Time to get organized, folks …

If I could ask a magic genie for one trait it would be to be more organized … well that and the ability to tan. Not really dark, just a light golden glow that would cover all my bruising, veins and make me look a little less like Sissy Spacek in Carrie and a little more like Cate Blanchett.

Anyway, amongst many other new years resolutions (that I didn’t exactly succeed at) I resolved to put my business credit card in a slot in my wallet after using it. My little sausage fingers LOVE nothing more, apparently, than shoving it in the side pocket of my purse, throwing it in the vortex that is my diaper bag, sliding it in my back pocket or even just leaving it on the counter of the store. The amount of avoidable stress it causes me is insane (it gets lost, I have to cancel and relink all of my accounts all the time), and its such a small  easy thing to do – just put it back! You have your wallet out, just put it back!!!!

Point being organizing isn’t my thing so any sort of elaborate organizing system would be lost on me. It would be like a fast food eating child all of a sudden being asked to go paleo; It might last a day or two but ultimately its not the right fit. I’m actually WAY more organized when it comes to business stuff (well, I have Ginny and Brady to help) then with home stuff (like paying bills, dealing with mail, parking tickets, etc) so clients out there, don’t worry. I got you. I just need help on the home front.

blue waterfall desk

So, when 3m showed me their new Home Collection (by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands) I was interested but skeptical; The design is simple, sure, including gray and blue colored products (amongst other options) which I appreciate, obviously. What I found out later was that it is based off of a ton of consumer (mostly mom) testing about what they needed and what they felt wasn’t out there. Well, I’m a mom, and kinda a messy/scattered one at that so any help I can get I’ll take.


post-it home collection

So, I started playing with the pieces (namely the Display Rail and the Grip Board) and I was surprised how smart they were. I’ve realized that in order for me to keep my every day (and timely) paperwork (bills, invitations, parking tickets) from getting lost (and then me getting sent to collections) I need to be able to see it and access it really easily. Previously I had just piles of paperwork on my dining table but the pieces on the bottom were really never to be seen again.

For the shoot we set up this desk scenario  in the living room (I actually deal with all of this stuff in the studio, but its a TOTAL disaster right now as we are shooting like 9 things down there right now).

blue lacquer desk

I had been hoarding this desk for a while (for sale soon, via Chairish, probably $375) and have wanted to shoot it for the blog before I sell it – you know, so I can hoard the photo of it instead. Its an 80′s waterfall style table and we had it lacquered this awesome blue. So we set up a cute little desk scenario for the post and started playing with the Home Collection (from Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands).

3m display

At first I thought, “why would you use this Grip Board instead of a bulletin board?” and then I realized that a. I always put things NEAR my bulletin board, but they rarely get actually pinned to them because inevitably I don’t have any extra push pins and b. these take up way less space so you can have them in more accessible areas – while still making everything visible. The Grip Board is soooo easy, guys, you just shove any paperwork in there and it sticks, without a puncture or getting lost on your board. You could have one near your door and then put your outgoing mail or shopping lists there, or on your fridge or even a few in your office area, you could do one per kid or divide it up on subject – like one for social things (invites), kids stuff, home and bills.

3m home collection

The idea is to get things off of your surfaces and in view – to not pile paperwork on top of each other because everything gets lost – namely business cards, tickets, parking tickets, checks that need to be deposited, bills, dr. reminders, etc. The Post-it Grip Board and the Display Rail (again, my two favorites that I found to be extremely smart) are just so easy to throw things into and keep them visible and accessible.

3m home collection2

Next to the Grip Board is a pad of Post-it Full Adhesive Notes that you can write things like: ‘Don’t kill your plants’ or ‘Put on eye cream!!!!!’, two things that I consistently forget to do.

3m office

You can shove things on the bottom of the Display Rail, too, so that items can be displayed on the top and the bottom. And by things I mean your vintage stamps, polaroids, Gerard postcards and perfectly collected business cards – you know, your ephemera that you’ve been hoarding for years from every flea market you go to. Duh. If you want to create a collage of a few items, you can use the Post-it® Display Cards (above) and slip them in the Scotch® Display Rail. Either option works.

desk organizing

And that, folks is The Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands, check out the whole collection here. May we all stay a little more organized this summer – and therefore a little more sane. xx

Photos: Zeke Ruelas, Styled by me. Thanks Amsterdam Modern for letting me borrow that amazing office chair for the day.

*This post was in partnership with 3M, but all content ideas, creation and words are mine. Thank you very much for supporting the brands/posts that keep us creating original content. 

