Trolling Craigslist… Las Vegas!

Dear Vegas,

You are a tricky city, indeed. There are some things I love about you – the freedom, the insanity, your ‘let loose-ness’ … and the vintage. I explored it a couple of years ago with my friend/former assistant Rebecca, and I was surprised by how good it was but also how expensive it was (the stores, not Craigslist). So I was happy to find that the Craigslist is here and waiting for me to troll all over it.

Vegas CL vintage sofas and table

1.  $65 Vintage Sofa Oh what, this beauty? You think its ugly? Whatever do you mean? But here’s what you do – scrap all the seat cushions and those super intense back cushions. Whats great about it is the upholstered frame and the shape of the back, but all that hoo haw is distracting you. Then get the seat cushion to be divided into just two, not three. The back could be tricky because its curved, but you could recover and make it a tight back but with more padding than it has nownow. Recover this bad boy in a non-80′s color (no matter how trendy they are right now, unless you have the best style in the world and call yourself Kelly Wearstler then a sofa like this needs to be in a safe/masculine neutral like navy, gray, ivory or even a forest green …. woah, that is 80′s aint it?)

2.  $85 Geo Coffee Table  Very good. Great in black but paint that sh*t gold and you have yourself a very pretty and inexpensive architectural table.

3. $299 Curved Back Sofa Again with the curved back. Try it in a heather gray linen or if you are bold and can handle it, go for a dark teal linen.  This guy will be anywhere from $800 – $1500 to recover and will need around 12 – 15 yards so it’s a bit of an investment.

vegas cl vinatge dressser and chair

4. $50/each Deco Chairs You had me at deco and $50. These are hideous right now, but go all Fig house on them and put that sh*t in an emerald green velvet. Trust.

5. $50 Mid Century Side Table Way more interesting and with more integrity than most big box stores and much cheaper. Grab this round little sexy  man.

6. $175 Mid Century Dresser. Dressers are hard and expensive. So if this is your style then it could be a good deal. The lines are simple, but it’s not crazy beautiful or anything. Just basically WAY better than your average piece of garbage dresser.

vegas cl brass lamp and purple chair

7. $35 Set of Retro Chairs Y’all. That is a good price. I really want something like these for me – to recover and powder coat the bases. I would do them in three shades of the same color or do the inside different from the outside or pipe them a contrasting color – just do something fun with them because they are so simple and plain. A total blank canvas.

8. $75 Mid Century Chair Pretty lines. Daring color. Grow a pair and buy this chair.

9. $20 Brass Desk Lamp Ooh, hey cutie pie, you could sit on my desk any time. Especially for $20.

vegas cl spindle bed

10. $75 Queen Spindle Bed Frame Yeah, paint this frame virtually ANY color and it will feel smart and updated. Black = edgy and cool, white = open and airy, nude/blush = trendy and hot, emerald green = bold and graphic, navy = sophisticated and masculine. You get the idea. Go for it. This is a can’t lose.

11. $185 Vintage Sofa Good lines, simple shape. The legs are a bit retro, but could be totally fine if the color of the sofa is good. Maybe the legs are gray-washed? Dunno, just throwing that out there.

vegas cl 80s sectional

12. $250 Crazy ‘S’ shaped 80s Sectional Oh I’M SORRY, but you are shaped like an S????? You are like a hollywood story, you are – all big, bulky and kinda ugly when we found you. Then cut to 6 months later and you will be on the cover of US weekly with a before and after that nobody would believe. But I knew it. I had your back. I saw your inner beauty/weirdness.

13. $40 Vintage Barstools Again, my obsession with barstools continues. It’s because I can’t seem to find the right counter height vintage upholstered stools (3 of them) for myself, so whenever I find them I get excited and then sad.

vegas cl lucite benches

14. $60 Set of Lucite Benches & Side Tables UH, yo Jen Gotch (the Ban-do founder/creative director) too bad these are probably sold the second these go live. I mean, that is A LOT of lucite for $60. Geez. You are welcome, America.

15. $125 Pair of Ladder Back Chairs I know these don’t seem like me but if I had a more classic style house I would love to have these flank the perfect classic/simple credenza – because that’s what they are – classic and simple.

