Artisanal Antiquing in Portland

We arrived into beautiful artisanal Portland yesterday, scouted some houses (including one by Jessica Helgerson which is INCREDIBLE) and then naturally had to stop by the Stars antique malls for a cool hour and a half to hoard some beautiful pieces for this week (and life, in general).

Here’s what we scored:

antique finds

Huge pink Moroccan pillows, $85, weird architectural lamp, $75, berry baskets $2, vintage pink tassels ($22  … I mean, I spent $22 dollars on these tassels? … but wait, they will come so in handy for the perfect shot where we just need a tassel to hang on a door knob and boom, we’ll be in business). Ironstone platter $20, weird ruler sculpture, $12, gold paper clip holder $6, weird horoscope book $6.


Best score of the day is that brass and wood lamp $75, (and yes its coming home with me) little panting $6, wood plates $14, brass tray $20, blue vase 18, teal pottery pitcher $22, blue blanket with fringe, $38.

Twig basket $8, gray platter $10, petrified wood $28, blue pottery $3, amber vase $18, vintage quilt (but in such pretty condition) $36.

Black fountain bowl $19, boring wood bowl $22, vintage dominos $8, black candelabra $26, rustic pot $8.


Teak tray $28, white pottery cylander vase $10, low pottery bowl $12, oil portrait $32, huge jug $48, vintage jump rope, $6, little gold tea kettle $18 (It might have been cheaper, i’m forgetting).

Without knowing exactly what we need we bought things that we just really liked and would keep, or things that we know are photogenic. Like that brass teapot – i don’t drink tea, but on a kitchen island with some pretty mugs and newspaper and you have what we like to call the perfect “lifestyle moment’.  After styling said moment we will then try to build a time machine and go back in time to stop ourselves from ever using that douchey phrase again – even though we will mostly say it again.

The black candelabra is probably the only thing that I don’t really want to own, but one of the houses we are doing has this beautiful church feel with a lot of black and I can see this on their dining table with candles in it next to a beautiful bespoke bowl of artisanal fruit. Plus we haven’t done candlesticks on a dining table yet.

We are going back out shopping today after we scout a couple more houses. The shopping here is VERY good and everything is about 1/3 cheaper than LA, plus there is just so much of it.  Not all of the above were priced right or cheap, but I could see all of them in shots. That huge pottery jug, for instance, it was almost $50 which is a lot, but with a big artisanal branch in it, its kinda perfect for all you need on a dining table. And having a blank dining table is not an option for the book, or in life.  Its a style crime, and you simply can’t be the perp.

Must use the word perp as much as possible, it’s just wonderful.

Speaking of words we are playing a drinking game while we are here where every time we read or hear the word ‘artisanal’ we are taking a shot of, yes, artisanal homebrewed small batch bespoke bourbon.

We are already WASTED and its only 10:05am. Its going to be a very fun week.  (Just joking, folks … we are strictly business up in here).

So which is your favorite? What do you want to hoard? And again, if you know of any new stores in Portland, leave them in the comments, y’all.

To see what we bought last week go HERE. 

  1. Jill

    Fun having you HERE in my town! Of course, you probably know about Grand Marketplace – a relatively new favorite!

  2. H

    Red Snapper, next door to Hawthorne vintage and mostly furniture but some great accessories as well. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Brandy

    Gah! I wish I was in Stars yesterday! I would so stalk you and have you autograph a brass animal or something because I am nerdy Emily fan like that! There is a really good store in Milwaukee called Revolve vintage that you should see. Search Revolve Vintage on PDX Craigslist, she has very good taste. Hawthorne Vintage is good, and there is a new one right next door to it with higher end MCM pieces. Lounge Lizard, of course, and a new one I heard of but have not visited yet called The Foundry – oh and Vintage Design Collective – also in Milwaukee is a must visit.
    The brass and wood lamp is definitely my fave. I like the blue pottery vase too, I have a similar one in teal. IF I was not going on vacation this week, I would so want to come follow you around and be your volunteer assistant!

  4. Holly

    I just love that you get the point across to buy what you love. You might not necessarily have a particular spot or perp for it just yet, but you will – especially if it is love at first sight. I know what I love and my eyes know as well – that is what makes the hunt OH so much fun. Enjoy Portland!

  5. Rachel

    VDC is a new place right near the Stars mall. Cargo downtown. Hawthorne Vintage is great, a little pricier but better quality things. Lounge Lizard by Lardo and they opened up another store in Beaverton for their bigger furniture. The Goodwills are also pretty good. I know some people who like Antique Alley and Montichello Antique Marketplace, I’ve never been to either though. Vintage Pink on Hawthorne is good. Rerun on Fremont. House of Vintage is really hit and miss but it’s big and I usually find something I like. Hope this helps! Happy shopping! If you have time, Portland Craigslist is also great.

  6. I second Vintage Design Collective like Brandy said, and also highly recommend Grand Marketplace. Huge and amazing and the sales people are cute!

  7. Victoria

    So want to retire to Portland…I would take the white jug, teak tray, brass tray and the dominoes.

  8. Beth

    Maven Collective in Montavilla is the loveliest- super well curated! I have found quirky good stuff at Vintage Pink on Hawthorne. And of course you can’t miss Bernadette Breu! And if you want some seriously delish and artisanal donuts and chai (and coffee) don’t miss Pip’s Original on Fremont in NE- you will love their vibe!! Have so much fun!