Guest Orlandopost: I Love it When We’re Styling Together

Photography by Tessa Neustadt


Dear Emily,

A lot has changed in the past few years. I started my own design practice. You and Brian made a human baby with your bodies. I become the West Coast Creative Director of Homepolish. You started ruling the world and representing Target. It’s been a crazy few years, but super fun. And one of my favorite things about our new careers is that we still get the chance to collaborate every once in a while. So when the chance to play in your dining room arose, I was stoked. The space is amazing, bright, high-ceiling’d. But it needed some life. It needed art.


Enter the Tappan Collective. Tappan and Homepolish have oodles in common; they make collecting cool art from emerging artists a breeze and Homepolish makes interior design affordable and accessible to all, armed with our dear nation’s best and brightest designers. I want like everything on Tappan‘s site, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to help style the new dining room around this awesome piece by Molly Berman Emily chose for her space. And lucky you, if you pop over to Homepolish right now you can enter to win a version of this exact piece for your own pad!


There are a few things to keep in mind when styling around artwork. And I’d like to tell you about them now. In list form. Because I am incapable of talking like a normal person. I can only list things.


1. If you have lots of bitsy things, put them on a tray. This makes the whole scene feel less busy and more in control. For example, if the alcohol and glassware above were just sitting there on the credenza, they would look totally junky and disorganized. Like me on a Saturday morning after a hard night out (just kidding I literally sit inside eating pizza on Friday nights these days, alone, in Garfield pajamas). If you have too many small objects on a surface and they’re not corralled somehow they’ll look crazy. And then you’ll feel crazy. And then you’ll actually become crazy. And all your friends will hate you. Let this be a lesson to all of us to invest in trays so that our collections of objects (or booze) will look neat and organized.



2. If you are having a styling party, make sure your styling partner is pretty and laughs at all your jokes. That’s why I love working with Emily so much.


3. Make sure there’s enough light. Emily will be adding a ceiling pendant to this room, but having some nice lighting at eye level is never a bad idea. I love these cute lamps Emily snagged from Target.


4. Cluster things in groups of 3. Or 5 if you really must. This helps them look natural and collected. Just like Julia Roberts when she’s wearing that red dress in “Pretty Woman” and she looks totally like a classy lady even though like a week before she was wearing crazy boots and a cheap blond wig. Another thing to remember when clustering is to make sure the heights are distinct from one another. Above, we used a tall vase, a medium vase, and low planter to make a happy family.


5. Make sure you choose items that accentuate the mood of your artwork. This Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective has such a quiet, peaceful mood. Thus, we chose accessories that complimented the color palette and feel of the beautiful photograph.

With these tips, you will get rich, find the man of your dreams, and get rock hard abs by the time you finish reading this sentence. And you’ll have me to thank for it. You’re welcome.


OMGPS: You can totally WIN the awesome Molly Berman piece from Tappan Collective that Emily has hanging in her dining room. Well, a smaller, more managable version of it at least. CLICK ON THIS LINK to enter. Right now. Or Else!

Resources: Dresser and dining table are vintage from the flea market, lamps from Target, tray from Target (vintage = 2 years ago), vase on dining table from Target (discontinued) and dining chairs from Mid-Century LA (and vintage, but they have more). Vessels are vintage. Morse code rocks glasses from ShopClass in LA. 

Tips to bookshelf styling

I have so many long drafts of 1/2 finished really good posts that just need a couple more hours of work on them, but after I work all day and put Sir. Charles to bed (which is a lovely 3 hour process the last three nights … the little guy is sick and stubborn – we are transitioning out of the swaddle and it sucks) I just stare at the posts with the blankest of thoughts. I simply can’t put so much effort into them and then just hit publish without making them awesome so they just sit there as drafts – taunting me.

So, thank god I remembered that I had another Redbook column from a couple months ago that I never posted. This one is more about styling, less DIY. Its a house that I designed 2 years ago that I still haven’t revealed to you because I wanted to pitch it to a magazine, then I was hoarding it for good maternity leave content, and then writing those posts (before, process, after) are so daunting that I just keep putting them off. But, here’s a sneak peek. The style was french country meets hollywood and its more traditional than I’ve done before and yet I totally still loved it.

emily henderson redbook

The photo is by the lovely Bethany Nauert. Thanks, B. I promise i’ll blog about the rest of the house sometime in the next year or so. I have 3 houses hoarded, ready to post … which leads me to …

