Best Thanksgiving Tablescapes

It’s that time of year where we put turkeys on everything, including our hips. I’ve been trolling for good DIY stuff but then I kept coming across all these beautiful not-so-DIY tablescapes, which I figured never hurts to share. A turkey can always dream, right?

For the first one all you need is:

A prop stylist to prep it for three days (around $500 a day, some more, some less), a food stylist for one prep, one shoot @ $500/day, $500 in food, $1500 in props, an exotic location rental @ $2500/day, an amazing editorial photographer ($1500 a day at LEAST), two PA’s, an art director and photo editor.

DIY it!!!

From Gourmet Magazine. May it rest in peace. Still one of my most favorite magazines even though I didn’t cook. Their spreads were just insanely beautifully shot and styled.


She-n-he photography

This one is WAY more approachable. It’s burlap (which is under $5 a yard) with pretty brass candlesticks that you can get at thrift stores across america for $1 to $3. Still rustic and warm and all thanksgiving-y.


styled by Scott Horne

 You don’t need to orange to say thanks. This table, styled by one of my best friends Scott Horne, is all moody and cozy and beautiful with the dark purple and black accents on that rich wood table. Yes. I’ve loved this shot for four years and I continue to love it. Shot by Kate Mathis, who is amazing.

via Bon Appetit

Green, orange, white with hits of black? I wouldn’t have thought of it, but YES, it’s beautiful. The natural elements keeps it feeling warm while the modern elements give it an edge.

via Elle Decor

Those white gourds are simple and fresh, but still say “thanks.”  This one needs some warmth, candlelight, or another dark color but it is BEAUTIFUL.

I’m rounding up the best DIY thanksgiving decor right now, which is why and how I found all these very much not-so-DIY Thanksgiving tablescapes. So stay tuned for all the ideas you can actually do. Meanwhile, which one would you do?

  1. laura

    thanks for sharing the reality of pricing/talent needed to create a fantastic photo….i wish pinterest had total cost numbers watermarked on each picture.

  2. Magpie

    Well, I would do the gorgeous man at the head of the Italian table, but I don't think that's what you meant.

  3. LaTonya

    I really like these tablescapes! Many times, dinner tables in magazines and on tv are so full of decorations that I'm wondering "where do you put the food?" It seams like most designed tablescapes are for buffet style dinners. In my home, the food is the centerpiece during Thanksgiving. Our table looks more like the Italian tablescape from Gormet Magazine in the photo above. I really like how some of these photos show actual food on the table. I've found that when I put food on the table, there really isn't much space for flowers, gourds, candles, and other fluff. I usually just stick with a nice tablecloth, the "good" china and flatware, cloth napkins, and a few candles and usually have to move the candles so all the food can fit. Or maybe we just need a larger table since having less food is not an option. Great post! Thanks!

  4. Michelle

    Love the black with purple napkin. Burlap is good too but the other makes me want to dig in and eat & drink! Thanks for the ideas.