Store Tour: Gibson

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I’ve been visiting Gibson for years. Mostly because he has this crazy store with one million beautiful things curated in such a compelling way, but also because he is a such a lovely and generous person. When I was first starting out as a designer with real clients (as opposed to a stylist with corporate clients) I would go in there and basically say, ‘Hey Gary, so how do you exactly make money and charge clients?’. And he gave me real answers by a seasoned pro – stuff you can’t get in design schools and very few designers will tell you (I will, just ask me).

He is a very well-known interior designer in LA and his store is clearly his special place/studio full of vintage curiosities and original artwork that he loves. He also sells his original custom furniture collection that is beautiful. Things are not necessarily priced to sell, and I think its because he only collects and sells things he loves and maybe would kinda rather hold on to them. I can certainly relate. CERTAINLY. It’s absolutely a must-see and worth going into to just to get lost in his world full of inspiring artwork and weird, found pieces.

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Our Happy Work Retreat – Thrifting and working from Palm Springs


No job is all glamour all the time, but every now and again the job gods tap you on the shoulder, and interrupts your schlepping and invoicing to say, ‘Hey, lady, I got a good one for you’. Last week on the blog we teased where my fantasy work destination would be – in other words where I’d shop (which is work) if I could shop anywhere. Now, in my fantasy world I’d be a 22, rich, wrinkle-free, child-free girl, just traveling the world, shopping in exotic, cheap markets. But here’s the deal: Leaving Charlie and Brian (while 35 and pregnant) to go somewhere foreign sounded kinda sad, and yet shopping with Brian and Charlie sounded stressful and frustrating (and just overall a marriage-threatening-idea). We are launching ‘The Flea’ which will be our online vintage market in 3 weeks and we need more stuff to sell. Nothing can remedy this situation like some local thrift stores.

We recently partnered with HP and Intel for this dream work getaway and I decided to really make it a work getaway by taking the whole crew on a thrifting/working retreat, in a way cooler office for a couple days in Palm Springs, CA. We’ve travelled for work together (most of us), but never in this capacity and frankly everyone just kinda deserved to get out of the office. We have been very busy and while I try to show daily gratitude, I’m sure I don’t quite convey the level of gratefulness (and co-dependance) I feel for these four people. So, it was perfect: I got shopping support and they got a chance to step out of their floral upholstered chairs, and into a whole new happy work environment for a couple days at The Parker. It’s never like this, you guys, we deserved it, I promise.

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Trolling Craigslist… San Diego!

Trolling Craigslist San Diego

San Diego. You feel so close and yet you are three hours of aggravating traffic away. But that doesn’t mean I can’t troll your CL. You can’t stop me – you are too busy surfing and eating fish tacos and partying. So here I go:


‘The New Bohemians’ Book; By Justina Blakeney


As someone who is still finishing up her book, I look at other people’s (namely friends) books longingly, like a puppy in a pet store window, staring at happy dog owners strolling by with their happy pups, thinking ‘Will that ever happen to me? Will I, too, someday have an actual hard copy of my book to hold, cuddle and make every single person I know buy?” (Oh, speaking of which, you can pre-order my book here , just sayin’.) It’s such a long arduous process, that when you reach the end you kinda can’t believe it’s done.

Well, my friend Justina’s book is done and out and it’s soo good. Its 300 pages of crazy bohemian interiors that somehow feels fresh and different each page. You can buy it here. 


What’s so great about boho style is that a lot of it is attainable without being really expensive. It’s thrifted, DIY’d or repurposed and its full of ideas, rather than just perfect furniture. So it’s not like her tips are – save $8500 for your perfect credenza, its more like – quilt together vintage fabric for a unique throw or use a vintage tablecloth as a bedroom curtain. And if you do it right and use the right tablecloth, you get wildly more personality in your home for no more money.

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Trolling Craigslist… Kansas City!


Trolling CL KS

I went to Kansas City on my CL troll this week based on many requests and I have to say, besides a few gems, it wasn’t really full of good stuff. If my brain were working better today I’d probably come up with some sort of Wizard of Oz pun, but every time I think of one that could work I realize that its the worst thing I’ve ever written in my life. So lets just move on …

KC CL setee and lamps

1. $250 Pair of Vintage Hanging Lamps I feel like these should be $175 for the pair, but if you have the perfect spot, these bad boys could go over night stands or flank a sofa. Make sure that you aren’t going too retro, though, and keep some other furnishings in the room more modern.

2.$125  Vintage Settee This is one of the only scores here. It’s adorable and classic and just all around awesome. And upholstering that won’t be too much – maybe like $400, and you may not even need to. That stripe is pretty darn cute.