A post for Brian. And a question for you.

Brian woke up in a super bad mood yesterday.  Totally Grumpy McGrumperstons.  He told me it was because he had a dream that he and i were headed off on our vacation (one that i promised we would take) but whilst on the plane i asked the flight attendant if i could move seats to sit away from him so i could get more work done.

(photo by Ray Katchiatorian)

Look how sad he is.  You know when you have a dream that is so upsetting that you can’t help but be upset for the first half of your day? That’s how he was.  I kept thinking at least i wasn’t cheating on him in his dream, but in a way its just so close to home and so real that it was way more upsetting for him and me.  I mean, who dreams about being ignored???

It’s so weird because i’m very much not a workaholic.  I didn’t think.  But when it comes to the fun stuff (conceputalizing, shopping, blogging) I would prefer doing it over almost anything else.  Sure, i’m not dying to invoice or tape receipts, but i could pinterest all night .

Champagne problems, i know.  So we can’t stay in at night because i’ll just sit on my computer all night long. But while out to dinner this is what happens:

Brian, “whatcha thinking about?”

Me:  “Whether the mirror in the lake house should go vertical or horizontal – vertical is easier in a lot of ways, we just have to lean it – but it is really tall and wide and would be pretty amazing horizontal, too, and would absolutely command the room – but its 200 pounds so hanging it has to be done professionally and its a commitment.  And if we hang it horizontal then we probably don’t need a credenza or buffet underneath it BUT it would make the room longer in a way, so maybe we put it in the tv nook where there isn’t a lot of light to bring life into that area of the room.”

(from domino, not the house)

Or last night it was:

Brian, ‘whatcha thinking about?’

Me: ‘i’m not sure what lamp shade would look best on the wig-head lamp.  A white rectangle makes it more modern, but part of me wants to do it in navy or hot pink to match her lips – but at the same time they need more light and darker linen shades always create less light AND i’d have to special order them which would take longer because i’d like to finish the installation sooner and we are out of money’.

I’m such a fun date.

We’ll go to the movies and unless it involves Ryan Gosling, OR beautiful teenagers almost kissing and probably being vampires, then i don’t really even see it.  My eyes are open, but I may as well not be there because all i’m thinking about is whether i should recommend splurging on the Madeline Weinrib rug for $1500 or saving a ton of money and buying the West Elm for $200 on sale right now.  One is more superior but also 7 times the price….

So we had plans to get out of the country over the holidays and go to Guatemala, Cuba, Panama or Nicaragua to distract me.  You know, places where we don’t know how to cross the street or order the food. Where every second is interesting and we are exhausted at the end of the day and we create memories we’ll never forget.

Us in Laos, above. Caving below:

hanging in Vietnam:

We normally are lucky enough to fly on standby passes from Brian’s EXTREMELY generous handsome, funny and smart uncle who was a pilot for a long time, but all the flights are totally full over the holidays and our plan is failing quickly.  And my January is sooooo crazy right now with 5 houses to work on (one a total reno outside of New York), 4 out of town speaking engagements (Alt Summit, COME!!!, Atlantasmart COME!! and two privates).   Plus the book, product lines, etc.  Oh and we are moving into a three bedroom and that place isn’t going to decorate itself.  And then we start shooting probably in february which is a 60 hour a week job.

Plus i must paintball:

Why am i telling you all of this?

Normally i think its totally annoying when people talk about how busy they are, its like ‘yep, i know, most of the world is, too’. It’s just uninteresting and kinda bragging. But I’m trying to rationalize something.  I’m making a case.  Keep reading.

The amount of things i have to be grateful for is enormous right now.  I don’t think i’ve ever been happier. Seriously.


I love my husband more than my blog.

There. I said it.

It makes me terribly sad that i’ve overextended myself to the point of prioritizing my work over him.  It’s weird because i don’t feel not close to him at all, but if he doesn’t feel close to me, then its true. Dudes don’t really bull sh*t when it comes to talking about their feelings, they aren’t exactly begging for ‘a talk’ unless they really need one.

So i need to scale something back and the blog is the only thing that i’m not really obligated to do.  So here’s the question:  Would you rather have me write all the content but post less (like 2-3 times a week) OR get dope-*ss people to write for the blog twice a week – bloggers who’s voice, personality, writing and talent i love?  The blogs that i check everyday and have for years. The blogs that who i think are influential, entertaining and relevant? And never ever, ever, ever, cheesy.

I would never dilute the blog with randoms, i promise – but if it was the same cast of characters, and people who you know with totally interesting perspectives and great design ideas, would you be into it?  I’m talking Bri, Jen, Nat, Morgan, Joy (wait, she just had a baby, probably too busy), Orlando…. you get the idea.  It’ll be full of snark, wit, happiness and taste.

