Bedroom and Night stand styling: 1 room, 3 different looks

OK, folks. I styled my bedroom with three different night stands (that I’ve been hoarding) three different ways, but using the same styling rules and elements. Now you choose which one you liked most — and watch the video at the end.

1. Cooky Vintage Hollywood:

This one is definitely the most feminine, but it’s also the most exciting. So the question becomes: Do you want your bedroom to feel more calm and quiet, or a little more stimulating and exciting. Ahem.

Resources: Vintage deco rug from Bette Midler’s estate (1930′s, but she bought them in the 80′s and stay tuned since I’m selling two more similar to this on my One King’s Lane tastemaker sale March 10th). Vintage Milo Baughman night stand from the flea market. Vintage headboard recovered in new peacock blue velvet. Bedding: Garnet Hill Hotel Collection (and it’s VERY soft). Underneath all that is a Legget and Platt adjustable bed so’s I can blog in bed. I’m efficient like that.

I have five go-to accessories for nightstand styling. Here are the first three:

1. Lighting, obviously. You want to fill the vertical space on top of the night stand and you want convenient lighting so you aren’t having to go to the wall to turn off lights. Whatever happened to the clapper? Sometimes genius is never truly appreciated.

2. A tray/bowl or box for jewelry. I’m a last minute jewelry-taker-off-er so I like to have somewhere to corral my jewelry.

3. Something that smells nice — be it a candle or flowers. This is more for a guest bedroom and less important for the day to day, but why not treat yourself like a guest in your own house sometimes and put something that smells nice next to your bed? It sounds fussy but it’s just so lovely to have a bedroom that smells sweet.

Candle from Illume (whose candles I’m increasingly becoming obsessed with). Tray from CB2 but three years old. Moroccan tea glass/vase from OpenSky.

2. Global, eclectic and clean:

This bedroom is quieter and calmer with less “hot” colors, but still with warmth since I brought in that wood jewelry box (and of course that wood shoe.)  I like this one a lot because it is calming, quiet, and more masculine, but it lacks a little bit of the “crazy” that the first one has.

In this one I enlist two more of my go-tos:

4. A cute alarm clock.

5. A water decanter/glass to avoid middle of the night trips to the kitchen.

Resources: West Elm elephant lamp. Nate Berkus rug from HSN (no longer available). Vintage campaign style Baker night stand. Throw from Target, I believe.

Clock/water carafe from West Elm, but discontinued. Vintage shoe from Inheritance. Jewelry box from the flea market.


3. Cool, Unexpected, Eclectic:

This room just became a lot more interesting by not using a traditional night stand or a traditional lamp, but it’s also less functional without that storage. I still love it.

You’ll notice the same elements apply: An untraditional vintage accordion lamp still fills that vertical space, but I’ve added a sweet plant below to help fill the in-between empty space. A tray corrals the jewelry and the candle in one. I needed one more item (because things work best in threes) to make everything work together, so I brought in a brass plane, of course.

Resources: Vintage burl wood table. Vintage brass plane. Blue and white polka dot platter from Nickie Kehoe, candle from Illume. Planter is vintage from the flea market. Throw is from West Elm (and it is VERY soft).

Accordian lamp from the flea market, but I think I’m going to sell it on my next sale … stay tuned.

All of these nightstands utilize my main styling tip, which is: Always have …

1. Something with height — in this case, lighting.

2. Something solid and horizontal to ground the table, like the tray/box or books.

3. Something sculptural to soften the difference between the vertical items and the horizontal items.

Watch this video we made to demonstrate how these three looks came about:

My new intern, Tessa, and I made it right after we shot the photos. Thank you Tessa. And thank you so much Bethany Nauert for shooting all the nightstands.

So which is your favorite nightstand?

1. Cooky, Vintage, Hollywood

2. Global, Eclectic and Clean

3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic.


And for bonus votes, guess which one I’m actually living with right now, which may or may not be my favorite …

  1. Hi Emily,

    For me it's number 3 out of question! Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic! LOOOVE!!!!!


  2. Kaitlyn

    2.) Global, eclectic, and clean!

  3. Robyn

    Number 1!! Love the pink lamp!!

