A day in the life – shopping the flea market

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you asked yourself if you could actually ever get sick of eating McDonalds chicken nuggets and even when you REALLY thought hard about it the answer was always ‘no’?  (Cut to me at 25 years old and in a nugget battle with someone else who also thought they wouldn’t get sick of chicken nuggets. Guess how many nuggets I maxed out on? You’ll be so disappointed; only 22. I thought for sure I could eat near 40 of them, but no, just 22!!!).

Anyway, I feel that way about going to the flea market – that I could go every single day and not get sick of it.

So, since I’m such an addict we figured it would be fun to show you what our flea market days look like as they are full of anticipation, exhilaration, avoiding starvation, freezing in the morning, sweating in the afternoon, joy and regret. Its exhausting in the happiest of ways.


6am. We set the alarm for what seems to be an ungodly hour, I normally preset my coffee so I have a cup of jo awaiting me and then get out of the comforts of bed. I debate taking a xanax so I can control my excitement and then I remember that I don’t have any xanax. The anticipation can be palpable, I know, but one must get control of oneself lest we become an embarrassment.

Before I leave, I pack my bag with all the flea market essentials. Going unprepared will risk dehydration, starvation, sunburns and the inability to actually buy anything … which would basically be the end of my life.

Here are the essentials:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

A tote bag Duh. Where else are you going to put your loot?

Water (and lots of it). You can buy water there, but its expensive. Although these days there are normally vendors that will sell in their actual booths (not the concession stands). But still, bring your own.

Pen and Paper  This is mainly because as you purchase you will need to write down the booth number if you don’t want to carry it around. Most vendors will let you do this. If you are at a small flea market then you might be fine, but if its a decent size market at all you MUST get the number of the booth and write it down. If you are going to listen to me one time in your life it should be right now. WRITE THE BOOTH NUMBER DOWN. You think  you’ll remember but you won’t. Every aisle starts to look the same, the booths change as people shop so they don’t even look the same later on in the day and your brain is fried from the sun (and getting up at 6am) so you aren’t on point. I have spent hours looking for things i’ve already purchased and one time gave up altogether only to find the same piece the following month where I had to convince the vendor that I was the one that bought it. Anyway, ask their number and write it down.

Cash/Checkbook The ATMs have huge lines and are either $5 or $8, and most vendors give you better deal with cash. A lot of vendors take checks and more of them are moving towards accepting credit cards (the square) but for now cash is still the best way to go.

Food/snacks There are some flea markets in the country that have delicious food trucks – The Rose Bowl/Long beach/Pasadena City College and Santa Monica trucks fail at this so hard. It’s a captive audience and they will charge you $4 for a taco or $12 for a disgusting unhealthy burrito.

So do yourself a favor and bring some snacks. We brought NatureBox snacks because they have a huge variety and they are delicious. Speaking of NatureBox, they made this post possible so we wanted to give a big thank you to them and for the GIVEAWAY that they are giving to all of you! (All the details for the giveaway you can find in bold towards the bottom of the post.)

Phone Duh. You will lose each other and need a phone. It happens to us every time. Either that or wear a bouquet of helium balloons on your head.

Tape Measurer – Especially if you are looking for furniture, obviously.

Vitamins. UH, ok I don’t actually eat these but Jen Gotch (ban.do founder – who is also a flea market pro) recommends bringing B-12 so that you can get a burst of energy when you need one.

Sunglasses – to shield thine eyes from the powerful rays of the sun.

Rose facial Spray. A total luxury and definitely not an essential but freshens you up when you are feeling icky.

Now off to the flea market.


Ironically The Rose Bowl it’s more expensive the earlier you come so the price drops from $20 to $15 at 7am. There have been times when I’ve gotten there at 6:50 and there is a line of 7 o’clockers waiting for the clock to strike so they can get in, but I’ve purchased the $20 ticket because I have such FOMO (fear of missing out) that I couldn’t wait that 10 minutes. In this case there was 5 of us so there was no way we were going to waste $25, but man I hated waiting in that line.


7am  After we buy the tickets we are off, fighting through the crowds, feeling panicked with glee and anticipation,  The Little Mermaids ‘Look at This Stuff’ on repeat in my head ….


7:05 – Break the seal. That first purchase is really hard to make for some reason. It’s a mental commitment that’s like, ‘Ok body and bank account, we are actually doing this now’ because you have to carry it the rest of the day. But the best pieces are always gobbled up in the first few hours.

flea market shopping

The first purchase in this case was this awesome wood and string hanging pendant below for $120. Probably too much but I really loved it and since it can swag it can go so many different places.  Also as a general rule I normally go around one time really fast and look for large pieces but if I don’t need any then I skip that and go slowly per each booth.


7:07  Lament wearing such a short dress without a spray tan. NEVER AGAIN. In fact because of these pics I got a spray tan yesterday and I now look Jamaican AND I LOVE IT.  Thank god ‘nude’ and ‘baby pink’ are in … my leg color is totally trending.

7:20 – Laugh uproariously whilst caressing this beautiful mid-century bed.  That bed was awesome but strangely the headboard didn’t fit that beautiful frame so it was a pass.


8:10 Find a sofa that makes you feel miniature. It’s very important to feel as small as possible at all times. Also I plan on buying a Hummer limo very soon to fulfill such dreams.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

9:20 Ask Jen (ban.do founder) if this disco ball (including the motor/spotlight) is worth $40. Jen (a world renown disco ball expert) says no with confidence and we move along. Also I now regret not buying this lot of die. Quick question: if Rachel Zoe were to see these would she say ‘I die?’

dice and disco

9:45  Famished and in need of a pick me up we munch on seriously delicious snacks from NatureBox. YES, they are sponsoring this content (how else can we have a photographer to just follow us around and take pics of us laughing?) but prior to this post I ate like 12 of their snack bags because they are so delicious and healthy.

