Sharkpig’s new weird/awesome studio

sharkpig dudes

This is one of those ‘i’ve got cool friends’ posts where I tell you how I have cool friends. Cause I do. I swear. The guys that make most of my videos, Sharkpig, have a new studio (called The Social) and they decked it out in such a weird/awesome way that I had to show you. I didn’t design it, but if you’d like to give me credit I’ll take it.

When you arrive at their studio it looks like this:


A weird 70′s waiting room. It’s what we call ‘ugly/awesome’, and its rarely pulled off.

sharkpig the social


At their opening party they cast/hired an older lady to be their secretary who was constantly on the phone and when you walked in she’d say in a pleasant, yet warning voice, “May, I help you?”. Such a good move, boys.

But y’all are fooled, folks, because that weird room was a false front for a really awesome clean, modern photo studio.

Sharkpig The Social

I mean, how fun is that? (I sound like my mom).  I wish I could take credit for designing it, but I can’t. I gave them bits of advise here and there (paint the beams different colors, get your weird wallpaper from Astek and here’s my carpenter friends number), and yes Ginny and I helped style their shelves for the party, but otherwise these five straight dudes, known as Sharkpig, did this themselves.

striped ceiling different colors

They wanted the shelves for storage … and also to have an excuse to buy a library ladder and have it lacquered pink. You simply can’t be a filmmaker in LA without being on, near or owning a watermelon pink ladder.  It’s a thing. (no its not)

striped cieling

When Brian came to me and told me his idea for  their studio I got so excited that I was dying to help them so I could take credit for their ideas. But I was 8 months pregnant, finishing up The Fig House, moving, and trying to make all my clients happy before the end of the year. But man, now I wish I had blown all those things off (baby included) to be able to take credit for this space.

library ladder

Also, why isn’t my life one big GIF? I’m embarrassed of how still my photos/life are now.

Sharkpig The Social

clean photo studio

Look at them, just brainstorming away – probably on how they can take over the world with their weird dope false front studios.

Sharkpig The Social

I’m a massive fan of collaborative creative companies and someday I hope to have a crew as loyal and creative as these dudes.

sharkpig studio

… Only since we’ll most likely be chicks, we won’t be posing like that.

Nice job, boys. You are a weird, talented bunch.

Studio Design: Sharkpig, Most of the construction (including the custom table and ladder) by my friend Jake Scott (a double first-namer), and these great photographs by Jennifer Emerling

See videos that I’ve worked on with Sharkpig HERE and HERE

We’re Hiring …

We're Hiring

Well, friends, the EH team is expanding. While my master plan of having babies just to assist me at the flea market is still in tact, Charlie Henderson has proved himself clumsy and muscle-less at this point. Plus he got his moms photoshop/graphic design skills, which are bad at best.  If you are one of the many people who I haven’t gotten back to recently you’ll be happy to hear that more help is on the way as clearly Ginny and I are too swamped to do it alone. The position is a design and blog assistant in LA, 15 – 30 hours a week with the potential for more. We are looking for someone to help us with graphic design, renderings, mood boards, the blog, research, crafting, returns, styling, spreadsheets, photo shots, office organization, cleaning, general admin and of course shopping.

So list all of your skills in your resume – Ginny is doing the first round of interviews and she is legit – plus you’ll really be assisting her so she is going to have a huge say in the decision. If you know how to use WordPress, awesome. If you have an extremely funny/fresh/modern writing style, I’ll kiss you.  Must like babies and flea markets.  And yes, this is a paid position, based on skills and experience.

Drop us an email with resume and links to any portfolios, pictures, blogs, Pinterest page, Instagram and social media accounts. We won’t start interviewing til next week so you have til Friday to send everything through!

Snoop Dogggggggggggg

snoop Dogg Emily Henderson

Y’all. I’m just coming up for air, this week in Austin has been insane, in a good way. I’ll tell you all about it but for now I just wanted to show you this pic of me, Charlie and his cousin Snoop. He kept calling Charlie ‘Cousin Charlie’ and ‘Charlie Mo’ and he was generally so lovely and generous. He LOVED his pod that we designed for him and it was generally SUCH a satisfying project.

Again, more on this all later, I must read 1 million emails now that I have been putting off. Come down to Airbnbs park which I have to say is my favorite place in the world right now. We partied there as late as possible last night and its just the best outdoor bar/party area in the world in my opinion.

