1 Bed 4 Ways: Casual Global Glam

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Before After

The fourth and final bed in this seriesĀ is only fitting that it’s a dream escapist bed, perfect for your Friday. This week seemed INSANELY long so crawling into this bed and watching TV on my not so global laptop all day is very, very, very tempting right now.

She is boho, sure, but in a more sophisticated, neutral way than #2 (Bright, Fun and Feminine), plus she likes simple furniture instead of a crazy Moroccan table. We wanted it to feel global, but not like a set, and eclectic and interesting but not too wacky.

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1 Bed 4 Ways: Masculine Clean Modern

Black White Masculine Clean Modern_before and after

I know you all think that I love white and bright colors and hate the color black, but it’s not true. Sure, I do love white and color, you are not wrong about that. But I know that black is dramatic and sophisticated and just so cool, but when its next to my skin it makes me look like I’m an anemic geriatric lizard. And that ain’t cool. (Basically it washes me out and enhances my wrinkles)

That being said, black and white together are a very strong duo. If black and white were competing in Dancing with the Stars against ‘Navy and Blush’ I would be put my money on them in a second. They create instant intense drama. Fierce, at times, but they get the job done really fast. So this bed is more inspired by my attraction towards that world – more minimal, stark and intense. While it doesn’t seem very ‘me’ I actually really love it.

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1 Bed 4 Ways: Bright Fun and Feminine

Pink Poppy Fun Happy Boho_before and after copy

It’s as if I’m physically unable to go two days in a row on the blog without pink. Todays ‘1 bed, 4 ways’ is way more feminine, obviously, and channels my inner bohemian spirit …. via a more ‘Anthro’ vibe.

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1 Bed 4 Ways: Cool Cabin Casual

Blue and Green Cabin Casual_before and after

In my quest to shove the importance of styling down all y’alls throats, we have done another very fun ‘1 _, 4 ways’ this time with the bed. We started with a VERY simple bed frame that we DIY’d from an ikea bed (stay tuned for the tutorial in Redbook that we’ll post here) and a white wall. So basic and potentially boring. But by changing out the accessories and bedding we have come up with four wildly different rooms, for your viewing (and copying) pleasure – starting with ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual’.

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1 Credenza 4 Ways: Midcentury Coastal and A VOTE!!!!

One Credenza, Four Ways. #4: Midcentury Coastal

It’s the last one in the series. I swear. More info on that at the end (thanks for your feedback). This one is called ‘Mid-century Coastal’. This is both my childhood and my future. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and we did have 1970’s seascape paintings in our living room. In fact when I was home last week I saw a couple of them still up in my parents house and I wanted to go around with a post-it marking ‘Emily has dibs’ on them, but then that seemed, you know, totally weird and morbid as my parents are thank goodness very young and healthy. But let it be known, siblings, that I have dibs on the seascapes … Also I’ll take the handmade 1985 five foot ET costume that is just so terrifying and wonderful, sure to send all the neighborhood kids running in tears.

Anyway. Here is Mid-century Coastal.

Credenza_4 Ways_Seascape Blue Natural_Mid Century Modern Coastal

This one is more country/coastal and pretty much where I’m headed stylistically, especially once I buy my fantasy Oregon or Ojai house. It’s just so soothing and calm, but with a little bit of an edge to it that says ‘the people here are 35-years-old and kinda cool’.

Here’s why it works:

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