1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: The Playful Scholar AND A VOTE!!!!

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We’ve reached the last in our ‘One Bookcase, Four ways’ series – which means one more bookcase (naturally), but more importantly it means you have a big vote at the end to choose your favorite. A vote, whose outcome could change lives and shelves. Forever.

Just when I thought I had a favorite, Ginny goes and styles this shelf like a ‘Playful Scholar’. I was the girl in college who was annoyingly attracted to men that had really large, HUGE … vocabularies. It was such a turn on, even though now it’s almost always a sign of total pretentiousness and not intellect. But a playful intellect? Sure. Obviously we make up these characters and it` just helps us tell the story, but I do love this one a lot. It feels the most lived-in in a way.

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1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: Desert New Age


When Southwestern was coming back a few years ago, I remember thinking ‘no way‘. Then ‘interesting‘ then ‘well, maybe a little‘. I still think there is a lot of bad stuff out there that people are buying that was just never good in the first place but generally if I had a desert house I could see myself go full BOHO hippie. I mean, I did buy a dream catcher the other day. It was $3 at a garage sale, but still, that is not a normal thing to just buy.

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1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: Modern Traditional


Welcome to the second ‘1 bookcase 4 ways’, this time going a bit traditional, but in a happy modern (and slightly country) way. I feel like there are fewer people out there that want this look, but there is a big place in my styling heart for traditional done right. I think I watched ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ one too many times when I was a kid. I just want to sleep in a dilapidated farm-house and eat off of chipped china.

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1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: The Eclectic Sophisticate


Welcome to the first in our ‘One Bookcase Four Ways’ series. At this point you pretty much know how it goes – we take a piece of furniture and switch it out four different ways to show you the life-altering importance of styling. Start with simple furniture, layer on the crazy and you get a room full of personality.

This first one is ‘The Eclectic Sophisticate’. Click through for inspiration, resources and a really fun gif.


How to throw a stress free (well almost) outdoor party


There is good stress (like worrying about what you are wearing to the Bachelorette premiere party) and bad stress (like worrying that Britt will beat out Katilyn, ugh). Throwing a party should be good stress – full of excitement and maybe some last-minute panic, but ultimately fun. I think what stresses me out about parties is a. managing guest expectations and b. making sure there is just enough for everyone, and that people can serve themselves, so that once the party starts my job is over. I was a waitress/bartender for years and those days are over if you know what I mean.

Let’s talk about the expectation thing – I think since I’m a stylist/designer person, I get it in my head that people expect it to look totally curated, pulled together, a la Martha (and they do). And unless it’s for a big shoot, it very rarely is. So what I ALWAYS do is frame it as a ‘casual backyard affair’ with comfort food and lots of options and then people don’t have high expectations (and are easily impressed). Have you ever been to a wedding where the venue is really luxurious and its black tie dress but everything else is super not and then its kinda jarring? Well, that’s because your expectations were high, based on the high-end location – so sadly the rest of the party kinda should match that in style. So if you just send out the ‘its a casual bbq’ vibe then people have pretty low expectations and then you can wow them. ‘Social Manipulation’ by Emily Henderson – the name of my next book.

This party was set up with Target, and I had loads of help so no, it wasn’t just ‘thrown together’. But the principles of how we set it up are easy, and things that I actually do (or ideas that I will start doing immediately).

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