I’ve considered just posting less, but now it is a business that gives me a sense of security that i don’t want to neglect.  Its too important to me.

I promise to post personally 2-3 times a week, but they would be more thought out and all original posts, like i used to – less phoned in.  And then 2 times a week you get to hang out with my friends?

And then i get to hang out with Brian.  And work on my EFFING dollhouse.  (FEBRUARY 1st due date, i know, i’m so sorry. i’m totally ashamed of myself and i’ve been punishing myself enough so please forgive me).

And also I could enjoy the christmas tree that Brian bought and decorated by himself yesterday. I mean, shame on me for not decorating my own tree.  I suck.   Its the cutest, sweetest thing i’ve ever ever seen.  I’m going to add some touches, and i’ll post pics, i promise.

So, friends, are you with me? Will you stop reading? Or will you be happier that the posts re better – more original content and more diversity?

  1. husbands come first, that's why we marry them. your blog won't write itself but your friends can help and your readers can wait. DO IT and totally ask me to guest blog. see you at alt and have a merry christmas.

  2. I'm with you! You won't lose this reader. Hopelessly devoted to youuuu.

    Plus, I love Nat the Fat Rat.

    Now go smooch your cute husband.

  3. Blog less! We will see love you…. I took a 'summercation' from blogging in July and reduced my blogging to 3x a week and haven't gone back. It's so much nicer…and you know what – if you don't post 3x times a week, who cares? We will get over it! It will also make us look forward to when you DO post!!!!
    Keep it genuine and in your own voice…

  4. Family always comes first. Always! Post a little less and spend time with the love of your life. Or get guest bloggers. Whatever you need to do. Scrabble is a good game to play, by the way, that requires focus so that your mind doesn't get too cluttered with work when you are supposed to be enjoying down time. Plus, you'd probably kick arse with all the decoratey terms you know! ;D

    "Decoratey" would not be a valid word in Scrabble, just for the record.

  5. akemi

    There will always be work, you only have one Brian. GO.

  6. Meg

    I'm with you!

  7. Jessi

    I don't mind less frequent posting at all. Let's face it, I don't have the time to read it every day, much less post to my own blog, so I completely understand, and I think most of your readers will too. And wait…did I hear you drop a line about a book? Happy day, I've been waiting for some published Emily on my coffee table! But, ya know, take your time working on it, us adoring fans can wait. ;) I wouldn't mind postings from your friends, but no offense to them at all, but I come to your blog to hear what you have to say, not just for random entertainment/design tips daily. Ya know? God I hope that didn't sound rude. Anyways, happy holidays and I'll keep reading no matter what!

  8. YES!! Do what you need to do to keep the things that are most important to you close to you heart.. thank you so much for sharing this and making us think about how we care for those around us!!! Happy Christmas!!! Go somewhere special with your man!!!

  9. jenny

    you should totally spend more time with your husband. marriage is the other job, it's not gonna maintain itself.

    personally, i prefer to read posts you write yourself, even if less frequent, the other bloggers are great, and i already read their posts on their blogs. but you won't lose reader regardless. :)

  10. Emily first I seriously want to applaude you for being brave enough to post all this on the Internet!!! And second, husbands are more important than any ole' blog, of course! It's always so hard though I know to admit when you're totally over your head in work. I get like that too and nothing feels different, but then I realize that my amazing husband has cooked dinner every night, not complained when none of the laundry was done, and planned special outings just to make me happy. Sweet and amazing, yes but then I notice maybe he doesn't look as happy as usual. Well yeah, he's been doing all the work while I've been too busy to really even appreciate him properly! So, yeah. To answer your question, honestly I'm going to read your blog no matter what, but I would definitely be open to the idea of guest posts. I hope you all have a good holiday (even if you end up not traveling anywhere) and remember…just breathe (and love that handsome man of your extra)! :)

  11. Sarah

    I'll still be a reader no matter how often you post! I come for the fun read (your writing is so great!), which would be decidedly less fun if you started to resent the blog for the time it takes away from being with your handsome hubby.

    Blog when you genuinely feel like blogging and I'll be here to read it.

  12. heidi

    i will never stop reading your blog, emily. you are my virtual bestie. take care of yourself and your husband!

    and merry

  13. Hey! Don't knock the cheese… I love a bit of cheese mixed in with some snark, wit and great design… Post less. Don't sacrifice your boy.

  14. harmony

    i've never posted but i love your blog, love your work, love your style! anyway…you are so right to prioritize your husband – DO IT. i think i'd rather you just post less, but post yourself. most of us (probably) read those other folks already, and it would be a shame if your blog just started to feel like what's already flooding our readers, you know? but i'll read either way, so do what you want! xo

  15. Husbands First! It is SO SO SO hard for me to juggle my interior design business, virtual design clients, & blogging, while trying to be the amazing wife my oh so amazing husband deserves. There are some days I want to fire myself… but I love what I do! I am trying to create a balanced, organized idea for the upcoming year! I say make your husband your priority, everything else will fall into place!