Here’s their deal: it’s a subscription based delivery service of healthy snacks. You can choose what snacks are included in your box, every time, so you can discover and try new healthy snacks each month. Their products are made from wholesome ingredients and are Nutritionist-approved. They abide by strict quality standards: No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors.

One of my favorites? The dried fuji apples. I’ve eaten three bags now.


It’s seriously good stuff and I’m going to subscribe to it because I’ve gotten used to having it around the office and I love it. Is it all fat-free and sugar-free? No, because that stuff is BS. What I love is knowing that I’m not getting GMOs or garbage chemicals.


10:10  Back to shopping. I stumbled upon a brass Platner side table and got it for $45. SUCH A SCORE.


HA!!!!!! Kidding. Only in my dreams. Unfortunately it was $600 which is expensive for the flea market but not expensive for a BRASS PLATNER TABLE. I know it’s too much to spend but I actually do think it would have made my life better and now I potentially might never be the same knowing that exists without me.

Other things we witnessed: A large-scale poodle painting, a dope palm springs poster and porcelain toothbrush and toothpaste (which I purchased and I have NO idea why).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

10:45 Try on vintage glasses and pose.  Oh so wacky.

Sunglasses Emily Jen

Hey, Yoko Oh-no-you-didn’t!!!! I love me some dead stock vintage glasses.

Sometimes you need to put on glasses that make your eyes too close together and then stare. Hard.


And sometimes you need to pretend to drink your feelings. I had so many feelings that day so I had a very big teal drink.

Other times you get sad that you don’t look as pretty as Jen does in an instagram while she wears Tom Selleck pins. (Have you Sellecked lately? Its a thing).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

11:00  Find a miniature adorable vase that is shaped like a woman’s body and you get excited because a. it’s a miniature and b. it’s a body part and apparently I buy a lot of body parts these days. Body parts are the new brass animals.


She’s missing a nipple and I’m considering taking it to my porcelain dude to have her fixed. Not.

12:10 Snack on more NatureBox except this time we needed some sweets – so we went for the salted caramel pretzel pops and the yogurt dipped pretzels.



We love the dark chocolate nom noms and the peanut butter nom noms but you can find all their delicious snacks HERE.

12:30 Start all the pickups from the various booths that we left purchases at and schlep to car. This is kinda the worst part of the day. The pickups this time took an hour because we couldn’t find some of them because we didn’t listen to my own advise and forgot to write a booth down. UGH. But after we all split up we found the stuff and off to the car we went.


1pm. Stage a photo showing off all of your goods.  And we had so many goods, y’all. Maybe it’s because I’m decorating my house right now, maybe it’s because we had a crew with us so we definitely couldn’t leave empty-handed. Regardless we cleaned up.


Lots of fun loot, friends. Some steals, some not and some regrets – but all in a days work at the flea market. It was ‘RAD’ to say the least (and yes we got those for Ban.do for $15  a pop!).

So here’s what we came home with:

flea market finds

Pretty big bowl ($20), leather and brass elephant piggy bank ($65), tall vessel ($20), beautiful portrait ($100), footed bowl ($5), blue/brass kaleidoscope ($5), wood bowl ($2).

flea market finds

Brass sink, which is such a hoard by the way, $60, pair of framed original drawings $15, hand decanter, $7, and sconce $80.

flea market purchases

And then that hanging pendant for $120 and the huge, BEAUTIFUL, sisal for $275. Yes, I spent a decent amount of money, but with the book being shot now and us just needing a ton of props I can write everything off and have a big sale when we are done shooting the book.

So back to the important stuff, NatureBox, the reason we were able to pull together such a post –

  • Each bag is full size, and has 3-5 servings of that snack within it.

  • Monthly box always ships free in continental US.

And of course we are doing a NatureBox Giveaway: 2 lucky winners will each win a free 6-month subscription to NatureBox (the Deluxe Snacker subscription). Winners enter the giveaway by clicking the tracking link below to browse what snacks NatureBox has to offer, and then comment below on my post what snack they’d like to try. Make sure to leave your email so else we won’t be able to contact you. 


nature box fabric

In case you don’t win, NatureBox is going to give all my readers 50% off your first box, just click here to go to their site and get the discount.  Here’s what you get: 50% off first box of any size (only $9.95). 

(valid only on 1st month’s box. new customers only. not valid on gift subscriptions and may not be combined with any other offers) using code EMILYH

emily brady flea market

Thanks NatureBox for making this post happen. Thanks Christina and Jen for snapping the photos and Brady for working at 6am on a Sunday. Thank god we all like working together because that is a big ask for a weekend call time.

Now go check out the NatureBox site and come back and comment which is your favorite in order to enter the giveaway. 

If you want help deciding your favorite you can copy mine, which are here:


Whole wheat blueberry figgy bars | Coffee kettle popcorn | Lemon meringue waffles | Big island pineapple | Sour cream and onion almonds | Fuji apples

Now go there pick out your favorite and come back to enter!!!

*This post was brought to you in partnership with NatureBox but all ideas/words/opinions are my own.

*All photos (except the product photos) by Christina Winkelmann

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    I love this flea market. I live in Pasadena and my Airbnb place gets rented by people coming just for the flea market. A few more tips:

    1) Go with a stroller with a huge basket without the seat part, like a snap-n-go or the uppababy frame. It is like a mini shopping cart with much better navigation and is really lightweight (since it’s made for a baby after all).

