Airbnb SXSW

Clearly i’ve been slammed with work but not for a bad reason. I’ve been working on another HUGE Airbnb project, this time in SXSW.  Its been insane and yet its pretty much my favorite project.  My team designed this massive (20K square foot) ‘backyard’ with three mini houses in conjunction with these dudes below:


Here’s all the info:

March 11 to 15, in 1501 E. 6th street – its a big grass oasis full of coffee, bloody marys, WIFI, and lots of different events including hanging out with Snoop Dogg, Capital Cities and Allen Stone. And me. I’ll be there most of the week, too. To RSVP, and to check out the schedule of events at

airbnb sxsw

Obviously i’ll be blogging about the design of the event, and shout out all of our amazing vendors – because this thing looks goooooooood.

Tell your friends, folks. And check out all of the events HERE.

Our Family Room Progess

Oh the family room – otherwise known as ‘the room full of the random and weird’. To say we’ve made progress is a gross over statement. We’ve lived in awkwardness so far. Well, I’ll let you judge.

Here’s where we started (before we moved in):

Family room Before Family Room 04

Yeah, clearly there are some issues. That carpet for starters. In case you are just joining in we replaced all the carpet in the house (which was ‘original’ and ‘vintage’ if you know what I mean) with the most beautiful Acacia hardwood from BuildDirect. So, of course this room was no exception.

After we bought the house (and their furniture was gone) we made a list of what was going to happen:

Family room Before

Paint that ceiling white which is consistent with the rest of the house, and again, if you are just joining in trust me that the ceiling needed to get a a dose of white – it was painted brown and then stained a weird peach color so it was going to take a FORTUNE to strip the entire house. Plus it was cheap pine in the first place. And to be frank, I wanted it to be white anyway and I’m so very, very happy with it.

All the walls in here had to be skim coated and sanded and painted as well. They look all unnoffensive in these photos but trust me, that texture was not awesome and spending the money to paint over it seemed wasteful. If we were ever going to fix the texture, the time was now.

Family Room

And new shades/drapes are in order. I just ordered them through DecorView so I’ll keep you posted when they get installed.

Family room Before

So that’s where we were all empty and sad – like how I felt after watching Wolf of Wall Street, only less ashamed of myself. We made the major changes already (floor, ceiling and walls) but haven’t even come close to decorating it. Well, thats not true, the sectional is ordered and should arrive next week, but besides that our ‘family room’ is looking quite bad:

Family room Progress Family Room Progress

Sure, i like everything in here, but its just not designed. Its like a weird leather club chair parade. Its our TV room when we aren’t watching something on the projector in the living room, so we just shoved these chairs in here for now.

Family Room

I feel like I have a lot of ‘splaining to do, but basically its ‘that room’. The room that holds all the random pieces that need to be dealt with. And the cat bed, apparently.

We have ordered a big old comfy sectional (more on that later, obviously), but besides that I just know that that rug is too big (and too plush to be that close to the kitchen).

Family Room

Every day we try to decide whether we should keep this TV in there OR mount our awesome projector and project that on the blank wall. The pros to the TV are that it just seems easier because technology intimidates me and having a projector seems like lots of remotes or something. But we use the projector in the living room and its so easy and great and fun (and very clear, by the way, its like having an imax in your living room especially when you have a blue ray disc). Why don’t we just keep it in the living room, you ask? Well, we would like to install sconces and someday hang art so we can’t just leave those walls blank forever.

The other reason we are more inclined to use it here is because the sectional will end up being further away from the tv than we are used to so we feel like we need a bigger TV already in here and this one is pretty huge. And you can make the projected screen really big, so thats awesome.

The goal for this room is as follows: comfortable, kid/family friendly, easy to be in, relaxed, simple and always happy. I mean, thats really the goal for the whole house (despite the cement stairs and the metal railings everywhere :)) but this room in particular needs to be family friendly. It was a very good idea to live in the house before we dictated what we should do with the main spaces. We already realized that this room is the room. It shares the space with the kitchen so despite the fact that the living room is wildly prettier, this room is so convenient to hang out it. I cook my weekly chicken soup whilst watching Revenge whilst Charlie is sitting in a bouncer ignoring the fact that I have no idea how to cook. He’s already good at humoring me and I appreciate that in an infant.

