Rustic Spanish House Overall


Well, the Spanish Rustic California Modern house is all finished and we’ve certainly documented the heck out of it. So I figured we’d do one big recap post of it so you’d have the whole house in one post. We are real thorough like that.


Fig House – The Bridal Suite Design

fig house_bridal suite_before after

Just when you guys thought we were done documenting The Fig House, I sneak away to shoot the bridal suite and shock you with a super insane/weird makeover. This room is where the bride (or anyone really) gets ready and stages all their stuff. We wanted it to be pretty and pulled together and of course, this was our opportunity to do something really feminine and girly. By the time we got to this room we were on a pretty tight budget as the priority was the actual event space. Often these kinds of projects run in phases – phase one was to be the main space, and then this building was more of a phase 2. But we ended up pulling it together in phase one because we realized how much time was going to be spent in this building – a lot.

Click through to see the whole makeover and ‘get the look':


Modern Old-World Master Bathroom

master bathroom_before_after

As I’m looking at this and writing it I’m having serious master bathroom envy. We are starting ours now and even if after we are done the sheer square footage issue makes our master never really a master, but this bathroom? It’s just so big, with a separate tub and shower and two beautiful windows that literally look onto a house covered in bouganvillea and ivy.

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Rustic California Home – The Nursery

Nursery_mid century modern_kids room_blue_casual_comfy_before

It’s a neutral, Texas-inspired baby room, and I’m pretty into it.

I have a theory that in a lot of ways nurseries are just our own ‘kid’ fantasy rooms – it’s the room that we would have wanted as kids had we known it. I know Charlie’s is  – which you will finally get to see in a couple of weeks as its finally coming out in a magazine. And I’m pretty sure Brian has plans for his room ‘kid’ room in a couple of years that involves Star Wars and/or Comic Books (Batman, obviously). We live vicariously through our children so obviously we must force on them any and all secret desires of ours – especially if that includes a life-sized batmobile as a bed.