Furniture sale!!!!!

Hey y’all, thank you so much for all your nice words yesterday on my new partnership with Target. Its insanely exciting and i’m just so happy that everyone is so supportive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

UPDATE: when i originally posted this I accidentally put ‘Saturday’ instead of ‘Sunday’. THIS SALE IS ON SUNDAY NOT SATURDAY!!!! (i’m shouting because I feel so bad that a bunch of people are going to show up during the event and yeah, won’t be able to purchase anything til the next day). SORRY!!!

Meanwhile, the Airbnb event is still going on for two more days and you all should go. Its honestly the best place to hang out in Austin during SXSW. Free food/drinks, tons of places to sit and chill, lots of games and so many fun events. Today I’m going to be there from 12 – 2 with Capital Cities – one of the bands that we designed the space with.

airbnb sxsw exterior airbnb sxsw exterior

But more importantly I bought A LOT of furniture and props that are not going to be shipped back that need to be sold. So we are having a fire sale on SUNDAY (and possibly Monday) at 10am in the lot: 1501 E. 6th street. Those AWESOME picnic tables, custom made for us by Austin Pallet Furniture, are for sale. There are 12 of them with matching benches and custom cushions on top. They are pretty much first come first serve and you just make an offer. They are worth $750 each – with all the customizations that we did.

Lots of butterfly chairs, ikea poufs and of course some vintage pieces as well.

Fire Sale, folks! Bring cash and a big old truck!!!!

Trolling Craigslist… Houston!

Dear Texas, I love your parties, your laid back attitude, your insane semi-annual flea market and your TV show which I’m pretty convinced is real (and no, i’m not talking about Dallas, silly, Friday Night Lights). Meanwhile I’m off to Austin in two days so it only seemed fitting to troll the Craigslist in Texas. Y’all.

Trolling Craigslist Houston

houston sectional vintage dresser brass table

1. $140 80s Sofa It’s so funny – the 80′s have been ‘coming back’ for years and yet normal consumers still aren’t embracing it – at times me included. A sectional like this (upholstered in new fabric of course) is pretty awesome, but such a commitment that it makes it hard. If you are a risk taker, if you like to decorate with some 80′s parties in mind, then this sectional might be your gal.

2.  $85 Vintage Dresser. If you were refinished in your pretty blonde wood you would be in my new Scandinavian inspired house. So simple, but with a little bit of interest in those knobs.

3. $45 Brass and Chrome Console Table Pretty 80′s certainly, but I’m interested in those little round end pieces. Nothing too magical, but for $45 could be really fun in the right house.  houston sofa and bright yellow chairs

4. $150 80s Living Room Set First off, don’t buy both. These girls are like two bullies in the 7th grade – they need to be broken up in order to become good again. Does that sofa need a special designer to make her look good and modern? Yes. But I’m interested.

5.  $55 Chrome and Yellow Chairs Cute shape, good price.
houston vintage bed set ad chairs

6. $150 Deco Bed Frame & Dresser Set Separate this set, for sure or it goes kinda granny, but I love these two pretty deco pieces. They are kinda hard to make work in my new house, but i still love it (and i’m shocked at how many times I’ve written ‘deco inspired’  the last year).

7. $159 Set of Chrome Chairs Upholster these bad boys in something fun – peacock-blue linen or emerald-green velvet. Put them with a Saarinen white tulip table (or the ikea knock off) and you have yourself a super cute set.

houtson brass stool vintage sofa

8. $150 Vintage Sleeper Sofa Hey slim-armed sleeper sofa, you could be VERY handsome indeed. Upholster in a linen ($1200 – $1400), add some tufts, get rid of the skirt and redo the insides ($700) for a very chic sleeper sofa that will make any guests feel super special.

9. $95 Brass Barstool How very Kelly Wearstler, but cheaper and a little less skinny.

10. $450 Original Saarinen Side Table It’s an original, I get it, but it’s still Craigslist people – you can’t sell side tables for $450. I bought my original side table from The Rose Bowl for $175. Still not a steal, but that’s a proper price – not $450.  But I love them so you’ll never really regret it.

houston mcm side table and chair

11. $70 Mid Century City Table Who can resist you with those cute little feet! No one.

12. $115 Mid Century Arm Chair Good lines, great shape and super comfortable. Not freaking out, but not bad at all.

13. $140 Burl Wood Dresser Fancy, I know. But in the right room (maybe a white platform bed, all white bedding, some burlwood nightstands and an antique persian rug) this guy could look beautiful.

