Best striped pillows from Etsy.

 Ah, the classic stripe.  Stripes are nautical, sophisticated and in the right color palette so very young, fresh. and edgy.  Kinda like ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’….sans the psychotic yet sympathetic psycho killer part….maybe more like ‘Amelie’…. but with less butterflies singing warm French songs. 

The stripe is easily mixed with other patterns and forever in style.  Trust. 
So here are my favorite inexpensive readymade striped pillows right now. Your mom loves them, your boyfriend loves them and even your weird  Aunt Bertha Betty can somehow mix them with her embroidered cat tea-party themed sofa.  She’s kinda the best that way.
Stripes. They just go with everything.  .
So here we go, my favorite striped pillows right now:
1. French ticking stripe from Etsy, HERE.
2. Velvet and linen and oh so pretty pillow.  HERE. 
3. Classic blue and white veritcal pillow, HERE. 
4. Colorblock blue, green and white pillow, HERE. 
5. Charcoal and yellow sophisticated pillow,  HERE. 
6. Black, white and gold pillow, HERE
7. Linen and gold metallic pillow, HERE. 
8. Classic grey and white stripe pillow,  HERE. 
a9. Flocked teal, white and chartreuse pillow, HERE. 
10. Cashmere and linen persimmon pillow,  HERE.
11. Pink and white linen pillow HERE
12. Pendleton blanket pillow HERE. 
13. Purple and white with ball fringe pillow, HERE. 
14. Red and white stripe pillow, HERE. 
15. Red and purple ombre stripe pillow, HERE. 
16. Red ombre stripe pillow, HERE. 
I’m hunt on the hunt for good green pillows now because i realized that they are very few here. 
Any other requests for pillows or anything else whilst i watch Bridesmaids for the 15th time and drink Malbec?
I can multi-task like a mother…..
Ask away….
  1. Alyrae

    I would love your selectio
    ns of non-cheesy graphic-text pillows. I realize this means sorting through approximately ten million "you are my sunshine" ones.

  2. Emily Henderson

    Alyrae, that's a good one to search for. I feel like there has got to be some out there. I'm on it.

  3. Pam in La Mesa

    Really tried to pick a few of my favs but just love them all! Guess the French ticking has always always caught my eye and well tickled me. What do you think of a big a.. Swivel chair reupholstered in a stripe…I have 2 chairs that need some love and was thinking of gray linen but maybe ticking or a bigger stripe? By the way I'm probably one of your oldest fans at 64…you're my kids age!..we share a love of the Pacific Northwest as I'm from Seattle and I'm just so proud of your spunkiness..and dah style..go girl!

  4. Stephanie


    Love your blog! I was wondering if you could give me some advice…I have an over-dyed Persian in the bedroom (fuchsia, purple and navy blue) but am wondering what duvet to pair with it. My style is like yours — eclectic and kinda boho. I was thinking navy striped? What do you think?

  5. Lauren

    If you're ever looking for something to look for, I would love to find some lighter weight layerable (is that a word?) blankets/bedding. My husband's body temperature is constantly 10-15 degrees warmer than mine, so full on comforters and quilts are always too much for him. Then of course I end up waking up in the middle of the night sweltering because he's tossed off his side of the quilt onto me. I love the grey circle chain quilt that urban outfitters has right now, but I don't know where else to look for that kind of retro coverlet style of blanket that I think would work. Sort of specific question, but I think it could be generalized to your blog audience :)

  6. Sarah

    I love stripes too. In fact I just bought these Yellow/Chartreuse striped pillows from Lands End:

  7. Heather

    Yes! I love your blog almost as much as I love stripes!

    If you are looking for sonething, I need help with my bedding… Duvet/quilt that is classic and cool, won't compete with my super awesome art on the wall and not white (white gets so dingy when you have cats that tend to leave hairballs on it… Not mine, a friends. I can definitely keep white bedding super crisp and clean looking). I've already searched your rooms!

  8. Lynn Jimenez

    One more idea. Could you put together a look with a particular budget. For example I have a small entry area that needs a little table or something. Such a small space I don't want to drop a lot of cash . Maybe a pulled together look for a couple hundred???? Too much to ask?

  9. Nicole Malcolm

    I love your blog, style and Etsy :) How about choosing pillows that you would pair together…it would tie back to your post about "How to Mix Patterns." Maybe do pairings for different styles….traditional, modern, boho chic, etc.

  10. How about "Design Trends to Avoid not only because They Will Look Dated in One Year but also because they are Stupid?"

  11. Ldcz

    Great timing! I am redecorating my new sofa with pillows but am at a loss as to how big they should be. I've read somewhere that in order to make them look good, they should be at least 20 x 20; supposedly anything below that makes it look very ordinate?? My new sofa is low-back btw. Any advice??
    Emily love your blog!

  12. kirk

    Emily can I be your best friend? you love everything i love. I might just have to buy that gold black and white pillow.

  13. YAY stripes! Lovely selections. It takes effort for me not to go crazy with two things: stripes and branch motifs. I'm not doing a very good job holding back in the latter.

    Relating to pillows… A bed styling/layering post would be cool. Especially if it involves comforter colors besides white.

  14. Jenn

    I've got some great green and white striped fabric in my stash that I've been meaning to make into pillows for my shop. Should I stock some up for you?

  15. cvjn

    HA! Your HGTV colleague Sabrina Soto used the velvet/linen striped pillow on her show, and I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE. All my googling was fruitless, but here you go, dropping it right in my lap. For your next trick, will you please drop some cash in my lap so I can buy them? Cheers!