  4. Allison

    My favorite is #3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic but I am betting you're living with # 1. Cooky, Vintage, Hollywood because hello that hot pink is to die for.

  5. Johanna

    Without a doubt #3!

  6. EmilyHS


  7. Everything is adorable but what I love most? Cute matches for your candle! Because my bright orange utility lighter/flame thingy is so not bedroom worthy! At first glance I love the blue modern look, but the more I look at it I love the pink sultry look of #1. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Christine

    Number 3 is amazing – so why don't you go with #1 and send me all of the pieces in #3 to use in my room instead!

    • Zmaj

      Agreed :)

  9. Elise

    I have to vote for number 1. That pink lamp is to die for! Number 2 is very pretty with its blue/white but I love a ton of color; that's why numero uno gets my vote. The table in number 3 is just too top heavy for me – not that it looks weird (it looks great) but all I can picture is a dog brushing up against it and knocking it over. This is a lesson we learned the hard way at our house. Wish there hadn't been a glass of red wine on that tippy table….

  10. brandy

    While #3 is MY personal style and I love it, I think I have to vote for #1. Its gorgeous and warm and grounds the spot. I like it :)
    (Regardless, you can't go wrong.)

  11. amber

    Number 3. Love it!

  12. Noemie

    It wwas hard to choose between number 1 and number 3, That hot pink lamp is amazing. But in the end I had to go for that gorgeous small table in number 3. Warm wood tones and mate gold, wow ! So NUMBER 3 it is !

  13. Lydia

    I would never expect it from just the name, but I think I love the kooky, vintage, Hollywood option (although I might sleep better with the clean blues). I like the pink femininity. That lamp is pretty crazy but awesome!

    Great tips on how to make a bedside less about shoving your alarm clock off of it and more about function and beauty.

  14. heather

    I'm in love with #1 but would prefer it with the table from 2. I know you're a designer and there is prob a reason table 1 goes better w/ option 1 (and table two w/ option two), but something about the bright white modern-ish table seems to lighten up and ground option 1. THat would be my dream scenario. I think you are living with option 1 right now. :)

  15. Kimberly

    #1 – Cooky Vintage Hollywood – Love it!! Everything about it is incredible!! I want that light fixture and the Milo Baughman table. Maybe that's why my bedroom walls are primary yellow with turquoise, grey and white throughout…I need energy in my bedroom just to drag me out of bed in the morning.

  16. Jane F


  17. I love number 3, I like to have the lamp off the table.

  18. Nicole T.

    Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic.

  19. Claudia

    I choose number 1. It's so different and retro and filled with personality, and I love the nightstand itself. Love it! (But I love the jewelry box in number 2.)

  20. Crystal

    Number 1 is totally my style. And I would love to stay in a guest room/house with lots of excitement and things to look at. But I have a feeling most people would answer the opposite.

  21. Brenda

    Number 3 please.

  22. Brenton

    I LURV the 3rd one (Cool, Unexpected, Eclectic), but my pick for the space would be the second (Global, eclectic and clean).

  23. Jennifer

    Number 3 for sure! I love the warm wood and brass tones but also love the freshness the plant adds and how uncluttered it feels. With the finishing polka dot touch, it's a wonderful balance of cozy, clean and fun!

  24. Krystle

    So hard! But in the end #3 is the one I would love to live with:) I love it's warmth and the way the colors pop but its calm and really inviting. I'm thinking you are living with #1.
    Love love your work!:)

  25. I love 1 & 3! I guess it depends on how much stuff you like to keep next to your bed? One is more functional, gives you room to store stuff. Three is awesome, but where do you keep your sex toys…or for the tame crowd, your hand cream and lip balm?

  26. Brandon

    Adorable video! I think I have to go with #2. Elephant lamp + tiny wooden shoe = all you need in life.

  27. Jody

    I found myself judging the lamps instead of the nightstands! Absolutely Drooling over the brass lamp and table in #3, but leaning toward the Cooky Vintage Hollywood nightstand for STORAGE! I would use #3 in a guest room, where storage isn't key. I'm guessing you are currently using #1 because of the pink lamp, it kind of screams Emily Henderson to me.