I’m not going to over-design this room: comfort is its thing. And blue might be involved. I’m a predictable animal like that.

Family Room Inspiration
There is a big wall in there behind the sofa and I, with my growing motherhood sentimentality, am going to do a huge family/friend photo wall. Its going to be epic – spanning decades, generations, events, friend groups and emotions. I’m so excited to get started on it. Tears will be shed just sorting through the photos. Don’t worry, i’ll get it on camera.

So, that update wasn’t really much of an update, but rather awesome furniture gone wrong. But stay tuned, our sofa arrives in a week and then stuffs going to get real in there .. in a family way.

For more updates check out the master bedroom progress, living room progress, nursery progress and the deck progress.

Our baby shower, part 2

Well folks, you can call off the search, take down the posters, hang up your 911 call because you have officially found the best ‘parenting party’ (co-ed shower) that’s ever been given … and it was ours, thrown by Scott, Corbett and Orlando – 3 of my very best friends in LA. Naturally they are also the people who I think have the best style and know me the most, stylistically, too, so thats awesome. Last week I blogged about the party but not the decor  - check out those photos here.

It was totally fantastic and just generally amazing in every way. Let me walk ya through it.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They chose a triangle theme. Everybody kept trying to guess that the triangle was symbolic for something fertile or infant or something, and while it is the shape of ones, ahem, lower region area, I think they chose it because its super on trend and visually very fun.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Scott hosted the party at his new beautiful house in LA. In case you don’t know this man he is one of my very best friends in the world (like family, this man). We met on set years 12 years ago, both assistant stylists. He went on to work for Martha and has been a freelance (and very sought after) stylist for years.

So he got his DIY on to make some much needed confetti.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

triangle pendants

When I walked up to the house I was shocked at what I first saw. These awesome DIY brass pendants that Corbett just whipped up. Just like that. Leave a comment if you want the DIY – I’ll have her recreate it for the blog. They were awesome.

But that wasn’t good enough, nay. We also got to walk through this threshold of triangle ribbons. This was also around the holidays and could double as SUCH a cute holiday decor idea, too. It’s strangely fun to walk under a bunch of ribbon – it’s like life just turned up the silly and festive on you. And while I would have had a good time if they had just shoved a bunch of themed straws in my face, I have to say that Brian and I  both had so much more fun having it be so decked out.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Then Kristen from Moon Canyon made this awesome triangle wreath that was just stunning. Thanks, Kristen!

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Here’s a sneak peek into Scott’s house which is just ridiculously beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Even the ceilings had triangle banners … Because ceilings are people, too.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Oh and there was a teepee, naturally. What triangle themed party would be complete without a teepee serving as the bar? So beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They even had this pinata custom made for me which of course I’m still hoarding in Charlie’s room for his 4th birthday. And in case you are wondering how much a custom pinata of this size is, the answer is either $18 or $28 … I forget, but definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Check out the other party post to see that triangle light fixture in action. It’s awesome, served as a focal point in the space and drew people to the other side of the pool.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They painted on these floating candle holders which tended to want to just hang out at the edge of the pool, but looked chic regardless.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

The thought, effort and love that went into this party is truly remarkable. I stayed up til 12 on that Sunday talking with everyone while they kept drinking wine and I wasn’t even jealous this time because I had such a good time.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

I mean, that’s a ridiculously fun, festive and modern baby shower/party. Scott, Orlando and Corbett KILLED IT.

emily baby shower

They are three of my favorite people in the world. Three people who I’ve never gotten sick of no matter how much time I’ve spent with them (which is A LOT) plus they all love each other, thank god. We all go flea marketing, thrifting, shopping and then many a happy hours drinking. Thank you guys so so so so so much. Without sounding too cheesy and hormonal, it truly was one of the best nights ever. Brian and I felt very, VERY, special. I love you. (To see all the party photos,click HERE).

