Boy or girl? The gender is revealed …

Ready to watch me act like a lunatic? I don’t think I had ever really been this excited in my life as I was on Tuesday night. In fact, I’m not sure if anybody has ever been this excited.  The first trimester of pregnancy is totally boring. YES, of course I’m so grateful (remember we had been trying for  a year) and I’m so excited to have a family, yadda yadda, but for the first few months you are just exhausted and bloated with no real sign that your future family–and obsession–is living inside of you. I’m a high energy person. Dare I even say, I’m a good time. But I haven’t been the last few months. I’ve been falling asleep around 9:30 p.m., kinda irritated with most people, and generally less motivated to do anything except work a ton and watch “The Killing” and “Dawson’s Creek” (but just the Pacey/Joey years … my lord that show can be boring).

So finding out the gender in front of some of our closest friends was more exhilarating than an astronaut’s first time launching into space … while on ecstasy.

And because of that I acted like a lunatic. I was crazy nervous. I want both a boy and a girl equally (or so I thought), but you can tell by the color of my face that I was totally shocked.

It’s so weird. You know it’s either a boy or a girl. It’s not going to be a raccoon, but it’s still a total shock. It’s the best surprise ever because either way it’s good, but it effects your life in two very different ways. Clearly I didn’t know what to do with the news (and ribbon) so I put it on my stomach all awkwardly. Man, I’m so glad we have this moment on tape.

gender surprise

Basically the weird 4D ultrasound place  wrote it down and shoved it in an envelope. I gave the envelope, sealed, to Orlando and he wrote the gender on a piece of paper which he put in a balloon. We then had friends over for “Man-hattans” and “Pink lady champagne” and popped said balloon. I highly recommend doing this. For the next four hours we deliberated names with our increasingly drunk friends and it was terribly fun.

Already the pregnancy is far more fun just knowing who this stranger is inside of me and planning on how I can already manipulate him/her into living with me forever and ever, a la Norman Bates (without the taxidermy and murderous tendency). And yes, that’s a clue. Or is it?

Happy weekend, folks. It definitely will be for me because YES now I can start over-planning the nursery and hoarding vintage kids clothes properly. When is it too early to give a fetus a style diagnostic?


  1. Carrie Z

    Arg! Video is private?? :)

    • Emily

      AHHH fixed!!!

  2. Joanna

    Private video? Keeping us in suspense!

  3. Ok, this is just torture. The post does not tell us the gender and the video is private!!! Did you do this on purpose to torture us? We.must.know so we can properly celebrate with you!

  4. Such a tease! The video is private, and after reading your article, I really want to see it! Glad you’re feeling better, 2nd trimester is pretty pleasant as I recall. Congrats on your future addition!

  5. amy h

    I still have no idea what you are having, but congratulations!

  6. Karen

    What a tease! Let’s make the video un-private already!

  7. Emily

    ITS UNPRIVATE!!! i’m so sorry!!!

    • Lisa

      Congrats! Happiness is contagious! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lisa

    Congrats on your boy!!!

  9. AH! Congratulations!! So exciting!

    (PS. Y’all. If you click through youtube, you can see the video there!)

  10. amy h

    Ah, boy! A foreign world to me (three girls). But I adore my nephews. Fun, fun — congrats again.

  11. Yay!!!! Welcome to being a mommy to a bouncing baby boy!!! They are so so fun!

  12. Katie

    Congratulations!!! What a fun way to reveal the gender. How exciting. :)

  13. Aaahhhh! So exciting! You’re going to be the best mom. Can’t wait to see what you plan out for the nursery!!!

  14. Lendy

    That was fabulous!! We had our ultrasound tech write it in an envelope too, but we just couldn’t wait!! Haha! As soon as we got in our car, we looked at eachother, stared at the envelope And just went for it! Haha! Then we cried And laughed!

  15. Lori

    Congratulations! Still considering the name Emily Jr? :-)

  16. hillary

    Wooo! Congratulations! So much fun! I only have girls so I am a little jealous of some of the boy things out there. My sister-in-law (a boy mom) swears that it is not a smart idea to buy $75 pants from Norway in size 2T (she says they get wrecked just like $10 pants from Target) but I hold on to the dream.