  28. Ursula

    I love #3 and would feel most comfortable with it, but #1 runs a close second, which surprises me because it isn't my style. Can't deny it – love the lamps and the hot pink. And I'll bet that's what you're living with. It just says "Emily." Thanks so much for the post.

  29. Cathy

    I think you like #1 the best. I couldn't help but notice that #1 is the only one where you are caressing the lamp and the night stand.

  30. Oooooh this is a difficult choice! I have to go with 3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic. BUT I'd rather have the campaign style nightstand. I WANT to love the first one, but it's just a little much for me personally. I have no idea which one you're living with. Maybe #3?

  31. I'm loving them all, but I would vote for number 2, in my bedroom. It's functional, calm, and oh so pretty! I think you probably have number 1 up in your bedroom because let's face it, you'd be making out with that lamp if you could. ;)

  32. randi

    I am partial to #2. I like my bedroom to be calming.

  33. Heather

    LOVE #3! I do have to say, however, I love the nightstand in #2. Gorgeous!

  34. Hannah

    #1, and I think that is what you went for, too.

  35. Meredith

    Number 3. That night stand is so cool! Well done!

  36. Camille


  37. Stacey

    I love number 2. I think it's the most usable. I mean it has everything I need in a nightstand, a light to read, a cup for some water by the bed since LA is so dehydrating, and a small shoe! Plus the drawers in the nightstand hides all the bedside magazines/books.

  38. number 3!!! but i like the rug in 2 better…. i just don't do cowhides. i can't get over them. ;)

  39. meg

    I am in desperate need of this tutorial! I have some styling to do…
    My fav is the third one – that tray kills me!

  40. Laura

    I like #3 but there is not enough usable space so I would chose #1. #2 nah.

  41. Kelli

    Love #1. Colors are the best and the night stand is great. I do love the table in 3 too.

  42. eileenri

    Number 3!!!

  43. Kelly Barron

    #1. Pink shade will cast a lovely glow at night. Table is warm and grounded. Brass at bottom of lamp and table – gorgeous. Candles and roses, this one has it all.

  44. Marina

    #3 is lovely, totally goes with our style, and without a doubt would be husband approved. But my oh my, how #1 makes my heart go pitter patter! That rug!? The lamp!!? This one is so you, Emily! I want to be that girl one day…

  45. Jessika G

    #3 is my favorite, I love the rustic feel to it.

  46. kelly jo

    handsfreakendown it's number one. look at that color! look at the shapes!

  47. They are all so pretty! I'd choose #1. Love the pink shade and the vintage rug.

  48. Lynelle

    Number 3! Only bummer is the lack of storage….but all options were great!

  49. Ange

    my favourite is the second one. The elephant lamp is sweet and I like how it looks with the campaign dresser. It feels balanced. The third one is awesome too but I think it looks a little skimpy next to the full plush headboard. I would prefer it next to an armchair. Either way a wonderful mix of objects and colours!

  50. make #1 and #2 have a baby. there you have it. (you need to have that great extra storage next to your bed, which #3 doesn't provide.)

  51. Austin

    I'm pretty torn between No.1 and No. 3. They are both awesome, and I'll probably be having dreams about that burl wood table for a few weeks—BUT considering that I just bought an awesome pink and green Persian rug for my bedroom, I'm going with Cooky, Vintage, Hollywood. And my hunch is that's the one you're currently living with.

    P.S. Would love to see the rest of your bedroom (in a totally non-creeper way)! Seeing your room photos (guest room and now this) is helping me pinpoint the mood I'm trying to strike in my own space. Thanks, Emily!

  52. #3 is my favorite. I find that the more storage I have at my bed side the more cluttered it becomes. So I keep it very simple on purpose. Also, I will admit that I have my bedside lamp hooked to a clapper devise. I'm too lazy to roll over to turn the light out after I have been reading in bed and I'm only 32. I will defend its use til the day I die. Love it!

  53. OMG! I LOVE, LOVE choice number 3! I would love to steal all those pieces from you!!! Pretty please let me!!!

  54. Love number 3! but I love the nightstands in 1 & 2, the elephant lamp in #2, and the fun pops of color in #1. but I think I'd have to say #3 is my overall favorite! thanks for the styling tips!!!

