TGIF, y’all

We are trying to take a much needed day off today so I can spend time with that little baby right there. Yesterday our sitter was sick and Brian was gone so I spent all day with him, but it wasn’t quite enough to make up for how much little quality time we’ve gotten together lately. My mother in law is in town and we have serious plans that involve shopping, talking, cuddling said baby, a drs’ appointment for him, and more shopping. We are very good at that indeed.

brian and charlie

Thanks for all your patience this week regarding posts. My hope is to finish some serious design posts over the weekend and have lots of fun content for you next week, but no promises. I might get distracted by that little baby up there. Meanwhile check instagrams for more peeks into the house…

And TGIF. And I mean that as if nobody has ever said it before. THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Material Girls, #2; Eat, Pray, Glam.

Welcome to another Material Girls. In this episode our lady is global but in a high-end luxe and glam kinda way. Her name is Chloe. And here is her materials board:

green gold materials board Chloe loves the beach, but more in a Malibu way than in a hut in Costa Rica way. She’s that chick that wears beautiful vintage silk kaftans that just fall on her Paleo-diet eating frame. On most of us they just look like Muu Muu’s but on her they are kaftans. She loves everything pulled together, but mixes patterns effortlessly – as only a Malibu beach girl can. She read Eat Pray Love way before the film, has a perfect ‘Ballet Slipper’ pedicure at all times, has never had a tan line, and stocks gin and artisanal tonics in her bar for her Pepperdine graduate friends. She has a small dog, that people first call yappy but they eventually fall in love with. She is fancy, but approachable. Intelligent, but comes off casual. Has great taste, but doesn’t have to talk about it to prove it. Chloe is kinda awesome.

Here is what’s she likes in her home:

1. Teal tile | Classic Tile Flooring, Santa Monica 2. Silk fabric | The Fabric Store 3. Large brass knob | Liz’s Antique Hardware 4. White tile | Porcelanosa 5. Silver textured wallpaper | Astek 6. Turquoise wallpaper Quill, Seabreeze | Sydney Harbour 7. Flooring Jasper Hickory Collection (Natural) | Build Direct 8. Blue Square Tile | Classic Tile Flooring, Santa Monica 9. Blue and white stripe wallpaper Narrow Stripe in Regatta | Sydney Harbour 10. Rectangular brass ringpulls | Liz’s Antique Hardware 11. Dark blue leather | Edelman leather 12. Patterned fabric Rohet Flora Blue on Oyster | Mally Skok Design from Nicky Rising 13. Brass coil wire (sourced from the bead supply store).

See the first Material Girls HERE. office project – the beginning …

There’s a new project in the hizouse, y’all. It involves some risky colors, shimmery wallpaper, and general ‘over the top-ery’ … with restraint. You all may have heard of, the design house in LA that makes these kinda addictive (and often hilarious) gifts and accessories:


Well, they moved into a much larger office and Jen approached me about working with her to design it. When Jen says jump, you say ‘how high and also may we drink champagne while jumping?’.


So I wrote up our story to create a brief/deck to show potential press and partners (Jen’s team designed it):


ban-do pitch

Yup.  When I first moved here from New York I had no styling clients. I had followed Jen’s blog and reached out to her to get some insight on the styling world in LA. We hit it off immediately and she pretty much gave me a lot of clients and connections. I was VERY, VERY, VERY grateful, but not sure how to repay her … until now. Our resources are tight around here, but I REALLY wanted to do this project and I don’t say no to things that I really want.

So Ginny, Brady ad I are redesigning their new space and having a very good time at it, indeed. Here’s a moodboard that she sent me for inspiration:
ban-do moodboard

How does this translate into a functioning office?

Exactly … Therein lies my challenge. Luckily Jen is a total visionary and I speak visionary … well I understand when visionaries speak to me, anyway. Moving from stylist to designer (like I have) has its pros and cons – as a designer you get a tiny bit stuck on function/livability and your ‘process’ that you’ve honed really well. As a stylist your job is really just to make a space look really $%&*ing inspiring and then maybe also ‘well designed’ if you can fit it in the shot. Creating inspiration is what I used to care about and my first few home design clients kinda suffered because of it. I, Emily Henderson, do care a lot about comfort and function as much as style these days. So we are marrying our skills – she tells me to do something weird and I figure out how to turn that idea into something that makes sense for an office. I need a little bit of Jen in my life these days – someone to push me into worlds that I’m uncomfortable. And right now I’m comfortably uncomfortable.