    P.S. If you need any guest posters… I can help too!

  16. 2226modern


    I absolutely love you, your show, and your blog! I check it almost daily. With that said, this blog, ain't going to keep you warm at night. I can handle less posts if it ensures a better personal life and thus, professional life. Brian seems like quite the character, give the man the attention he wants and deserves (wow, this is sounding really sappy. not at all what I intended). Your awesome and so are your friends-especially Orlando (call me). So, get some guest bloggers. It's the beginning of an Empire damn it! You can be the Oprah of design. You think Oprah is the only one writing for her blog-NO, homegirl has help. Oh, and leave the damn tree alone! Brian decorated it for you, don't ruin the moment.

  17. RB

    I would be thrilled if you posted once a MONTH! It would be like a special treat.

    Whatever makes you happier will make you a better stylist & blogger. Thanks for all the inspiring things you do!

  18. Definitely spend time with your hubby! Readers and fans will still love you! Not everyone blogs 5 days a week, and no one expects you to give up your real life for your online life. It's hard for anyone doing as much as you do to also find time to write without losing all hours of sleep. I can't imagine being that busy and still having the time. Guest bloggers are good for different special topics, but not totally necessary. On the other hand, you have tons of fans who blog who would love a chance to help you write (I'm one of them!) It's so sweet that you thought of your readers and wanted opinions, but none of us would ever want you to choose us over your true love! Good luck and try to relax, we'll still be here when you're ready.

  19. Christine S.

    I vote YOU blog less. I think people love YOU and that's why they read YOU and would be much more likely to stick around to see if you have posted any new content. (As opposed to say, checking in and seeing someone else, they might just check out. I may be projecting because that's what I would do. bounce.) I don't know maybe you could try to start with just one guest poster like once a week – and then make a comment on what he/she says for awhile to transition. But I really believe people simply adore you as a person, the words that you say and how you say them; but posting 2 times a week seems totally reasonable! And honestly I don't even check in on ANY blogs more than 2 times a week. Good Luck! Oh, and I agree, don't touch that tree!

  20. LARY

    Blog less and that way each one of your post will be more valuable to us readers. Family always come first! Even tough we would be thinking about our blog in the back of our heads haha :)
    If you can Emily, check out my post about when we met last week. I have a very cute picture of you two that hopefully you can cherish with this post today. Coincidence much? :)

  21. Bravo for putting your marriage first and being honest with everyone. I've been feeling like I should take a similar stance and spend time with my husband and not just next to him while I work on the macbook.

    I would love occasionally hearing from Orlando, or others close enough to provide updates on your work, but I don't think you need to try and make this blog into a 6 post per week lifestyle site, unless that's a priority for you. We're all here because we're your fans and want to see what you're up to, and if that means 2 posts a week then we'll be here to read them. :) Enjoy Christmas with your husband!

  22. Megan

    I think most of us read your blog and are fans because of YOUR taste and style. So it stands to reckon that your taste in other blogs/bloggers will undoubtedly be exceptional and something everyone will enjoy. We won't read less that's for sure!

    Also, Brian and I had the same costume for Halloween :)

  23. I think Orlando would be great. He's funny, but more importantly, he's your assistant so he really knows what was going on.It would probably also be easiest for you, since you wouldnt have to explain that much to him.

  24. jacquelyn

    you're in my feed so I will read when you do post! love that you are prioritizing and loving your husband, he sounds wonderful!
    merry christmas!!

  25. He decorated the tree by himself??? That totally tugged at my heart. Family is more important than anything else, even if you are fortunate enough to love what you do for a living. Life is short. Spend as much of it as possible with the love of your life. All those other bloggers are fabulous but they already have blogs of their own where they share their amazing taste and awesome wit. I say post less maybe with an occasional guest post. It'll be fine.

    By the way, we are having Christmas dinner this year in my sister's most lovely retro Polynesian dining room ala Emily's awesome show. It already reminds me of a Chinese restaurant from the eighties (that's a good thing) so it seems fitting to eat Christmas dinner there. Like an homage to A Christmas Story.

  26. I will never stop reading your blog, no matter what. Go have fun with Brian!

  27. Sarah

    Guest posters? Enh. Not feeling it. Keep writing the posts yourself, just do it less often. Totally fine. Spend time with that cute husband of yours! :)

  28. Stephanie

    FYI, this post warms my heart. :)

  29. Viv

    Be with your hubby and blog less! I'll still continue to follow your blog – YOU are amazing in so MANY ways: beautiful aesthetics & design, inspirational, great personality, funny, etc. To be honest as an avid blog reader, I enjoy guest blogs on a temporary basis (i.e. filling in while you're on vacation; special topic) – I tend to lose interest if there are too many guest bloggers or if they reoccur too often. It's really a matter of quality over quantity. Less blogging, more lovin'!! Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!