  55. Dana

    I love #3!! Very different and fun! Warmer than #2 but less busy than #1. I bet you're rocking #1 though, you love you some hot pink!

  56. Hannah Joy

    I'm going to vote for #1. I love it so much and it's something I'd never be brave enough to pull off! You've always been my hero – gutsy enough to use crazy bright colors and unique items such as this lamp!! It just has to be!

  57. Lauren

    1. Cooky, Vintage, Hollywood is definitely my fave, but probably not cool to make the hubby live with that. So, I'd pick #1 for a guest room, but #3 for a master that a man lives in too. :)

  58. Wow I love them all!! My favorites are #1 and #3. From your blog, I think #1 looks more like "you."

  59. nat

    oh, #2 all the way!

  60. Dru Pendleton

    Number 3!!!!

  61. Sheri

    Number three, without fail. That gorgeous lamp and burl wood table are what my dreams are made of. Love it all, though, Emily!

  62. One one one!!!!! The only snag would be if that light fixture provides enough light for reading… Who cares, I'd use a flashlight.

  63. Tess

    Hi Emily,

    First time commenting. I loooove your work and your posts. so helpful and fun !
    My vote #1, and could you pleeeeease do a post about styling a round coffee table? Thanks so much:)

  64. Sadie

    #3, IN LOVE with that table!

  65. Carrie

    I usually like eclectic, but #3 doesn't have enough weight for me. I like the unusual lamp in #1 but ultimately, would like #2 the most for myself.

  66. i love all of them – 3 especially. but i think you are rocking #1

  67. Sara

    My favorite is 2, because I like cool & calm for my bedroom—my actual bedroom is blue & white.

    I'm guessing that you are living with 1.

  68. Donette

    Love #1 and #3. #1 looks the most like you, and I realize #3 is a bit less practical for storage, but if a gun was pointed at my head, I'd choose #3.

  69. Audrey

    I have to go with #3! I love the wood tones, succulent, and that sweet airplane!

  70. Definitely #1 for me. I love color – especially blue and pink together! Plus, I'm of the opinion you can never have too much storage so I love that nightstand.

  71. Lizzy Ibarra

    Global, Eclectic and Clean. It's beautiful!

  72. #3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic. All the way!

  73. Karolina

    Number 2! Simply beautiful:)

  74. Julie

    I love Global, Eclectic and Clean but I am guessing you are living with Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic.

  75. Jody

    #2. Global, Eclectic and Clean

  76. Kelly

    #1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #1!!!!!

  77. #1! The burled oak and rug won me over. Gorgeous.

  78. Meg

    Love them all. Voting for #1, but #2 is sooo Emily, in the best way possible :)

  79. Sandi

    #1!! Love the pink.

  80. I love the 2nd! I need my bedroom to be peacefull! But if I didn't have insomia, I would love the 1st one!

  81. Gina

    I love the gorgeous wood and brass tones in all three. I myself HAVE to have bedside storage, but I'm a hoarding insomniac.

  82. Tracy

    #3 definitely!

  83. Keeley

    I love #3 (plus an alarm clock, because it's a nightstand), but I bet you're living with #1, because you love you some over-the-top vintage lamp and some hot pink :)

  84. mosey

    #1 is totally not my style and I think that's what makes it so exciting to me. #3 is my style. So I would go with either 1 or 3!

  85. Kate

    I love the feeling of #3, but I think I'd rather have it as a side table in a sitting room. For me, furniture needs to be fun and functional! The drawers next to my bed are a priority. So, I like #1 or #2 better. I'd probably go with #2 and mix in some other colors.

    Emily, where do you put your alarm clock?

  86. Sunne

    I like #3 the best but I think you're living w/ #1.

  87. Laurielulu

    Number 3 too but it would need to be more functional for me. I remember when you got the pink lamps and I still feel sorry for you hubby…..haha

  88. Karla

    Love them all! But I think number 3 is my favourite if you are okay without storage. Your videos are amazing and so helpful – please post more!!!

