And to all a good night

Wishing all of you and yours the merriest of days.

Here’s a video from our holiday dinner party  we had a while ago. It’s never too soon to relive some fun.

Video by Kasandra Baruch. Thank you soooo much!

Don’t forget that you have ’til New Year’s Eve to enter the mantel styling contest to win a dope ass vintage brass trunk side table. We have 122 entries already, and some are pretty awesome. All you have to do is upload a photo of your mantel. That’s it. Then people vote and I pick = five winners total.

Off to pack for my trip — Portland, I’m looking at you.

  1. Ahhh I'm such a sucker for a good video! Looks like too much fun.

  2. Danni

    Happy Holidays!

    If you do some shopping while up in Portland, can you give us a recap of all of the places you like to go? I'm curious to see what shops you think have good stuff.

  3. sean

    It's so much fun watching white people celebrate the holidays!