  30. Well I love your style and your voice on the blog. I would still read guest posts, but it would make it more special if you post less frequently!

  31. Katie

    Hi Emily! Reading this post makes me even more committed to reading your blog regularly, regardless of how frequently you post! Thank you for being a real person and reminding us all to get off the computer once in a while and pay attention to the wonderful people we get to live life with!

  32. Brianne

    Hey lady! I vote for less blog posts, but from only you. You will not lose a dedicated reader here! I went through this same about a year ago where I was so stressed out from work, working 70 hours a week and I was totally neglecting all the important things in life, like my sweet husband. I was so distracted all the time thinking about work, always talking about work, etc. I made a serious life change and slowed down, re-prioritized and I have never been happier. When I spend time with my husband now, I am all there, not as scattered and distracted as I was before. It's so worth it! Cherish your marriage and your husband b/c that is something you will never ever regret. :)

  33. Carls

    I'll still read. I already read Morgan, Joy, etc. Bring Orlando on board if you must. I still read Chezerbey even though they only post like once a week, maybe.

  34. First I think it's admirable and awesome that you're giving something up that you love for the greater good of your relationship. Impressive and a great example.

    Second, I would love to see guest posts from other amazing people. I always love finding new people to read and follow.

  35. Girl, go spend more time with your hubby.

  36. You gotta do what you gotta do, and if that means bringing in other people to help out with blog posts, go for it. Husband is definitely more important than the blog. And I'll still look forward to occasional posts from you!

  37. Britt

    I come here to ready about what you're doing and what you have to say. I really enjoy some of those other people, but I can (and do!) read their own personal blogs. I'm down with less posting. I'm pretty sure you'll never regret not getting to post something, but you might regret missing out on quality time. We can wait!

  38. Jessica

    I come back to your blog again and again for two reasons: your incredible style and design talent, and your unique voice. Fewer posts a week is totally fine, and I'm a fan of guest blogging – as long as we still get to hear from you personally! For me, it's more than just the content – it's about the person behind it, and I think we all find you hilarious, genuine, and just fun to read. So bravo to you for prioritizing! I promise to keep coming back, even if you're not updating as frequently.

  39. Karyn

    Honestly, I love you but I don't read every day. No time. I do know where to go when I need a does of "you" and that means for me, the things you love. That would include other bloggers' perspectives posted here. You and Brian have a good thing going and that's hard to come by. Do what makes it best for you. I support that.

  40. Sandee

    be happy!

  41. erin

    i've really enjoyed this blog! i won't stop if you bring in blogging buddies. then you just post when you can, some of my most fave blogs don't even update every month!

    happy holidays!

  42. Whatever you need! I will read it. And I didn't finish my dollhouse either….and it was so I didn't ignore my family. Sometimes you just have to let things go and it's okay. Have a happy husband and a lovely holiday.

  43. I love your honesty, wit, and humor and if that decreases in quantity, I'll love your honesty, wit and humor 2-3 days a week :)

  44. I'll be reading no matter how often you post or whether you have fabulous guest bloggers or not. Do you what you need to do! Best wishes!

  45. YES. husbands and family memories first.

    we'll still be here.

  46. Another Emily

    Post less. If we're being honest, you're not doing an amazing job keeping your promises with it now, right? Wait – I'm not being a troll – bear with me. The dollhouse challenge I totally forgot except for you continuing to mention not having completed it, but I think you once said you'd blog about it regularly. It hasn't bothered me at all. You often promise posts soon after each show and don't get them up until a couple days later. I've never minded. I, like probably a lot of your readers, read your blog in my Google Reader. There's always something for me to read in there, and I actually love the blogs that don't post constantly because I can keep up and feel more connected. When there's a blog in there, I read it, if not, I read whoever did post in their blog that day. I'm with the people who'd much rather read you on your own blog than your friends. Most of these people you listed already have blogs, I'm not interested in them and if I were, I'm already following them. Just post less – we'll still be reading and you don't risk losing readers. My other two cents while we're at it? Your blog got incredibly overcommercialized with the "Winning!" and not-so-cleverly-masked Lands' End advertising. I came here for you, your winning personality, your design and your unique perspective and that's what always keeps me coming back. The rest of it is just filler, and while I understand you need to make money from it, don't do it on the backs of the people supporting you – that's never a successful formula.