  89. Bridget

    I like number 1 the best because of the vibrancy of the pink shade and other feminine elements coordinating with the blue foundation. As for your fav, I pretty much know I score the bonus points by knowing that you are currently living with number 3, though 1 is your favorite. Since you're selling the accordian lamp, you want to live with it for a while before you give it up for adoption on your One King's Lane. QUESTION: do you think these same rules would apply to styling side tables in a family/living room? No one every talks about how to style side tables in living/family rooms. The focus is always on the coffee table, or bookshelves in a space. Just asking . . . I'm going to try this formula on my family room side tables and see how it works out!

  90. Global, Eclectic and Clean! I adore the hot pink pendant in the first one – but I love, love, love the nightstand in the second one! So I vote for number two.

  91. My heart wants number 3, but unless you live a very minimalist lifestyle, it doesn't give you much room. Number 2 gets my vote but I'd add a pop of color someplace. Flowers? Candle?

  92. #2! I am obsessed with that elephant lamp and the SHOE! What a cute and whimsical surprise! That white campaign chest just might by my next DIY…

  93. Pam F

    Hi Emily!

    For me, it would be setup number 3. Might be the same for you too, as you had to attach the cool accordion lamp to the wall and there would be holes to bother with covering….nice! I LOVE that burl wood table!

    But……..I must HAVE that accordion lamp!! Sale? Did you mention a sale? Tell more please :) !!!

    Loving your blog. Been watching since you did the set up for the shoot at Susan Wiggs house some years ago before Design Star aired!!!

    Pam in Janesville, Cali. Formerly of the San Fernando Valley….and oh my do I miss shopping there!

  94. pam

    i love #1 – that hot pink vintage lamp is to die for!

  95. Tapan

    Hands down #3 :)

  96. Daniel

    I like #3 best. That's also my guess for what you stuck with as well… based on the accordion brass light which is too awesome to pass up. Very tamed bohemian.

  97. Jessica

    Definitely #3, so interesting looking while still being calm, natural, and clean. I am going to go restyle all of my nightstands now! Thanks!

  98. Muoi

    #3! I love love the accordian lamp and if there were 2, I'd buy them in a heart beat.

  99. Colleen

    I'm most drawn to number three, and for some reason I think you picked number one. :)

  100. Number 3 gets my vote. Number 2 was a close second because of the color palette/calmness, but global just isn't my thing.

  101. Love #3. Clean and eclectic. I love how the tray ties back to the headboard and how the lamp is mounted – frees up visual space. It does depend on how much storage you need though. If you need more storage go with #2.

  102. Number three is the bees knees. I would also guess that you are currently living with one – because when I think of Emily Henderson I think that bright pink and navy velvet (along with brass and flowers and prettiness and awesomeness)

  103. Catherine Soria

    Love number 1.

  104. Donna

    #2 definitely! I think you're living with #2 also. I do love the lamp in #1 and the burl wood table in #3. Thanks for the great styling ideas!!!

  105. Cheryl

    I can not decide between #1 and #3 so it is fortuitous that a bed has two sides, I say do both!

  106. Number 1! I think you chose number 1 as well! It's just so perfect! I do love the rug in 3 too!

  107. emily

    I Loooooove #3!! But you're probably living with #1, hot pink says it all!

  108. Loved the video Em! So cute! At first, I was totally going to go for number 1. LOVE the burl wood. But, number 3 is so much more interesting! So, my vote is number 3! I think it's the most balanced and textural!

    x Bianca

  109. Tim

    #3 for me. Love that wood tabletop, the brass legs, the airplane, the lamp and the rug. Since the light in #3 has no power going to it (and you're planning on selling it), I'm betting you're going with #1. It's great, too. And who wouldn't want to step out of bed every morning onto Bette Midler's rug? Well, er….

  110. addie

    Number 1 is SO Emily — pink velvet vintage lamp, I mean! Plus you have a penultimate combination of features with #1: the warmth from the nightstand to balance the blue headboard, quirk and pop and height with the fab lamp and a bit of grounding and sculpture with the rest. But maybe you are living with #3 right now, just for fun :)

  111. Since I too am going to a bolder approach to my bedroom, I'm voting for option 1. Pink is where it's at, Honey!

  112. jennifer house

    #1 is too weird. I don't like the light. You don't gotta "fill the space".
    #2 is too sterile. Asian lacquer= gag
    #3 is perfect. love the warmth of the wood and the shine of the metal light and the plant adds natural element. BINGO!

