Trolling Craigslist… Kansas City!


Trolling CL KS

I went to Kansas City on my CL troll this week based on many requests and I have to say, besides a few gems, it wasn’t really full of good stuff. If my brain were working better today I’d probably come up with some sort of Wizard of Oz pun, but every time I think of one that could work I realize that its the worst thing I’ve ever written in my life. So lets just move on …

KC CL setee and lamps

1. $250 Pair of Vintage Hanging Lamps I feel like these should be $175 for the pair, but if you have the perfect spot, these bad boys could go over night stands or flank a sofa. Make sure that you aren’t going too retro, though, and keep some other furnishings in the room more modern.

2.$125  Vintage Settee This is one of the only scores here. It’s adorable and classic and just all around awesome. And upholstering that won’t be too much – maybe like $400, and you may not even need to. That stripe is pretty darn cute.


Yeah! Furniture Pop Up

You know those cool kids in town who are always collaborating with the other cool kids on really cool projects, and you are like “why are all the cool kids hanging out together and how do all of those cool kids even meet in the first place?” Well one of those projects is happening right now – and you can meet said kids at the Yeah! Furniture pop up.

I’ve known Michael from Yeah! Rentals and The Flashdance for years – we used them at my baby shower, my friends baby shower, plus I see their goods at most cool parties and have drank with them at more. They’ve been renting these awesome furniture pieces out for events for years and finally they have decided to manufacture their own designs to SELL to the public.

So to celebrate the launch of their new line they are having a 2 week pop up shop at the Hudson Lofts, with a million different very cool events along with some of LA’s most creative people. Due to my ‘condition’ (pregnancy and extreme first trimester exhaustion) I am not hosting one, but its not because I don’t want to. I promise, I just feared that I would stand there like the night-time zombie that I am right now and we’d all regret it. So instead I want to make sure that as many people as possible know about the events and attend.

Here’s what is going down:

Link to RSVP here.

Blue and White Sunroom – with Target

Most of you live in places where winter happened this year. I heard about it and even saw it on the news (and by news I mean Facebook and Instagram). At first it looked romantic, then chilly and then just terribly inconvenient what with your coat wearing and all. Well, I think that Spring is finally here and we are styling about it. The newest Target video is up, and it’s all about creating a happy sunroom to celebrate spring. This time we actually transformed the space because nothing is more satisfying than watching something improve right before your eyes – like Matthew Lewis.

Target’s new spring line is very good, as you can see, full of blues, whites, natural materials and whimsical beach-y motifs. We simply mixed in a couple vintage/DIYs to create this very happy, bright and well-rounded sunroom for your viewing pleasure. Click on through …


Happy Easter … basket

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (13 of 15)

I was supposed to announce big fun news today but I couldn’t quite pull it together in time (which will make sense once you know the news). What always comes in second to big news? Me modeling easter baskets, obviously.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (2 of 15)

Target gave me a little challenge – to get creative with an easter basket – using everything from Target. So I guess my version of ‘getting creative’ was to do an easter basket for myself. I just started shopping and shopping and then figured it was a good excuse to have that wallet, scarf and frame (amongst other things).

So yea, happy easter to me.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (5 of 15)

BasketDecorative Basket Grass | Glitter Eggs | Plastic Eggs | White Ceramic Flower | Green Ceramic Flower | Bunny FigureScarf |  Ceramic Sheep | Frame | Zip-Around Wallet | Peeps Lollipop

But rumor has it that children also enjoy an easter basket. So I put one together for Charlie and filled it with books, toys and tried to get healthy with some snacks which I think is just the ‘new mom’ inside of me. I figure he’ll get A LOT of candy this weekend with or without my knowing, so maybe I don’t need to be the one to give my 1-year-old peeps.

emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (9 of 15)

So if a lot of you are doing last-minute easter shopping (not sure who does anything BUT last-minute easter shopping besides bloggers) just head on over to Target for all of your Easter basket needs.


emily_henderson_easter_baskets_target (7 of 15)

Basket | Decorative Basket GrassGlitter Eggs | Plastic Eggs | Plush Rabbit | Kazoos | Blue Tumbler | Finger Puppets | Bare Apple Chips | Train! Book | Sweet Dreams Pout-Pout Fish BookGoodnight Already Book | Lantern

We have very little planned for the weekend. We’ll probably go ‘park hopping’ (the new-parent equivalent to bar hopping – looking for the best park with a cool bustling crowd in hopes of meeting other parents, etc) and then someone might hunt an egg or two. I’m reading Sisterland which is pretty awesome and If I have time I’m going to get back into The Americans. Is anyone far enough into it to say its worth it? I started it and then we got distracted or something but we never finished the first season. Or is there something else I should marathon?

Happy weekend. See y’all Monday. xx

*photos by Jessica Isaac

The Best Skinny Jeans – A Review

Guide to Skinny Jeans_Fashion_Emily Henderson_Best Jeans_Affordable_with copy_grid

A good pair of jeans can make your day. You know what I’m talking about. I remember when expensive jeans first came out and I was like $200 for a pair of jeans!!! But then I tried them on and I was like I’ll take five. 

Guide to Skinny Jeans_Fashion_Emily Henderson_Best Jeans_Affordable_composite_

So I decided to do a totally objective skinny jean review. At first I was soooo excited to do this post, but as I got the photos back I was like ‘oh man … ‘ But it’s all in the name of finding some flattering, comfortable and ultimately ‘worth it’ skinny jeans. Obviously jeans all depend on your body type, certainly, so what might be flattering on you might not be flattering on me, and vice versa. It’s just a guide because I LOVE a good pair of jeans and I’m constantly desperate to find them.

Ready to see my butt in 14 good and not so good skinny jeans?