Bando Partyhouse Yeah, of course – put that in a functioning office where 5 girls and one male CEO create 4 lines of fashion and accessories a year. Its like I get it, but I’m also befuddled.

So, here is what the space looked like before they moved in:


ban-do before

It’s a wonderful blank canvas. The walls are white, the floors are wood, the light is strong and the layout is open. Wonderful. Check , check, check, check and check.

So, we met, measured, brainstormed, shopped, pinned and began the redesign. Our goal was to make it feel like the mood boards up there, but more functional for the creative team that works in there 50 hours a week.

Bando Partyhouse

Naturally I started hoarding sets of vintage chairs from vintage stores and Craigslist. We have lucite and brass happening. Shocking, I know.

And then I brought their sofa over (yes, from the Matchbook shoot) and we went to sample fabrics for the different sets of chairs after we saw them all together. We’ve got pale and candy colored velvets and linens galore. Decisions were made, excitement is felt.  These chairs don’t even KNOW whats about to happen to them.

Bando Partyhouse

Not all of those fabrics made the cut, and you might be shocked at what is deemed as successful. How very cryptic, I know.

So that’s the new creative office project. We are trying to get done by mid-July and things are moving along. Wallpaper is chosen, fabric is chosen, desks/chairs are purchased, and the big concepts have been pounded out … with the help of some champagne brunches and flea market shopping.

It’s incredibly fun doing a creative studio space because you can take more risks, grab onto trends more, worry less about it livability and more about it being inspirational. There are no kids involved; there is not a comfy tv room that needs an overstuffed sectional. This project is all about 5 girls needing to be in a space that inspires them to create pieces and a brand that are going to bring them to the next level in the fashion/design world.

No pressure, right?

Material Girl #1 – mood-boarding with a personality

In the quest to tap back into my creativity six months post baby, I went back to my roots on this new series – playing with pretty things to make a pretty photo. So, welcome to the new series called ‘Material Girl’ where we create a mood board out of interior design materials with a particular personality/girl involved. I’m not talking a specific person (although that is a way better idea and now we will be doing that soon) but more just different styles of personality.

This chick is Poppy Hightower. And she is F.U.N.

pink and green materials board

Oh Pepper? Here’s what she’s like:

She lives in the upper east side in a modest apartment that her parents bought for her while she was going to NYU studying communications. She drinks Belvedere vodka with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit, wears a high quality push up bra, gets eyelash extensions frequently, works in advertising (and works hard), and she owns every episode of Friends and watches them while she cleans the apartment. She’s a good time girl, with a contagious laugh, has a ton of fabulous friends and secretly fosters cats.

1. Green tile | Classic Tile and Flooring, Santa Monica

2. Green tile | Classic Tile and Flooring, Santa Monica

3.  Stone Scraps from the stoneyard n/a

4. Patterned fabric | The Fabric Store

5. Pink and gold wallpaper Meteor Flower in Bollywood | by Jane Blevin from Wallnut Wallpaper

6. Green pebbles | Bourget Bros

7. White and pink cotton napkin | Anthropologie

8. Turquoise doorknob | Anthropologie

9. Brass Mid-century knob | Liz’s Antique Hardware

10. Gold wallpaper | Astek

11. Paint chips | Sydney Harbour Paint Company

12. Paint chips | Sydney Harbour Paint Company

13. Flooring Vanier Hampton Wide Plank Series in Cottage Gray | Build Direct

14. Pink leather | Edelman Leather

15.  Blue/grey leather | Edelman Leather

16. Stone Scraps from the stoneyard n/a

17. Green patterned wallpaper Tackapousha in Mermaid by Grow House Grow | Walnut Wallpaper

18. Black and gold textured tile | Porcelanosa

Target + Vintage in Matchbook Magazine


A lot of people ask what working with Target actually means – like what are you really doing for them? And its kinda a hard question to answer but this post/magazine article is a good example. The challenge (which it wasn’t really a challenge) was to show how to incorporate Target pieces into my style in a photo shoot for Matchbook magazine. We couldn’t reveal our house because that is being shot in two weeks (dear god two weeks???) for Domino, so we took to the studio space downstairs and propped it all out.