Resources: They rented the majority of the furniture from Yeah Rentals, the food was by Heirloom LA (sorry, we devoured it before the pictures could be taken!) and the rest of the resources are here: 

Floating water lanternsGold triangle pillowPaper garlandTriangle rugTriangle fabricEmbroidered triangle pillowGold fringePyramid light garlandTeepeeGeometry pillowArrow pillowTriangle paper punchLarge triangle paper punch, Happy Habitat Throw.

All photos by  Christian and Reina. Thanks guys for such amazing photos!

Ramblings of a new mom …

Well folks, you may have noticed that i’ve been really busy lately by my lack of posting. Do you know how much time it takes to properly shape the mind of a newborn? So many hours. It includes lots of kisses to the feet, lots of fingers playing air piano on the belly, and making up of some of the most ridiculous lyrics/songs that you want to both tape for posterity and erase from your memory. I’ve been BUSY.

charlie henderson

Then there is the napping on you, napping with you and you figuring out how and when the hell they should actually be napping. Charlie is 10 weeks old now and things are still physically manageable, just emotionally overwhelming. He’s sleeping enough, thank god, but I realized that one of the reasons that women are more exhausted post motherhood isn’t because we sleep less, necessarily, but because during the waking hours we are busy containing our emotions and large amounts of love. I love him so much it truly is daunting and coping with that stress is just mind-numbingly draining at times, in a good way. … See? Thats why they say that people with kids are “less happy” then people without kids. I’ve never been happier in my life to the point that I cry happy tears all the time, and yet I’m worried every second of the day that i’m going to accidentally crack his head open on the stairs, or that every car on the road is going to lose control for no reason at any moment and hit our car. My best friend had a reoccuring fear that someone was going to break into her house and shoot her baby up with heroine because she saw it on the news once. I mean, no wonder there are more women in mental institutes than men. No wonder moms can be kinda batty. This stuff is super intense EVERY SINGLE SECOND of the day.

photo 2

Anyway. I’ve been working a lot but mostly when he’s asleep, with Brian or when he’s chilling and fine just sitting next to me in his bouncer. We moved that little table up into the living room that way I can work from here when I want to be near him, and in the office downstairs when I need to do conference calls, etc. I tried having him in on a conference call and he was rather inarticulate and off message in general.


That was my afternoon on Saturday for an hour which was so wonderful I could have cried. That is until he was like, ‘Oh yeah? You want to cry? Well check this out.’ and he decided to do the crying for me for 25 minutes. Such a baby.

But most of the time he’s pretty mellow. He likes to stick his tongue out like his father taught him, and he likes to hum and growl while he’s eating as if every drop is the most delicious thing in the world (also like his father … only with actual food obviousy). He likes to flail his arms around when he’s frustrated like he’s dramatically typing a letter, which we in turn then audibly narrate – usually pretending it is to the CPS about our parenting skills. “Dear Ma’am and Sir, These people really have no idea what they are doing … “

Having a kid makes every day both really important and really unimportant at the same time. Let me explain: Its really important because the way I drive, every word that comes out of my mouth, every time decision I make effects something so much larger. I watch every step I take up and down the stairs when i’m holding him so that I don’t slip fall and kill one of us. Ugh, its stressful.

But at the same time nothing matters as long as Brian and Charlie are alive. We could lose the house, I could lose my limbs, I could be publicly shamed by something I said taken out of context and never be able to work again, and I would just chant to myself, ‘At least Brian and Charlie are still alive’ and i’d recover. Before I had Charlie when I received bad news about work or a client was upset and refusing to pay for something they approved, I would think, ‘Well, at least I wasn’t a ‘cellar kid‘, referring to babies (yes there have been multiple cases) who are raised in basements their entire lives by insidious parents. It sounds super dark to think about constantly but it puts everything in perspective instantly. Some people never had a chance at a good life. I am not one of those people and therefore have a lot of be grateful for. And now my ‘cellar kid’ is Charlie’s life. As long as he is alive then i’ll be grateful every day no matter what else happens. Or else this is this the new mom hormone talking. Who knows.

