Trolling Craigslist… Cincinnati!


Trolling CL Cincinnati

Yo Ohio, I’m coming at you in a couple weeks. Sure, I’m headed to Columbus for my Sunrise Makeover, but just trolling Ohio is getting me excited. Here’s what I found, Midwesterners:

trolling cl campaign dresser rolling desk chair and side table

1. $195 Campaign dresser Not a steal, but pretty good since you don’t have to refinish it. I like this scale, too – it’s not a typical chest of drawers or tall boy – its kinda in between which is easier to use and decorate.

2. $60 Rolling desk chair You know how I feel about attractive desk chairs – i love to sit on them so hard. They are the only chairs that you normally only need one of and can be really expensive.

3. $ 35 Bright school desk These retro things aren’t hard to come by but this poppy green color is way more fun, indeed.

4.  $60 Blonde wood side table Oh hey little man. You are just so cute with streamlined legs. Could be the perfect guest bedroom side table or kids room nightstand.

trolling cl cincinatti hutch rocker chairs

5. $100 Vintage cabinet There is a huge part of me that can’t wait til I get a country house so I can go all traditional on your face. I love antiques very much and something like this has a lot of character and history – like Betty White. You need to watch the finish and make sure its not too shiny, but otherwise this is a solid little piece that can add a lot of depth and interest to your space.

6. $100 Retro Chair It conjures up thoughts of PeeWee’s playhouse, certainly, but maybe that’s why I like it. It needs  a certain space with the right furniture near it (I’m picturing a large loft, a wood clad modern den, a reading corning with a weird hanging industrial pendant). Its ridiculous but it’s also a statement.

7. $35 Rolling side chair There is something so cute and charming about this guy. He’s not going to make your living room but he might be the perfect side chair in your kitchen desk area.

8. $ 150 Thonet style rocking chair . I’ve always loved a Thonet and have used them as often as I can get my hands on them. This price isn’t ridiculous but it sure ain’t bad …

trolling cl cincinatti tifted sofa and eames chairs

9. $200 Tufted sofa Calm down there, sofa. That is A LOT of tufts. Perhaps too many, but I’m still interested in sitting on you and looking at you. You belong in their right space, sure. You need to be next to some caramel leather, teak wood, a Saarinen or two … You alone, are a bit freaky but with some more respectable friends you just might hit the big leagues.

10. $65/pair Eames style chairs Nothing amazing, but cute on a porch, for sure. They are a bright poppy color and a super playful shape. I’m into you.
trolling cl cincinatti vintage sectional and chair


11. $60 Vintage desk chair Comfortable, cute shape, good price – get thee.

12. $195 Floor length mirrors If I had a more traditional house this would be something that I would love to own. It has so much character and age and just sophisticated glamour. Like Meryl.

13. $350  Mid Century sectional set I don’t know … this is very specific and boxy and almost silly looking, but in the right space it could make it. It’s a place you want to hang out and drink and throw your keys in a bucket. Or else its hideous, I’m not sure …

Oh, Craigslist. You never do disappoint.

Where to next?

Trolling Craigslist… Detroit!


I have a strange amount of friends from Michigan all living in LA. But you know what is there? Awesome Craigslist finds. I mean considering that last July there were all of these houses starting $1200 then proportionally the furniture has got to be cheap, right?

trolling cl detroit vintage couch and chairs

1. $100  Vintage Sofa I like your shape and lines, but lady, take off that skirt and show us your legs. Not bad for $100 and in the right space (Anthropologie style loft) it could be great as is.

2. $250 Set of  vintage Eames chairs Since it’s the real deal I’ll let it slide that there are only three of them. But hell, maybe you only have three people in your family and you have a silent vow to never let anyone come over. Then you are in luck.

trolling cl detroit vintage barstolls and rocker

3. $250 Pair of retro barstools. Ridiculously cute. I think my lady friends, Bri or Joy would like these two. Super poppy, sherbert colored and looks like they are in great condition.

4. $40 70s whicker chair Its cute. Throw an ikea lambskin over that bad boy, pop a pillow on it and call it a ‘cute moment in the corner’. You can introduce it to your friends like, ‘hi. have you met my cute moment in the corner?’. He’ll be very popular, for such a little squat dude.

