1 Credenza 4 Ways: Midcentury Coastal and A VOTE!!!!

One Credenza, Four Ways. #4: Midcentury Coastal

It’s the last one in the series. I swear. More info on that at the end (thanks for your feedback). This one is called ‘Mid-century Coastal’. This is both my childhood and my future. I grew up on the Oregon Coast and we did have 1970’s seascape paintings in our living room. In fact when I was home last week I saw a couple of them still up in my parents house and I wanted to go around with a post-it marking ‘Emily has dibs’ on them, but then that seemed, you know, totally weird and morbid as my parents are thank goodness very young and healthy. But let it be known, siblings, that I have dibs on the seascapes … Also I’ll take the handmade 1985 five foot ET costume that is just so terrifying and wonderful, sure to send all the neighborhood kids running in tears.

Anyway. Here is Mid-century Coastal.

Credenza_4 Ways_Seascape Blue Natural_Mid Century Modern Coastal

This one is more country/coastal and pretty much where I’m headed stylistically, especially once I buy my fantasy Oregon or Ojai house. It’s just so soothing and calm, but with a little bit of an edge to it that says ‘the people here are 35-years-old and kinda cool’.

Here’s why it works:

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1 Credenza 4 Ways: Bold Mid-Century Contemporary

It’s another 1 credenza 4 ways, over here (see #1 and #2). To catch you up, I took one credenza and styled it four completely different ways without changing the background or flooring. I thought it would be fun to show how by styling things differently you can totally change the context of the piece.

Credenza_4 Ways_Header

This version was supposed to be more minimalist, but I am clearly someone who is unable to just put one thing on a credenza. I tried, I did, and it just looked so sad – especially with the lady above just staring at you with her, ‘Why didn’t you give me any friends?’ look. So instead we are calling this ‘Bold Mid-century Contemporary ‘.

Credenza_4 Ways_Photography_Pottery_Mid Century Modern Casual

That photograph pretty much sets the tone for the wall – it’s a Stephanie Vovas (the photographer, not the model) and it’s pretty hot. Here is why this whole credenza styling works:

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Target Chapter 9: Bohemian Bathroom

Bathrooms are people, too and deserve time, consideration and some styling. So we treated this bathroom like the princess it is and styled the heck out of it.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_full view

For this video we took on the personality of a 20 something bohemian city girl. Her apartment is small (even though this bathroom is twice the size of my bathrooms in New York) but she still wants to bring in a lot of style and storage through accessories.

Vanity | Blue Ottoman | Brass and Silver Table Lamp |Metal Hanging Basket | Blue Shower Curtain | Graphic Print Shower Curtain | White Shower Curtain | Metal Hanging Baskets | White Wall Ledge | Grey Floor Mat | Plant Hanger 

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_before and after

This bathroom is a set – totally fake. The production designer, Meg, basically designed it to be an urban bathroom, with pretty new finishes – subway tile, penny tile and a clawfoot tub and a traditional sink. You might wonder where the toilet is? And I’d say, don’t be disgusting, she would never own a toilet. Actually, we made the decision to not have one because we needed the space to tell the story and also who really likes to look at a toilet, real or fake? No one.

Target_Emily Henderson_Bathroom_Blue White Green Eclectic Bohemian_bts emily1

Look how satisfied I am with that bathroom styling. I have to say that for a bathroom there is a lot of style up in there.

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15 bedrooms – You Choose

The other day I was googling myself, as you do, looking for an old project to reference, when so many other old projects popped up – projects that I’ve even forgotten about!  Ginny and Brady were like, ‘You did that? We’ve never seen it before!’ Some of them I’m proud of and some of them I’m really not. Since a lot of you are new and probably haven’t seen 1/2 of them I figured I’d do a roundup of some of my favorite bedrooms that I’ve designed – and see which one you would live in the most, if any (poll at the end). Some of them are a bit controversial and there are definitely some things that make me want to shove my hand through the photo and change, but all of them I really like for different reasons. It’s incredibly hard to be objective about your own work, though. Also my feelings towards the client always effect how much I like/dislike the space.

I’m very curious about all your thoughts – so here you go:

Vintage romantic Canopy bedroom (from 2011):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 5

This one was from Secrets from a Stylist and while I could lose that intense orange, I just love that bed and that bedroom so much. See full post here | Photo credit: Bethany Nauert

Hollywood Regency Master bedroom makeover (2013):

emily henderson bedroom makeover 6

Sometimes I seriously regret selling them those teal rams head lamps. I’m doing another project for them soon so I might, you know, steal these for myself. See full post here | Photo credit: David Tsay

Curbly’s bedroom makeover 2014:

emily henderson bedroom makeover 2

The Curbly makeover is still one of my all time favorites – and YES, that is a Target bed. So good. See the full post here | Photo credit: Melissa Oholendt

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1 Credenza 4 Ways: #2 California Eclectic

It’s another ‘One Credenza Four Ways’, except this time … she (the credenza is female, obviously) is ‘California Eclectic’. She is the kind of girl who almost shoplifted when she was 16, but didn’t because she was distracted by the cute teller. She’s the kind of girl who you might not want to date your son, unless you want your son to have a crash course in ‘life lessons’. She’s fun, but a little cuckoo.

Credenza_4 Ways_Header

As a style schizophrenic, each of these credenzas actually feels like a part of me (see yesterdays ‘Upper East Side Cool’ and stay tuned for the other two coming out).

Credenza_4 Ways_Gallery Wall Pottery Succulents Woven Art_Mid Century Modern Eclectic

This one clearly feels like young a California chick. A chick that obsessively collects weird art and pottery in bright colors, loves high brow and low brow culture equally, and every day wishes she were just a little bit tanner and a lot more focused. She might call herself Emily Henderson, but you’d think a chick who had this art collection would have an edgier name ….  a name like Emily Starke. Now that’s a real bad ass name (It’s my maiden name).

Why this styling works:

1. While there are certainly more than 3 -5 colors here at play (which is traditionally the number to stick to unless you are extremely skilled at mixing colors), white and blue are the stabilizers with pops of other colors mixed in. And all of them feel equally bright and colorful. Mixing in a neutral landscape painting into this would feel accidental.

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