still considering adopting at all. Child posts are not something I usually cling to, but yours are different. You have let us into your life and Charlie is part of that now. He is AMAZING. He (or children) may not be everyone’s dream or possibility, but he is yours and we should be able to celebrate that with you without our wants or haves getting in the way of simply being happy for you.
    Thank you for being such a caring person. I am sorry that anyone’s sadness has made you second-guess this post or give you sadness when thinking about it. As for the haters… that’s what they do. Hopefully, they will realize what they are missing without your daily insights and happily come back like any rational person would ;)

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