5. $310 Set of 4 turquoise chairs I always figure that if I can get dining chairs for $100 then that is as cheap as the best at Ikea. Therefore if there are sets for less than $400 that are even better, then that is a good deal. These are pretty adorable. Maybe spray the base white if they are in good condition (if they are more in ‘vintage’ condition then don’t spray paint them because then you are mixing new with old in the same piece which looks like you just couldn’t afford to reupholster or something. I learned this the hard way. I updated the paint on a piece of furniture, but didn’t replace the lucite that was scratched and it just looked like weird and stupid). It’s like, either update it all or keep it vintage.

6. $225 Vintage bamboo rocker: I don’t really know what to say. Except that i want to ramble on about how amazing this piece is. I’ve seen plenty of bamboo/wicker in my day, but this beauty is


Trolling CL detroit vintage barstools and side tables

7. $100 Set of four barstools If these were counter height and in LA I would snatch them up. I’m DESPERATE for counter stools that are mid-century that I can upholstery in an awesome leather or vinyl (yeah, you read that right).

8. $40 Mirrored nesting tables Either these are awesome or total pieces of garbage. Nice clean lines and interesting nesting capability, but are junk or good? Someone would get on this mission and report back. Stat.

trolling craigslist vintage chair and daybed

9. $65 Lightbulb table lamp. Oh how VERY quirky are you. Funky, even. These types of things can obviously look silly and stupid and try-hard, but in a super modern shelving unit with the right collection of beautiful art books and mid-century pottery and you have yourselves something kinda interesting. Would be cooler if the base was brass.

10. $99  Green leather chair Cute green color, in leather, in an old school style shape. I’m not opposed for $99.

11.  $300 Rattan daybed Whut. I’ve never seen this before. Put that on your porch, thrown with bohemian pillows, STAT. But only if you have the right style house (mid-century, Japanese, regency or super eclectic).

trolling cl detroit vintage thonet and lamp

12. $100 Set of 6 Thonet chairs Steal of the century. These are probably gone by now. Classics, for cheap. A stupidly good deal.

13.  $25 White ceramic lamp Cute little shape for $25. Not going to make a splash debut at ICFF this year, but she is cute. With a black shade? or a colored shade? Cute.

14. $100 Vintage club chair Ok, this may have been a mistake. It’s now looking kinda foreskin-y. Get your foreskin chair for $100 on CL, folks. Pass it down to your children and your children’s children. They’ll tell the one about how their grandma got suckered in by some blogger (by then we’ll be extinct) to buy this foreskin chair. They’ll laugh. It will make good memories. Don’t you want good memories?

Trolling Cl  vintage chairs and twin bed

15. $  Alexander Begge chair Its a classic, but only really looks awesome in the right space.

16. $75  Twin headboard Painted a cute color – emerald? coral? navy? this would be just darling in your kids room – probably your girl kid, otherwise known as ‘daughter’.

Well, Detroit, you certainly did not disappoint. You are up there with Pittsburgh in my CL trolls. Keep it up and i’ll be buying a house and setting up shop.

Utilitarian & Chic #3 – Laundry

For years, YEARS, doing laundry meant schlepping clothes once a month down to the basement and basically spending the rest of your saturday afternoon monitoring said clothes. I would avoid this at all cost, practically buying a new wardrobe to avoid dealing with the dirty one. New Yorkers, you know what I mean.

In the new house we have a washer and dryer which I know isn’t a reason to celebrate to most people, but to us its like that scene in Goonies at the end where they finally find the treasure and gold. Every. single. day. Having a washer and dryer is indeed a luxury. But thtere are a lot of ugly things that go along with them – laundry sorting, detergent, ironing boards and organizing paraphernalia. I could do without any of it, frankly, but these clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.

So here’s one part of my ‘Utilitarian and Chic’ laundry edition. There are a lot of products so you’ll see more later, but what i love about these are again how simple and functional they are. Laundry doesn’t need to be decorative.