    Question, and maybe I asked before…are you planning to theme your nursery, something like “vintage summer camp” or “paper airplanes”, or are you going for something more general like “just plain awesome”?

    • Emily

      I have no idea yet. I’m still renting so no wallpaper, but i’m thinking some sort of handpainted mural, with some leather, navy and gold – thats all i’ve got so far. But now i can actually start planning. xxx

      • hillary

        Ooh, that sounds amazing. Babies like contrast and shiny things so a navy, gold, and white nursery is pretty great for them. And could go a lot of directions depending on what goodies you find between now and then. I noticed the other day that Hygge & West offers removable wallpaper tiles that might be a good solution if your walls aren’t too textured.

        I love nursery/kid decorating. My 7-month-old is just about ready to move out of our room and into what is now the guest room and I am so excited to make it into a kid space.

  17. I was so super surprised both times I found out I was having a boy… I mean, what????! A tiny penis in my tummy? Too weird.

    But let me just tell you that boys rule. End of story.


  18. Karen

    Ah! So exciting, congrats!!! What a cute way to find out!

  19. Becky

    After the ultrasound with my third I had them write it on a paper and I mailed to my girlfriends. I never found out the sex until the birth (with all three). They were all on strict orders not to tell me, but they had cute hand me down clothes that they would save had it been a girl. I loved not knowing, they went crazy not being able to tell me. Happy baby!

    • Emily

      I can’t IMAGINE waiting because i literally have no patience. Nice job, my guess is you are a pretty good mom. :)

  20. Emily

    Yay!! We have one of each and they’re both amazing. We’re expecting no. 3 (girl), in Oct and before we knew the gender, I was buying girl stuff. I noticed you did the same with all those cute vintage finds. A mommy always knows! Congrats. You will be wonderful! Plus that baby’s going to be stylin’.

  21. Cutest freaking gender reveal ever! Congrats! (I have two boys. boys are the best!)

  22. Robyn

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. That baby is going to have the SICKEST nursery!! And wait…what??? Just because the kid is related to you, he gets a free style diagnostic?? So jealous!!! ;)

    • Emily

      Oh i’m charging him. I’m charging him a dollar for every pound he makes me gain – around 5 so far. Hoping i don’t get rich off that one….

  23. YAY!! I have two boys… I thought for sure both would be girls. And now I can’t imagine having girls. You are going to have so much fun with your new little guy! Congrats!

  24. Whitney

    It is the year of the boy!!! Five of my friends including me are having boys this year! Congratulations! And yes, the first trimester is no fun especially for us high energy people. But so far the 5th month ROCKS!!!! Almost 100% back to my regular energy level. Almost. :) Cheers.

    • Emily

      Oh, good to know! I’m 15 weeks and i though my energy was back but its jut not. :( My god i still have 5 weeks til my 5th month? Man, this is long … :)

  25. YAY!!!! Congratulations Emily! He’s going to be one stylish little dude and I know his nursery is going to be out of control!

  26. I love how excited you are, Emily. Congrats! I love the balloon popping reveal as well, too cute.

  27. Dawn Jurgensmeier

    Congrats to you two! Finding out the gender is SO EXCITING! I’m lucky enough to have a 4 year old girl and a 1 year old boy (after years of trying and miscarriages) and I can tell you the pregnancy is just going to get more and more exciting. You’ll get to start feeling your first little kicks soon! There’s nothing better!

  28. Allison

    I am a girl. And grew up in a house of girls. And didn’t know anything about boys except the one I married, who was already a man. And I wanted a girl. And I just knew I was going to have a girl. Until I had a BOY. When I saw the ultrasound, I thought, “Why does my baby girl have a penis?” It took a minute to sink in. All this to say that he has been the best thing that has ever happened to me for the last fourteen years. He is my whole heart. Boys sure love their mamas. And it’s sickeningly heart-melting. CONGRATS to you! I just cried when I watched this video. So happy! Thanks for sharing!

    • Emily

      thats very sweet. and hilarious. I love that i keep hearing how much boys love their moms, i mean, thats really all we want, right?

  29. jo

    Gosh, people!! don’t yell at a person who is sharing her life just cause she forgot to unprivate the cute video!! It’s a bonus that we…fans….even get to attend the party!