  47. Devon

    I think it'd be great to hear from a variety of perspectives, people in your circle, etc. But I definitely still want to hear from you, too! You have to prioritize things in life and I will keep reading and supporting you no matter what.

  48. Cat

    Perhaps one of the sweetest and most heartfelt posts I've read in a super long time. And given that, Brian is SO much more important than this blog!
    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  49. HelpSavePluto

    We're with you Emily! Life is too short and you need to spend precious time with your hubby. Live for each moment, each day. I only ask that you let us (readers) know when the posts are truly you. Whatever content you provide from other authors will still have your stamp of approval and your POV. We love ya gal, and in order to keep up all the wonderfulness you've got going on you've got to breathe. I really hope you're not reading this…. you should be makey outey with your hunky man. The end.

  50. Laura

    I would say, like others, blog less! I will always read you and I love the other blogs/people you have listed. I am sad that I will not read as much funny stuff everyday but I do not matter your marriage does! Do it. :) I will watch you on reruns, online, on hgtv.com. Thanks for all the posts, I like how honest you are.

  51. I'm with you and what makes you happy. Plus, your friends are awesome bloggers, so it's winning all around.

  52. I actually prefer blogs that don't post every day. Whisk that awesome hubs away, even if only to a B & B up the coast for one night, unplug, and come back to the blog when it works for you, and not a moment before! If you really want to have guests, the obvs choice would be Orlando, IMHO. Happy Holidays to you and Brian.

  53. Hope

    Definitely step back from the blog…I love your writing and would rather just have that when you feel you have time. There is so much already out there in the world that I don't think you need to keep up the frequency with the help of guest posters. Good luck!

  54. Anna Best

    The only thing I would really be bummed about losing from you is the episode recaps. As long as we still get those do whatever you think best with the rest of it.

  55. Well since you asked, I'd rather read posts from you less frequently. All those guest bloggers you listed are great but I already read their blogs. I enjoy your blog because of your personality.

  56. amy h

    I'm not sure why there is a more-is-better mentality about blog posting. Maybe it comes from advertisers? I read a lot of blogs though, and I simply can't keep up with the heavy posters. I prefer the 1-3 times a week bloggers. And when people start having guest posters or obviously commercial posts, I usually skip those posts. You have a unique voice with your writing, and while I'm sure you know people with similar aesthetics, it wouldn't be the same. I'd much rather just see you here less frequently! Yes, family first! (And while there may be growing pains, I'm glad for your success!)

  57. decorbuddy

    I love the fact you did a whole blog dedication to your hubby and your relationship. Your relationship is most important and while we will miss daily posts, I will look forward to a more infrequest but substantial weekly or monthly post from you. Keep up the good work. I no longer get HGTV and really only have your blog to keep up with your great finds. So would hate to lose your blog altogether. But seriously, your husband comes first.

  58. I read your blog to hear what you have to say, not what someone else does. (BTW, I already read the blogs of most of the people you mentioned, so I think it would just kind of feel redundant – no hating on them or anything!) I would rather have you post fewer times a week than bring in guest posts. I understand the point of occasional guest posts if you're trying to feature someone who's not well-known, but that doesn't seem to be the issue here.

    Congrats on all of your success!!! Have a wonderful holiday! :)

  59. Katie G

    Most definitely post less and spend more time with the hubs!!!! I really like the idea of guest posts twice a week – I love discovering new blogs that way.

  60. I love your blog and your posts and blogging less just means we will all be even more excited the we are on holidays or special events :) I think even 2 to 3 posts a week is quite an accomplishment – you've got a lot going on. I struggle trying to balance everything and hate for anything I do to be at the exspense of my family. While we all love you I'm certain your husband loves you more. He needs you and you made a commitment to him. Readers come and go (although I will forever read :) but your Mr. is your forever. I've been learning that marriage can be work but it's also beautiful and precious and when you've been blessed with the right person so worth the work it takes to keep it together and make it last. Spend some more time making memories with your Mr. and if you ever need a post from the perspective of a husband and wife who are still absolutely in love with their living room designed by The Emily Von Henderson holla ;)

    Can't wait for your book!! Or the new season! xo.

  61. Lauren

    I always wonder how you have time to blog as often as you do! 2-3 times a week would still be rad. I'd be happy with either option, but posting 2-3 times a week still keeps it fresh, so you really don't need help.

  62. Mary

    Emily, spend the time with your adorable Brian. He is the most important thing in your life and we all can handle less of you, as long as it's YOU we get, it doesn't matter if it's once a week or once a month.

    Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!