  9. Annie

    Please say it’s the house in the Alhambra Condominiums that Jessica H. designed(at least the kitchen of it)! I’m obsessed with it and would love to see it styled be you and see more photographs of it.

  10. Eszter

    These are awesome…keep on hoarding :)
    I would take the lamps, especially the brass one

  11. Kate

    I’m an east sider…but I love Rose City Modern in downtown Beaverton!

  12. katie

    Just in case you were just dying to know, the weird ruler sculpture thing in the top photo is a marking gauge, used by wood workers for marking things like mortices. You know, in case you were styling a workshop or something!

  13. My fave is the Moroccan pillow!

  14. Jen B.

    Monticello is really good for vintage. I love Boy’s Fort, Canoe, and Digs as well (though not vintage shops.) I can also attest to the Pip’s donut comment above. It’s 3 blocks from my house. Eating more than my fair share of donuts over here.

  15. Trina

    Would you consider a How To of styling a kitchen table for everyday life? I have a big square table and no clue what to put on it. Thanks!!

  16. Trina

    Would you consider a How To of styling a kitchen table for everyday life? I have a big square table and no clue what to put on it. Thanks!! Love the blog

  17. Susie Q.

    I like the white jug, though it does remind me of something an artisanal bear wearing artisanal overalls would be making music on in an artisanal disney attraction. By the way, MS word is putting a red squiggly line under the word artisanal, so I’m now wondering if it’s actually a real word….

  18. Rae Ann

    Absolutely love the wood and brass lamp

  19. Does a laptop and or package of rice crackers count as “props” on a dining room table?

    Looks like you are having great fun! My husband and I took a quick tour through a local antiques mall, The Brass Armadillo, in Phoenix, and I thought of you often…especially when we both fell in love with a booth full of reasonably-priced MCM furniture we had neither money nor room for. I was so proud of my husband for not thinking I was crazy-pants for falling in love with a dresser (even if he was just “in like”)!

  20. Vicki

    Man Have you been to Phoenix. I’m seeing lots of those kinds of things way way much cheaper. Some really good spots in the Merfose district. Nevertheless you got some goos hoard!

  21. Emily

    Argh, that brass lamp! Why would anyone ever get rid of it?! I’d love it in my house (although, as we’re talking hypothetical situations, actually I’d like two). I cannot wait to get my hands on that finished book #nopressure

  22. Lily

    You’re the very very best at this. I LOVE the black dominos!

    x Lily

  23. Emily

    Jessica Helgerson! Yes!

  24. Jess Putterman

    Absolutely check out Beam & Anchor and Lowell for beautifully curated goods from Portland and beyond. Both are relatively new gems

  25. I used to hoard white milk glass bud vases like it was my job. I still have them and I think they’re perfect for any room or occasion. Now I’m trying to hoard less and enjoy what I have, you know the whole bring one thing in take something out deal. But also, my best friend pointed out that I hoard baskets. There are 7 different ones in my living/dining room area. Oh and plants. All the indoor plants.

  26. Bab

    Love all this cool stuff from Portland and A++ in spelling “artisanal.”

  27. If you have the time, visit Monticello Antique Marketplace, Grand Marketplace, and Porch Light in the Pearl (the latter two a bit pricier, but so well-curated). And if you have a brunch to spare, definitely make it over to Sweedeedee on N. Albina–it’s the sweetest little bakery/cafe. Welcome to Portland!

  28. deepali kalia

    Filling Spaces!NW- 19th and Lovejoy

  29. Love them all. The lamp and the teapot are my faves!!!

  30. Susan Ellis

    Down the 5 a few miles is the tiny town of Aurora, known for its vintage and salvage stores. Might be a little more farmhouse and less MCM, but there is a lot to look through.

  31. Sara

    All of your great finds are making me so jealous ;)…

    Are you going to have an “after” sale on all of these amazing accessories when you are done shooting??

  32. Emily K.

    Have you ever looked for/found vintage campaign nightstands or dressers in Portland?? I’ve been looking for years…any ideas?!! Hope you have a great time in Portland!

  33. Lauren Reese

    I didn’t read the other comments, so don’t know if this has been mentioned:
    But if you’re going to be on the West Side–Beaverton has an amazing mid-century modern spot with great prices. Rose City Modern right in down town Beaverton.

  34. Robyn

    I love Portland!! I need to take my artisinal husband up there and do some artsinal sightseeing. We’ll drink artisinal beer at Bailey’s Taproom. Maybe we’ll even bring our bespoke chihuahua with us and take her for an artisinal lunch at the Tin Shed Cafe. Then we’ll do some artisinal shopping before we head back to our artisinal hotel. This game is totally fun. I’m going to go throw up now. ;)

  35. lindsay

    I totally saw the iron candle holder when I was there on Saturday! I stopped and give it a long look but knew I had no where to put it! Enjoy Portland, too bad it’s raining :(

  36. Jihane

    My absolute favourites are the moroccan pillows (probably because I am moroccan?!) and the brass and wood lamp : it seems designed for you :) I am quite curious to know if you have a monthly budget to spend for hoarding or if it depends on the projects or the places you go to!

  37. Erica

    I agree with the Maven suggestion for more rustic, neutral, Kinfolky-western type goods. I like Curiosities vintage mall in Beaverton, Monticello antiques market (near Maven), and Palace boutique on SE Belmont. Palace has mostly clothing and natural beauty products, but they’ve got some unique ceramics, vintage tchotchkes and rugs.

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