    Congrats to happy parents of a BOY!! Such great news!

    What kind of vintagy clothes do you want? I’ve got a ton of clothes and would gladly give some to you if you tell me what you’re thinking of. Meanwhile, enjoy each month.

  30. Lisa

    Yay!! Congratulations!!!!! (and….no deliberating…Oliver is definitely the perfect name!!! like my little guy ;) lol!) So happy for you! baby boys are the BEST!

  31. Congrats, how exciting to finally know! 4D sounds good. My parents were told I was a boy (with that ’80s technology)…until the birth. Surprise! Except I was bald for 2 years anyway and (due to said previous mistake) wearing boy clothes so everyone thought I was one (then my parents took to scotch-taping a pink bow to my head). Oh childhood memories.

    • Emily

      That’s hilarious. Oh how things have changed.

  32. Lindsay

    Awww I just got choked up watching this and remembering the day we found out. Little boys are the best. Congratulations!

  33. Laura

    Cutest video ever. Congrats on having a boy! He better be ready to hit up the flea markets and thrift stores!

    • Emily


  34. CONGRATS! I’m sure you’ll have the most stylish nursery in town. Also, you’re adorable. Thanks for sharing that moment in your life with us. :)

  35. amber

    congratulations! Boys are so much fun! You will melt!

  36. Yay for cute little rough-n-tumble boy-child!! :) They melt your heart, when they bat their eyelashes at you, even while they’re leaping off the vintage furniture, and terrifying you at the same time. I have two nephews that I am completely obsessed with — as if they were my own children. We are adopting so we have to take a slightly different route to parenthood, but we look forward to having our own gatherings to celebrate, too! Congrats to you guys… You’ll be great parents!

    • Emily

      Good luck with your route, i’m sure its stressful, but obviously worth it :)

  37. EmilyHS

    Hooray. I’m so happy you are having a boy because I am also having a boy (due Sept.). I can’t wait to read about all aspects you choose to share about the nursery, clothes, baby stuff, etc. I really wanted a girl, but I knew in my heart it was a boy from the beginning. Now I’m totally excited. The second trimester is the best. I’ve felt really good and haven’t gained too much weight. I’m about to enter my third and foresee many pounds and sluggishness in my future.

  38. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited for you two and happy that you let all of us weird internet strangers (fans!) witness this special moment. Hah!

  39. Becky

    Congrats! As a mom of two boys you are going to have so. much. fun. (and be perpetually exhausted) :)

  40. Stephanie

    SO EXCITED, for CRAZY excited Emily, for Blue Ribbon and for Baby Boy!!! And MORE importantly, that YOU were right! Hahahah. Congrats, you both look so happy!!!!

  41. Meryl

    Yayyyy CONGRATS! Just curious, what were some of the terrible/hilarious-but-possibly-brilliant(?) names that your increasingly drunken friends threw out?? Is “Orlando” in the running?

    • Emily

      Oh yes, Orlando very much threw his name out like 5 times. I forget all the hilarious names, but i think it might end up being Charlie. :)

      • Paula

        Many, MANY years ago I went a friend’s baby shower. Her husband’s last name was Ho. We went into hysterics coming up with different names we could saddle the poor kid with. My favorites were Heidi for a girl and Ivan for a boy.

        Close… she had a boy and named him Evan.

  42. Ang

    Congratulations!! A boy is perfect. A girl is perfect, too. But a boy is perfect! I love the balloon idea and you’re adorable even when you think you’re being awkward. You keep it real, yo! Start your hoarding, as you do…

  43. I am so happy for you! Boys are great fun. They SO love their mommies, and want to be like their daddies. We have one of each, and no matter what gender, kids are pretty darn fabulous! Love that you guys look so happy, love that you blushed like mad, and I am so happy you shared that moment with all of us :)

    • Emily

      HIlarious. there are some pretty good boys in here, too. Its limited i know, but I will force it. I will.

  44. This has got to be the best video you ever did make! It was so suspenseful and adorable.

    Congrats, lady! Blue room!!


  45. Katy

    Congratulations! So very exciting. And might I recommend some children’s books that baby boy might enjoy? You should get him anything in the Pigeon series by Mo Willems. They are freaking hilarious.

