The last few days have been a bit cuckoo. I was in North Carolina for High Point (a big old furniture/design show) launching the new HGTV furniture line.  Then i just landed in Chicago to check out KBIS for HGTV as well.   I might say ‘sup to Gov. BloGo while i’m here, because i simply don’t think we reference him enough these day. Him and Carrot top. How do we let these characters leave the media?  

Anyway, i’m jet set, people! Jet set!  Don’t worry, I had season 4 of Mad Men on my laptop and this new ULTRA smutty book called 50 shades of grey to distract me on all the planes.  I read 260 pages of it yesterday. Its a total problem.  And those of you who have read it know what i mean……It is SERIOUSLY not for kids. 

So i thought i’d share my favorite piece of furniture from the new HGTV line.  Overall the collection is good – its modern take on traditional, and at a good price point.  But being obsessed with vintage, there are very few pieces of new furniture that i really, really, want, no matter who makes them (especially that i can afford).  Except this guy:


Why yes, it is a bar. I like bars.  It has inlaid wood on the front that looks high end and custom.  

And then on the inside? Its a party.


Boom! Calm down, storage!! 

and this is the little detail that i would never think about, but i totally appreciate:


i know. that photo is really just beautiful. But what its trying to show you is that there are outlets on the side of the piece – for blenders, hot plates, etc, and you  just have to plug the bar in itself and shove it against the wall and never move it again.  Genius.


I swear to god i wasn’t drunk whilst take pictures.  But thats a detail of the inlay wood.  Its super beautiful.

I think i remember someone saying its going to retail for around $1000 but it depends on the retailer, obviously.  HGTV partnered up with Bassett (a 110 year old family run furniture company) to design and manufacture the line.  

There are a few other pieces i really liked but i think i’m doing them a disservice by using my iphone pictures.  When i found out where and when you can buy this bad boy, i’ll post it.

But that’s all i’s gots fors nows.   

WAIT….they just send me pretty pics of the bar:

Almost as good as my pictures of it.  Anyway, for those of you who like traditional, you’ll love the new collection…and the prices. 

In case you are wondering, no, this is not a sponsored post by HGTV.  Sometimes i just like things and want to talk about them.  Like ’50 shades of Grey.’  Oh, Mr. Grey…… 

And thank you Ms. Anne Sage for the awesome shout out today on your blog. That first email to you seems like 10 years ago….

  1. We visited the showroom yesterday and loved this piece as well! Actually have pic of it on the blog today too. We loved the resurgence in bar furniture throughout High Point Market.

  2. Sara

    LOVE that bar! Have to find a client's home to put it in…

    Hoping next year I will make it to High Point!

  3. Sarah

    Ohhh, like the bar alot! Um, yeah, 50 shades of Grey. Read all 3 books in 2 days. Life is sad when there is no more Mr. Grey, so take your time!!

  4. That bar is really pretty!

  5. That bar was my favorite piece, too! And I think you and I will need to have a 50 Shades of Grey postmortem when we finish these books. Lordy.

  6. Meredith

    NOO! You were in High Point and I did not know about it! Love you, love high Point. We live in Durham, NC and bought a lot of our furniture there when we got married.

    Love that bar. Don't even drink that much but I might have to have it.

  7. The bar is fabulous, but I really love the wall color!

  8. Jeanine

    Great bar! Classic and modern, looove.

    But as far as Fifty goes, I completely agree with Sara. Take your time with the books.. I finished the trilogy in a week and am left wanting (for lack of a better term). Can't wait for the movie but I hope they make a mini series on HBO instead of a watered down version in theatres. Who do you see playing Christian and Ana? I say Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Amanda Seyfried ;)

  9. Daniel

    These are the types of pieces that make me love contemporary furniture. It definitely looks worth it at $1000 but I'm wondering if you can have something like that customized maybe?

  10. Wow! Those are so pretty! That's the one craft I can't get a grasp on…I can knit like crazy, but going to one needle (hook) just blows my mind!