Photography by Bonnie Tsang, hair and makeup by Danielle Walch

I think its widely known that of all the mass market stores Target is pretty much the best. Their pieces are stylish, affordable, on trend, and really, really easy to incorporate into many different styles – like so. Their inventory changes a lot (sometimes too quick where i’m like HEY!!! WHERE DID THAT GO!!!) so you don’t feel like you are going to have the exact same things as every single person you know and see something so often that you get sick of it. I’ve even bought things at thrift stores from Target seasons before that I never caught while in stores (like this ‘vintage’ tray that i blogged about that you guys called me out on saying ‘ITS TARGET!!’).


Sir Charles participated in a wildly too large tie. He’s so cute I want to go into his crib, poke him in the forehead til he cries just so I can comfort him back to sleep. Because moms are secretly psychotic like that.


I’m bubbly. Its true. I’m also known as ‘spunky’. If you knew me you would continue to use those adjectives but they would probably be accompanied by ‘scattered, frenetic, a slight know it all with a comically bad sense of spatial awareness’.  But i’ll take ‘bubbly’.


Also I have really pale legs – although look! They are in the color palette and match the sofa perfectly!! Speaking of color palette I was super excited to have an excuse to do a pink sofa. We came up with the color palette and just went with it; pale pink, mustard, teal and lots of natural materials (woven chair, women stool, macrame, etc). I LOVE IT. Sometimes I feel so stuck in my color palette of blue, gray, white, gold, wood/leather that I just get so bored by my self, but my house is so open that I really want it to be cohesive and I want pieces to be interchangeable (although as a teaser I am introducing an accent color that will throw things off – one that Brian is not exactly excited about … stay tuned). So being able to play around with this palette was totally fun. And guess who I sold that pink sofa to? S’right. The Ban-do Party House (office).


I incorporated a lot of my favorite vintage or handmade pieces with the Target pieces. I think that is key to keeping it looking interesting. You don’t have to have a ton of vintage or scour the globe for interesting handmade items, but just a few of those change the context of everything else. Its the same with fashion – you can wear a simple white button up or striped tee and jeans and then do something weird with your purse, hat, belt or shoes to shake it up. Its all about context.


Almost all the pieces that aren’t vintage or handmade are Target, in face I think ALL of them – wait the rug is fro Lulu and Georgia and that blue velvet pillow is from ABC Carpet and Home, so I take that back.

Sources: Woven Chair: Vintage | Macrame Hanging Planter and Pot: Vintage | Pink Couch: Vintage | Nesting Tables Blue Table Lamp | Beach Stripe ThrowTeal Velvet Pillow | Jute Foot Stool | Mustard and Navy Striped Pillow | Kilim Square Pouf | Cowhide RugBlue Floor Lamp |  Brass Accent TableRound Rope Mirror Five Tier Leaning Wall Shelf | Blue Vessel Vase, Bookcase: Target. 

Art: Three Girls “Smile and Wave” Painting | Sketch of my House | Embroidered Squares | Young Man Sketch | Pink Abstract Watercolor | All other Art: Vintage


Sources: Wicker Chair: Vintage | Desk: Target (no longer online but should still be in stores) | Chevron Pillow | Blue Table LampStorage Ottoman (which now lives upstairs in my family room with Charlie toys in it)




My outfit was a mix of Target and other staples. I love that blouse (strangely flattering) and you can get it HERE.  The blue shorts are HERE, and the teal and white button up is HERE. 



Target kills it … we all know that. Between Nate Berkus’ collection, their Threshold line and the Room Essentials line its easy to shop, hoard and style with their pieces. I hope you enjoyed seeing them mixed with my style because man, it sure was fun.

Happy Friday, folks. And thank you so much Matchbook Magazine and Target for making this feature happen.

Photography by Bonnie Tsang and hair and makeup by Danielle Walch