The good news is that we found help – after reading through like 120 resumes and interviewing 23 people, (over four days – Ginny did most of them, THANK YOU GINNY!!) we have hired a lovely man named Brady. He is tall, blonde, from Utah, full of skills, creativity, brawn, enthusiasm and very nice necklaces. We are going to get back on our feet, design my house, set up shoots, create some awesome content for you, AND most importantly make all of our wonderful clients and partners even happier. The blog always ends up being last priority because there is no client asking for deadlines and monitoring content (except the sponsored posts, of course) and its solely me writing it (while I do have help with the content and uploading the pics, linking, etc), but its what got me here and you guys are what has literally made it and me a success, so with more help we’ll be able to put it back up to the top of the priority list and blow this sucker out. We have the ideas, just needed  more help .. Welcome to the team, Brady (and thank god for you always, Ginny). xx

Designing with Snoop Dogg and Airbnb for SXSW

Despite being a blonde chick raised mormon in Coos Bay, Oregon, I did my senior college history thesis on the racial appropriation of music via Hip Hop. Actually shocking, I know. I used to be a massive fan of hip hop and its not that i’m not anymore, but i’m just way behind in music in general. So when Airbnb told me that Snoop might be one of the artist I would work with I was PSYCHED because I’ve always loved him. Snoop? He’s legit, not a young wanna be gangsta; he’s classic and current, old school and new school and crazy talented. Plus he has style. You would be shocked at how generic some famous people’s style can be but Snoop’s never is and I knew that we could do something interesting together. We were made for eachother, Snoop and I.


Here’s a bit of background for the project: Airbnb wanted do an experiential marketing campaign where we designed these three Kithaus‘ with three musicians at SXSW. These musicians filled out a questionnaire that helped Ginny and I come up with an initial design plan. We presented it, they approved it and then we installed it where it remained live for 5 days in Austin last week during SXSW.  And the whole event turned out pretty awesome. (Check out the first one we did HERE and look at Moby’s, Lake Bell’s, Molly Sims‘, Anjelica Huston’s and James Franco’s).

For Snoop his questionnaire revealed that he loves the following: Versace (which he says you can’t say just once, you have to say ‘Versace, Versace, Versace’), Jamaica, WEED, prohibition era style, the ’70′s, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, the movie ‘The MACK’, and, again … pot. (FYI it is legal in LA, he has a card, and I will withhold my opinion of the substance even though it was hilarious to have to incorporate it into a design project).

So before we met with him we came up with a rough mood board  to show him based on his likes:


We wanted it to be comfy and lounge-y, with a 70′s club feel, some stoner references but in a luxe (and non-tacky) way. The wallpaper in the upper left hand corner of the board would be a custom cannibus inspired paper in navy and gold – using the word ‘cannibus’ is far more hilarious than pot, btw. He requested blue, and remember he loves Versace so naturally gold was going to be in our color story. But we wanted to give him the option of also having a wallpaper full of quotes of the people that he loves – James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and some Snoop quotes in there too which is what is running along the bottom. We would have done it where the font is small enough that it would just look like a texture until you got close enough and then you’d realize it was sentences and quotes. We figured it would be a fun stoner party game. The furniture was vintage Danish 70′s which was super loungey and there were some wood, peacock chair and plants to reference Jamaica.


But a few hours before the presentation we got a note from his people that he wanted it to feel more ‘Deco’ and ‘Speakeasy’ like. So we whipped this up real quick – making a few alterations.


We loved how this looked but it wasn’t feeling very Snoop to us. Then we met him and that pretty much changed everything, anyway. He loved both plans, but preferred the luxe high end/Deco one more. He loved that velvet sofa saying that the black leather danish 1970′s piece could have been ‘found on the streets on Inglewood’. Of course I wanted to assure him that no, he couldn’t get that piece on the side of the street but I understood what he was saying – he wanted something more rich and luxurious looking.

But the problem with that is that we just didn’t feel like that would look like him, either. After meeting him we realized that he is an insanely funny, interesting, smart in a way I can’t compete with and yet a totally crazy person. He free-styled constantly and threw out amazing, quotable one-liners every 2 minutes. And while, yes, of course he was stoned at the time, it was clear that his pod needed to feel way more colorful and interesting, and definitely have a sense of humor about it.

Also he had a few requests: He wanted the lights to constantly change colors – red to blue to yellow to green, all day long and he definitely wanted red or blue light bulbs in the lamps. He asked if our custom pot wallpaper could change colors and while I feel like in LA you can do almost everything, that seemed pretty much impossible on our budget. And you should have seen the look on my face – I mean, I’ve never gotten such a weird and terrifying request before … but the point was he wanted the mood to be exiting with lights.

