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kourtney kardashian

In case you haven’t heard of Mini Magazine its a pretty awesome digital magazine about modern parenting. As someone not used to (or inclined to) seek out and read parenting info I was shocked to find myself really into this magazine. Tons of good product recommendations of stuff that I actually like and want, plus great interviews. This issue includes Kourtney Kardashian (and you’d be shocked at how cute her house/playroom is), my friend Joy and Freshly Picked.



Check out Mini Magazine here if you are interested, expecting or are already a parent. When I filled out this interview I was so busy I could barely breathe, so I, myself, am excited to read it and see what I actually answered. Terrifying, I know. Happy Thursday.

See the rest of my maternity photos, and read my maternity fashion must haves, and then if you are still into it here is my birth plan and my birth story.

Designing with Capital Cities and Airbnb for SXSW

Alright folks, remember that man that we worked with a couple weeks called ‘Snoop Dogg‘? Yea, you do…. Well he was just one of three artists that we designed the airbnb pop-up houses with. The other two were Capital Cities and Allen Stone. So welcome to Capital Cities pop-up design. They are new on the scene but their song ‘Safe and Sound’ is crazy addictive and poppy.

Capital Cities

These guys are really busy (one just had a baby) so they weren’t able to collaborate as much as say, Mr. Snoop, so we took the inspiration for the pop-up from this video (as well as the questionaire that they filled out).

And here’s what we wrote about them:

‘These two former jingle musicians met online and now swing dance together whilst wearing neon, therefore they belong in a crazy party room. We took inspiration from their video, Safe and Sound, and their fashion which has clear themes: retro Hollywood deco meets futuristic 80’s, in LA in 2014. They love the 1930’s yet want to live in Back to the Future II. They are mostly attracted to black, gray and white, but then find themselves in neon more often than they planned. They are fun and lively, yet restrained when they need to be. They are a duo of dudes, with a serious talent for beats, a clear sense of humor and a masters in style.’

There ere a few mood boards for them – first from the 1920′s – patterned wallpaper, black and white color palette, with a lot of deco motifs.

Capital Cities

But obviously thats not the whole story, so we brought in the 80′s:  Capital Cities

Now you may ask ‘HOW can you combine deco with 80′s?  And the answer is – by pouring over these designs for hours and days and of course using a clear color palette with just the right amount of each so it feels balanced and intentional. Deco and 80′s are strangely similar due to the round, curvy nature of most of the furniture and patterns. This makes things easier and harder at the same time.

Capital Cities

It feels like a total party, right?

And then these were the actual pieces that we were going to bring in (many change from even this board to the final pod). We wanted to do bunk beds because in all of the pop-ups so far we didn’t, and since there are two of them it made sense to double it up. This black metal guy was super 80′s with its tubular metal, plus it was like $249 on Wayfair. 

These, below, were the pieces that we thought we were going to end up using:

Capital Cities

But things change a lot as you can imagine once you get inside the space. I’m not sure if other designers are like this, although I suspect they are, but its like you design it once on your computer and then you redesign it as soon as you get everything actually into the space. Sure, some things you can predict (a chandelier gets hung, the bedding goes on the bed) but so many other things change.  Capital Cities

So this was the plan: (rendering done by the lovely people at Tajima Creatives)

Capital Cities

And inside it would look more like this:
Capital Cities

And here it is in real life:
Capital Cities

That picture kinda kills me. From now on i’m going to walk around with a photographer attached to my body to make sure that I get every shot that I want and need, in the angle that I want and need them. No matter. The pop-up was awesome.

And here are these two dudes checking it out:

Capital Cities

Inside the pop-up, like inside my brain, was a party. It had disco balls, saarinen chairs, glow in the dark wallpaper, and DIY’d bleached out stone washed pillows (that i’m not sure were terribly successful but they sure were 80′s).

Capital Cities

Excuse the lack of styled photos. Lets talk about that wallpaper first, shall we? We didn’t design it but we customized the colors to make it pop. Its normally just black and white so we changed it to gray and white and then added a bunch of random hot pink in there. The wallpaper place can’t do neon or florescent (just really bright) so we decided to buy glow in the dark duct tape and then we cut it to fit inside the windows of the buildings so when its dark they light up.Was a wonderful plan that I’m not sure actually worked because I was never there that late at night, but I love the idea of it.

white mod shelving

The shelves are full of vintage 80′s tech which made me feel ancient and happy at the same time.  (These are not styled by me or anyone for that matter, fyi – they are messy and I realize that – sorry!). There were vintage polaroids, boom boxes, clocks and even what looks like an answering machine. We even bought a bunch of vintage tapes  - as in music tapes. I’m old.

vintage outdoor chair

I wish that chair and ottoman were for purchase because I absolutely would have bought them (we rented them from a prop house in LA). They were actually originally purchased for the outside but when we put the awesome Platner chairs inside it fell a bit flat. They got lost and we needed WAY more color in there.
pink pod

Capital Cities

I had the pillows made by my upholsterer from inexpensive black and white cotton I purchased downtown, and then piped with neon. Seemed like an awesome idea at the time, but it was super hard to find other neon yellow accessories – most of the yellow objects we found were more of a traditional bright yellow, so it kinda clashed, but you hardly noticed it.

bunk detail

We made the denim pillows by spraying bleach on readymade pillows from Ikea. It strangely wreaked of fish until we ran it through the wash twice. It was our first go around and could be super cute in the right fabric and environment.

