Bean bag mania

So i spotted this guy a couple months ago and i was all ‘worn leather brazilian 70′s beanbag?  yes, yes yes please.’  

But for who? and it was $1200 which is what i try to keep my sofa’s around so it wasn’t exactly bang for your buck (a phrase that i both hate myself for saying and subsequently find extremely useful).  But it did get me back into beanbags.  why?  because they are rad.  

But i skipped this guy and then it sold like crazy fast.  and now i regret my life. 

But that doesn’t mean that i’m not super into bean bags or papasan chairs right now.  I redid one last week in this ikea fabric for a play room that was supes adorabes and literally the most comfortable chair ever made.  and you can’t tell in this pic, but its massive, big enough for two adults.

 and now all i want is a tv room full of pappasan chairs and bean bags.  and kittens.  and puppies.  and nonexistent season 4 and 5 of Veronica Mars.  yup.  heaven. 


  1. I am in love with that bean bag chair but at $1200 I would have kicked myself for buying it. On a side note, I am totally digging Ikea fabric as of late as well. They are fun prints and decent weights to make curtains or recover some light-use furniture pieces. Again, you made me like you even more …… :)

  2. Tonia

    $1200 for a bean bag? It's is fabulous though.

  3. Carolann

    LOVE that bean bag!!

    "But i skipped this guy and then it sold like crazy fast. and now i regret my life." –HAHA!! This is so me when I pass or hesitate on a great find and then soon after, I discover someone else got it. It's a sickness I tell ya ;)

  4. Jenna

    Love the print on that papasan!

  5. I love that! I spotted some rad leather beanbags in Italy a few years ago and had such a hard time leaving them behind…

    They'd totally go with the vibe you're describing OR add an interesting, softening twist to a mid-century modern look next to some Marcel Breuer leather/chrome chairs?

    Also Mulberry Home made some fantastic large scale, high quality leather beanbags about five years ago…

  6. I LOVE that beanbag chair!! Oh, and I also second that puppies and kitties are pretty awesome too. <3

  7. Yes to everything, esp V Mars imaginary seasons! Have you seen the hairy beanbag at PBTeens? OMG. Love so much! It's like a flokati bean bag!!

  8. I <3 Veronica, too!
    and, I <3 that papasan chair!

  9. misa

    oh, veronica mars! how i pine for thee!!

  10. cassie

    V Mars! And damn, now I want a leather bean bag.

  11. mm

    For me, Pappasan don't even touch Mr. Brazillian Beanie.


  12. When I was a kid we had two large oval papasans in the living room instead of a couch. My sisters and I would pile into them with our dogs and watch movies. It was pretty sweet.

  13. i love that beanbag… but for no more than $50. don't regret your life over it.

  14. Love a good bean bag! My bf in college had a nasty love seat. We made an agreement that if he could have a super-huge bean bag, he would get rid of it. I made him one!!! It was made of patchwork jeans (the pockets worked great to hold remotes and such!) & a bright colored, abstract print. There must be a picture of it around somewhere, if only I knew where!

  15. Oona

    I love, love, LOVE that Ikea fabric you used! Just one more reason to wish we had an Ikea in St. Louis…

  16. Krishann

    Lovin the papasan chair!!! How I'd love to stay home from work today and curl up in that! Perfect for a playroom or perhaps any room for that matter… When my daughter was a baby she had a "papasan infant swing" we loved that thing- mostly me because there were never any tears while in the papasan. Nice to know big kids AND grown ups can also enjoy the papasan.

  17. i have a papasan chair from my mom's house that i'm holding hostage. my brother and sister have been eye-ing it but it's all mine. i will fight them for it!

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  19. I bought Coach back when it was high quality leather and had no logos anywhere. Then they would repair or replace an item if it broke. Now that every teenager in America has one and they are covered with Cs, I hate the look and the customer service and quality have deteriorated.

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  21. i want to get one of those look so comfortable

  22. I LOVE that Bean Bags
    !! Oh, and I also second that puppies and kitties are pretty awesome too.
    Thanks for post..

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