  46. Eileen

    Congratulations!I know you just want a healthy baby but as the Mother of 3 boys I can say that hold on to your pants. You will be thrown into the world of trains, lego’s and general messiness. It’s going to be the best!

  47. Holly

    How exciting! Congratulations – boys rule. Of course you could give your unborn beh beh a style diagnostic! Hold up different mobiles on either side of your tummy and see which one he kicks. He should be able to hear you soon, so if that doesn’t work, you can just ask him… ;o)

  48. Laurel

    Boys are the best! My little man is almost 4 months and all the fears I had about having a boy-like not relating to him, thinking girls are easier b/c we have a gender in common (totally rational, right? I blame pregnancy brain), blah blah just went out the window. He’s a total cuddly love and makes me want more boys! We didn’t find out the sex and I thought he was a girl right up until birth. Ha! So much for mama’s intuition. You nailed it though! Congrats Emily.

  49. Ali

    Hooray for baby boys!!! Congratulations!!!! Fingers crossed that “Oliver” is still your boy name of choice :)

  50. I am so happy for you Emily! Love “Secrets From a Stylist” . All the best to you. Blessings and Prayers. :)

  51. JJ

    Congrats, wonderful news!

  52. Charlene

    It is never too soon for a style diagnostic. Just as long as you are flexible, that is. Babies ALWAYS surprise you. :) So happy for you guys!

  53. Wendy

    Congrats! Very happy news…and am I just over thinking your Norman Bates clue by thinking you’re considering naming him, Hitchcock Henderson??? Cause that name rules!!! As does mom and dad’s style. :) (A kid named Hitch Henderson is a cool kid indeed)

  54. Laura

    I am so pro finding out the gender! We did with both our girls and really felt like we already knew them when they were born. They’d been named for months. I was sad my second was a girl for about 5 seconds, but you just instantly fall in love. I do love boys, they’re so cool because they grow up to be men!

  55. Oh man, my first was a boy, that is awesome! Congrats!!! You can’t believe that you can love another man as much as you love your hubby, but oooooohhhhhh, just wait. That sweet little boy is gonna have your heart!! Boys rooms and boy clothes are just as awesome as girls! You have to get the book “Because you are my baby” by Sherry North. So cute, and makes me tear up every time. I second the Pigeon books, love those!

    • Emily

      Awesome. So good to know. I’ll grab both of them. Thanks!

  56. beeejet

    Congrats Emily!!!!!

    And in answer to your question, “When is it too early to give a fetus a style diagnostic?”
    NEVER! :)

  57. Heather B.

    That was sooo fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    As the mama to three boys, I will say they are awesome, awesome, awesome!!! My friend told me when I was preggers that with boys you only have to worry about one penis, with girls you have to worry about all the penises… I thought that was funny. Congrats!!!

    • Emily

      Hilarious. Totally. I’m going to tell Brian that right now. :)

  58. ashley


    • Emily

      made my day. :)

  59. Ryan

    Congratulations, EMILY and BRIAN! Love the video and am so excited for you two. Your face was priceless!!


  60. Jen W

    Congratulations!!!! I just did a real life spit-take at that last sentence about the style diagnostic. You’re awesome, and this kid is going to be awesome too. :)

  61. Adriane

    Belated congrats on your pregnancy! We are just around 2 weeks apart. :) We don’t plan on finding out the sex of our baby but your idea definitely makes me think twice about that now…Thanks for sharing with us. I’m excited to have such a stylish mom to be giving me tips along the way! Brian Jr. is going to have the best Mom ever.

  62. jo

    congrats! hooray! boys are so much fun.

  63. Brian Junior! Congrats! You were so surprised it was great!

  64. Mara

    Yay! Name him North West Henderson… Ha! I’m cracking myself up over here!!


    and ummm yeah, i recently got on a dawson’s kick, and WHOA pre-pacey + joey pretty much sucks! ;)

  66. Laurielulu

    Awwww, thanks for sharing that with us! I’m so excited and happy for you and your hubby! Such a wonderful time in a marriage and life!

  67. Tasha

    Ahh! Thanks for being so inspiring, quirky, and odd :) It makes me happy knowing other designers are as strange as I. So happy for you!