  113. Elyse

    I think #1 looks best overall, but i am in love with the nightstand in # 3… i think it's the lamp i'm not loving in that last setup, so maybe another chandelier, lighter than the first one would make me pick #3… anyway they all look a million times better than my own nighstands! lol

  114. Cecelia

    #1 – l love it. The colors, the warm, the rug, the crazy beautiful pink lamp.

  115. Janice

    Love Nightstand #3 but I need a little more storage so I choose #2. Final answer
    BTW, Emily you're the best. Can't wait to buy your book!!

  116. Molly

    The light fixture in #1 is to die, but I prefer #2. I like serene bedrooms and heart campaign furniture. #3 is so cool in theory but in my opinion the legs are too spindly for a night stand. I bet you're living with #1 b/c srsly that PINK LIGHT…

  117. M

    #3 for sure….. But I LOVE the lighting n #1…… :)

  118. Annie B.

    I like #1 because of the color and that awesome burl wood night stand. #2 is my second choice because it's tranquil and balanced and #3 is last only because the proportion is a bit off and you gotta have storage next to the bed!! I think you are living with #2, but you REALLY want #1……why? I'm a sucker for the hot pink.

  119. Laura

    I bet you are living with the hot pink light, I remember a picture you had once showing you were going to put this light up. I really like the brass and wood option with the pretty blue and white tray. Love with the blue headboard.

  120. Ariana

    Number 1 is my favorite. I like how the colors contrast with the wall paint. I think it is probably your favorite too because it's pink and you are cooky, vintage and Hollywood. However, I think you are living with number 3 because it is masculine and rustic thanks to the table and cowhide rug with subtle feminine accessories. Your bedroom should be a balance between masculine and feminine if you are married. I drool over number 1 but think number 3 is most practical.

  121. I actually like a mixture of all three looks! I love different elements of all 3 of them and not one cohesive look over the other. They all are really great so I'm not voting for one over another.

  122. These are ALL amazing in their own way – it's hard to choose! Going to have to go for #1. It feels so much like what I can always expect from you. Vibrant, eclectic and fun. The other two are so good though. How about alternate every month?! Ha!

  123. Definitely go with the one that excites you! I think so much of feeling happy in your home is that little charge you get from seeing all of the different things you've been moved by and collected along the way work in tandem with each other. At a certain point, it becomes art – because of the way it makes you feel, not because of the way it looks. Calm and serene is nice in spurts, but I find that I personally tire of it far faster than spaces where I've inserted something a little zany or unconventional.

  124. LOVE no. 3! ok there's no storage, but I'd have a stack of books on the floor next to it. still cool, unexpected and eclectic!

  125. Heather

    Number 3 is all me… Number 1 is all you.

  126. Jessica

    I LOVE this post, and I love all three nightstands. BUT, 1 is my favorite!

  127. Amelia


  128. tess

    number one because it's the most wonderful

  129. Atiya

    number one all the way. unique, exciting, doesn't have the stink of mass market appeal.

  130. Peggi

    Kooky Vintage Hollywood all the way. The others are lovely (I especially dig the burlwood table), but I cannot live without a ridiculous amount of color. Also, why has that Milo Baughman nightstand never been at a flea market I've attended?! Rose Bowl Flea… some day.

  131. Kim


  132. Leigh

    Hard choice, but I am going with #1. The lamp and storage win out!

  133. Christina

    #3! But make sure to do something awesome with the elephant lamp in #2.

  134. Amy

    Love them all, but #1 and #3 are my favorite… #1 slightly more just because of the practicality of having more storage.

  135. Jessica

    I choose three (3)! Although I love the colors in 1, and the cleanliness and use of wood in 2.

    All fantastic!

  136. Marissa

    #3! I think it balances the bed the best. The headboard is so luxe, this just complements it so well. Plus brass, wood, and navy is killer. Love.

