Behind the scenes – a ‘quick and easy’ shoot

As most of you know, we shoot a lot of original content here. Sometimes it’s in real situations – like makeovers or my house, etc, but these days because of social media we set up a lot of shots in scenarios that don’t really exist. Lies. The Internet is all lies.

Food52 emailed us and asked us to style this beautiful planter by Pigeon Toe Ceramics for them and since we love Food52, PigeonToe and challenges we said ‘sure’. You can grab the planter HERE. 

I was like – yeah, we can just throw it together real fast. Of course, I ended up spending like $60 on succulents to put in said planter (I went to the most overpriced nursery in the world in Pasadena). I didn’t want to just do a mediocre shot on white, so we had to actually put in effort.


But few things can really just be ‘thrown together’, and we knew that for social media we wanted it to feel kinda aspirational, but there wasn’t really a budget to paint a wall or go shopping. So by using what we already had in the studio, we ‘threw it together’, which means that we completely set up a fake scenario full of precarious props that at any moment could fall and kill you.

On the left is what it actually looked like in our studio and on the right is the final photo:


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Take it outside – Target patio makeover


The next Target video is up, folks and we are taking it outside. This one is more about ideas on how to make your outdoor space/furniture more fun and inviting. The basics are kinda easy, it’s that final layer that you want/need for entertaining and once it’s done everybody can enjoy it.

This is why I schedule photo shoots or parties – I need the deadline, the kick in the maternity pants to pull things together or they will simply stay mediocre forever. The earlier you do this in the season (like now) the longer you can enjoy it.

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1 Bed 4 Ways: Casual Global Glam

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Before After

The fourth and final bed in this series is only fitting that it’s a dream escapist bed, perfect for your Friday. This week seemed INSANELY long so crawling into this bed and watching TV on my not so global laptop all day is very, very, very tempting right now.

She is boho, sure, but in a more sophisticated, neutral way than #2 (Bright, Fun and Feminine), plus she likes simple furniture instead of a crazy Moroccan table. We wanted it to feel global, but not like a set, and eclectic and interesting but not too wacky.

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1 Bed 4 Ways: Masculine Clean Modern

Black White Masculine Clean Modern_before and after

I know you all think that I love white and bright colors and hate the color black, but it’s not true. Sure, I do love white and color, you are not wrong about that. But I know that black is dramatic and sophisticated and just so cool, but when its next to my skin it makes me look like I’m an anemic geriatric lizard. And that ain’t cool. (Basically it washes me out and enhances my wrinkles)

That being said, black and white together are a very strong duo. If black and white were competing in Dancing with the Stars against ‘Navy and Blush’ I would be put my money on them in a second. They create instant intense drama. Fierce, at times, but they get the job done really fast. So this bed is more inspired by my attraction towards that world – more minimal, stark and intense. While it doesn’t seem very ‘me’ I actually really love it.

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