    2) One time I bought a huge framed poster that was too heavy and unwieldy to carry back to my car by myself. So I paid one of the ice cream cart guys at the exit to help me carry it…$5 and so worth it.

  126. Tara

    Fun post! I would love to try any of the nom mons, the pretzel pops, or any of the nuts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Rachel S.

    The praline pumpkin seeds look awesome!

  128. Tara

    Fun post! I would love to try any of the nom noms, the pretzel pops, or any of the nuts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. The Baked Sweet Potato Fries sound super tasty!

  130. kelly

    Thanks for bringing back traumatic flea market memories from my childhood. My parents went every weekend and took their poor little 7 year old girl with them. My dad would make me haggle for fun and it was so embarrassing. Don’t do it to charlie, it’s the worst for a kid. Still loved the post. :-)

  131. Mar

    Oh yeah, and I would like sourdough cheddar pretzels. :)

  132. Such a fun post. I still have not gone to the Rose bowl flea but it’s on my must do list! I really want to try the Baked Cheddar Potato Fries! They look so good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Lindy

    The salted caramel pretzel pops look delicious!

  134. josephine

    I was just thinking of what I should do to replace my cookie-a-day habit.

    I’d love to try the COCONUT DATE ENERGY BITES.

  135. Emily O.

    Sour cream and onion almonds!!

  136. Karla

    The coffee kettle popcorn sounds right up my alley!

  137. Kelleigh

    SO many of these tasty treats caught my attention- but lets be real, I toally want to eat those poppy seed sticks RIGHT NOW! Yummy! Now I’m going to daydream about them all day and my coworkers will be totally scared because I’ll be licking my lips and sighing like a weirdo. But that’s the price you must pay when you see such a tasty treat.

  138. Oh, I’m a sucker for all things Lemon…but really, how can you go wrong with any of their snacks?

  139. Rachel W.

    Raspberry figgy bars! I mean, who wouldn’t want a raspberry figgy…

  140. Chelsea

    Those salted carmel pretzel pops are causing my stomach to rumble like a mad man.

  141. AlisonAllen

    I’m on a crazy, can’t get enough blueberry kick. Might need some blueberry figgy bars and blueberry almond bites STAT!

  142. Beth

    I would love to try the Fuji apples and also the guacamole bites!

  143. Melissa

    OMG…South Pacific plantain chips!….Pear Almond Crunch……YUM. Thanks for the giveaway! And, I am so coveting that leather and brass elephant bank. shut up.

  144. Lindy

    I’ve been wanting to try nature box!!!! Dark cacao nom noms and Fuji apples sound awesome!!!

  145. Jessica W.S.

    Those baked sweet potato fries have my name written all over them!

  146. Matney M

    cherry berry bonanza! and sourdough cheddar pretzels! mmm!

  147. Jenn

    Salted caramel pretzel pops! I love that they have healthy snacks without nuts (since I cannot eat those). I’m thinking of giving this a try!

  148. Dana

    Those mango fruit chews would rock my world.

  149. Lindsey

    Mmmm… the pear praline crunch sounds good. And the chocolate waffle wafers.

  150. Jenny

    Figgy bars and all the waffle cookies, maybe some lemon tea cookies too.

  151. s.montgomery

    Whole wheat raspberry figgy bars and Sour cream and onion almonds!!
    They sound so good but still relatively healthy!! That is a hard combo to find!

  152. Meghan

    The Bruschetta Pretzel Pops look really good!

  153. Jennie

    So many choices. I think I’d start with the Edamamix and the fuji apples.

  154. Teresa

    Yay for loads of vegan options :)

    The French Toast Granola looks divine.

  155. Carrie

    I love dates so would love to try the Mini Medjool dates. And the dried Mango looks really good.

  156. Meagan

    The Sweet Blueberry Almonds and the Honey Crunchy Crisp sound good.

  157. patricia c

    I would try the dried fruit, apple or pineapple

  158. Heather

    Chia seed crackers. I had them at a friend’s house – consider me obsessed.

  159. Helena

    I’d have to go with the dark chocolate nom noms. Can’t pass up dark chocolate!

  160. I’m so glad you turned the canvas around so I could see what gem was painted on it! Love all the ‘stuff’ you were able to scarf up on your trip to the flea market. I grew up going to our local town flea market and loved it! Please check out my original art on etsy. karen fields gallery Thank you so much! ~Karen

  161. Grace

    Just ordered! What a great deal! :)

  162. Most fabulous fealmarket!

  163. Victoria

    You make this look so fun, perhaps going with others is the key. I went to the Rose Bowl Flea shortly after I moved to the LA area. So excited, anticipating more treasurers than I could carry and left feeling like a zombie (before they were cool), searching for my car that had been engulfed in a sea of cars. I still lust about it but haven’t gotten back in the saddle. Reading your post with the fun photos and knowing you didn’t purchase the die lot makes me think July could be just right to trot on out there. Thanks for the fun trip.
    I would give the Fuji apples and fancy dried figs a try but so many items on their site are salivating worthy.

  164. Ellen

    Sriracha roasted cashews!

  165. lisa

    No contest! I want the Sea Salt Pop Pops and Dark Cocoa Nom Noms! Yummers.

  166. Ooh, I’m a sucker for those sesame stick crackers. My mom used to send them to me in care packages when I was away at circus camp. Yep. Circus camp.

  167. Alex

    Dark cocoa nom noms sound amazing!

  168. Amy B.

    Hmmm…those blueberry figgy bars look pretty good right now…

  169. Meg

    Bombay spiced cashews look delicious!

  170. Kate

    I am on the tail end of my first trimester and the snacking is nonstop. Lots of carbs to curb the nausea! These all sound great, I would totally get the salted caramel pretzel pops and dark cocoa nom noms… or coffee kettle popcorn, or country ranch peas, or bbq kettle kernels… oh my, this site is awesome!!