Also I love Austin so much its stoooooooopid.


Lately in the press …

My family always complains that they find things out last – that a friend from church will tell them how they saw me on a morning show and then they feel stupid because they didn’t know about it. And I get it, that sucks and can make you feel like you weren’t important enough to tell. But it just feels like bragging most of the time and when you are busy you kinda forget they even happened. It’s often way easier to talk about whats not going on and how things are not going then it is all the good stuff. So since you are my interweb family I figured I’d share some press updates with ya.

First up, thanks to you guys, I won The Homies for Best Home Design and Inspiration Blog. Its pretty much the Academy Awards for us bloggers or more like the SAG awards. It’s the best we got. So thanks to everyone who voted, I’m pretty psyched and totally grateful.


emily henderson homies

Apartment Therapy Homie Awards

Then The Fig House had a little feature in Angeleno Magazine (which is a LA centric socialite magazine). We just got back all the photos of Fig House from the photographer (different from below), so I’ll be doing all the posts for them. But for now, here are some more sneak peeks.

fig house angeleno magazine

Then I did an interview over on Design Mom on my pregnancy, birth and first few months at being a mom. You guys know pretty much how I’ve felt about everything but there were a few things that I talked about over there that I haven’t here (namely, some stuff about Brian). Check it out here. 

emily henderson designmom

Now off to bed. I’m so exhausted I could (and have) fall asleep typing. Happy monday, friends.

Handmade | Paper Edition

Not sure if you are aware but there is a massive maker movement happening – like taking over the world. People that make things, sell them then I buy them and stare at them and wonder if I’ll ever make anything. So to celebrate this movement we’ve started a new column called ‘handmade’ which highlights our favorite handmade pieces from around the interwebs. First edition is ‘paper’, and here you are.



1. paper folded book | 2. paper house mobile | 3. hand painted notebook | 4. geometric paper tassel panel | 5. patterned paint roller  | 6. personalized paper dolls  | 7. digital family portrait | 8.  paper cut shadow box | 9. paper cloud mobile

1. Paper folded book : I’ve seen these before but this one is super intricate and so well done. What if it was Charlie’s favorite book with his initials carved into it? That would be awesome unless his favorite book was the Flowers in the Attic, in which case that would be creepy (did anyone watch the recent made for tv movie? I taped it and am saving it for a night when Brian and I can really hunker down and watch it together, except for the fact that Brian would leave me before he would succumb to such an evening).

2. Paper house mobile :  It’s so simple, clean, modern and white. It would look awesome in a kid’s rooms, or a creative space. There is something so ‘Wizard of Oz’ about it. I want.

3. Hand painted notebook : My only issue with this hand-painted notebook is its over-promising nature, and you know how I hate to over-promise. I feel like every time that I saw it I would open it all excitedly, eager to read my ‘best ideas ever’ and then constantly be disappointed. But the notebook itself is super cute.

4. Geometric paper tassel panel : Great colors, cute little frame, overall an awesome little addition to a wall. I’m picturing it big and bold. It also reminded me of the art installation at The Fig House.

5. Patterned paint roller : Waddup, genius? While this isn’t actually paper, it’s ability to make a wallpaper pattern has me intrigued. It’s like a combo roller / stamp and if you have pretty smooth walls and don’t want to commit to wallpaper, give this bad boy a try. Renters need apply.

6. Personalized paper dolls : Its hipster crafts to a meta level and I’m totally into it. I’m picturing little Charlie super bummed out that instead of ‘toys’ I gave him paper dolls of me and his dad. ‘Go ahead, little one. Play with your toys’, I would encourage. He’ll just love them.

7. Digital family portrait : If paper dolls aren’t your thing how about a simple clean and modern family portrait?

8. Paper cut shadow box : Remember those dioramas you created in a shoebox as a kid? Thats what this shadow box is, only better. Layers of paper precisely cut out to make an interesting scene. So beautiful.

9. Paper cloud mobile : I’ve loved this mobile since forever and I wouldn’t mind even creating a large version made out of lucite for an art installation in my house somewhere. It’s just so simple and sweet and yet has a lot of impact.

If you are a maker and have a handmade craft that you want to share, leave a comment with your link and we’ll check er out. xx

Post curated by Rebecca Zajac | Design by Numbers, in collaboration with yours truly.