Benches; from inexpensive to well, expensive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Benches are one of the pieces of furniture I need the most. They kinda go anywhere. At the foot of a bed, in a hallway, entrance, under an art wall, in a living room to counter act so much taller furniture, at a dining table … you get it. So here’s my roundup of benches, starting with the cheapies.

These three are pretty great for how inexpensive they are:


1. Bamboo Folding Bench, $59.99  2. Threshold Woven Accent Bench, $99.99  3. Velvet End of Bed Bench, $129.99

And if you want to spend a bit more … That orange one is adorable and if I was traditional, I’d be all over that skirted one that has storage:


1. Antiqua Benches, $149  2. Retro Orange Wool Bench, $148.49  3. Skirted Storage Bench, $191  4. Andalucia Large Dark Brown Leather Bench, $172.99

My friend Scott owns #3 below and it’s strangely great for the price:


1. Dylan Bench, $249  2. Alondra Storage Bench, $207  3. Martha Stewart Living Lombard Long Bench, $239  4. Rainbow Weave Bench, $229

I would officially own all of these, well the ruffled one I’d have in my french cottage, but probably not my current house:  benches-329-400

1. John Vogel Bench, $499  2. Wrap Bench, $399  3. Modern Bench in Knoll Upholstery, $400  4. Betsy Ruffled Skirt Bench, $329 – $519

For those of you who kinda want to splurge more (take note, that navy blue copper bench comes in other bright colors — it’s amazing):


1. Kilim Bench – Blue Stripe, $599  2. Cooper Aluminum Bench, $519  3. Darwin Dining Bench, $549  4. Mueller Bench, $575


1. Moller Model 63A Bench, $800  2. The Clarke Bench, $895  3. Morris Bench, $899

And in case you own your own plane and found an extra $1200 underneath the cushion, here are some splurges for you:


1. Flying Point Bench, $2,400  2. Illusion Bench, $1,698  3. Florence Knoll Bench, $4,320  4. Kilim Rose Bench, $1,298

To read about how I use benches check this post.  And you want to see one of my most favorite benches in the world?

gold bench under art

I know.  My feelings for it are intense.

Thank you very much, Alexis, for helping me with the research and creating the boards. Y’all can check out Alexis’ lovely blog HERE.

So which one is you favorite or do any of you own any of these benches and recommend them?

  1. CK

    Any chance you can do a similarly beautifully curated post on console tables? I’m having a hard time finding one with the appropriate dimensions and aesthetics.

  2. Christine

    I love your round-ups. I want the wrap bench…If I could smuggle it in without my husband noticing.

  3. Liz

    Glad to see something I own on here! I own the Andalucia bench from Overstock (it’s the “Barcelona” knock off). I like it a lot, but it’s obviously not high quality. But for the price, it’s fine. You get what you pay for!

  4. Erin

    I have that woven bench from Target, and it’s really beautiful. A steal for $100 in my opinion.

    Just a note of warning: the next time I went to Target after I bought it, the bench that they had out in its place had much different coloring, more tan and neutral. I would be wary of ordering it online, because you may not get a color combo that you like.

  5. Holly

    OHMYGOSH these are GORgeous and I was JUST thinking the other day that I need like 4 benches to pull a couple of rooms together. I swear, I really was thinking benches this week! Get out of my head Emily Henderson! :o)

  6. Holly

    …wait, no on second thought, stay in there ;o)

  7. I just ordered this version of the Skyline skirted storage bench (2nd set of benches, 3rd bench) from OKL and am dying for it to arrive. I have high ambitions for it to serve as a vanity bench under an acrylic console, and for it to be a secret laundry hamper. If anyone’s looking for the bench, OKL has had them in different sales recently. They’re not cheaper than anywhere else, but the fabrics are awesomer!

  8. Stassja

    We just bought the John Vogel one in grey (charcoal) to go in our living room under a massive original canvas art piece. It’s awesome. Super lightweight but sturdy enough for the 300+ lb delivery man to tell me it’s “very sturdy”.

    Majority of our living room is a more modern Ethan Allen, which means it’s nice quality and this piece fits in perfectly. West Elm does such a nice job with the “accent” pieces.

  9. michele double you

    *Desirous of the John Vogel pieces for West Elm. Any of them, but the bench the most. When it first showed up in our local WE, I posted a pic on Fb with drool on it. Not easy to do with a digital camera sent via my cell to a virtual reality….

  10. faith echtermeyer

    We have an antique piano bench at the foot of the bed covered with a blue and white Greek style small rug from IKEA- looks fab and just the right size.

  11. mypatsyann

    Thanks for the great post…. I found two keepers and my husband liked one of them, so it’s getting ordered tonight.

  12. I have the Andalucia bench from Overstock, but in white. I originally purchased it for my bedroom, but it would work equally well in my living room and sat in there for about three weeks before I brought it back in the living room for my husband, who likes it for shoe-putting-on.

    The one problem I have with it is that it doesn’t sit quite as high as I expected. (Shame on me for not paying attention to the dimensions.) The only reason this is a big deal is that the outlet on my wall sits right at the top of the bench, rather than being hidden just below the bench. Annoying. I’ve looked for other legs to make it a bit taller but haven’t found any chrome legs at a reasonable price. Who knew they are so expensive?

  13. Darlene

    Hi Emily,

    I just discovered your blog and can’t stop reading! You are so talented and provide so much inspiration. I have been looking for a bench for my small entry and was so excited to read this post. I immediately fell in love w/the retro orange wood bench . . . do you think that would be appropriate for an entry as opposed to a living space? Other considerations Overstock leather bench w/aluminum legs or saddler bench? Thanks!

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