16. $35 Pair of Chrome Arm Chairs The price is right, but the color is ugly. Recover them (pink? aqua?) tuft the back and those bad boys could make any simple white desk look super stylish.


vegas cl headboard thonet

17. $40 Twin Headboard This is a cheap recover – like $100 and 4-5 yards of fabric, and your child could be sleeping in fabulousness.

18. $35/set Bent Wood Dining Chairs If this is only 3 chairs then its a travesty, hopefully its four. But even for two this is a good deal because these have such good lines and are so pretty. They need to be refinished, sure, but those pretty curves could rival Kim Kardy’s – pre and post baby.

Happy Friday, y’all. Now go get your Vegas Craigslist finds.

Trolling Craigslist… Providence!


Trolling CL Providence

Brian and I went on vacation once to Rhode Island where we wore sweaters on our shoulders and sipped pimms cups. That part of the East Coast is just so pretty and old and everything feels like Great Gatsby all the time. So I was a bit disappointed in the Craigslist there this week, but it could just be a bad week there or maybe there are enough savvy buyers buying everything up. Either way, we found some gems.

trolling CL providence leather chair marble and campaign dresser

1. $25 Brass & Marble Side Table I don’t LOVE you but I do really like you and I can’t seem to get enough small round tables, so this one could go in my collection.

2. $75 Vintage Leather Chair Yeah, this is a score. Give it a pouf as an ottoman, pair it with your midccentury style sofa and call it a day.

3. $180 Campaign Dresser I have yet to find a campaign dresser that I didn’t like. This one is great because it looks like it doesn’t need to be refinished, but if you find one that does calculate in $300 for refinishing (its strangely more expensive than upholstery even though it is easier to DIY).

4. $50 Brass Dipped Side Table You should be $40, but I like your feet enough to include you. If this is a DIY’d table, though, then i’m on the fence. Its still cute, but its better (obviously) if its actually brass.

Trolling CL providence desk rocker and chairs

5. $50 Pair of Mid Century Chairs I can’t tell, but i’m interested, certainly for $25 a piece. Are you real leather? What does your back look like? Would you be cute flanking a credenza in a hallway or dining room?

6. $35 Thonet Bentwood Rocker I’ve never met a bentwood rocker that i haven’t liked. Ask Allen Stone, he even had that one shipped to his house in Seattle.

7. $25 Mid Century Desk: You need a makeover but your lines are simple and your price is low.

Trolling CL providence milo baughman and bamboo dressers

8. $150 Pair of Bamboo Dressers This would only work in the right house (coastal or boho) but two nightstands with storage for $50 is not bad, folks.

9. $250 Milo Baughman Chair I have two of these in ultrasuede (secret: white ultrasuede just looks like white fabric) I got mine for $450 for the pair. So $250 isn’t bad – especially if they are really Milo’s.

Trolling CL providence settee and patio chairs

10. $95 Set of 4 Wire Patio Chairs I think these are pretty adorable. I bought a bunch of these once at the flea market for $10 each and I wish that these were less, but they are still pretty cute and more original/unique than Ikea.

11. $200 Vintage Settee This is a project. It needs reupholstery (gray linen? green velvet?) and refinishing (less shiny? raw finish?) but once done it would be so cute and unique. I love the scale, shape and the woodwork on the back.

Ok… I’m in New York shooting the Cattery today, and then hanging out with Brian and Sir. Charles in Central Park. Traveling with family is WILDLY more fun than traveling alone. And thanks to everyone who came last night to the meet and greet. Y’all made me feel very special. xx

New Chairish pieces for sale

Well folks, its another round of selling my vintage wares on Chairish. vintage selling. Why? Because I like to hoard things, then ‘foster’ them for a while and then, you know, get new shiny toys. So, I use their app which makes it really easy to sell (see this post where I describe how to use the app and if you are reading on a phone then download the app here) Today I have a few things that for one reason or another aren’t working in my house or for clients and if I keep them in storage they’ll get destroyed. So y’all are in luck. Click HERE to go straight to the sale or keep reading for my super compelling descriptions.

Chairish Favorites with Prices



Leather Club chair

Vintage 1970′s Caramel Leather Club Chair. I love this guy and it’s pretty hard for me to give it up. If you want to see it in action check out this video. It’s big and ‘dude’ without being too ‘bachelor pad’. The leather is worn and pretty and at times a little dry but could probably just use a good oiling – kinda like me.

