Behind the Scenes at EH Design: Episode 4

Written by Brady

We are juggling quite a few projects, events, clients, Emily’s book, and other fun stuff for you here on the blog and this week our motto was “Conquer and Divide”.  Emily returned back from shooting the book up in Portland, and Ginny and I were therefore back working in the office and the three of us had plenty of work to keep us busy.

Monday copy

The week started off weird. Have you ever gotten in cab knowing where the end destination is and trusting that the cab driver is going to get you from point A to point B in a quick and safe fashion, but then as you get further and further into the route you realize that your cab driver is either A. completely lost, B. trying to rack up the meter to make an extra buck, or C. a psycho murderer?

Well we had a bit of that feeling this week as Emily casually asked us to regroup at a fun lunch together now that she was back in town. We got into the car and we were off and I soon noticed that we were headed nowhere near the usual lunch spots. I thought that maybe Emily had just gotten lost or taken a wrong turn as we all seem to do here in LA, but then when she pulled down a street that I had never been down in an area I had never driven through I thought… my boss is either totally lost and I should pull out my phone – or – i might be getting the axe (literally). She took Ginny and I around the back of a building, through a gate, through a back door, and into a large studio space and said, “SURPRISE! Its our new studio space”. Both Ginny and I looked at her in disbelief. We both countered back with “No, Way?!?” But, she wasn’t lying. This new beautiful space with perfectly lit rooms and 11 foot ceilings was now the new home of EH Design. We all jumped up and down for joy, threw a few high fives and were beyond elated.


Once we had checked out the new space, we finally made our way to lunch and began planning out the studio space. We have lots of ideas flowing folks and be sure to stay tuned with what we have in store. You can read more about the changes we have made thus far HERE.


Now that we had our new fancy space, we were ready to get packed up and schlep it all from our old studio space which was at Emily’s house and bring it to the new space just a few miles down the road. So our Tuesday was spent, organizing, packing, moving, and getting everything into the new studio space.

Moving Day

We tried our best at organized chaos. Don’t worry this is not what the Studio looked like on a daily basis. This is after our first sort of what goes to the new studio, what stays, what gets tossed, and what gets hoarded for a garage sale.

Car with Props

Please observe our wonderful packing skills. Shockingly nothing arrived broken. This is 2 of the 4 cars/moving truck that was filled to the brim.

photo 1

And then we celebrated our first night in the new space together.

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Our new Stu-Stu-Studio

Alright folks. Very exciting news today. Read on.

Six months ago when we moved in to this house, I posted the ‘before’ and ‘progress’ photos of the office/studio. Here it was ‘before’:


Then we renovated it, fixed up the walls and floor and moved in. It looked like this, and it looked promising:


I was psyched that I finally had a proper home office – separate entrance and all. Well … quickly we filled it up (as we do … I’m not a minimalist as you know):


This wasn’t designed, obviously, just how we were actually using the space.

Like a mediocre relationship, you can only stay in denial that it’s not really working for so long. You pretend you don’t need to move on, that you can make it work, that everyone is happy enough. But, all the signs point to ‘GET OUT AND TRY TO BE HAPPIER’. It’s just hard because its such a risk. You keep telling yourself, ‘It’s not frustrating enough, it’s not terrible enough,’ to make you jump out … but now and again you start looking. Your eye wanders. Your thoughts drift …

I’ve had fantasies of what it could be. We did drawings and renderings to help us figure out how it could work. We even got quotes on transforming it which were just so expensive that I panicked.

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Behind the Scenes at EH Design: Episode 3

Written by Brady

Well folks, to say that it has been a busy couple of weeks would be an understatement. But busy-ness is never a bad thing, for sure.

Lets break it down from the beginning.

We finished up a quick weekend makeover for O Magazine – yes you heard it right Oprah Magazine, as in “YOU get a car.. and YOU get a car”. I mean gag me with a spoon people… I can now die a happy man.

Oprah Gif

I mean look how happy she was to hire us and to get this makeover started!!!

It was such a fun project to work on and the room turned out pretty great, if we do say so ourselves. We did run into a few snags along the way… i.e. not having it in the budget to hire a painter – so being the resourceful people we are, we painted it ourselves.


Unfortunately we have to wait until the magazine hits newstands or else we would hereto be known as the people that spilled the beans on the Oprah spread.

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Organized chaos …

messy photo

I wish I could say that this was just a particularly messy day, but every day here feels totally insane. Yesterday we shot the new Redbook DIYs and in order to clear a side of the room to shoo them everything was placed on the other side, burying me. It would be appropriate that I would be buried alive by my props. ‘She lived a good life. She loved her things. And she died underneath them’.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Oh! And Portlanders, give me the scoop on any new stores, restaurants, bars, kids places, etc. We’ll be there sunday to sunday shooting the book and I want to show Charlie what being an Oregon Baby is all about. I already taught him the word ‘artisinal’, so he’s in pretty good shape to order just about anything. Have a good sunny, happy full of relaxation weekend. xx

summer mondays and baby fridays

As I discussed on fridays post a lot of companies have 1/2 day fridays during the summer. Well i’d love to introduce the notion of 1/2 day mondays. I mean, mondays are really the worst so I would love to just avoid at least 1/2 that stuff altogether and start work around 12. Lets make it a thing that Google and Nike have to start doing because they think its good for morale whilst their employees play ping pong and get diy tattoos out of vintage gumball containers. Once they accept it the other corporations will follow in hopes that their “team members” might never leave with such amenities and then the trickle down effect comes to us and we finally can take mondays and fridays off. We all just work too much. 3 days in the middle of the week is enough, no?

Anyway, I’ll be back later today with a real post but just know that I spent approximately 52 straight hours with this boy and he was very distracting. So all those “design posts” i was going to write got shoved off til next weekend (but i have some coming this week, too).

Charlie is like the guy in the bachelor that comes and ‘steals’ me for a moment except he takes me for the whole weekend.

He totally got a rose … first impression, last impression and final.

emily and charlie

This is from last week when we were at The Fig House with Ryan Phillips and Mike Kelley of Pure Photo. They were waiting for the sun to go down for them to shoot the stained glass windows from Judson Studios so naturally they couldn’t help but snap these of this baby…. click for more …  (more…)