  68. Amanda

    Hooray!! We just found out last month that our first little one will be a boy, too – my husband was convinced (let’s be honest, a bit terrified) that we were having a girl and I had absolutely NO idea/instinct. Your reaction was spot on :) Now, just a month later, it’s hard to even really remember before we knew we were having a boy :) Welcome to the (more focused) flurry of nursery and name planning – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  69. Sarah

    Wonderful video! I’ll feel like I was there a d got teary watching it!

  70. congrats! what a great idea for finding out the sex. i have three boys and i couldn’t be more in love.

  71. k

    Ok, so I’m at an age where I guess I really need to decide if I’m gonna have a kid and I teeter totter all the time. Yes, No, Yes, No. I just don’t know. Not sure if I ever will, but damn, this video made me all weepy and smiley at the same time and you guys just look so gosh darn happy that now I’m back to yes, or well… maybe. Congrats to you both! You’re going to have one adorable, very stylish little boy.

    • Emily

      Ahhhh. thank you so much. xxxx

  72. Wendy

    NOW THAT WAS FUN & AMAZING! Congrats, of course, and it’s so fun that you are sharing this with all of us; your followers. Wait- that sounds weird like we’re in a cult or something…”Friends” seems a little untrue and overused these days…How about your “fans”?
    Anyway, prepare for the little dude to climb on anything and everything! Bolt down your furniture, woman, it’s about to get crazy!
    I’ll be reading your posts and watching the videos. Good Luck withe the rest of the pregancy and can’t wait to see/meet your little treasure when he arrives.

  73. Congrats! All the happiness in the world to the three of you!

  74. Kate

    Congratulations!!! We’re having a boy, too, due about Labor Day!!

    • Emily

      Congrats! So you are getting kinda close, right? VERY jealous. :)

  75. Lauren

    I just had a baby boy and its the best thing ever! I’m sure I’d say the same if I had a girl though. We are just finishing up his navy, white and yellow nursery with otomi prints (multi-color animal textiles and art). That lamp shade from land of nod was our inspiration – thanks for clueing me in to their stuff! Congrats again! Boys are so sweet.

    • Emily

      Oh, that sound cute. want to see pic!

  76. Eagle Eye

    How wonderful!

  77. Nicole

    So happy for you!!! I have two boys! They are the best and they love their mommies and admire their daddies. The best of both worlds. You are blessed.

  78. Karen Lee

    Great video! Congratulations!!!!
    I have three boys and I agree! boys are best!!!

  79. Kristi

    Awesome gender reveal!!! Congratulations!!!

  80. Kendra A.

    Boys are the best. I have two, and they’re a blast. And that’s a GREAT way to find out the sex. Also? I know you’re very aware of this and have said many times out loud, but your husband is foxy.

    • Emily

      Yes, he totally is. And he was an adorable kid, so that gets me VERY excited. Here’s to hoping our son takes after him. xx

  81. Whitney Dupuis

    Boys love their mom their whole life! From one boy mom to another, get ready to be the first princess he ever loves.

    • Emily

      AHHHH. I love hearing this. :)

  82. Congratulations EM!

    I could tell Brian, like myself, was PLEASANTLY surprised to get a boy. Y’all will be great parents and I can’t wait for our little munchkins to meet.

    Congrats again. Being a parent is one of the biggest life changers and blessings you will ever receive. The amount of cuteness is unbearable. You won’t believe that you can love something so much!

    • Emily

      THanks, D. I can’t wait for ours to meet. Your son looks AMAZING!!!! xxxx miss you!

  83. WOOHOO!!!!! So stinking great that you have that on tape, what an awesome moment. Congratulations! I’m pretty sure we’re all going to be just as excited as you were in that tape when you finally reveal the finished nursery in a few months. Oh…and the kid, of course :)

  84. Jackson

    Congrats! I am so happy for you! You will be an awesome mom!

  85. robyns

    Congrats!! I know bearcat is excited about a little brother!

  86. Bill & Laurie

    Congratulations, Emily! You’re going to be a great Mom. And Brian a great Dad.

