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Welcome to LA!

Serena & Lily’s New Store

Whether it’s the striking wallpaper on the cover of the latest issue of Domino (featuring an equally striking Mindy Kaling), or various gems right here on the blog, you’re probably familiar with lifestyle brand Serena & Lily’s joyful home goods. Their website, and new West Hollywood location, is a happiness-inducing cornucopia of intoxicating patterns.

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Domino ‘Editors’ Cravings’

Hey all, just a quick little Friday post about a quick little press feature in Domino this quarter. For this one-pager I threw together some of my favorite things right now in the navy, copper and white world. Because that is a world I want to be in right now badly. Have an excellent weekend…. Read More …

Getting Comfortable …

5 1/2 more weeks (I was 32 weeks here). I’m entering the “don’t even try to guess how much weight I’ve gained or figure out whether I’m wearing pajamas or real clothes” stage of the pregnancy. But my legs haven’t gained weight really, so I wear bigger baggier things on top for comfort and because… Read More …

The Second Ever

Studio Sale

It’s time. The ‘Every Other Year Studio Sale’ is happening next Saturday, September 19th in Eagle Rock (LA). It’s a lot of stuff leftover from projects, shoots, DIY supplies, baby boy stuff, clothes that I fear will never fit me again, etc, etc, etc, even some larger vintage furniture. It’s a lot. A lot of… Read More …


32 weeks, The Denim Dress

This little baby is giving me serious RLS, combined with a toddler that is giving us a wonderful case of sleep deprivation syndrome (just picked up ‘The Happy Sleeper‘ so hopefully that can alleviate the situation). But that doesn’t mean I can’t pull together an outfit for the blog (and life). A girl can’t just… Read More …

Modern Natural Design at GARDE

GARDE is one of those shops that makes you feel the need to go home and instantly purge 90% of your current furnishings and decor (oh, and clothing too). Not only does owner Scotti Sitz have an amazing talent for sourcing expertly crafted pieces from all over the world, but she also has discernment in choosing her inventory (meaning she has no problem passing on amazing pieces that don’t fit the GARDE aesthetic). By staying within the confines of a minimal color palette and sourcing modern items that use natural materials, Scotti has built a collection that feels cohesive, intentional, and ultimately harmonious.

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