  63. stassja

    Husbands come first – you won't be funny, happy, or worth reading if that part of your life isn't working right. Post less or have guest posts – I'll keep reading. :)

  64. You've got a dedicated fan base, success up the wazoo, exciting things to manage and a handsome husband to live life with. It's craziness, but it's also such a blessing! My vote is, post less AND set aside one day per week where you are completely free. No work, no meetings, no flights, projects, etc. You will know when your break is coming up and it will be amazing to look forward to! I used to post everyday (and may I interject, my career and blog are a heck of a lot more boring than yours); but once I started cutting back, I found my posts were more meaningful, thought out and special to my readers. It was like they got used to seeing an email everyday, so when I stopped, they listened, and it was more valuable for them to catch up on my life instead of hearing about it everyday. Besides, it gave me more time to let my mind relax and I could calmly, creatively, think up other topics and subjects for later!

    Overall, marriage is not always easy, but it can be simplified: marriage = sacrifice! I hope that helps :)

    Something 2 Write About

  65. Jen

    I think the struggle between a balanced life vs. blogging consistently vs. blogging with good quality is super frustrating. As a newbie blogger, I'm coming to the conclusion that you can often only have two of the three unless blogging is your full time job. I'm thinking the best two are blogging with quality and having a balanced life, so I vote you blog less with things you care about more. Then go and hang with Brian and be happy together!! I know I, for one, will read whatever you post and be pumped :).

  66. Sarah vL

    Pretty lady, marriage is first and foremost the most important! We will support you no matter what. I'm fine with you posting 2-3 times/week, and that includes guest posting!!! Take the time you need to be with your hubs, and let us know how we can continue to support you (click on your site more regularly? buy stuff from your sponsors online by clicking through their ads? you tell us how we can help. you know we want you to succeed!!). xo

  67. Honestly, I would love both options, so long as you keep writing at least something on the blog. Your inspiration, show recaps, research and personal entries are what keep me coming back. I always look forward to your posts and design ideas (because some of us need a lot more assistance in the design category than others).

    Still, do what you need to do. Keeping your marriage healthy takes precedent above all, so even if it means posts are fewer and further between, I'd still appreciate it and love it.

  68. Ashmasher from Detroit

    Ha–I don't think anyone would read your gorgeous, candid post and then comment, "Damn it, Henderson, you're such a WORK SHIRKER". We love you for being human, girlfriend. So go off to your Brian and be human. Do whatever it takes to preserve the things and people that mean the most.

  69. Angela N

    I vote you just post less. I am sure the others are fantastic, but I come here to read you! I much prefer that you only do a couple of great posts a couple of times a week and spend the rest of the time snuggled up with your hunky hubby. ;-)

  70. Meite

    Kudos to you for making this kind of decision! I'd personally prefer the quality time with your amazing self fewer times a week than strangers, albeit equally awesome strangers. Hell, take a blogging vacation if you need and then start reposting a few times a week. Your man is cleary a keeper for 1) clearly communicating the issue and 2) decorating your xmas tree all by his lonesome. Awesome on all fronts lady, keep up the amazing work!

  71. holly

    great post! i dont need guest post cluttering up your blog. id love whenever you'd come in and have your original content. really. i think people *think* we love guest posts more than often, but the good posts always go on their own blog anyhow, so its never as juicy.

    take your time and keep your blog your own!!

  72. Jane

    I agree with posting less. Twice a week is plenty! I also agree Orlando would be the one person I would stick around for. But if honesty is what you are seeking I agree, once again, with those that say: I only read maybe two posts a week from any blogger (even you and you are my favorite); I come here to hear your voice; quality over quantity is way better (not to say that guest posts wouldn't be quality – it just would have nothing to do with why I read your blog!) I don't think you will lose any readers posting less…and if the time comes that you need to use this blog as your bread and butter – well you will probably have more time to do it then and the same loyal following. Happy holidays to you and your little ballerina : )

  73. Sara

    Prioritize your husband. He obviously loves you & your marriage is more important than any job. You seem like a fab couple!

    That being said, I read your blog to read you. I like you & would rather read fewer—even phoned-in—posts from you than more from someone else. Honestly, I don't care if it's phoned-in, even the littlest snippets from your life are fun.

    It would be fine to have Orlando guest post every once in awhile, but I like your blog for you.

  74. Jenny

    Stop reading your blog?! JUST TRY AND MAKE ME! Ain't gonna happen. Weather you have fill-ins or not, I'll look forward to whenever we get a post from you – however often (or not) that may be. :) <3

  75. Emily, I can very much relate to this. I bet most husbands secretly (or not secretly) hate that Pinterest was ever created!

  76. Blog less and let this blog be all you! It's you we want to see here each week. Have a nice time with the hubby. He's adorable!

  77. Kristin

    Everything in this post is exactly why we love you (minus the scary picture of your husband in a tutu. That might give me nightmares tonight). Blog less. Ain't no thang. I'll just look forward to when you do post.

