A pretty Vintage desk Moment

I styled my friend Ian’s house (remember the pilot episode and this post and this recent post of his living room) a couple weeks ago, shot by Bethany Nauert.  In the last year since i designed this room they added this desk in the corner which i totally love. They got it online at an antique store in the middle of the country and had it shipped. Meanwhile i styled it and made it all pretty and generally am taking credit for their good purchase.  

The clock is from Inheritance (one of my favorite vintage/antique/awesome new shit stores in Los Angeles).  Everything else i just kinda had in my inventory – aka my closet-o-hoarding, which had dimished very quickly due to the recent OKL tastemaker sale, but is growing rapidly due to my Palm Springs thrifting trip last weekend. Don’t worry you guys, i’ll soon have so much unnecessary stuff again!

I’m in New York, gallavanting around for a bunch of press stuff, pitching stories to magazine, doing a ton of tv and radio interviews and going to the West Elm Market Grand Opening party last night, which was totally awesome and i’ll be definitely buying and featuring their new products VERY soon.  

So before i go meet with People magazine in a few minutes (i’m pretty sure up for chicest hoarder in America) i’ll just leave you with that desk shot, which i love.  That overscaled pocket watch kills me.  Bethany (the photographer) killed it.  

  1. Bean Wagner

    Tried to bring a butterfly and scorpion (like the butterfly pictured) back from Peru and they wouldn't let me take them through the airport… confiscated for trying to bring animals into the country (even though they were very dead… encased in glass). I love those specimens though–they look like science experiments! Nicely done!

  2. Crissy

    Love the styling, of course. And I love the little pat on the back when I see something you love and I have it, too! I have the "watch" clock. I bought it with a cord and converted into battery. Mine also has the "fob" attached. Very cute! Keep up the beautiful work!

  3. Linsey

    While you're here – the flea shop next to the antiques garage at 25th and 6th has these amazing nigerian poufs I think you'd love, and they're only $50! The lady Nanaia in the very back has them. I took the one in your color but there were other great ones!

  4. Very lovely! You are converting me into a brass believer!

  5. Sara

    Would you be ever so kind as to update us every so often when one of your interviews is published? I'd love to read that People one… Thanks! :)

  6. Brad...

    I especially like the brass lamp… the form and the patina…

  7. Lovely arrangement, especially the jade plant and fur throw.

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