Emily Henderson
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Who Wants to Party?

Ban.do Overall

You know that epic house party that you got invited to when you were 16 by the cute boy that was a senior and drove the fancy sports car. He picked you up, winked at you on the drive over and introduced you to all his cool friends. The entire night all you could think about was how perfectly your hair was crimped, how on point your shoulder pads were, and how well his last name would sound as yours?

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Crafting Community

There are two types of people in life, the ones that see a scrap of fabric, a vintage scarf, or some old tattered rag and walk past it on the street or in the flea market , and then there are those that stop whatever they are doing (no matter what that may be) to buy it, pick it up, or hoard it for some BIG project that they keep swearing they are going to do one not so distant day in the future. I am the latter.

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