Capital Cities

Woah, there big hair. Thats me in a Capital Cities sandwich. Wait! I didn’t tell you about the neon sign behind … you can barely see it but there was this massive white neon sign hanging on plexi on the back of the porch. At night it was crazy fun.

Its hard to tell in this photo but what I think really elevated this space was the landscaping. We hired Big Red Sun in Austin to consult on landscaping since its not my forte and for each of the pods we gave them the style direction and they came up with the design plan. So for Capital, since it was 80′s with some futuristic elements we chose really graphic and kinda moon-like succulents and cacti. I think it turned out totally beautifully and I want to hire them for  my house.

Capital Cities

Capital Cities

So there you have it, folks. Capital Cities pop-up house. What do you think?

Photo credits: Vivien Killilea | Rush Jagoe for airbnb

Renderings: Tajima Creative Partners | Louis Polidori


Sharkpig’s new weird/awesome studio

sharkpig dudes

This is one of those ‘i’ve got cool friends’ posts where I tell you how I have cool friends. Cause I do. I swear. The guys that make most of my videos, Sharkpig, have a new studio (called The Social) and they decked it out in such a weird/awesome way that I had to show you. I didn’t design it, but if you’d like to give me credit I’ll take it.

When you arrive at their studio it looks like this:


A weird 70′s waiting room. It’s what we call ‘ugly/awesome’, and its rarely pulled off.

sharkpig the social


At their opening party they cast/hired an older lady to be their secretary who was constantly on the phone and when you walked in she’d say in a pleasant, yet warning voice, “May, I help you?”. Such a good move, boys.

But y’all are fooled, folks, because that weird room was a false front for a really awesome clean, modern photo studio.

Sharkpig The Social

I mean, how fun is that? (I sound like my mom).  I wish I could take credit for designing it, but I can’t. I gave them bits of advise here and there (paint the beams different colors, get your weird wallpaper from Astek and here’s my carpenter friends number), and yes Ginny and I helped style their shelves for the party, but otherwise these five straight dudes, known as Sharkpig, did this themselves.

striped ceiling different colors

They wanted the shelves for storage … and also to have an excuse to buy a library ladder and have it lacquered pink. You simply can’t be a filmmaker in LA without being on, near or owning a watermelon pink ladder.  It’s a thing. (no its not)

striped cieling

When Brian came to me and told me his idea for  their studio I got so excited that I was dying to help them so I could take credit for their ideas. But I was 8 months pregnant, finishing up The Fig House, moving, and trying to make all my clients happy before the end of the year. But man, now I wish I had blown all those things off (baby included) to be able to take credit for this space.

library ladder

Also, why isn’t my life one big GIF? I’m embarrassed of how still my photos/life are now.

Sharkpig The Social

clean photo studio

Look at them, just brainstorming away – probably on how they can take over the world with their weird dope false front studios.

Sharkpig The Social

I’m a massive fan of collaborative creative companies and someday I hope to have a crew as loyal and creative as these dudes.

sharkpig studio

… Only since we’ll most likely be chicks, we won’t be posing like that.

Nice job, boys. You are a weird, talented bunch.

Studio Design: Sharkpig, Most of the construction (including the custom table and ladder) by my friend Jake Scott (a double first-namer), and these great photographs by Jennifer Emerling

See videos that I’ve worked on with Sharkpig HERE and HERE

We’re Hiring …

We're Hiring

Well, friends, the EH team is expanding. While my master plan of having babies just to assist me at the flea market is still in tact, Charlie Henderson has proved himself clumsy and muscle-less at this point. Plus he got his moms photoshop/graphic design skills, which are bad at best.  If you are one of the many people who I haven’t gotten back to recently you’ll be happy to hear that more help is on the way as clearly Ginny and I are too swamped to do it alone. The position is a design and blog assistant in LA, 15 – 30 hours a week with the potential for more. We are looking for someone to help us with graphic design, renderings, mood boards, the blog, research, crafting, returns, styling, spreadsheets, photo shots, office organization, cleaning, general admin and of course shopping.

So list all of your skills in your resume – Ginny is doing the first round of interviews and she is legit – plus you’ll really be assisting her so she is going to have a huge say in the decision. If you know how to use WordPress, awesome. If you have an extremely funny/fresh/modern writing style, I’ll kiss you.  Must like babies and flea markets.  And yes, this is a paid position, based on skills and experience.

Drop us an email with resume and links to any portfolios, pictures, blogs, Pinterest page, Instagram and social media accounts. We won’t start interviewing til next week so you have til Friday to send everything through!

Snoop Dogggggggggggg

snoop Dogg Emily Henderson

Y’all. I’m just coming up for air, this week in Austin has been insane, in a good way. I’ll tell you all about it but for now I just wanted to show you this pic of me, Charlie and his cousin Snoop. He kept calling Charlie ‘Cousin Charlie’ and ‘Charlie Mo’ and he was generally so lovely and generous. He LOVED his pod that we designed for him and it was generally SUCH a satisfying project.

Again, more on this all later, I must read 1 million emails now that I have been putting off. Come down to Airbnbs park which I have to say is my favorite place in the world right now. We partied there as late as possible last night and its just the best outdoor bar/party area in the world in my opinion.

Also I love Austin so much its stoooooooopid.