Hollywood Regency Sofa

Vintage Hollywood Regency Bespoke Sofa. We call this sofa the ‘Captain American’ sofa for obvious reasons. I bought it at the flea market because the lines are just so wonderful, but then an awful thing happened. I was re-upholstering things CRAZY fast for The Fig House – where I had to decide the fabric/finishes for like 13 pieces of furniture at the same time. All of them turned out great except this guy. I saw it when they were all delivered and I was like, “Woah … did I do that?” and I checked my notes to the upholsterer and sure enough, I intentionally and yet totally accidentally made that sofa look like that. Whoops. Luckily we didn’t need it in The Fig House anyway so I used it in my circus inspired sip and see last weekend and now it’s up for sale. The lines are amazing, but yes, it needs re-upholstering (at least of the blue fabric which is sunbrella – don’t ask). In fact Jayson Home and Garden just sold this EXACT sofa for $9,995.00, re-upholstered in a beautiful navy silk:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.00.31 AM



See? That lady has CRAZY potential. It should cost you about $800 – $1200 to reupholster with around 18 yards of fabric. So it’s still an investment but way less than 10K. And make an offer. Who knows I might even take less for it.

Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs

Set of 6 Midcentury Chairs. These beauties are AWESOME and I love them very much. They were in a client’s home but they realized that they needed 8 chairs for when guests come over, not 6 and since these are vintage we couldn’t just buy 2 more. So now they are up for sale. They have been upholstered and refinished and are just beautiful and comfortable in person.

Brass Shelving Unit

Vintage Brass Etagerie Shelving Unit. These photos don’t really do it justice because what is so great about this is the angular lines of the brass. It’s not squared off, but instead at an angle and half of it is matte/brushed brass and half is shiny. It’s missing a shelf, but I actually used that shelf to put a taller lamp and a piece of art. Make me an offer, folks.

Barbarella Game Art Piece

Barbarella Pin-Up Game Art Piece. I love this piece VERY, VERY, VERY much, but I just can’t seem to make it work in my house. I bought it for a man-cave I was designing but the owner of the space has a young daughter so he didn’t want to display it there. It’s an amazing 1960′s bachelor party pin up game – a pin the boob on the barbie, kinda thing. It’s framed in a great black frame. Click on the link to see it closer up, because this chick is a beauty.

Check out all the pieces and purchase here at My Collections Page

Meanwhile you can win $200 site credit to shop Chairish. Enter your email to enter, HERE. Sweeps starts on May 8 and ends on 5/23.


Emily's Favorites

Here are some of my other favorite picks right now on Chairish. There is a lot of good stuff y’all. And while a lot of these are higher-end remember that you can sell with the app basically anything that is quality and used (or even something new that you can’t return). It has to get approved by their curators to make sure that the site isn’t filled with vintage ikea Lack tables, but generally if it’s good quality and interesting they’ll approve it.  Get the app here, and if you are on your mobile reading this then click here.

Buy away or start making some offers ….

Trolling Craigslist…Charlotte!


Lets all head down to the south, shall we? Where everyone, no matter who it is always calls me Ms. Emily.  Craigslisting down there has always been pretty productive – so here it goes:

trolling CL charlotte 1

1. $245 Vintage Patio Set The crazy lady inside of me wants these on my patio right now. They definitely aren’t for everyone, but they are for the right patio. Im envisioning a beautiful patio on the east coast, filled with lovely people, nicely perched in these chairs who love to waste away the day drinking sparkling rose.

2. $225  Vintage tufted sofa Those are some good lines and a lot of tufts which are two things every sofa could use more of. If it were in a dark charcoal or a heather grey linen it would be beautiful. Or hell, if you have some balls upholster it up in an emerald green linen. The lines are simple enough that you can take risks with it and have some fun.


Trolling CL charlotte 2


3. $80 Vintage Dresser Strip it down and refinish that bad boy in a pretty walnut tone. If you want to jazz it up paint the handles a different color, like white. But I like the idea of keeping the pieces and the handles in the same color tone.

4. $40/Set of Vintage Chairs. These are both hideous and interesting at the same time, kinda like your creepy old neighbor that you constantly catch looking through the kitchen window at you. If you recovered them in a simple cream or ivory linen they could go from hideous and interesting (like the creepy neighbor next door) to beautiful and weird (like the new neighbor that just moved in across the street).