Controlling, processing and verbalizing a mothers love is endless, difficult and totally unbelievably wonderful. It’s like every day is a huge surprise party with all of your favorite family and friends. And then Ryan Reynolds, Betty White and Melissa McCarthy show up and do a comedic one act play they wrote just for you. Its a lot of happiness to process. Every. Single. Day.


So thats what i’ve been up to – squeezing toes, rubbing heads, endlessly kissing cheeks and coming to terms with the fact that the obsession is probably just one sided for now.  I just love him so much I want to consume him, eat him, devour him up  … in a good way. I know i’m not alone, right?

Our Deck Progress

Dear summertime in LA (aka, all year round), are you ready for the parties that are about to happen on this deck in Glendale? And by parties I do mean play-dates. This deck is certainly not the typical back yard, but here’s my argument for it: A. we’ll probably only stay here til I’m done redoing the house and then we’ll find a new project/house, and B. children grow up all over the world (New York and SF in particular) without a backyard and they aren’t social lepers and are not allergic to grass. Would it be ideal if we had a backyard, too? Sure. But this deck is killer.

The Deck Before DECK

I’m trying to find the right landscape designer who can work with my meager budget on the project to help me with the vision, but right now I have made some decisions about what is staying and what is going. So, here is what needs to happen:

1. We might need to remove that huge eucalyptus tree. It is dropping on the deck so bad that we have to sweep it daily if we were actually using it and I’m sure it would ruin furniture. Plus its roots are pushing out the retaining wall and probably doing other foundational things. We’ve had a few tree dudes (that’s their technical name) look at it and they all recommend either getting rid of 1/2 of it or getting rid of it all together.

2. Landscape that hill. We want simple, low-maintenance, but pretty and surprising. Not sure what that means. I need a landscape designer.


3. I think i want to try to make it more intimate with a long planter box along the deck with foliage in it – nothing too high that would block the deck but something that would create more a sense of an outdoor room and block the ironwork which isn’t bad, but it’s not awesome.


4. There is that area in the back that we might want to turn into either a backyard for Charlie or maybe a hot tub where i can party with high cut bikini wearing hot chicks. You know that’s what used to happen here. We could get some high quality turf and throw it in there, or some sort of ground cover that is comfortable for my little man to play around. Then I can close it off with some sort of cute fence or something and have that be his dedicated play area.



5. We need a new retaining wall, but do we just face it out or demo and do something new altogether. And what should it be? Wood? Stone? Paper Mache?

6. I want an outdoor kitchen. In case you think that’s because I like to cook I can assure you that it’s the opposite – I like to make food and that is what bbq-ing is: ‘Making food’. Our kitchen is kinda far away from the backyard and you have to enter/exit through our master bedroom which isn’t ideal with the amount of juicy fruit salad and trays of drinks that I’ll be trekking through the house. So I want a bbq area that has a fridge, gas stove/bbq and a sink if possible. Imagine if we had enough out there that we could cook everything up there? How boss would that be?

So not much progress has happened in the last two months barring some demo of the trellis. Now it just has the major beams across without all the other smaller ones making it super dark underneath. Brian had his friends come over right before we moved in and demo that stuff:

The Deck Progress The Deck Progress

When you hold a sledge-hammer, extension chord or caulk gun you prove that you are macho. Slow clap, fellas. Don’t mind Ian on the ceiling looking like a troll who is about to put a spell on us. Thanks, guys, so much for helping. You are strong, handsome and generally Bruce Willis in Die Hard kinda macho.

Where are we headed style-wise?  Maybe here …

Deck Inspiration

I want it to be comfortable/functional, first and foremost. Then exciting, modern, smart, stylish and inviting. I want it to be easy to maintain but warm enough that people can hang out for hours and hours and feel at home. Now that I have a kid and am working so much, I would like to manipulate my friends into making them come to me every night, so this is really just a master ploy so that I never have to socialize outside the house. Let the agoraphobia begin.