Utilitarian & Chic #3 – Laundry

For years, YEARS, doing laundry meant schlepping clothes once a month down to the basement and basically spending the rest of your saturday afternoon monitoring said clothes. I would avoid this at all cost, practically buying a new wardrobe to avoid dealing with the dirty one. New Yorkers, you know what I mean.

In the new house we have a washer and dryer which I know isn’t a reason to celebrate to most people, but to us its like that scene in Goonies at the end where they finally find the treasure and gold. Every. single. day. Having a washer and dryer is indeed a luxury. But thtere are a lot of ugly things that go along with them – laundry sorting, detergent, ironing boards and organizing paraphernalia. I could do without any of it, frankly, but these clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.

So here’s one part of my ‘Utilitarian and Chic’ laundry edition. There are a lot of products so you’ll see more later, but what i love about these are again how simple and functional they are. Laundry doesn’t need to be decorative.

Lets (not) get dirty:

Utilitarian & Chic Laundry

Maybe those pieces ill help my laundry room look a little more like this:

Utilitarian & Chic Laundry Utilitarian & Chic Laundry

1. Wicker basket Pretty and simple, plus I use this for plant pots, too.

2. Wool & cashmere shampoo I like the packaging and its a reminder to own more cashmere. I mean, how can I let this soap just sit their unused?

3. Ironing board Its architectural and simple. Now if only i learned to iron.

4. Anchor laundry bag  So cute. Throw it on a hook in your laundry room for your more delicate clothes.

5. Drying rack Its a classic – the fold out drying rack. With its white and wood combo i’m totally into it.

6. Rattan hamper I have one of these in Charlie’s room and it does a good job of blending into the other decor – its just so simple and white.

7. Ironing board cover Fashion for you ironing board. Don’t let your board get caught naked. How embarassing!

8. Clothes pegs they are classic and always in style. Just need to figure out what to do with them …

9. Lavender laundry soap These are the kinds of things that I have to be given in order to appreciate, but whenever I do, i’m like ‘why oh why haven’t I washed my clothes in lavender laundry soap before’. I haven’t tried this one, but the packaging is so pretty. Although i’m sure its not exactly cheap if you know what I mean.

Oh Joy for Target is here!

Well now that my partnership with Target is announced (Yeah!!!! and thank you all who left such supportive comments last week on the announcement post) it seemed only appropriate that I shout out my good friend Joy’s collection.  Joy and I have worked together for years and have become good friends although we certainly don’t see each other enough. I’m just so psyched that she is working with them as well.

Emily Henderson Oh Joy

So, in case you haven’t seen her new line, it’s totally adorable and perfect for outdoor entertaining. Many, MANY parties will be thrown with these pieces and here are my favorites:

Oh Joy Target

1. Confetti dots | 2. Noise blowers | 3. Party hats | 4. Cake topper | 5. Cake stand | 6. Goblets | 7. Water bottle

Go get some Joy, and tell her I sentcha. Check out pics from her garden party where she launched the collection HERE. 

Happy Monday, folks. So good to be back at my home in L.A. xx

Handmade | Paper Edition

Not sure if you are aware but there is a massive maker movement happening – like taking over the world. People that make things, sell them then I buy them and stare at them and wonder if I’ll ever make anything. So to celebrate this movement we’ve started a new column called ‘handmade’ which highlights our favorite handmade pieces from around the interwebs. First edition is ‘paper’, and here you are.



1. paper folded book | 2. paper house mobile | 3. hand painted notebook | 4. geometric paper tassel panel | 5. patterned paint roller  | 6. personalized paper dolls  | 7. digital family portrait | 8.  paper cut shadow box | 9. paper cloud mobile

1. Paper folded book : I’ve seen these before but this one is super intricate and so well done. What if it was Charlie’s favorite book with his initials carved into it? That would be awesome unless his favorite book was the Flowers in the Attic, in which case that would be creepy (did anyone watch the recent made for tv movie? I taped it and am saving it for a night when Brian and I can really hunker down and watch it together, except for the fact that Brian would leave me before he would succumb to such an evening).

2. Paper house mobile :  It’s so simple, clean, modern and white. It would look awesome in a kid’s rooms, or a creative space. There is something so ‘Wizard of Oz’ about it. I want.

3. Hand painted notebook : My only issue with this hand-painted notebook is its over-promising nature, and you know how I hate to over-promise. I feel like every time that I saw it I would open it all excitedly, eager to read my ‘best ideas ever’ and then constantly be disappointed. But the notebook itself is super cute.

4. Geometric paper tassel panel : Great colors, cute little frame, overall an awesome little addition to a wall. I’m picturing it big and bold. It also reminded me of the art installation at The Fig House.

5. Patterned paint roller : Waddup, genius? While this isn’t actually paper, it’s ability to make a wallpaper pattern has me intrigued. It’s like a combo roller / stamp and if you have pretty smooth walls and don’t want to commit to wallpaper, give this bad boy a try. Renters need apply.

6. Personalized paper dolls : Its hipster crafts to a meta level and I’m totally into it. I’m picturing little Charlie super bummed out that instead of ‘toys’ I gave him paper dolls of me and his dad. ‘Go ahead, little one. Play with your toys’, I would encourage. He’ll just love them.