  137. Marissa

    Also — I feel bad you have to add all these up! Although I realize reading the comments is part of the fun, when you make the switch over to WordPress you might want to consider using a polling plugin

    PS can't wait to see the new blog!

  138. Kel Marie

    Can I be weird and say that I would pick #1's decor with #2's nightstand. I love the nightstand in #2 (it's got a bit of a masculine feel that would balance out the feminitity of #1). And in #1 I love the pops of bright warm colors and I do believe those accessories are flirting with me!

    THEN I would take #3 and put it next to a comfy wingback in the corner of my room with the addition of a pink candle instead of a white one.
    LOL I guess I believe in never having to choose!

  139. JBinGF


  140. Arli

    I would pick either the white or wood nightstand from 1 and 2 together with the accordian lamp from 3. I'm all for function in my own bedroom. Otherwise I'd go for 3 for a guestroom. Sirry I didn't really answer the question. My pick would be #2.

  141. Banner

    3. Cool, Unexpected and Eclectic.

  142. Jody

    LOVE the first one. The mix of colors and textures are what do it for me!

  143. Kate

    My vote is #1.

    #3 is a close second if it had more function.

  144. Ana

    My favorite is number 3, although there are touches of both of the others that I love. I think you stuck it out with number 3 as well. Mostly because putting that light in is a more serious commitment.

  145. tami/trashtown vintage

    i absolutely love all of them…you can do no wrong, emily henderson! I WANT the lamp from #3! i realize you didn't ask, but my version would include the campaign nightstand, the accordion lamp, the moroccan tea glass with roses, on top of the books from look one, the blue and white polka dot tray with gold jewelry, and that blue travel alarm clock you used to style a nightstand recently…i've coveted that alarm clock since you posted a pic of it in your prop closet!!

  146. Whitney

    #3 Love the table!!! The airy-ness of it all too.

  147. Laura

    Definitely number 1! The bright colors and that milo baughman are amazing and unexpected.

  148. Linda

    I'm a fan of #3 – clean, fresh, fun. Plus if you read in bed the light seems to be more practical than the red swag (although I like that too). Not so much a fan of #2 – just too monochromatic for me.

  149. that burl wood table is absolutely amazing…loving those sassy legs.

  150. that burl wood table is absolutely amazing…loving those sassy legs.

  151. that burl wood table is absolutely amazing…loving those sassy legs.

  152. that burl wood table is absolutely amazing…loving those sassy legs.

  153. Brad...


    I like elements of all three but number one is the front runner for me…


  154. Sofia

    I saw the elephant lamp on your or Bethany's Instagram and just had to buy it! It's now happily waiting for its place in my new apartment that I move in a couple of weeks. However, I have I say that my favorite is definitely no. 3. I dream of a burl wood table like that every night. My dreams are excruciating.

  155. nina

    Number 2! Although I adore the nightstand in #1, and the warm colors. Something feels off in the scale of #3 (although also cool pieces!).

  156. Jollysparkles

    It's tough… I like 2 and 3 almost equally, but #2 took the lead with that amazing lamp taking center stage!

  157. No 3. Hands down. The colours and textures. It feels welcoming. LOVE

  158. Christia

    Number 3 :)

  159. Kathryn

    Number 1 deffo!

  160. Love the global, clean look–keep teaching your ways!

  161. Sarah

    I like #2 – in bedrooms, I like minimalism, soothing colors…less is more. I love the elements in #3 as well but 2 is my choice.

  162. Rachel

    I love number one but with the white nightstand under the pink lamp.

  163. amyks

    I really like them all, but I would have to say that #3 is my favorite, even if it doesn't have a drawer for storage!!!

  164. Cecile

    I really like #1 but #3 is also great and would be a good compromise with my husband's tastes. We have a NY sized bedroom that we share with our newborn though so side tables are a dream for when we make it or move out of the city! :-)
    Super interesting post and video! Thank you!

  165. Chris C.

    Number 1! That lamp OMG.

  166. My favorite is #3. I wouldn't normally consider my taste to be eclectic, but I really love all the shapes and colors. And I have actually already been looking at lighting like that from west elm for beside my bed–makes me feel even more excited about it since you picked it too!