  87. CONGRATULATIONS! Boys are tons of fun, and I think you will make an awesome boy-mom. You have an abundance of energy, a perfect free-spirited attitude, an awesome sense of humor, and tons of love. All of these things are very, very important when raising a little gentleman-to-be.

    I’m very impressed with your creativity in finding out the gender. What a cool way to share the moment with your loved ones! Personally, I think my doctor was a little afraid to tell me the sex–I had a boy, but I had previously told him I was convinced it was a girl. So glad I was wrong!

  88. Deb

    Congrats to all three of you!!! When I was your age (many moons ago), finding out the sex of the baby wasn’t even an option unless you wanted to pay $500. out of pocket to have an ultrasound. After several miscarriages, I ended up having 2 sons less than 2 years apart and may I say, they are the light of my life. Boys rock! I am really excited for you!!!

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  90. Danielle

    Oh yay!! So so excited for you guys :)
    I remember the day we found out the gender of our baby, (a boy as well) it’s such a huge moment! Boys are really awesome, my son is 2 now and he is my world!!

    Now to the fun of decorating & clothes shopping for your little man! Enjoy!

  91. It’s never too early!!!! Congratulations, lovely Emily!!!

  92. Mary

    Congratulations on the soon to be Baby Boy Henderson (aka Charlie)! I have two sons myself and I’ve got to say, boys are the best, though you may think there is no drama with boys, there is, just boy-drama! They are wonderful though and they love their moms, no matter what. Like one poster said previously, you will always be his first and forever girl love! PS, tell Brian, they love their dads too…(we don’t want him to feel left out!).

  93. Elisha Johnson

    You and your hubby are so cute! I just love that you two can be silly and laugh together. I hope I can find love like that. Blessings to you both!

  94. Congrats Emily! Although I’ve known all about your work for some time, I just started reading your blog and perfect timing it is! I just found out on the 20th that I am having a boy as well :) It makes it much more real, doesn’t it?! I went out shopping that very weekend! I look forward to following your growing belly (at 23 weeks, mine is definitely starting to grow!) and perhaps getting some nursery design tips in the process….(hint, hint!). Congrats again.

  95. Eliza

    Yay for a boy! He will be adorable!

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  97. A heartfelt congratulations! What a fun way to find out the gender. You have amazing style and are a creative inspiration! We can’t wait to see what you pull together for the baby room. Enjoy all of your firsts!

  98. Bushra

    Now this calls for a special note. Congratulations Emily, this is my first note to you & SO happy for you. I have been following you ever since you came on HGTV design star. I was over the moon when you won. My husband is a big fan of yours too. We both actually, kinda adore you, a lot, A LOT! Love your personality, love your style, love your work, love your blogs, love everything about you. I am a dentist by profession, moved to US 3 years ago from Pakistan. But I have always had a passion for interior design(and thrifting) all my life, as long as I can remember. I can leave my dental career in a heartbeat if I have an opportunity to work with designers like you. This whole American/western interior design is new to me but I can now safely say that I’m sorta obsessed with it. I just love how you play with the old and new..mix of those golds, bronzes, navy blue, whites, blacks, that Ryan Gosling grey (yes I remember your blog;) some pops of pink/yellow/green that you use, are now my new crush. So when we were moving here, to Chicago from Pakistan, my husband got a huge container as part of his moving deal & obviously we went bonkers and filled it with lots of goodies like a chaise lounger, dining table set, chairs, bench, ottoman, paintings, pottery, tapestry, throws, cushions, rugs, lamps, an antique four poster bed, coffee table, nesting tables and a ton of small trinkets) with me when I moved here to Chicago. I’m thinking of selling a few of them so that I can Americanized my now very Pakistani/Indian style home. I am telling you all this because I’ll be honored if you use any of my pieces in your design somewhere. Contact me at if you are interested and I’ll send you the pictures. Well I did not mean to advertise my stuff here but its just, whenever I think of doing something with it, you are the only person that comes to mind..I’m sure you’ll like em.
    Well back to your awesome news, I am so happy for you. Can’t wait to see how you decorate the nursery!! I’m trying to get pregnant for a year now, hoping that one day I get to experience the same joy/fear/excitement-combo too!
    Lots of love, positive thoughts and hugs (Yes, I’m a hugger!) for ya!

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