Lets (not) get dirty:

Utilitarian & Chic Laundry

Maybe those pieces ill help my laundry room look a little more like this:

Utilitarian & Chic Laundry Utilitarian & Chic Laundry

1. Wicker basket Pretty and simple, plus I use this for plant pots, too.

2. Wool & cashmere shampoo I like the packaging and its a reminder to own more cashmere. I mean, how can I let this soap just sit their unused?

3. Ironing board Its architectural and simple. Now if only i learned to iron.

4. Anchor laundry bag  So cute. Throw it on a hook in your laundry room for your more delicate clothes.

5. Drying rack Its a classic – the fold out drying rack. With its white and wood combo i’m totally into it.

6. Rattan hamper I have one of these in Charlie’s room and it does a good job of blending into the other decor – its just so simple and white.

7. Ironing board cover Fashion for you ironing board. Don’t let your board get caught naked. How embarassing!

8. Clothes pegs they are classic and always in style. Just need to figure out what to do with them …

9. Lavender laundry soap These are the kinds of things that I have to be given in order to appreciate, but whenever I do, i’m like ‘why oh why haven’t I washed my clothes in lavender laundry soap before’. I haven’t tried this one, but the packaging is so pretty. Although i’m sure its not exactly cheap if you know what I mean.

Trolling Craigslist… Milwaukee!

Trolling CL Milwaukee

Well folks, today we are trolling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its worth trolling. I know NOTHING about this town, truly, but now I want to go there. These pieces can’t hoard themselves – i simply owe it to the world, and to my heart, to seriously consider a trip out to the midwest. Picture this – me, Charlie, Scott, Orlando and Corbett (all my favorite shopaholics and 1 budding shopaholic) in an airstream that pulls a huge trailer, stopping at every thrift store, auction house, estate sale, garage sale, and antique mall from here to Portland Maine. Brian would probably leave me, but I’d have my vintage collection of furniture to keep me warm at night, right?

trolling craigslist milwaukee headboard and set of chairs

1. $395 Set Of Chairs Yes. I LOVE these. I actually could use these right now in the ‘mancave’ that i’m doing for The Fig House. Imagine them in a blush linen or emerald green or really ANY color because that shape lends itself to really any color. It makes me want to put them around a Saarinen table and play poker where I will subsequently win hundreds of thousands of dollars that I can blow on more vintage chairs.

2. $150 Vintage King Headboard Its girly, no doubt. But its also super stylish. Maybe it could be on a wall that has a simple pin-stripe wallpaper, with midcentury style wood or ceramic lamps – you could butch this headboard up for sure. Or maybe its your guest room and you redo it in white and the tufts are different pastel colors … oh that would be VERY cute, indeed.

trollings craigslist milwaukee vintage chairs and free sofa

3. $40 Pair of Mid Century Windsor Style Chairs These remind me of Paul McCobb planner group chairs, which they probably are not but they are definitely well designed and made. A pair of these chairs can be hard to incorporate into a house  - but if you have a credenza that needs flanking, or a breakfast table that needs some seating – these are your gals.

4. $35 Vintage Chair Its a cute little side or desk chair – nothing that is making me go crazy, but ‘dude’ and cute and has personality.

5. FREE Sleeper Sofa You know how I feel about midcentury sleeper sofas – they have a way better frame (less chunky) than most contemporary sleeper sofas. To redo the innards its $700 and then to redo the exterior its probably $900 – 1200 including fabric so that does equal about a $1800 sleeper sofa – but its still cheaper than most new ones.

trolling craigslist milwaukee vintage lamp and tables


6. $25 Rattan Hanging Lamp Man, this is perfect for my closet.  A little girlier than I should go but the rattan and the modern glass shade would be so cute in there (i’m searching for one right now). Thats a pretty cheap price for a cute little swag lamp. Just make sure you have a modern enough space for it – these can go really granny and thrifty if its combined with traditional furniture.

7. $125 Pair of Mid Century Modern Side Tables I can’t get enough of these kinds of tables/stools. Thats not true – i actually have too many of them because I hoard them constantly. These are the pieces that you can set next to a chair in the corner that instantly creates a vignette, or finishes off a reading corner. OR use them as a plant stand since they are so simple and small scale.

