The Best Skinny Jeans – A Review

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A good pair of jeans can make your day. You know what I’m talking about. I remember when expensive jeans first came out and I was like $200 for a pair of jeans!!! But then I tried them on and I was like I’ll take five. 

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So I decided to do a totally objective skinny jean review. At first I was soooo excited to do this post, but as I got the photos back I was like ‘oh man … ‘ But it’s all in the name of finding some flattering, comfortable and ultimately ‘worth it’ skinny jeans. Obviously jeans all depend on your body type, certainly, so what might be flattering on you might not be flattering on me, and vice versa. It’s just a guide because I LOVE a good pair of jeans and I’m constantly desperate to find them.

Ready to see my butt in 14 good and not so good skinny jeans?


Store Tour: Hammer and Spear


This store, Hammer and Spear, is on the newer side (2 years old) but it’s certainly become already a staple for us vintage lovers – a good source of the juice for us addicts. It’s curated so well, full of BEAUTIFUL vintage pieces or well-selected newer items and there is a variety of price points – smaller gifty items that you can kinda grab and go and then obviously special, more high-end furniture as well. They’ve recently expanded to a larger store and I highly recommend you spend a day down in the Arts District and check these two and their pretty things out. Enjoy.

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Trolling Craigslist… Eugene!

Trolling CL Eugene Or

We are BACK trolling Craigslist. I’ve always had someone (Thank you Abby!) helping me with these posts (she does the first round of picking for me – she sends me a list, I say ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘find more’ etc, then she puts the photos together and add the links and I write). She was out of the country but now she’s BACK and we are trolling again. In my college town, Eugene, OR. GO DUCKS!!!!!


Chairish: some of my favorites right now

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It has been very clearly known for years that I love pretty things, and not only do I love them, I have seemed to make a career out of them. Granted, I don’t sit around all day like you see above and just move one pretty thing from one shelf to another but, one of the great benefits of being a stylist and designer is that I get to research and hunt out those pretty things for my clients. For years that meant going to a thrift store in the deep valley, scouring through endless pages of junk on eBay, or heading to the flea market on a blissfully hot summer Sunday (all of which I still do, and LOVE). But, there are some of you out there that would love access to beautiful things that don’t have the ability to spend hours searching. This is where Chairish comes in. I have professed my love for their website and App before while working on projects and I am constantly finding myself inspired by some of the treasures that they have in their collection.

For those of you that haven’t heard about Chairish before, it is a simple concept – think craigslist, but classier and more well refined. A little less Kim K. and a little more Kate Blanchett. In order for a product to be on Chairish it has to be approved by their staff. They weed through half the junk that some people think are “treasures”. Don’t get me wrong, your grandma’s old floral couch that has sat untouched in your basement might be the next greatest thing, but it could also be just an old couch that should be tossed. Chairish makes those hard decisions for us, and curates a comprehensive collection of goods for all of our inner hoarders. They offer shipping services and make it very easy to not only buy, but sell your goods.

I did a little digging of my own and wanted to share some of my favorite picks with you. Twelve of which are pictured below for your hoarding pleasure.

Chairish Favorites_roundup_emily henderson

1. Mid Century Accent Table

It is simple, clean, and architectural. Glass isn’t the most practical surface for me with a young toddler running around which is why I haven’t swooped this piece up yet, but that base has a weird arts and crafts vibe to it which I love.

2. Vintage Moroccan Rug

I love these nutty colors, as does most of the world right now. Somebody better grab this guy.

3. Brass Etagere

This piece is killer for two reasons. 1.) it is brass, and 2.) it is functional. The lines are interesting without being so crazy that you’re going to get sick of it in a year, but it is also different enough that it is a statement piece. You could use this in an office, a living room, a bedroom to throw your TV on that middle shelf, or even in a kids room. If all else fails and your husband yells at you for buying another piece of furniture just use it to store all your other hoards.

4. Popsicle Stick Lamps

I have a soft spot in my heart for folk art – especially popsicle stick folk art. Do you think that back in the day people actually ate the popsicles before they made these? This one was even signed by the person that made it in the 70’s. This is a crazy good price for these two lamps and would look seriously good in my living room.

5. Mid-Century Modern Dresser

One could argue that this is a little bit pricy for a dresser. But, it’s solid wood, beautiful in design, and in such great condition. If you went out to any showroom looking for a piece similar, you would pay at least double.

6. Danish Modern Armchair

It’s simple, understated, classic, and curves in all the right places. Just like Meryl.

7. Slat Bench

Throw this bench at the foot of your bed, in your entry way, or even use it as a coffee table for your sectional. It’s completely useable in any space, and has some great lines.

8. Brass and Wood Mail Organizer

If I had a dollar for every piece of mail that I got in my life that then went into a big unorganized mess, I would have enough money to buy the USPS and outlaw the mailing of all bills. I find that when I have the right tools to keep me organized, then I actually stay organized-ish. Good desk accessories are hard to come by and if you don’t buy this soon then I will because as I type I can see a pile of mail that is just waiting for a good home.

9. Pottery Set

My affinity for pottery will always stay strong. It’s a great set that is neutral enough to work with any color palate and I mean who doesn’t need more hand turned pottery in their life.

10. Mid-Century Club Chair

The upholstery, the lines, and the color of this chair are what stand out for me. Use it in a reading nook, a family room, or anywhere else you need a place to sit after a long hard day of thrifting (or shopping on Chairish)

11. Leather Sofa

This piece oozes style and coolness. I can guarantee that if you have this sofa in your living room, you will have a lot more friends in your life. Or maybe it’s just me. You can count on me being your friend if you invite me over and this is where I get to sit.

12. Hexagon Box Set

Once again function meets form. You could stuff so many great treasures in these individual hexagon boxes and get your life organized. After all it is spring which means its time to declutter and reorganize. Maybe this is just the piece you need to get your life in gear (side note: a vintage piece will decidedly NOT help you get your life in order.)

Those are my personal pics plus I’ve curated a whole page of others you can see here.  Chairish has plenty of vintage or used pieces to offer, and they are selling hundreds of new pieces everyday. Go get ‘em.

Store Tour: Poketo


I shop a lot, so I figured it was time to start letting you in on some of my favorite stores in LA. Jessica is going to be profiling LA’s finest home and accessories stores for your shopping in LA pleasure.