Emily Henderson
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Emily takes Spain

While we’ve been here sweating in the LA heat, Em has been traipsing around Spain, unplugged, carefree and having the time of her life. Whenever she does get the occasional moment of WiFi, she’s been using it to post casual photos of the castle she’s calling home, or picture-perfect beach scenes. We think it’s safe to assume the entire Hendo family (baby included) is enjoying this much deserved family vacay.

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Family LIfe

Traveling With A Toddler

Traveling with a toddler can be a harrowing experience. It’s like the day before taxes are due, and you can’t find one receipt or W-9. Its extremely stressful, you feel totally helpless, stupid, embarrassed, full of regret, and out of control. You are scrambling for hours and blaming each other for everything that is missing,… Read More …

Advice: Quit… before you burn a bridge

I’ve been working for 20 years, in a monogamous relationship for 15 (well, including two short breakups) and have been managing (and getting feedback from) various employees, freelancers and independent contractors for 6 (well, kinda 10) years. That is a lot of mistakes, lessons learned, and things that I must have done right. So I… Read More …

Personal little update

I just crawled into bed (yes its 8:15) after Brian made me dinner while I rambled on about how I just can’t seem to find enough time in the day. This week I shot some more Target videos and I made a conscious decision to work hard, get home in time to put Charlie to bed,… Read More …

My ‘Style’ journal

They say you can’t learn style – that you either have it or you don’t. To me ‘they’ sound like people who think ‘they’ have VERY good style. The problem with that theory is that it doesn’t factor in exposure (or lack thereof), and passion – a genuine love/obsession for style. I think there is something… Read More …