14. $100 Peacock Chair Because i’ve never met a peacock chair i didn’t like. This one is pretty standard so don’t buy it for too much, but for $100, she’s, pardon me, HE’s worth it.

Where to next, folks?

Trolling Craigslist… Portland

Trolling Craigslist Portland

Maybe I’m feeling homesick, or maybe its just one of the best cities in the world but it seemed time to go to Portland. And much like your expectations for the rain, Portland doesn’t disappoint. Lets get shopping.



Trolling Craigslist portland vintage desk chairs mirror rocker

1. $50/pair 80s Rolling Chairs I think it’s because office chairs are usually so expensive IF they are comfortable that every time I see a vintage upholstered rolling chair with good bones, I want it. Yes this will be $150 at least to reupholster but then you have two matching dope office chairs for WAY cheaper than new.

2. $125 Art Deco vanity My love for Art Deco is not waning. You need the right house and the right styling, but this is a sweet little vanity.

3. $50 Brass Mirror I mean … this guys is the Liberace of mirrors. SOOOOOO gaudy. But also crazy cheap and makes such a statement. Just make sure its a statement you want to make.

4. $100 Bentwood Rocking Chair  Grab this guy. I love a bent wood rocker. So classic, sculptural and timeless.

trolling Criagslist portland vintage sofa and chair

5. $95 Wonderful Vintage Sofa I like how they titled it ‘wonderful’. Like, are you sure? It does have VERY good bones and lots of fun diamond tufting and chesterfieldian qualities, for sure. This bad boy would be at least 1K to reupholster, needing at least 15 yards of fabric, but if you are in the mood for that project then you are going to yield a fabulous result. Gray linen?

6. $15 Awesome Vintage Chair Oh you are at once hideous and awesome. So 80′s in a Kelly Wearstler style way. This chair needs a serious update with an awesome fabric. Could be a crazy floral pattern, or tone it down with a solid emerald-green linen. So comfortable, so stylish, just needs  A LOT of love and a good vision. And some dough. Thats all.

trolling craigslist portland set of rolling chairs and mcm chair

7. $25 Mid Century Side Chair Cute little office chair. Nothing fancy but cute.

8. $30 Set of Three Rolling Chairs Again with my office chair obsession. These aren’t bad as is, but if you freshened up the fabric (even just black) that could look good. Be wary of how beat up the plastic arms are. But for $10 a piece you kinda can’t go wrong.

trolling craigslist portland brass bed bamboo rockign horse


9. $50 Brass Headboard This headboard is either disgusting cheap brass or a super fun cheap way to dress up your guest room. Those lines are wacky, certainly but i could see them working in an Anthropologie style room. Curtains with ball fringe, a floral throw at the end of the bed, a mid-century style nightstand and a white hyde rug. You can do it.

10. $20 Mid Century Side Table Not sure if this is a Saarinen or just an Ikea knock off. Obviously one is worth WAY more than another. Either way I can’t seem to get enough small round modern side tables. They instantly make my eclectic rooms look more modern and pulled together.

11. $80 Bamboo Rocking Horse $80 is a bit steep for this guy, but if your nursery is lacking that sculptural element that screams ‘playful vintage’ then snag this. I’m picturing little Charlie looking up at me with sadness in his eyes, saying, ‘Mommy where’s my playful sculptural element?’. You mustn’t neglect ones gratuitous childhood vintage nursery fantasies. Nay.

Where to next, folks?

Trolling Craigslist… San Francisco

Trolling Craigslist San Fran

Ah, San Francisco. Almost close enough to actually buy and hoard. Its one of the most expensive cities in the world and yet there are some good finds, here. Check er out.

san francisco craigslist bamboo vintage eames chair desk chairs

1.  $75 bamboo side table Ok, actually on second thought nix this one. It’s not special and it’s too expensive. You, sir tray, should be $22.

2. $45 50′s retro lamp Now this one can be either HIDEOUS or kinda awesome depending on how you style it. Picture it in a bright white room, next to a white tufted headboard, on a mid century side table and NOT that lampshade. The green would pop and it would be oh-so Anthropologie.

3.$120 Eames Selig Chair That there is a good price for a classic chair. And the color of the leather looks really good.

4.$80 Vintage rolling desk chairs STEAL THESE. Except pay for them. They are awesome and would look super cute in any modern black and white office (or an office of color, any). $80 for two? Don’t be ridiculous.

San Francisco craigslist purple chairs and brass lamp

5. $475/pair Art Deco Chairs They are purple and super feminine, but I love them for the right space. If you are ballsy enough you could even do the scallops different colors. Wha WHAT?