So riddle me this, friends, how do you create a space that has both vintage crystal chandeliers and flashing red/blue/purple LED lights in it? How do you make it look both luxe and kinda gangsta at the same time? Classy and yet, as Snoop says, ballin’?  It was HARD, but such a fun challenge. So after days of us looking at each other like we might be designing the ugliest space on the earth we finally finished the mood board that got approved:

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

And here was my pitch:

“Snoop Dogg’s man cave will be a mix of laid back stoner comfort and Versace luxe… in Jamaica. He loves the 1970’s (and films like The Mack) so some of the furniture will be from that era and be super lounge-y and yet totally stylish. He loves blue, red and purple and wears a lot of black, so the cave will be predominantly these colors with gold (to bring in the Versace) as an accent and wood and natural fibers (to reference Jamaica) as textures.

There will be a stoner inspired custom wallpaper treatment with a deco weed design in navy blue on a mirrored gold back. Snoop loves red and wants a throne so there’ll be a red leather egg chair which is super loungy yet masculine and weird. There’ll be lots of crystal chandeliers with a deco vibe but the white bulbs will be replaced by red and blue bulbs. There is a custom illuminated sign that will read BOSS and have color spectrum flashing lights alla Snoop’s style and request. It will be exciting, interesting, inviting and totally Snoop”.

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

For the outside we would bring in some peacock chairs (inspired by that awesome photo of Snoop and the requested additionally by him) with some plants that looked like weed and other tropical plants. So Tajima, the creative agency we work with who coordinated with Kithaus’ took our mood board and with our direction created this rendering:

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

It took us probably 15 edits to get to that point where we were happy with it. And then still we were secretly ‘is this awesome or hideous???????’ (The exterior color is part of a greater Edward Scissorhand inspired exterior design plan which i’ll explain in tomorrows post).

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

Let me tell you about the sign. We figured that a custom sign (with LED color changing lights) could bring in the feeling that he wanted it was just a matter of coming up with the right word or phrase. Snoop said ‘Boss’ twice in his questionaire. When asked how he would describe himself he said ‘Boss’ and ‘The Mack’. We thought about ‘Dope’ because that has a double meaning, too, but then ‘Boss’ just seemed funnier. Its both an adjective and a noun – he’s super Boss and he’s the Boss. Its just funny. And then at the last minute, while following him on instagram, we realized that obviously BOSS should be BO$$, as he spells it, so we called the sign company and made the change. When we picked it up from the sign company and turned it on, I was totally speechless – either we were genius’ or we had totally lost our minds.

Airbnb Snoop

Once we started styling the space it really started coming together. That wallpaper was insane in a good way. The sofa from ShopClass was beautiful in a lounge-y deco way. The Boss sign was just so BO$$.

Snoop Dog Sign Boss

There she is. Is this pop-up very ‘ME’? Uh, no…. And yet I love it – that wallpaper, sofa, coffee table, side table and most of the accessories actually are me in a weird way, too. But more importantly it is totally Snoop. He loved is so much you wouldn’t believe.

Snoop Dogg

Obviously I didnt hire a photographer (clearly). There were a bunch of professional photographer floating around but its been hard to get my hands on the photos so this is me, using my iphone photos. Not my best work but I figured it was just important to really see what was in the space. That weird box on the upper left is an air conditioner. its mounted almost like a flat screen TV, but we faced it out with wallpaper so it could go away even more.

Resources: Rug from Z Gallerie (and yes, its slightly too small), Coffee table from Organic Modernism, Side table from Target, Tray from Target by Nate Berkus, navy/gold pillows and faux fur throw from Z Gallerie. Marble lamp and geode stash box from West Elm.

red egg chair

Please notice the red lightbulb in the lamp. I’m telling you, if you spend a few hours in a room with only red lightbulbs new white bulbs will make you feel like you are living in an episode of Orange is the New Black. Those things really are warm and inviting, if not totally insane.

Boss Sign

Yes, that is a brick of gold and some gin and juice there in the corner. It’s all about the details. We had his favorite movies, books, games and even installed that flat screen TV and X BOX 360.


snoop peacock chairs

After we were done Ginny and I were 100% sure that Snoop would like it. We actually LOVED it and strangely so did all of our friends. Brian walked into it and loved it, even Charlie lit up and stared at that sign for minutes. I know it’s really hard to get a sense of it from my stupid iphone photos but trust me that when you were inside of it, you wanted to party and never leave.

So Snoop arrived, checked his custom rhinestone encrusted mailbox (that only took Ginny 9 hours to bedazzle) where he was greeted with an issue of high times – I told you .. the details.

Airbnb Snoop Dogg

And then …. yea … he was into it. He called me in, passed all the paparazzi who had booked interviews with him, and gave me a massive hug with a lot of generous words about how he wants to transport it all to  his house in LA and how we should go there and design it, etc. He was shocked – over and over about all the details and how much it felt like him. Very satisfying indeed.