Trolling CL Charlotte 3


5.  $85 Whicker Headboard So cute! It makes me want to have a girl right now. Not to mention that Land of Nod has a pretty similar headboard selling for much, much more. Grab this one up before I decide to have a girl just so that I can design a room around this headboard.

6. $85 Midcentury Modern Desk That’s a cheap desk, folks. Snatcherup. Cancel your expensive dinner plans, buy some TV dinners for the next few nights and before you know it you’ll have saved enough to buy this beauty of a piece which can also now double as a TV dinner table!

Trolling CL charlotte 4

7.$100 Pair of Chairs You are kinda throne-like in a weird way. Of course they need to be in a more conservative/timeless fabric but the lines, shape and style are pretty impressive.

8. $50 Vintage Table and Chairs Its not awesome, but its not the worst. If you have a nook and are looking for some cute retro furniture then you are in luck because this set could be the new best friend to your lonely corner nook.

Trolling CL charlotte 5


9. $200 Grasscloth Waterfall Table A table like this can be your entrance table, your console table, your sofa table or just a random table in your adorable nook. It has about as much versatility as you can dream up.

10 $60 Campaign Side Table Ok, not an awesome deal, but not bad for what you could have sitting in your room. I’m still a sucker for a campaign table.

11. $125  Horse Lamp Cute, quirky, weird and totally up my alley. I don’t love that color for my house but I love that shape. You could easily paint it and instantly it goes from neigh to yay!

Where to next, folks?

Lo & Sons Bags

Back in the day, things that were kinda gadgety tended to be ugly – like speakers, computers, toasters and calf building shoes. Thank god the world has changed and not only have techy things become attractive but attractive things are starting to have more function and even tech. So with pleasure I welcomed the Lo and Sons Bags into the scene of fashion bags.  I didn’t want to write this post until I had properly used one on a trip because who knows, these ‘higher ends’ can some times yield low-end results, but I’m super happy to say that after a weekend of schlepping baby paraphernalia and clothing up to Portland and back, that I’m in love with my OMG - that’s the overnight and medium gym bag.

But first, lets talk Catalina, which is their canvas weekend bag, with a secret. Its smart, functional, a very good schlepping scale which can fit a lot of my vintage pieces, but the crux, the wild card, the coup de gras about it is that it has a bottom shoe pocket – a pocket just for your disgusting, dirty shoes. Pretty darn simple, especially as someone who brings backup shoes most places (you leave for the flea market in wedges and are in sneakers by the end of the day).

lo & sons

lo & sons

I love that heather gray color-way, but the black one is super ‘throw in your car without caring what happens to it’ friendly, which is what I need these days.

lo & sons

I’ve always been a big fan of canvas bags, especially ones that NEVER break which is why I always bought Lands’ End ones, but these are way more stylish and therefore will win me more friends.  It’s great for shopping (duh), the beach, a weekend trip, kids stuff and just general schlepping around town, being a baller.

lo & sons


Watch this bad boy in action:

The Catalina – Large Canvas Weekender Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

Meanwhile the one that I used this weekend is the OMG bag – and I almost looked as cool as this chick, except I had a baby with me which required soooo much stuff that you virtually lose all sex appeal almost instantly. On my trip tomorrow, though, sans Charlie, I will look this cool.


So there are lots of pockets, and the interior is wipeable/cleanable which I appreciate, but again, there is this shoe pocket that is very exciting. Also it slides onto your carrier which is officially my reason to buy. It has a pocket that has a bottom zipper that can unzip and then you pop that sucker on without constantly picking up your carry on off the floor because your top bag flipped around and toppled the whole thing.

omg_navy OMG-Colors

I like the navy and black color-way (duh) the most, but am mesmerized by this gif and kinda want the pink one, too.

The O.M.G. (Overnight & Medium Gym) Bag from Derek Lo on Vimeo.

So now, my friends, you too can get this bag. It’s great for traveling, amazing for the gym (if you are fancy like that), and awesome if you love carrying something that looks good and withstands a lot of general wear and tear. I don’t like being precious with my bags – hell, I don’t like being precious with anything, and I THREW that bag around this weekend and not a single mark on it. It’s a splurge but its worth it.

Lo and Sons is giving 20% off all my readers with the coupon code ‘STYLEBYEM’ until the end of May.  You may not combine it with other discount codes.  

This post was in partnership with Lo and Sons, but all opinions and words are totally mine. Thanks for supporting my partners, friends.