  78. Leah

    quality time with your husband is so important, take it! post as much or as little as you want, i'll deff keep reading the blog!! your peeps are amazing–i want some more orb-lando diys …

    you are so awesome and inspiring! merry christmas, and enjoy some downtime with your adorable husband.

  79. Family First. Always.

    Re: Blog content, Quality over Quantity for sure :)

    Take it easy, and have a happy holiday!

  80. Hannah

    I read your blog because I like your voice, and hearing about your world and your experiences as a designer. If I want to hear Joy or Orlando's perspective, I read their blogs. It wouldn't bother me if you posted less frequently, as long as your posts continue to be interesting and full of inspiration!

  81. Stephanie

    I'm happy if YOU blog 2-3 times per week!

  82. Bethley

    I think posts like this are why people read your blog. They want to know you. You are super honest and original and it's what keeps people coming back. Yes, put your marriage first. Any guy who will dress up like Black Swan is a keeper. I really like Orlando on SFAS, so it'd be a natural extension of the show if he blogged here, too.

    P.S. – I know Caroline of Caroline and Steve from your holiday special. We're both flutists and did a festival together in college. What a hoot to turn on your show and see her!

  83. Jill

    Post less. Family more. I'll still read your blog, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the guest posts. I'm a former workaholic so I know how hard it is, but it gets easier once you realize the world doesn't fall apart when you leave a few things on your "to do" list.

  84. melis

    YOU! if we want to read the other blogs, we'd go there. I'm definitely a fan of you blogging less and letting it just be you.
    cheers for getting priorities in order. It makes you seem even more HUMAN! That's a great thing!!!

  85. Please take a vacation and spend time with your hubby! (Decorated the tree himself?! He sounds like a keeper! He deserves some focused Emily time.) I love hearing your funny commentary but will definitely continue to read even if you post less. Having guest posters sounds awesome too! You've got quite an impressive arsenal lined up already. I can't wait to see the blog grow and evolve. Happy Holidays!

  86. Erin

    I'm definitely with ya….you do what you gotta do! As long as we get you a couple times a week we will be happy :)

  87. I think you should follow your instinct, but my personal opinion is post less. It's still you, won't need any extra maintenance, and then folks like me might be able to read them all. I just get so busy, sometimes I have to clear my entire blogroll. :)

  88. Meghan

    Family is a priority! I won't stop reading! Love you and your blog.
    Merry Christmas!

  89. Molly

    Go spend time with your husband and we'll get you when we get you. I love that YOU write your blog, even when it's a crazy rambling post that makes no sense and all the pictures are posted in the wrong order. Keep that authenticity and you'll have us readers for a lifetime. Happy holidays, Emily!

  90. Love you Em. So real, always! However, I can't believe you "claim" you aren't a work-a-holic! If it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck!

    Tough sitch, and I know you're a busy woman with A LOT going on, but Brian needs his wife (and not just to decorate the Christmas tree). Life's hard to balance and is constantly evolving, but I've always believed that relationships are more important than ANYTHING in life.

    That having been said… YOU, working your ars off, has brought you into contact with people who share your enthusiasm, creativity, and love of design. Everyone loves your blog because, well, it's YOUR blog, but I think having other people contribute will allow you to be more focussed on the 2 or 3 you can get to a week, and more delighted to do them because your happy husband may actually inspire some of those posts and help keep your creative juices flowin'. Would love to see Brian's tree by the way. Tell him, I'm awful proud of him and I think he earned his very own blog post today.

    love y'all- don't be afraid to take a vaca in your own apartment. no technology allowed for an entire day. it's pretty awesome and forces you to get back to the basics and TALK and act silly like you did before all of the other distractions ever existed. One of Dasha and I's proudest moments is when we had a face dance competition, which of course, I won!


  91. You are totally adorable- and fabulous- and you husband/family comes first- always- hands down! I will totally keep reading with guest posters- I think it sounds fun! go fo rit- and be a happily married woman at the same time! Amen!!

  92. Petra

    I'll keep reading whichever way you decide. I liked what Dan had to say above. Especially the part about taking your own "staycation" without technology. We all need to do that every now and then.

  93. I love your blog! But if you only post 2-3 times a week, I'd still love your blog! :) My life is not nearly as busy and I don't feel like blogging more than 2-3 times a week these days!

  94. Sara

    At the end of the day, you have Brian to sleep next to..not me or us. Enjoy every minute you have with him…we will all be here taking in whatever you are able to give us. promise.

  95. Briana Wall

    This post was d'awww. <3
    And I love those bloggers, but I subscribe to this blog because I like hearing from You!! Orlando would be great as a guest poster, but I still hope a huge majority of the content on the blog would be coming from you even if you only post once a week!
    Thanks for all the awesome work.