Airbnb Snoop

So there we are: Me, Snoop and Ginny. One of my favorite projects to date.

snoop dogg ginny emily

Watch this video where you get a way better sense of the space and hear him speak about the pod, Airbnb and probably weed.

And then this is the video of Snoop and  chatting about design where I presented him the ideas. It was 11pm and 80 degrees – it’s not my best work, but it’s not about me, anyway. Snoop carries the video.

So what do you all think about Snoop’s pod? Would you say its BO$$? Was this shocking? Do you think we pulled it off?  Tell me everything …

(Disclaimer: I/we do not condone or promote any drug use but its also not my job to judge my client on liking a legal hobby. It was his request. Had he wanted me to design a heroine or pornographic themed house, I would not have.)

Photo credits: Djstormsblog | Vivien Killilea | Rush Jagoe for Airbnb

Renderings: Tajima Creative Partners | Louis Polidori

Landscape: Big Red Sun Austin

Our baby shower, part 2

Well folks, you can call off the search, take down the posters, hang up your 911 call because you have officially found the best ‘parenting party’ (co-ed shower) that’s ever been given … and it was ours, thrown by Scott, Corbett and Orlando – 3 of my very best friends in LA. Naturally they are also the people who I think have the best style and know me the most, stylistically, too, so thats awesome. Last week I blogged about the party but not the decor  - check out those photos here.

It was totally fantastic and just generally amazing in every way. Let me walk ya through it.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They chose a triangle theme. Everybody kept trying to guess that the triangle was symbolic for something fertile or infant or something, and while it is the shape of ones, ahem, lower region area, I think they chose it because its super on trend and visually very fun.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Scott hosted the party at his new beautiful house in LA. In case you don’t know this man he is one of my very best friends in the world (like family, this man). We met on set years 12 years ago, both assistant stylists. He went on to work for Martha and has been a freelance (and very sought after) stylist for years.

So he got his DIY on to make some much needed confetti.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

triangle pendants

When I walked up to the house I was shocked at what I first saw. These awesome DIY brass pendants that Corbett just whipped up. Just like that. Leave a comment if you want the DIY – I’ll have her recreate it for the blog. They were awesome.

But that wasn’t good enough, nay. We also got to walk through this threshold of triangle ribbons. This was also around the holidays and could double as SUCH a cute holiday decor idea, too. It’s strangely fun to walk under a bunch of ribbon – it’s like life just turned up the silly and festive on you. And while I would have had a good time if they had just shoved a bunch of themed straws in my face, I have to say that Brian and I  both had so much more fun having it be so decked out.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Then Kristen from Moon Canyon made this awesome triangle wreath that was just stunning. Thanks, Kristen!

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Here’s a sneak peek into Scott’s house which is just ridiculously beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Even the ceilings had triangle banners … Because ceilings are people, too.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Oh and there was a teepee, naturally. What triangle themed party would be complete without a teepee serving as the bar? So beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They even had this pinata custom made for me which of course I’m still hoarding in Charlie’s room for his 4th birthday. And in case you are wondering how much a custom pinata of this size is, the answer is either $18 or $28 … I forget, but definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Check out the other party post to see that triangle light fixture in action. It’s awesome, served as a focal point in the space and drew people to the other side of the pool.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They painted on these floating candle holders which tended to want to just hang out at the edge of the pool, but looked chic regardless.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

The thought, effort and love that went into this party is truly remarkable. I stayed up til 12 on that Sunday talking with everyone while they kept drinking wine and I wasn’t even jealous this time because I had such a good time.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

I mean, that’s a ridiculously fun, festive and modern baby shower/party. Scott, Orlando and Corbett KILLED IT.

emily baby shower

They are three of my favorite people in the world. Three people who I’ve never gotten sick of no matter how much time I’ve spent with them (which is A LOT) plus they all love each other, thank god. We all go flea marketing, thrifting, shopping and then many a happy hours drinking. Thank you guys so so so so so much. Without sounding too cheesy and hormonal, it truly was one of the best nights ever. Brian and I felt very, VERY, special. I love you. (To see all the party photos,click HERE).

Resources: They rented the majority of the furniture from Yeah Rentals, the food was by Heirloom LA (sorry, we devoured it before the pictures could be taken!) and the rest of the resources are here: 

Floating water lanternsGold triangle pillowPaper garlandTriangle rugTriangle fabricEmbroidered triangle pillowGold fringePyramid light garlandTeepeeGeometry pillowArrow pillowTriangle paper punchLarge triangle paper punch, Happy Habitat Throw.

All photos by  Christian and Reina. Thanks guys for such amazing photos!