Quick Spring Vignettes around the house


I’m starting to notice a pattern – every year the same thing happens. After the chaos of summer and the organizational frenzy of fall, then the total explosion of insanity during the holidays, I can’t handle STUFF anymore. Last year we moved into the house in the late fall and I kept it fairly minimal til June. This year the aversion to ‘stuff’ was more pronounced with the addition of a toddler, where most of winter (after the holidays) we lived in the house with very few accessories except in the bookcase and the color palette was way more minimal. There were no big hits of pinks or yellows, just blues, grays, and whites and it was wonderfully calm, if not kinda boring.

Then of course around March/April I become strangely attracted to bright colors again – hot pink can’t seem to escape me, pops of yellow start to creep in through flowers and books. I guess there is just something about spring and summer that feels younger and brighter so my inner child wants to celebrate that. My inner child can be very immature.

Trunk: Vintage | Blue Plate Dish: vintage | Faceted Vase | White Tall Vase: vintage| Round White Vase: unknown | Blue Lamp: Vintage | Cactus Art | Abstract Art: vintage

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The Master Bedroom – Where We Are Now


The older I get, the more I want my master bedroom to just be super simple. I used to sleep walk really badly – like REALLY, REALLY EMBARRASSINGLY BADLY – imagine the worst; I did that. I often have nightmares where the piles of clothes in the room became monsters that are trying to kill me, etc. I clearly have one of those brains that don’t really shut down well and if I’m stressed it gets my body up and I do weird things in the room. It’s been so much better the last few years, but Brian still finds me rearranging things in the middle of the night – dreaming that I’m in a client’s house or on a photo shoot. Sleep styling, I suppose. Perfectly normal.

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The Master Bedroom Wallpaper


I’ve got a story for you. It’s not exactly¬†‘The Jinx’. The ending isn’t totally UNHAPPY, nobody dies, but it’s not my happiest story I’ve ever told.

Let’s recap to what the master bedroom looked like when we bought the house.


An Update on My Family Room

Emily_Family Room Update_header

The family room is kinda a disaster and not exactly moving forward very well and yet we spend SOOO much time in here eating strawberries and getting them on our shirt, obviously. I’m not sure what my problem is and why I can’t pull it together, but lets recap and I can give you the meager update you deserve.

Emily_Family Room_Before 1


Bookcase update

Remember that time I spent a lot of money and time designing and building the built-in bookcase? (See this post for that whole process.) Well, we’ve shot it now what feels like 19 times, although I think it’s just been four – Domino, the book, my living room tour, for the holidays, and again last week (for this post). I was never totally happy with it. Why? Because styling a huge open bookcase in the middle of your house is hard. You want it to be full of fun stuff, but not so busy that it just looks messy (because it makes the whole house feel messy if its messy).

But first, enter memory lane … Here is the wall where we decided to put the bookcase:


And here is a little video of the building of it:


I wish it were only that simple. So many wonky angles in the house that made their EXTREMELY precise measurements kinda a disaster.  So there was a lot of troubleshooting, but Gabriel, our dude is seriously meticulous and did an amazing job. Click through to see how its styled now.