  171. Carly

    Um, PB & J granola? YES! Actually I would eat all the things. 25 weeks pregnant = snack monster.

  172. cindy

    I LOVE the painting you bought and I cant wait to see the RAD sign in the bando space. with the pink sofa? ugh so cool!
    i am a nut munching fool so i would love the bombay spiced cashews, sour cream & onion almonds, and the pistacios…also the rasberry figgy bars sound delicious!

  173. Beth

    The dried California peaches look yummy!

  174. Katie

    I feel like I NEED the peanut butter nom noms and pb and j granola! Is my son allergic to peanuts? Yes – so more snacks for me :) Plus, I saw that Nature Box offers tons of nut free goodies – score for everyone!

  175. Anne

    Yum! I want to try everything, but I’ll start with Pistachio Power Clusters.

  176. Chy

    Um, coffee kettle popcorn Por Favor!!! :) this makes me miss thrifting through the Santa Tomas flea in calexico! Love it, love y’all!

  177. Kimberly

    South Pacific Plantains. Yummers.

    EH-Should have forgone ALL else and bought the brass Platner.Haggled him down to 475. Sorry EH, but imho, one really awesome piece is worth way more than thousands of the common every day finds. Bowls, decanters, old paintings, even light fixtures do not look as good as that brass table would have looked next to a dark grey or hot pink chair with a fixture swagged over it to illuminate it’s fabulousness. It’s just as much about what’s there as what isn’t. Just sayin’.

  178. Haley

    They all look so delicious, but if I have to pick I’d go with the dark cocoa nom noms, maple habanero pretzel pops, sriracha roasted cashews, and sour cream and onion almonds!

  179. Anne

    I loved this post! I hope to have the chance to visit the Rose Bowl someday! It’s hard to choose, but the lemon pucker pistachios look good :)

  180. Wendy

    I’m loving a lot of the snacks I see on NatureBox, but I gotta say South Pacific Plantains, Maple Habanero Pretzel Pops, Everything Bagel Stix, and Mango Fruit Chews sound especially delicious.

    Also… hand decanter!? I love it.

  181. Hello blueberry almond bites, mini medjools, coffee kettle popcorn, cocoa waffle wafers?! Help, #cantstopwontstop

  182. Emma

    Lemon + waffles = lemon meringue waffles? Sounds amazing! All sponsored posts should have giveaways. :D

  183. The dried peaches look amazing! i love nature box! my friend and I have always talked about going to the Rose Bowl! this has inspired us to plan a trip!! looks so fun!

  184. Julie

    Too many options! How will I ever choose? This is a snack sensory overload that is making me very hungry! Right now I could go for any variety of Pretzel Pop or the Lemon Tea Biscuits.

  185. jen

    As far as the food, my mouth eats anything, she is so hungry all of the damn time.

    On to the flea markets. If I’m making a trip from the AZ to a flea market, which ones are the best. Also, is there one during the year that is better than the other times of the year?

    Thanks for the info!

  186. Kat

    Granny smith apples or Big Island pineapple. Yum! This post makes me want to go back to my college days in Eagle Rock so I can Rose Bowl Flea every weekend.

  187. Ariel

    How …do I even choose?

    They all look delicious – standouts that have my mouth watering include Maple Haberno Pretzel Pops and Baked Sweet Potato Fries (sweet potato is always a good idea…).

  188. Teresa S

    The lemon tea biscuits look yummy

  189. Mary Neill McKie

    All of it looks delish! Especially the yogurt covered pretzels, all of the popcorn flavors, sunflower seeds, and Fuji apples…

  190. Lindsay

    I’ve heard of NatureBox from podcasts, but never checked out the site til now. So many goodies! I’d like to try the MIGHTY MIX because I’m often too busy for lunch, and this would give me some fuel to keep going!

    Is there a Rose Bowl equivalent on the East Coast? I enjoy the Brooklyn Flea in NY, but that’s only a microscopic fraction of the size of the Rose Bowl. Le sigh.

  191. Jennipher

    Super post! Loved this. The Sriracha cashews look amazing, and I just signed up for a trial run of NB…hope we like it!

  192. Erica

    Oh my gosh! I want to try the Chocolate quinoa granola! Great giveaway Emily!

  193. danielle

    salted caramel pretzel pops sound devine, also bombay curried cashews, sriracha roasted cashews, peppery pistachios, Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix, sunshine chips, mexicana mango and chocolate quinoa granola. yowza!!!

  194. Shannah

    Great finds! For Nature Box, I think the banana bread granola looks pretty delicious.

  195. Libby

    Ok, I’m craving chocolate at work right now AND I can’t resist something that has “nom noms” in the title. So, I’m going to have to say that the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms would be my favorite :)

  196. Bridget P.

    the baked cheddar potato fries sound yummy!

  197. dawn

    all of the whole wheat figgy bars (and other fruity) bars look so yummy.
    those bruschetta pretzel balls looks like dinner.

    thank you for the giveaway.

  198. Ginna

    The dried fruit looks great for quick summer trips or just running around town!

  199. Nichole

    Baked cheddar potato fries definitely! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  200. Jill

    Chili Lime Pistachios look bomb! Fun give away

  201. Emily

    Those salted caramel pretzel pops sound sooo good. I’ve really been on a mission this year to clean up what my husband and I eat and this sounds like something we need! Gone are the days where I can eat a box of hot and spicy cheezits in one sitting and not gain any weight and not feel like crap ha

  202. Lauren

    The figgy bars and dried fruit look so yummy!