    I am guessing that your current nightstand is the last one because I know whenever I do a project, I usually get exhausted and things just end up in the last place I set them for a while.

  167. Cool, Unexpected, & Eclectic ALL DAY LONG. I'm searching for a pair of accordian wall lights now…Beautiful!

  168. Paige

    Ooooh, I like all three of them but I think I'd go with #2. I'm one of those who thinks your bedroom should be kind of soothing, and I like all the blues together. #3 is a very close second, bug I'd hate to not have a drawer for stashing my phone charger and ear plugs.

  169. Kamantha

    #1 LOVE!

  170. Holly

    I'm late seeing this blog and posting my comment (stupid jury duty) but I love #2. On a kind of related topic, I have that very same planter! It's on my coffee table with candy in it, on a brass tray with a tall glass vase of flowers and cow hide coasters. Sometimes, Miss Emily, I think you are my sister from another mister. :)

  171. Mrs. Vallejos

    #1, without a doubt. Warm, fun without childishness, minimal fru-fru.


  172. Terri

    I would pick #3, then #1, then #2. I love the wood table in #3, but I also love the table in #1.

  173. Genevieve

    3!!!! absolutely!!!!

  174. Amanda Jerkins

    Look~ I totally love them all but mainly #1 but my most favorite part is the Dr. Dog music blurb you use. Did you know they are my fav band? – seriously, my FAV! Of course you didn't know that. You have no idea who I am. I will tell you that I know we would be besties (first time to EVER use that term- promise) if we ever met. I know that's totally weird. Let's start over, My name is Amanda. I'm a designer and am inspired by you. Wanta grab coffee sometime and talk about brass?

  175. katja

    big fan of that milo nightstand, but not that light
    i'll stick to #2, the campaign chest…
    i've been totally in search of an elephant sculpture for a few weeks now, so digging that lamp

  176. Ashleigh

    hi! love this post! would you consider doing something like this but for coffee table vignettes? Please…

  177. judy

    I have to go with the Global Eclectic Clean, but change out the lamp for the Cooky Vintage Hollywood Light!

  178. Love the third table, but for me, no storage means books & lipgloss & general junk piling up on top & underneath, which kind of defeats the purpose of the clean look. I'd probably go with table #2, with a different lamp. You're crazy to let those pink pendants go! I'll be looking for them on OKL, but I have terrible luck ever snagging anything, lol.

  179. Anahi

    Number one..!!

  180. one for sure…watched the video on interest. I then went and re did my nightstand with my hubby who tried to tell me not to have pretty stuff on his side. who gives a crap did it anyway :)

  181. Karla

    LOVE #3!!! I have been wanting accordion lights like that. Now I want them more!

  182. Definitely the second. Love the quirky elephant lamp and the calming blue tones. However there's still a really warm, cosy vibe. Gorgeous.

  183. Nikki

    My favorite is definitely #1, and I think that's the one you're rocking in your room too.

  184. Heidi

    It's gotta be Number 3 for me

  185. Meg

    I LOVE number 3! If I had to guess which one you're currently sporting, I'd guess 1!

  186. Sandy

    #3 for me!

  187. Emily U

    #3 is my favorite, with #1 a close second!

  188. Love Love Love number 3, unexpected and eclectic always, plus it keeps things lighter which I like in a bedroom. I totally want that elephant lamp for my office. Number 1 come second, awesome shade.
    P.S I love voting on differnet styling

  189. sg5785

    #3 for me

  190. Definitely #2! So fresh! Love the blue.

  191. I like what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

  192. Martha

    #1 for sure! Love that the light source doesn’t take up table space.

  193. April

    I like #1 for the color, style, and the night table has the storage I need and looks cool.

  194. Donnamarie

    Hands down option one! It just works!!!!

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  197. karen

    I choose #3 love the unexpected, cool lamp, pretty wood….

  198. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I have found something which helped me. Thank you!

  199. Emily!
    I’m late to the party. ILOVE all three, however, my fav is number one.
    I sure miss you on HGTV.

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  202. Thank you for your fabulous tips on styling night tables! I’ve got this linked to my nighstands post too today, this is a keeper!

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