  96. max

    blog less and happy up the hubby, 3 times a week is heaps and we're not going anywhere. much as I'd love to read stuff by the people you suggest, I like your voice in this place, undiluted. merry christmas x

  97. NM

    Blog less ! All the way from France…I've never seen Secrets from a stylist. I stumbled your blog and became addicted, so I'm not really interested in reading anyone else's writing.
    Cut yourself some slack and enjoy some time with your husband. You deserve it as much as he does.

  98. sisterteal

    Go be with your lovely husband! From reading your blog it's obvious how much you love him but you need to show him that. Have a great Christmas together.

  99. pattyb

    I'm happy if you're happy.

  100. Sarah

    I vote you post less. Do what's best for your family! But I don't need guest bloggers on your blog. I'm here to read your voice. Your friends all have their blogs, and talk about design and styling on theirs too so I feel like them being on here would just get away from what all your readers love. Y-O-U!

  101. Danielle

    I'm with you! :)

  102. Jamie

    Blog less! I barely have time to keep up with reading all the blogs as it is and I've actually unsubscribed from ones that post too much so I wouldn't feel bad about it. You won't lose me as a reader! Now go love on your hubs.

  103. Christina

    Hello Emily,

    I read your blog avidly. I so enjoy your writing voice and learning about design through your perspective. I love your style. It is something I so look forward to. That being said, I would not enjoy your blog as much if your writing voice wasn't dominant. It makes sense if you have to post less. I totally understand that. Yet, what makes your blog so awesome is your fun, casual, witty tone. I suggest a consistent, quality once a week post. I would look forward to your blog just as much if it were a once a week happening.

    All the best to you,


  104. Muoi

    I would still read this blog if you posted less. Quality over quantity, right/ I have to say, I'm so happy for you. Things seem to be moving fast so enjoy any free time you have!

    All the best to you!

  105. Gwen

    As an avid blog follower and not a blog writer: I don't check everyday and I like quality over quanity (i.e. being genuine). Blogging (as a writer or reader) can be so addicting so do whatever works for YOU and you're pretty funny hubs.

  106. emily

    just you, fewer posts. i have so many blogs i read as it is. i love yours and i love your voice on it. best in everything…

  107. Debbie

    Priorities are important so do what you have to do and don't worry about the rest! I'll still check in cuz I love your style.

  108. Stephanie

    Never ever will I stop reading, just blog less! Im on here too much at work anyhow. =) Much love.

  109. Marcelle

    So here's a confession. I don't visit your site every day. There are so many bloggers out there that I like to read that if I visited every one every day I'd be at the computer for at least 6 hours. So what I do is I use Morning Coffee, this handy little addon that lets me chose what days I want to see certain sites. I click on the button in my toolbar and for that day, the sites I want to see are loaded. So what I'm saying is that you can blog a couple of times a week and I'll be just as happy. In fact, I'll be happier because I'll know you aren't just dialing it in and possibly headed towards total burnout. Now go outside and play.

  110. I will be happy if you take care of what matters! Blogging can wait. I can totally relate. 2-3 times a week is plenty.

  111. Post as little or as much as you want. I am not going anywhere. Obviously your man trumps your blog time.

  112. Of course blog less and don't feel guilty about it at all! You have so much on your plate–be sure to take care of yourself and your husband. Merry Christmas, Emily. :)


  113. Randi C.

    Honey you do whatever you need to do to keep the love alive! I love your work and will continue to read whatever little treats you post up here. That being said, I think it would be fun to hear from some of your faves evernow and then. Orlando is hilarious and it would be so cool to see where you get some of your inspiration from. Keep doing what you do Emily Henderson, I am kind of obsessed with it! Blessing in the New Year!

  114. Jen Hayden

    I had to come back to your post on this subject because I was suffering the same symptoms. It is almost April. I work part time in this biz but that is a complete JOKE because I obsess to distraction full time. Not that I do not completely jump for joy when you post design related content but this one struck home more than you can imagine. You are in fact my imaginary friend .. you and maybe Drew Barrymore who you just know will laugh at your humor (key) and appreciate your thriftness. I am getting off track…you see my Irish guy "packs a tight suitcase" (unlike me who will make best friends in Safeway) so you said it so perfectly when you said "Dudes don't really bull sh*t when it comes to talking about their feelings, they aren't exactly begging for 'a talk' unless they really need one." I have to remind myself of that … because when I read what your brain was thinking in the above article I actually did not get it the first read through… what's wrong? What! There was my Oprah. So you are right and clearly one step ahead. BLOG LESS. BLOG ONLY your own stuff. I would be happy with looking forward to it once a month like the flea market in the bay area that happens the first sunday of the month…So Emily take care of that white swan.

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