The Master Bedroom – Where We Are Now


The older I get, the more I want my master bedroom to just be super simple. I used to sleep walk really badly – like REALLY, REALLY EMBARRASSINGLY BADLY – imagine the worst; I did that. I often have nightmares where the piles of clothes in the room became monsters that are trying to kill me, etc. I clearly have one of those brains that don’t really shut down well and if I’m stressed it gets my body up and I do weird things in the room. It’s been so much better the last few years, but Brian still finds me rearranging things in the middle of the night – dreaming that I’m in a client’s house or on a photo shoot. Sleep styling, I suppose. Perfectly normal.

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The Master Bedroom Wallpaper


I’ve got a story for you. It’s not exactly ‘The Jinx’. The ending isn’t totally UNHAPPY, nobody dies, but it’s not my happiest story I’ve ever told.

Let’s recap to what the master bedroom looked like when we bought the house.


An Update on My Family Room

Emily_Family Room Update_header

The family room is kinda a disaster and not exactly moving forward very well and yet we spend SOOO much time in here eating strawberries and getting them on our shirt, obviously. I’m not sure what my problem is and why I can’t pull it together, but lets recap and I can give you the meager update you deserve.

Emily_Family Room_Before 1


Bookcase update

Remember that time I spent a lot of money and time designing and building the built-in bookcase? (See this post for that whole process.) Well, we’ve shot it now what feels like 19 times, although I think it’s just been four – Domino, the book, my living room tour, for the holidays, and again last week (for this post). I was never totally happy with it. Why? Because styling a huge open bookcase in the middle of your house is hard. You want it to be full of fun stuff, but not so busy that it just looks messy (because it makes the whole house feel messy if its messy).

But first, enter memory lane … Here is the wall where we decided to put the bookcase:


And here is a little video of the building of it:


I wish it were only that simple. So many wonky angles in the house that made their EXTREMELY precise measurements kinda a disaster.  So there was a lot of troubleshooting, but Gabriel, our dude is seriously meticulous and did an amazing job. Click through to see how its styled now.


California Winter Wonderland Glam

Lately I’ve been asked the same question over and over: “Since you have a blog, do you feel pressure to decorate differently every holiday, year after year?” and my answer is ‘maybe’. But I’d say its more like ‘desire’ and also ‘the serious need to shake it up because I have style A.D.D’. It would be like someone wearing the same dress for the Oscars and the Golden Globes. It’s not illegal, but when a lot of people are watching and expecting you to change it up, you kinda want to. Plus IT’S JUST SO FUN. 

Two years ago it was ‘CRAZY hot pink and navy’. Last year I kept it really simple with blues and woods, all Scandinavian style on a real tree (we didn’t shoot it because I had just had a baby).  Meanwhile remember when I did this ‘only teal and blues‘ for SFAS and then this crazy hot pink and white christmas I did for Holiday Celebrity Homes?  I love color, apparently.

So, this year wanted to do something totally different and more neutral. I pulled it back and practically eliminated all saturated colors except for the blue that’s in my house and the green from natural greenery. Head on over to Domaine Home for more pics and tips, but meanwhile get ready for a lot of information, friends.

Emily Henderson Home-114

I really wanted it to feel more sophisticated and soft. The holidays can be super chaotic and it really is here, even with just one kid, so instead of throwing more color in our living room, I removed a lot of it. The whole theme of the house is ‘California Winter Wonderland Glam’. It’s soft and textural with a lot of snow, animals, trees and whimsy – but in a more neutral way.

First off, I love a real tree, I do. More than a fake white tree, actually, … BUT, since we had that huge year-round Nek Buddha tree in our living room, I thought that the two trees would compete, like Angelina and Jen, or maybe more Gwyneth and Martha. They would both be beautiful in their own way, but competing for attention and somebody would lose. Either way, visually the room would look a little nuts and probably really heavy.

So instead I brought in Cate Blanchett (in the form of a tree). Angelic, white, soft and muted; peppered with soft copper, rose golds, champagne, rust, gold, silver and even some sparkly burgundy tones. Cate looks wonderful in burgundy. Besides, I already had one of them (the smaller one).

Emily Henderson Home-138

Here’s how I look at it: I have 2-3 more years (if that) before I’m going to care less about how ‘curated’ and ‘pretty’ our christmas tree is and more about it representing memories through handmade (and often not-so-chic) ornaments from my kids. Obviously I value aesthetics, but I was raised mormon, from a family of 6 kids and I LOVED unearthing the disgusting raw macaroni ornament that I made in first grade every year when we trimmed the tree. If Charlie took a brown clay mold and formed it in the shape of a turd and gave it to me with those glowing, proud, blue eyes I would weep with joy and probably place it on top as the star.

I’m digressing, but the point is for the next few years you might get some curated christmas decor because after that my challenge will be how to bring in real sentimental family ornaments and traditions in the prettiest way possible.