7. Digital family portrait : If paper dolls aren’t your thing how about a simple clean and modern family portrait?

8. Paper cut shadow box : Remember those dioramas you created in a shoebox as a kid? Thats what this shadow box is, only better. Layers of paper precisely cut out to make an interesting scene. So beautiful.

9. Paper cloud mobile : I’ve loved this mobile since forever and I wouldn’t mind even creating a large version made out of lucite for an art installation in my house somewhere. It’s just so simple and sweet and yet has a lot of impact.

If you are a maker and have a handmade craft that you want to share, leave a comment with your link and we’ll check er out. xx

Post curated by Rebecca Zajac | Design by Numbers, in collaboration with yours truly. 

Comfortable yet Chic {Mom} Clothes #2

My own personal trend of ‘comfortable/chic clothes’ is not waning, folks. In fact the forecast for spring 0f 2014, fall of 2015 and, well, FOREVER, is comfortable clothes. At least until all my parts fit back into my now VERY uncomfortable jeans that are collecting dust in my closet.  Maybe they’ll be comfortable one day, but can they ever compare to elastic waisted stretch pants? Methinks, no.

So. much to I’m presuming Brian’s silent protest, i’m still going to wear comfortable/cute clothes while I’m working from home. So here’s what I’m digging:

Comfy Chic Mom Clothes

1. Scallop shawl Now that i’ve gotten better at nursing I don’t need the hooter-hider all the time, so a shawl like this is thin enough that Charlie won’t suffocate but is super cute and scarf-y.

2. Polka Dot Shirt: Another button that is fitted and flattering for my ‘constantly feeding this baby’ needs. I can’t get enough.

3. PJ’s. If they have a cute  modern pattern and you pair it with a chambray and flats, then it’s not pj’s in my book. It’s what i call ‘pants’. I’ll fight you for it.

4. Slip-ons Vans. I actually meant to use the black/white version of vans but this will do, too. I need slip ons for those two times a week I leave the house. Tying your shoes is so last year.

5. Moc slippers Your feet should also feel comfort, especially when its cold outside (it gets down to 55 here, east coasters!!!)

6. Sweater dress To be honest this would look pretty terrible on me because i think its best fitted on the a more svelte figure, but I just think its super cute and handy since I’m absolutely addicted to my phone and it has perfect phone pocket. Perhaps I can never let it leave my body with a dress like this.

7. Pink blouse It’s a busy pattern so it hides all your imperfections (bra lines, slight muffin tops, etc) but it has enough of a shape to not look like a sack. Plus it buttons for easy access if you are nursing … or if you have a sex life. I just realized that breast-feeding moms aren’t the only ones who want easy access shirts. I also just realized how depressing that is…

8. Cashmere cardigan This looks simple and kinda boring, but welcome to my daily wardrobe which I’m sure you’ve seen in instagrams. It was a splurge because its cashmere but I’ve never been so happy about a purchase (except my j brand jeans that make my but look so perky … perhaps i’ll fit back into them one day). This sweater is so soft, so comfortable and cozy that its hard to not wear it everyday. Its more like a cashmere robe than it is a sweater.

9. Cashmere sweater I don’t have this one, but it’s just so cool and simple. I feel like it’s what rich hipsters wear to look dressed down when really its like a fortune for something so simple. But its cashmere and it has a weird pocket, therefore I want it.

To check out my other ‘comfortable/chic mom clothes check out HERE, and for my favorite maternity clothes go HERE.

Any other recommendations, folks?

Utilitarian & Chic #2 – the kitchen

When you move into a new house you have fantasies of your new life – you’ll cook more, you’ll keep things clean, you won’t leave apple cores in your freshly detailed car. Moving makes me want to buy everything new and fresh, which is why I’m continuing this series in the kitchen. I no longer have those left over ugly dish towels from college, nay, I’m starting fresh with some of these pretty girls:

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen 1

1. Knit pot holder I very rarely hold any pots but I want to own this pot holder just to hold this pot holder.

2. Oil & Vinegar Simple, chic and alphabetically correct.

3. Marble & wood cheeseboard For my Scandinavian cheese parties. Duh.

4. Salt & pepper cellar To warm up all my whites.

5. Grey bake-set Now to learn how to bake …

6. Enamel teapot Now to start drinking tea …

7. Olivewood Canister When canisters are this pretty I will decant my bow-tie pasta. Also how cute are bow-tie pasta and why do we insist on calling them a terrible word like farfalla?

8. Pestle and mortar I feel like rich women on the East coast, in Nora Ephron movies cook with such utensils… And I want to be such a woman.

9. Cookbook holder It holds cookbooks but more importantly it holds tablets with recipes. This I actually need badly because the other night when I made my FAMOUS (no it’s not) organic chicken (no-noodle) and vegetable soup, I had to reach for my phone for the recipe every 2 minutes.

Here’s what I’m loving, kitchen-wise;  black, white and pops of weird 90′s colors:

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

I love that we love ‘flesh’ now. The color, obviously, not the meaty under-skin portion of my body. Unless you are a zombie in which case ‘flesh’ has always been on trend for you.

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

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That floor is insane. These kitchens are dramatic and weird, like the girls in high school that refused to be friends with me because they thought I was too bubbly.

Perhaps its not really me … but for now I’m digging them…