  203. Martina

    How can I be eating the Coffee kettle popcorn right now? yum

  204. Lindsey Eggener

    The Dark Cocoa Nom-Noms look so good! I want to eat them right now!! :) Just ordered my first box…cant wait! :)

  205. Saralyn E

    Oh… the Everything Bagel Bites and Sea Salt Pop Pops sound divine. My 5 year-old would be all over those Baked Sweet Potato Fries. Thanks for the great give-away!!

  206. Kristen

    Late afternoon was not the time to read this post. I would eat all of it NOW, but if I must choose, then coconut date energy bites, it is.

  207. Bridget

    Nature Box FTW!

  208. gina

    Ok, now I’m going to have to go to the Rose Bowl next month and find that Poodle painting!!! Would look great in my girls room!

  209. Ashlyn

    The salted caramel pretzel pops look so good! I would definitely give those a try!
    Great post!

  210. KVB

    Maple habanero pretzel pops are calling my name!

  211. Maddie

    I’m desperate to try the dark cocoa nom noms and the peanut butter nom noms. Preferably in my mouth at the same time.

  212. Kim

    Definitely the coffee kettle popcorn.

  213. dina

    I’d love to try the peanut butter noms noms (nom!) dina(dot)cohen(at)yahoo(dot)com

  214. Kristin

    blueberry figgy bars! MMMMM. yes, please.

  215. Laurie

    Sourdough cheddar pretzels and guacamole bites! YUM!!

  216. Meggan

    I know exactly what you mean about the nervous excitement, like someone is going to grab something right underneath your nose (and they do!) SO fun though!!! Everything at Naturebox looks scrumptious, but the sriracha roasted cashews caught my eye, yum! Thanks!

  217. Deidre

    YUM! I want to eat the cheddar onion sunflower seeds so hard. And also any of the nom noms. Delish!

    Also, how on earth do you make it to the Rose Bowl so early? I have a 2 year old and a new one on the way and can’t fathom waking up so early. I get there at 10 and never find anything good!

  218. Terri

    I’ve been eating very clean (whole30) and it is hard to find compliant snacks. Thrilled to see NatureBox has several items that would work. I would start with the Coconut Date Energy Bites. Yum!

  219. Ailyn

    Maple Habenero Pretzel Pops sound delish!

  220. catherine

    ROSE BOWL…some day, some day…but I think of that 6 am clock call..and quickly cover my head with my sheets!

    Wondered about the snacks…I think the Cocoa Waffle Wafers look yummy, yummy and might actually entice me to get up and meet you at the Rose Bowl!

  221. Lauren

    Sriracha roasted cashews, PLEASE!!!! Yum.

  222. tess

    fuji apples

  223. tammyCA

    You guys sitting on the giant sofa is too funny…and the Harry potter glasses, too

  224. Sarah W.

    Everything looks so good especially these:
    Sourdough chedder pretzel
    Pistachio power clusters
    Baked sweet potato fries
    Sweet blueberry almonds
    Guacamole bites

  225. Gina

    I’d love to try the Cherry Ganache Granola!

  226. decorbuddy

    coffee kettle popcorn are the ones I will order….Yum!

  227. Kacey

    All of the fig snacks — all of them!

  228. Alycia Young

    Coconut dates!! Yummy plus any thing with Carmel and sea salt…I die

  229. Diana

    Sour Cream and Onion Almonds = yes yes and yes almonds!

  230. Leslie

    Perfect timing! I was just getting ready to sign up for nature box! I’d love (and plan) to try the PB&J granola, coconut dates and Peanut Butter Nom Noms!

  231. Alison F.

    Whole wheat lemon figgy bars please! Yum!

  232. Samantha

    You had me at salty caramel pretzel pops

  233. Julia R

    Such a fun post! Thank you! Love the ginormous red sofa/miniature effect. :)

  234. I just ordered my first box and can’t wait to taste the Mango Orange Fruit Chews!

    Also, love those big letters you got! My daughter’s name is Rooney so I am dying over that R!

  235. Emily

    Guacamole bites…what?! Please and thank you!

  236. Berta

    The lemon meringue waffles and the fuji apples look delicious.

  237. !!!!! they have gluten free stuff! yeah! i’ve been wanting to try this out for awhile and gluten free means i CAN. the strawberry carrot fruit chews sound really interesting. i love carrots, but have never had a fruit chew with carrot in it.

  238. Stacey

    everything looks so good! as i scroll down i find a new favorite every row! but i’ll settle on salted caramel pretzel pops! (and every single flavor of the granola!)

  239. Sasha

    Salted caramel pretzel bites!!

  240. Natasha S

    My favorite would be the cocoa waffle wafers!

  241. Eliza

    First, I have to say that my son has a severe peanut allergy, and I LOVE the fact that you can choose nut free options on the Naturebox site! As a mom who usually has to scour the earth to find these kind of snacks that are safe, this is fantastically awesome! I would love to try the cherry vanilla granola, the lemony waffles, and the yogurt covered pretzels. YUM! Thanks for doing this, Emily!

  242. Mel

    Totally peanut butter nom noms. The pop pops would totally work too!

  243. christina

    Sour cream and onion almonds sounds sooo yummy!!

  244. Meg

    Whole Wheat Figgy Bars. Get in my belly!!

  245. You scored so many excellent things at the Rose Bowl! Everything over on the NatureBox site looks delicious, especially the Baked Cheddar Potato Fries. Yum!

  246. Patti

    Umami Roasted Nuts, please and thank you!

  247. Lee Smith

    Definitely the coconut date energy bites and the sea salt pop pops!


  248. Kellen

    Oh my! Dying to go to the Rose Bowl – one of these days…
    The Nature box waffle cookies and curried cashews look particularly tasty!

