Blue tuesdays

Yes, please.  I respond to this like some people respond to the ocean.  The ocean often bores me and scares me at the same time (not in a weird  ’i won’t go in the water’ kinda way, just in a ‘the undertow can be quite strong and two days ago a surfer was eaten by a shark right off shore in santa barbara where his friends were within feet and at the same time unless i have like 10 decorating magazines i don’t know what i’m supposed to do on the sand’ kinda way).  So I’m a river and lake girl, with trees, swimming holes, crawfish.  You get the picture. So this pic does it for me.  Buy it here

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be here for sure:

Which reminds me of this:

i’ve had this tear sheet on my bulletin board for years.  I love it. 

I just found a bunch of pics in ‘New Seaside Interiors’ by Taschen that I love, too. 

Yes on the tile and those wackadoo awesome chairs.

and my fave.  kinda all i want in the world.  with a stack of shelter magazines, bearcat and mimi on my legs and Mr. henderson. Perhaps he could be playing with my hair?  

  1. Love the text you paired with that first image :) So funny! I'm the same way…sort of a lake and river kind of girl.

  2. Emily- Mmmm, love the blue photograph, but I'd take that seat by the beach and have scallop bisque waiting for me to eat in the silver bowls.
    I though the designer was brilliant and choose an amazing striped fabric on the seating and pillows that picked up the patterns of the exotic striped wood table. Then I realized all the stripes were shadows from the overhead wood slats! Love what light can do. Would still like a fabric printed like that, though…

  3. Alicia Hinterlong

    Those wackadoo awesome chairs are the Richard Neutra Boomerang chairs, and they totally are wackadoo awesome!

  4. this makes me want to book a vacay stat!

    perhaps this can be your NEXT hgtv show… design around the world (wild on design?)… and you can travel to all sorts of exotic destinations (drink and eat tons like anthony bourdain), come back and design a client's room around your inspirations? just putting it out in the universe… ;)

  5. LaDiDa

    Emily, don't forget the awesome design work you did on the Coastal Living – Big Sur spread! That would fit in beautifully here.

  6. Andie

    Aside from sun burns, scary waves, and sand that gets lodged in everywhere…I love the idea of the ocean. Bringing it inside makes it seem much safer, calmer, nicer, and bluer. The pictures I like! I want more!

  7. Kate

    That blue mountain photo is incredibly beautiful!

  8. l

    are we SURE that fabric is shadows?

    It TOTALLY looks like part of the pattern to me. hmmmm…..either way- I love it!

  9. Petalcereus

    That's why I love the sea….a far cry from the ocean and its sharks…..

  10. Carly

    That picture of Tahiti reminds me of the shocking finale of The Bachelorette.

  11. Oh Emily – there are some things that we might be different in – but when it comes to all we want in the world, we agree. Except of course I want Mr. Porter. Who is my favorite man. And my only man. and everybody should have it that way. And Mr. Porter plays with my hair and we watch TV together and snuggle and that's what we do. So when people say, "What do you two like to do?" I bite my lips to keep from saying cuddling. or something I say it. Cause that's sort of what we like to do. We don't have too many other hobbies besides our jobs.

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