Art for The Fig House from Kai Samuels-Davis

Good Monday, folks. Check out these paintings by the incredible Kai Samuels-Davis. Kai is contributing four or five paintings for The Fig House project (not these pieces, actually), which is VERY exciting, indeed. They are a little intense, so but are we all at times.


They are on the darker side, but are going to bring a lot of depth and interest to the collection. As much as I love happy bright pieces, I don’t want to the whole space to feel overly poppy and too young. I want a mix of these more emotional pieces to balance out some of the other lighter and more colorful ones.


 I love the colors in this one below. Very much.




Check out all Kai’s work HERE and buy prints of his original paintings from his Etsy shop HERE.  Thanks Danielle (The Jealous Curator) for introducing me to Kai.

  1. Elka

    I love Kai’s work! He is such a talent. And you know what’s equally awesome? He’s married to artist Clare Elsaesser, whose work you’ve also featured here.

    They’re super duper adorable and sweet.

  2. these are beautiful! i can see where you needed some strong pieces that could stand up to the amazing furniture you’ve purchased (those couches?!?!). i really look forward to seeing this all come together.

  3. Sarah

    I’m also a very big fan of his wife!

  4. jo

    In your quest for amazing artists, you should check out Cody Rutty ( He has some pretty incredible stuff. I went to school with him and he is everything you’ve ever hoped for in an artist.

  5. Lauren

    I’ve visited his studio up here in Northern California during an exhibit program – very nice guy and beautiful work. i think Emily and Orlando should pick the paintings up here in person…and swing by my place to shop/decorate my pad :)

  6. Emily

    This is completely unrelated to this post, but I want to hear your thoughts on this season of HGTV Design Star (if you still watch). I feel like essentially the same person has won the past 3 seasons (contemporary designers who’s skills involve shopping at chain stores?). I thought it was interesting that they didn’t even ask them to pitch an idea for a show this year.

    • Rae Ann


      I responded to your comment about design star under new comments(Rae Ann)
      instead of reply. Hope you see it, Wacky me!!!!

  7. Rae Ann

    Me thinks you are on to something! I have watched all seasons and continue to see a pattern of personality over substance.Having become addicted to your website, I recently went back and watched your season again. I know quirky and free spirited when I see it and I knew you had in you but felt you were constrained by the show format. Hence when you got your show( which was to die for) the veil was lifted. Perhaps they need to have an entire season where all decorating can only be done from flea market finds, repurposed to reflect their styles.
    Brooks final challenge was the bomb

  8. Jennipher

    Just bought a print from his etsy shop! I love this style and my gallery wall needs a little darkness. Thanks for introducing This fab artist to me and cannot wait to see more fig house progress.

  9. Noah

    I found your blog while looking for a bit of home decorating inspiration! I started with one post (found after I searched for bedroom decorating ideas!) and now Im hooked and have spent a very wet morning here in Scotland reading through your blog! These images are beautiful and remind me of a wedding present we were given that I have never got around to hanging anywhere and now I have a bit of inspiration I think I know just where to put it!

  10. Sara

    Love his work. I can’t wait to see what you have at the The Fig House. I just did a post about portrait art on my blog. I really wish I would have known about Clare Elsaesser’s work as well. What and amazing couple.

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