  249. angie

    i honestly don’t even know where to start on what stands out to me – pretty sure i’d eat any of the snacks offered! the dark chocolate berry trail mix or antioxidant boost are two that i’d start with :)

  250. I WANT IT ALL!!! Seriously, it all looks so delicious. I would have to nominate the roasted kettle kernels as one I would love to try.

  251. Christine

    Both types of fruit chews and those lemon tea biscuits look UH-mazing!!

  252. Meaghan Young

    Coffee kettle popcorn. I have loved both of those things seperately and now maybe together!

  253. Jenna

    The salted caramel pretzel pops. Duh. ;)

  254. Ingrid

    Baked cheddar potato fries would be awesome. Nice post!

  255. Erika

    I would like to try the fuji apples!

  256. Laura Wilder

    The Mango Almond Bites look great, but it was very hard to choose just one.

  257. sarah

    anything flavored with cheddar sounds delish!

  258. marjorie

    the sea salt pop pops, peanut butter nom noms, sourdough cheddar pretzels

  259. Nancy S

    Gotta try some Pistachio Power Clusters! SO many great looking choices!

  260. Mmmm, the coffee kettle popcorn looks delish!
    What I really want to know, though is where you stash all this stuff once you leave the flea market! You must have a storage space to hold it all until you find it the perfect home.

  261. maureen

    The fuji apples baby!!!!! yummy!!

  262. Bek W

    Oh my goodness!! So much deliciousness! I’d like to try the salted caramel pretzel pops – wowsers! :)

  263. Melinda

    Coconut date energy bites. Yum!

  264. Laurie

    I am always game for anything coffee… must try the coffee kettle popcorn. I’d have to hide it though as my whole family would probably eat it before I’d get even a kernel.

  265. Anna

    The salted caramel pretzel pops for sure! Sweet and salty for the win!

  266. AL

    Big island pineapple. Yes and yes.

  267. stephieZ

    I love naturebox. My favorites are the praline pecan pumpkin seeds and the sriracha cashews.

  268. Natalie S.

    I love snacking on nuts, so those lemon pucker pistachios and sour cream and onion almonds look amazing!!!

  269. Olivia

    All of those snacks look so good, but I guess the Chocolate Quinoa Granola caught my eye. I have a sweet tooth, but with quinoa it’s healthy right?

  270. kristin

    would love to try the sweet potato fries or the sourdough cheddar pretzels

  271. Cynthia

    Wow! Each option sounds heavenly but I think the sunshine chips would be my first stop :)

  272. Alexis

    I would totally try the Fuji apples!

  273. Shannon

    The coconut date energy bites look good. I’d also like to try some of the dried fruit and figgy bars.

  274. I was all set to copy you on those sour cream and onion almonds and Fuji Apple chips, but then I saw that they had PLANTAIN CHIPS! We’re obsessed with those!

  275. Emily M

    Yup, those lemon meringue waffles look nom nom nom. But I’d try just about every snack they offer – good stuff all.

  276. Caroline R

    I got really hangry just looking at all their snacks, hard to choose even just a few! But, I think the Carrot Strawberry Fruit Chews, Dried Pears, and sourdough cheddar pretzels would the first ones I’d like to try- got my fingers crossed! Thanks for a great contest.

  277. Alyssa K.

    The mango orange chews and yellow curry peas look delicious! I honestly wouldn’t know where to start though. I’m addicted to snacks.

  278. Colleen

    The sunshine chips look beautiful and delicious.

  279. Dark cocoa nom noms, please. And lots of them!!!

  280. Jessica

    The Cranberry Almond Bites and Baked Sweet Potato Fries look yummy!

  281. Praline Pumpkin Seeds for the win!

  282. Shayla

    I definitely want to try the whole wheat blueberry figgy bars. I am not really supposed to eat white flour and it’s hard to find sweets that taste good in whole wheat.

  283. ver

    the lemon meringue waffles :O

  284. Duyen

    I would love to try the Sea Salt Pop Pops and the Acai Berry Crunch!!!

  285. wanda

    loving the kettle popcorn! thanks for a wonderful give-a-way.

  286. lois

    the coffee kettle popcorn looks amazing…

  287. Emily

    Wow… they all look SO GOOD. But the Coconut Date Energy Bites look so tasty and perfect for keeping at my desk (thereby drowning out the siren call of the breakroom snacks). Awesome post, have never been to California but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about Rose Bowl!

  288. OKAY. I know this is a sponsored post but I LOVE IT. I promise I’m not a creeper fan girl, or at least I try not to be, but I have followed you since seeing you on Design Star and you are basically my favorite of all time ever. Design, all things vintage, mama stuff, tasty treats… I love it all. So thanks for being so awesome.

    Also, because I love free stuff, the bombay curried cashews have my name all over them.

  289. Allison

    The black and white granola looks great!

  290. Cheryl

    Oh man…8 months pregnant so everything looks good! Especially the dried granny smith apples and sriracha cashews. Yum!

  291. julie

    So happy to see the flea post — around here summer is the time to go to market! Thanks for sharing Emily, also for the hook up on healthier goodies! The lemon meringue waffles look snaxtastic!

  292. Lindsey F

    If only NatureBox had an insta-delivery option because their snacks look so darn good I don’t know if I can wait 5-8 days for my subscription to get here. Thanks for sharing the NatureBox love Emily!

    Oooo, ya… I added lots of good stuff to my first box, but I’m so excited to try the Chili Lime Pistachios and the Siriacha Roasted Cashews. Yum

  293. Rachel H

    The umami roasted nuts look really good! So does the dark chocolate and berry trail mix!