Trolling craigslist milwaukee vintage chairs and table

8. $30 Vintage Bamboo Side Table Not amazing but totally cute in a ‘Golden Girls’ kinda way. It would work on my patio, for sure – with some cute plants on it and sitting next to a vintage wire chair.

9. $60 Chrome and Leather Chair A great chair for a corner or a desk. I love that leather and that price. Get ye to that chair.

10. $25 Vintage Folding Rocking Chair I have to admit i’m intrigued. I don’t totally know how this “rocking chair” works but I really like the idea of it. Its perfect for your (my) bohemian deck, rocking with Sir. Charles Henderson. That fabric is interesting to me and so is the architecture of it. It had me at ‘fringe’.

Where to next??????



Flea market finds …

Here’s a lesson to the world – if you only get out of the house once or twice a week (I’m imprisoned by this adorable security guard named Charlie and his hungry {nay, HANGRY} belly) you will most likely really try to make those occasions count. For me, its shopping and therefore doing some damage. I mean, it was as if I was Tom Hanks character in Castaway, going 7 years on an island away from all retail and flea markets. I was like a crazed person panicking that I was missing out on deals that were right next to me at all times.

So, on Sunday I had a girls day with my best friends Corbett and Scott and we went down to the once  a year mid-century only flea market called ‘Downtown Modernism’ and its was GOOOOOOOOOOOD. One can only peruse Craigslist, Ebay, Chairish, Hunters Alley and Etsy for so many hours before they simply must get out there and touch, sit on, pay for and hoard said finds.

So here’s what I found:

brass tray

vintage tray

A pretty amazing solid brass paper tray with a lid. That lid is the most genius thing ever. I ALWAYS have a stack of papers on my dining table that i’m avoiding dealing with – invoices, parking tickets, manuals to some baby toy that I’m hoarding just in case … So this genius thing is my new crap tray

vintage ceramic

That vintage italian ceramic decanter is super necessary for all of my mid-evil themed parties. That pot is just one more of a collection that has no intention of stopping. The two books and the little mini enamel plant stand on the right are all from Poketo, downtown (not vintage). That Calder book is awesome because its a pop-up book, and who doesn’t love a pop-up book? Heathens. Thats who.

vintage poster

A sure sign that you are cultured (and pretentious) is that you own vintage FOREIGN art posters. I love that guy – I have no idea what it means – although probably something about the emptiness of my grasshopper heart relating to the suffering of the human condition. Those other three pieces of pottery were all from the same dealer  - they ranged from $4 to $40. I’m hesitant to put pricing on things because then if I go to sell them to a client they’ll be like, ‘Wait, you said on your blog that you only got it for $14 and now you are charging me $85′, which proves to be an awkward conversation even though i’ve made clear from day one that my vintage items are priced by their worth, not a percentage markup or anything. Look at me getting all defensive to no one.  Anyway, the poster (in the frame) was $20. There, i told you.

vintage game

This vintage backgammon was a total unnecessary hoard (for $10!!). But I know that i’m going to have that one coffee table shot that is dying for a colorful, Jonathan Adler -esque game and BOOM I’m going to whip this sucker out and the styling angels will sing.

vintage backgammon
Its in perfect shape, too, and such good colors.

vintage pottery

octagonal mid-century wood planter ($10), – YES! I need that!  Where else am I supposed to put my plants? Oh one of my 1 million other planters? Shut up.

That teapot with the simple brass detailing was a total find that is going to look beautiful on my stove once my kitchen is finished (and by finished I mean started). I don’t drink tea but will force myself so I can utilize this lovely teapot.

I love that footed ceramic planter thing ($30) and those cute lanterns are going to go wonderfully outside this summer ($10 for the pair). I might change out the traditional glass tube thing for something more round and modern, but that’s not exactly priority number one in my life so I’ll probably get to it in 2016. Maybe it will be a new years resolution that I never accomplish like all of mine from this year.

wire sculpture

And then there is this self-portrait of me in wire, except I didn’t make it. I used to have a ton of wire sculptures but slowly they’ve either been sold to clients or a couple got trashed in the move. But this lady, she is a keeper. Totally weird, borderline creepy but still lovely to look at.

So which one is your favorite? If you could hoard just one of these things what would it be?