6. $150 Set of Mid Century Chairs Cute. Not amazing. But cheap and cute.

7. $40 Brass Table Lamp This bad boy needs a drum shade then you are in business.

san francisco craigslist vintage couches

8. $200 Vintage Sofa  You are cute and feminine and sweet. Like the red-headed boy in the new Rachel McCaddams movie which i’m watching right now. Whats up with that casting???

9. $80 Mid Century Modern Daybed Oh yeah. I’d even keep that plaid on it (unless its disgusting). $80 for this thing????? A Total steal.

san francisco craigslist pair of chairs

10. $120 Pair of Bertoia chairs If these are real Bertoia chairs for $60 each then that’s insane. So perfect for my front deck.

11. $100 High back bamboo chairs These two are pretty awesome if you have that modern colonial house. Picture them flanking a credenza.

San Francisco lucite towel rack vintage sectional

12. $150 Lucite Towel Rack $150 is too much but I still want it. my towels are being seriously neglected right now just dangling on a hook. Its time I treated them properly and put them on some lucite.

13. $150 Vintage Sectional Its boxy and a lot of cushions, but those lines are good and the proportions of the arms are great and slim.

san francisco craigslist milo baughman and brass table

14. $6800 Restored Milo Baughman Sofa I only included this because its pretty, but OBVIOUSLY one should never spend $6800 on anything on Criagslist. Unless its buying $10,000 of cash. That would be a good deal.

15. $195 Brass Coffee Table What a dreadful picture. ANd not an awesome coffee table, so never mind. I spoke too soon. don’t buy this bad boy. San Francisco has some crazy pricing but I did find some good ones, indeed.

Trolling Craigslist… Boston

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.06.11 PM

Boston and I have a lot in common; we are both obsessed with sports. Only, opposite. I spent two weeks there 10 years ago styling for Home Goods and I remember every day, EVERY SECOND, getting lost in ‘The Big Dig’ and coming to hate Boston. Then years later I went back and didn’t get lost and wasn’t doing a job where I had to shop in every suburban Home Goods, and really liked the historic downtown area. Besides I really like that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore movie. So there’s that.

Anyway, lets troll Boston.

Boston Craigslist Vintage Desk and tables

1. $30 Vintage School Desk You are pretty cute. In a kids room or as an entrance table where you drop your keys? $30 for a decent amount of personality.

2. $75 Set of ‘Marble’ Tables Yeah, ‘marble’ is right. I think these should be $40 because that faux top is a bit offensive, but they are cute little occasional tables, for when I occasionally love marble.

3. $97 Bamboo Nesting Tables Yes, cute. Offer $75. These would go nicely in my house right now, indeed but obviously not worth the long distance hoard.

4.  $275 Set of Six Chairs Not bad at all. They need to be upholstered which would be around $80 a chair with cost of 1 yard each, so make sure you calculate that into your cost. But redone these would be great because a. there is a set of six, b. the shape is totally cute and c. these suckers look comfortable.

5. $70 Lucite Side Table Not opposed at all. Sure, I wish it were brass but you can’t look a Craigslist in the mouth.

Boston Craigslist barstools chairs

6. $100 Pair of Vintage Club Chairs These may not even need upholstering which means they are a great score. Look up online how to clean vinyl because there might be something simple you can do to freshen them up.

7. $125/Pair Vintage Rope Bar Stools These are INSANE. If there were 4 or at least 3 of them I would ABSOLUTELY coordinate shipping for them. I need these really bad. I’ve been looking for counter stools for our kitchen, ideally with a low back and ideally out of wicker or some sort of natural fiber. Someone, please buy these.

8.$30 Bright Vintage Chairs. Totally cute, no?
Boston Craigslist Retro Lamp Peacock chair

9. $60 Softlite Mushroom Lamp Oh hey little mushroom lamp, you are VERY cute.

10. $35 Bamboo Table/Stool. AGAIN, these would be pretty great in my kitchen. Want, need, can’t have.

11. $228 Mid Century Shelving AMAZING. Very good price. Reminds me of a Paul McCobb. These would be really expensive in LA so someone should gobble it up!

12. $135 Peacock Chair As if I need another peacock chair in my life (although ironically i’m looking for a bunch for a project right now so if anyone knows of any in Austin or LA let me know).

Well, Boston, you done showed up to play ball today and I appreciate that. You, me and Craigslist make a pretty good team. And that’s about it for me and the sports metaphors … it’s getting foul around here ….

TGIF and where to next?