  294. Angela

    Sriracha roasted cashews and Coffee Kettle popcorn look amazing!

  295. if there is one thing i love more than your style, its snacks!
    the salted caramel pretzel pops.. bc sweet and salty is my favorite.
    thanks for being awesome and putting said awesomeness on the interwebs.

  296. Angie Q

    I am insanely jealous of that elephant piggy bank. So much awesomeness. Insanely jealous, yes. If I had been there to see it, we may have fought over it.

    I see too many things on NatureBox that look yummy. Probably the first ones I’d want to try are:
    Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops
    Lemon Tea Biscuits
    Guacamole Bites

  297. Kate

    Everything looks amazing, but…banana bread granola? Come on! I also need those lemon meringue waffles in my life. Signing up now!

  298. Janine Coleman

    While I’m loving the fancy dried figs (’cause i’m fancy, ‘natch), I think I’d go with the french toast granola for extra fiber and energy for my day. Thanks for the givaway!

  299. Deb

    Coffee kettle popcorn yummy!

  300. Deb

    Coffee kettle popcorn totally awesome!

  301. Karen

    I would love to try the wheat blueberry figgy bars
    I love reading your blog and I’m going to try the flea market tips. I enjoyed this post a lot I’m an avid fan of the flea market myself
    Thank you

  302. Hannah

    Seeing as how I am a chocolate addict, my picks are fairly obvious – I’d love to try the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms, Cocoa Waffle Wafers, and Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops. It all looks amazing!

  303. Sandy

    I loved this post Emily on the Rose Bowl because i also met you there once a few years ago…we were so thrilled to met you (my two daughters were with me) and I still have your business card…dark blue font, all caps with small blue flowers on the bottom!! Just adorable,, you and the card! and i pick Mango Almond Bites.

  304. Megan

    Mango orange fruit chews for sure!!!

  305. Katie

    Lemon meringue waffles?!?! It’s the most perfect food baby there ever was.

  306. Suz

    Lemon meringue waffles sound incredible! I would also want to try the sour cream and onion almonds for my savory tooth. :)

  307. raquel

    coffee kettle popcorn yum!

  308. Jessica B.

    I would love to try the banana bread granola and the the dark cocoa mom noms.

  309. Maria

    Everything looks delicious, but that coffee kettle popcorn has my mouth watering!

  310. Leigh Card

    I have my eyes on that Big Island Pineapple! Thank you!

  311. Liz

    Sea salt pop pops look great!

  312. Janet choi

    Sweet potato fries!!

  313. Brittany

    The maple habanero pretzel pops look dang tasty – and they’re vegan! Yippee! :-)

  314. Michaela

    YUM! toasted sesame stix all the way. xo

  315. I visited Rose Bowl flea market when I was in LA last year – I was SO excited about being there at the right time of the month, wow its huge!!! so much to see…very cool flea market!

  316. Kristen M.

    So. Pistachio Power Clusters and Chili Lime Pistachios. I might have a pistachio problem. Probably.
    “Is it all fat-free and sugar-free? No, because that stuff is BS. What I love is knowing that I’m not getting GMOs or garbage chemicals.” Right on, sister.

  317. Mari

    The waffle snacks look amazing!

  318. Pistachio Power Clusters! Gimme.

    I am currently pregnant and already in nesting mode (which actually I think I’m in all the time whether or not I’m growing a human) and this post made me SO happy.

    Great giveaway – thanks, Naturebox!

  319. Wow that looks so fun!!! I’m a New Yorker, so I don’t really know how to thrift like that…

  320. Melanie

    All of it, but the Fuji apples and kettle corn to start with!

  321. Samantha

    All the snacks sound awesome, the dried pears sound really good!

  322. Fatema

    The apple pie oat clusters look amazing!

  323. Sasha

    I’ve been dying to try NatureBox and this was the push I needed. The salted caramel pretzel pops and the dark cocoa nom noms sound delish.

  324. Sara

    Sea salt pop tops for sure! :)

  325. Erika

    Ummmmm, so I haven’t tried NatureBox yet because I feel like I can’t possibly be too lazy to head to Trader Joe’s and pick up some dried fruit and shit. Then again, I’m 100% this lazy and feel like the sour cream and onion almonds were created for me and only me. And my laziness. Word.

  326. Shannon

    The lemon pucker pistachios sound tasty!

  327. Marlene

    Makin’ me SO very hungry! Given my love of apples, I would start with the Fuji Apple snacks. Thanks!

  328. Jennifer

    Salted caramel pretzel pops cover both my sweet and savory cravings in one. Bonus! Love that sisal rug and footed bowl.

  329. Carly

    I would LOVE the yogurt pretzels! I am slightly obsessed with them and would love them to be delivered to my door!

  330. Jenni

    I had heard of NatureBox before, but never checked them out because I’m vegan and allergic to some nuts and that always means finding snacks sucks. But I filtered out all the snacks that WEREN’T vegan and didn’t have nuts and there were still a ton to choose from! I’m so excited! I really want to try the dried peaches and pineapple, and the guacamole bites, and salted caramel pretzel pops. Yummmmmmm.

  331. Lauren

    you had me at salted caramel pretzel pops.

  332. Holly

    That pendant lamp and portrait are beyond fabulous. Looking forward to seeing where they get placed in your home. And the book, the book!! So very exciting.

  333. Cathy

    Nomg where to begin?? I’d say my top 3 picks would have to be mango almond bites, sweet blueberry almonds, dark chocolate nom noms…yum!

  334. Lisa

    Oy! It’s not possible to pick just one. Anything that says lemon, pretzel, maple, or figgy in the title has to be awesome. And I truly love dried Fuji apples! LOVE your blog and can’t wait for the book!

  335. Alison

    Definitely bruschetta pretzel pops

  336. Alison

    Salted caramel pretzel pops….I’m drooling just typing that;)

  337. Jeannie

    I’m a sweet and salty combo kind of gal so the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops sounds tasty to me!

  338. Tracy

    The sour cream and onion almonds sound addictive! And I’m sure you can’t go wrong with the salted caramel pretzel pops.

  339. Heidi

    Honey Nut Medley or Mexican Mango por favor!

  340. Chelsey Hochmuth

    I’m all about the dark cocoa nom noms!

  341. Kate

    The sea salt pop pops look amazing.

  342. melinda

    Yum! Salted Pretzel pops…dk chocolate nom noms… sour cream and onion almonds…and one of the blueberry things. there were so many yummy things there was a little explosion inside my head……!

  343. mmm, would love to try the chocolate nom noms!

  344. rachel

    The coffee kettle popcorn and flax fortune coins!

  345. Aubrey M

    sriracha cashews. yum.

  346. Jenny M

    They all look amazing – but definitely need to try dark cocoa noms noms.

  347. Kamryn

    Salted caramel pretzel pops, what?! This site has so many delicious snacks!

  348. Holly

    NatureBox & Emily are both divine! Maple Habanero Pretzel Pops!

  349. Laura

    Chocolate quinoa granola sounds so interesting, but I’d happily try any of the snacks – I just had a baby and desperately need one-hand friendly foods around the house! I’m always hungry but always holding an infant!

  350. MIchelle

    Hi Emily!
    You are such an inspiration, I usually browse your site whenever I need a pick me up during boring office days and I get a bit of sunshine in my day, that being said The Nature box site is like paradise for people that want to eat healthy! I’d have it all but probably start with sunshine chips, cashew power clusters and sour cream and onion almonds!

  351. Dawn Reed

    I would like to try the Cranberry and Blueberry Almond Bites – they look delicious!

  352. I will take everything in the savory section, and about two thirds of the sweet! But if I had to choose a fave, the Bruschetta Pretzel Pops are intriguing.

  353. Delores

    Emily & Team,

    Glad you enjoyed the flea market!

    I really want to try the Bombay Curried Cashews. So interesting.

    Thanks for sharing information about this company. Such a great concept.

  354. Teresa

    I am such a lemon girl and those lemon meringue waffles look amazing!

  355. Cindy

    Toasted sesame stix sound amazing! And I’m thrilled to hear that “baby pink” leg color is in. What about adding some purple veins in the mix? I’ll be totally on trend!

  356. Amy

    The South Pacific Plantains look delish!

  357. Annie

    Mmmm dark chocolate nom noms calling out to me..

  358. Jody

    Peanut Butter Nom Noms…yum!!

  359. Natalie

    I want to get to this flea someday! The salted caramel pretzel pops sound amazing!

  360. Tiffany

    Definitely the coffee kettle corn and the Fuji apples for me!

  361. Hannah R.

    Would love to try the Coffee Kettle Popcorn & the Dark Cocoa Nom Noms. All the snacks look amazing though! Thank you!

  362. Katarina

    mmm, those dark cocoa nom noms look amazing. Thank you NatureBox for sponsoring the amazing Emily!

  363. Katie

    I LOVE this!!! I made a special trip out to the Rose Bowl Flea last month as a little pre-birthday present to myself. I LOVED IT. We have amazing antique festivals in Texas, but the Rose Bowl Flea was beyond. I’m so happy to see you scored so many treasures! I can’t wait to make my way back to Cali for another trip–this time I’ll bring a uHaul :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    Here’s my Flea Market recap post: http://www.spraypaintandchardonnay.com/2014/06/rose-bowl-flea-market.html


  364. beth

    Wow each and every one of those snacks looks soooo good. But I can’t beat an old favorite: yogurt covered pretzels!

  365. Hannah

    South Pacific Plantains!

  366. Karen

    Let’s try cheddar and onion sunflower kernels!

  367. Kim Casey

    I just love the pair of sketches you bought and for $15?! You got some great finds there! And I would kill for some banana bread granola in my yogurt, yum!

  368. Brooke A.

    They all look delicious, but really the raspberry whole wheat figgy bars got me.

  369. Jill

    Those NatureBox snacks look delish. I think I would want to try the PB Nom Noms or the Dark Chocolate Nom Noms.

  370. Alison

    hi! Loved this post and all the pictures!

    I’d love to try to Pear Praline Crunch.

    Thanks! my email is alisonkwilson@gmail.com

  371. Haley

    SO jealous of such a huge flea market! I would love to go to that someday.

    Would love to try the Salted Caramel Pretzel Pops. They sound delicious!

  372. lisab

    Gimme the green tea ligonberry emmental poppy poppers please
    Is there a blog out there that refrained from shilling for these cheesy nature boxes???

  373. Ada

    I would like to try the dark cocoa nom noms!

  374. Torey

    Would love to try the dried plantains and some of the seasoned sunflower seeds. Love that they have gluten free stuff!

  375. Joyce

    I love apple chips so I think I’d have to go with those dried Fuji apples! There’s too many to choose!

  376. Madonna

    Oh my goodness, the salted caramel pretzel pops sound amazing! Or the dark cocoa nom noms. I’m so hungry after reading this post and looking at all the snack goodies…

  377. Alyssa Moore

    Fuji apples!

  378. april

    I think I would have to go with the dried peaches – I love dried fruit!

  379. Halley

    omg whole wheat lemon figgy bars. yes, yes, yes please.

  380. Katie F

    The PB&J granola looks awesome!

  381. Fonda Rush

    Honey Crunch Crisps sound wonderful!

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